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HealWell Night Splint Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

113  reviews,  3.7 stars out of 5.

Rating: 4 by Mike
The product is well built. It is easily adjustable and with the snap buckles is quick to get into/out of once adjusted for your foot. It is somewhat bulky in bed, but I think the design with the stabilizing straps is the only valid lightweight design that can keep the foot in the correct position. I have walked to the restroom in the unit(not recomended by the manufacturer) and it performs well with no worries that the unit will break. There are two things that keep this from being a perfect 5, first the buckles are permanently mounted on the left side, if you use this for your right foot it works out well in that you can access the buckles easy, when worn on your left foot (as in my case) you have to reach around to the outside of your foot to buckle/unbuckle the splint. The second problem is not enough padding on the center strap. The center strap is where all the force is exerted on the foot to keep the foot in the bent position, this is true for any splint, there should be a great deal of padding for the crook of the foot on this strap but there is not. I added a large dense foam pad under the center strap to spread the pressure and the product works wonderfully. Why the manufacturer did not spot this no brainer fix is a wonder, nevertheless this is probably the best combination of durability and lightweight in a splint, I wish I could give it a 4.5
Rating: 2 by Kay
Cumbersome and the middle strap cuts off circulation if worn properly to hold the heel in the back of the splint. The ball of my foot and toes go numb with the pressure. However, after a few adjustments during the night, I am able to walk instead of hop upon awakening. Hopefully, it will make a difference.
Rating: 3 by Ed
Good and Bad.

The Good: I can put this splint on while I am watching TV or working at the computer and it does a nice job. I put pressure on the heel to keep my foot lodged into the sharp angle that the boot provides.

The Bad: I've had this product for six months and I've yet to be able to sleep in it. The problem is that, even with the strap adjusted at different angles, my toes creep up to the top of the boot and the circulation gets cut off to them. I have a size 10 foot and wear a large boot.
Rating: 3 by Ann
Light weight and provides flexion needed, but not comfortable! Some of the clips are difficult to secure and release.
Rating: 4 by Brian
This night splint works! I've suffered with PF for two years and have tried everything; PT (helped some), home exercises, rest, ice, ibuprofin, & custom orthotics (returned). I tried the HealWell night splint and after five nights, my heel /arch pain was gone. Now I use the night splint following a run. No more pain and I'm building up my mileage again. I also use the Powerstep insole which has the best arch support of any insole (including custom orthotics) I've used.
I haven't encountered any problems with the buckles or straps.
Rating: 5 by JIM
Rating: 1 by Brent
I received it with the buckle on the foot broken. I tried it anyway without this buckle and my toes went numb after a couple hours.
Rating: 5 by Robert
Does the job, but like all night splints it is bulky.
Rating: 1 by Mike J.
When I first experienced heel pain from PF, I learned of night splints from a podiatrist. I had an old therapeutic walking boot from a previous injury that would keep my foot at a 90 degree angle. I found that by wearing it all night, the PF morning heel pain vanished the very first morning. So I thought that a real night splint would be even better and not so heavy to sleep in.

I ordered the HealWell adjustable splint based on your web site comment that it had the lowest rate of return, etc.

I, however, found the straps much too narrow - particularly the middle strap over the ankle which causes immediate pain and eventual numbness - and the design is very difficult for sleeping, with sharp corners and strap fastenings. I re-adjusted it and padded it for three weeks. It is my impression (from podiatrists) that the whole idea of a night splint is to wear it at night - all night. This splint is so uncomfortable that it's impossible for me to sleep with it for more than an hour. (I went back to the heavy, but completely comfortable, therapeutic walking boot I had worn at first and the PF is now gone - the night splint procedure works; but this splint doesn't).

I'm amazed at the numerous comments experiencing the same things I did (painful middle strap, can't keep it on, numbness, hazardous bulkiness while sleeping, etc.) but then many say it might be their fault! They say that maybe they didn't have it adjusted just right, they'll give it more time, they can only wear it during the day for a little while but maybe that's good enough, yadda, yadda. The point is that many of your customers have had bad experiences with this splint and are still willing to give it the benefit of their doubt. This may speak well for your site and the service you provide, which IS good - but this splint at $68.00? Please.

I not only wouldn't recommend this particular splint to anyone, but I think it should be removed from your web site.
Rating: 2 by Susan
I read the comments on this board and purchased this splint last week. I tried it for three different nights adjusting and readjusting, but it puts the top of my foot to sleep and cuts off my circulation so I awake after just three hours. It appears to be too rigid and cumbersome. I would not recommend this splint if you want to sleep through the night. I'm going to try and exchange it for another splint.
Pros: Provides good stetch
Cons: cannot sleep more than 3 hours with it
Rating: 5 by Raissa
Cons: a bit big for my leg/foot and I had to add a sock as padding for the middle strap. Couldn't sleep in it for more than a couple hours, but that could be cause I move around a lot. If it had been 'tougher', where I could walk in it, I would have worn it while awake.
Pros: After years of pain in both heels, using both this and the Foot Stretch (sporadically), I no longer have heel pain!!

I haven't had heel pain for 7+ months and I used to have searing pain in my heels on a daily basis (like a nail was being inserted into my heel when I would get up...I would literally 'hobble' around after getting up from sitting). So, I find that I barely remember the pain, which is amazing, and if something occurs to cause the pain again, would gladly put up with the Cons to get over it.
Thank you!
Rating: 4 by Renee
Since I couldn't walk in the morning due to my PF and now I can, I believe that even wearing this for a few nights has dramatically helped my PF. I also purchased the gel heel pads for my shoes and these help keep things comfy during the daytime. I would have given the HealWell splint a 5, but I agree with some of the other reviews that the strap buckles are difficult to get on/off (especially since my left foot is the issue and the buckles are on the outside of the foot- very awkward). I recommend this splint for instant relief! :) Thanks for reading!
Rating: 5 by ZiggyZ.
Terrific product. I'm 37 and suspect that I will need to use a splint for the rest of my life to continue running (bad, bad plantar fasciitis). The cheaper splints use velcro connections, and those wear out very quickly.

This splint is totally superior for long-term use. It uses buckles, not velcro, and it has comfy padded straps in exactly the right places.

Adjusting the angle is a breeze.

And don't make the angle so severe that it's uncomfortable. The important thing is to keep it on all night so as to keep the plantar at least a little stretched.

Other boots might be easier to walk in or cost less, but this one will last you and is worth it.

Rating: 4 by Aaron
The HealWell Night Splint allowed me to return to running with minimal pain the following day. While I am not fully healed, I am ,much more comfortable and, most importantly, am back on the road again. I have tried other night splints with not so good results. i also found the HealWell Night Splint to be the most comfortable to sleep in.
Rating: 4 by Allison
Worked very well.
By using the night splint every night, resting my foot, stretching and wearing supportive shoes, my pain has decreased significantly. I believe that continuing this treatment program will definitely alleviate all pain eventually.
Rating: 5 by Barry
I tried the cheaper splint first. I didn't want to spend anymore than neccesary in case they did not work for me. It helped quite a bit, but it didn't provide adequate support and the velcro started to not hold.

I ordered the adjustable night splint as a replacement. I am VERY happy with this pair. They feel better, the quality is exceptional, they are definately worth the extra money from the entry level splints.

I am not familiar with how they compare to some of the other more expensive units, but for me they worked very well.

I wore them every night, along with Ibuprophen cream and it took care of my Plantar Fasciitis problem. I no longer wear the braces and I only use some cream if I get sore feet from hiking, etc.

Thanks for all of the tips and advice on this site. I am a happy and healed camper!
Rating: 5 by Barry
This product makes all the difference in the world if you use it regularly. It takes some getting used to but you do get used to it.
Rating: 4 by Ben
More comfortable than other night splints I've tried. The adjustment is nice and it is built very solid so it's durable.
Rating: 4 by Beth F
Though it was uncomfortable to wear the splint at night, I did manage to wear it for a few hours each night for about a month. My planta faciitis is resolved and I believe it had a lot to do with using the splint. I'm sure that if it arises again, I'll be able to go back and use it again and get the same results.
Rating: 1 by Beth
It's too hard to make comfortable all the way up the calf. I ended up taking it off halfway thru the night every time I wore it. I don't feel it helped my condition and the guarantee was bogus. No I would not recommend it.
Rating: 4 by Bhuvith
it can reduce tension and pain after wake up in the morning....as well as it seems to be similar with the doctor's advice for morning excercise in the morning after wake up to stretch and warm muscle before first foot step ...
Rating: 3 by Bill
Initially the splint worked, but as time went on it began to hurt my foot where the strap went across the ankle. Its size made it awkward to use. I think a smaller full boot would have been a better choice. I currently use a simple ankle brace which seems to help just a well.
Rating: 4 by Bill
This is the second one of these I've purchased (PF in both feet) and I've been generally very pleased. I think all splints have some problems, but I found these to be fairly comfortable and easy to adjust for maximum benifit. It seems to be helping slowly but surely, and it's probably the single best thing I do for my PF so far. Stretching is up there as well.
Rating: 5 by Bill
I was constantly bothered by achilles tendonitis for a number of years.
Physiotherapy was not able to resolve the problem. Sometimes it would almost go away only to return after I played sports of some kind.
I trolled the internet for a solution. I employed stretching, strength training, rest,ice, heat, but nothing worked. I was resigned to having pain in my feet everyday. I read about night splints from one of the sports medicine sites and came across a link to Heelspurs.com. The equivalent products were almost double the price at the local stores
so I purchased it online. I live in Canada and I expected it would take a couple of weeks to clear customs etc. but to my surprise it arrived about 4 days later.
Wearing the splint at night in bed took a while to get used to. I adjusted it too tightly and my foot would get sore in the middle of the night and I would take it off. My advise to others is to put it on loosely so you can make it through the night and very gradually tighten it up over time. It took a number of months and I stopped wearing it at times but it worked to my great surprise. I am able to play softball in the summer and volleyball in the winters. I occasionally have soreness in my feet and I use it when I do but for the most part I am pain free. To may great surprise I might add.
I had given up hope but this product works, just give it time.
Rating: 4 by Bob
Night splints in general just don't seem to work well for me. This product seemed to me a good one for those for whom nightsplints do the trick.
Rating: 4 by Bridget
I tend to take it off if I get up during the night and leave it off for the rest of the night. It works well due to the fact that it can be adjusted so much.
Rating: 2 by caroline
I could not keep it on for longer than 30 minutes. To get the full stretch I needed, I had to pull the straps very tight which resulted in my circulation suffering. I have a very severe case of plantar fasciatis (spelling?)caused by an extremely high arch that limited the effectiveness of the product for me.
Rating: 1 by Cathy
My foot wouldn't stay in the night splint. It was very uncomfortable and very inconvenient. The straps wouldn't stay strapped and it was more trouble than it was worth. I do not recommend this product to anybody. I only wish I wouldn't have made the mistake of ordering it and wasting my money.
Rating: 4 by charlie
Less pain in the morning.
Rating: 4 by Chester
A little uncomfortabel after 5 hours of sleep but I found the efficacy high.
Rating: 2 by chris
Not much improvement.
Rating: 3 by Chris
Product works ok . A little uncomfortable and slips a little during the night. May be worth it to spend a little more money.
Rating: 2 by Chris
Hurts ball of my foot too much to wear.
Rating: 4 by Clinton
The splint has helped my tendon problem. I can, however, only wear it for a few haours a night. Eventually, my toes go numb and I have to remove it. I haven't been able to find an aadjustment to prevent this.
Rating: 5 by Connie
This splint is wonderful! I got enormous relief after using it only 2 nights.
Rating: 2 by Corey
I haven't been able to get used to this product or use it much-- mainly because it's quite uncomfortable. What makes it so uncomfortable is one of the straps that are used to hold the foot in place. The middle strap, the one that goes over the ankle, is much too small and does not have nearly enough padding to cushion the pressure of the foot wanting to extend. So, it ends up being quite painful as my foot presses up against it.

Also, the splint is just too big all around and does not contain padding to make it comfortable to wear at night. I would suggest other splints with more padding all over to cradle the foot better and make it more comfortable to wear at night.
Rating: 5 by Daniel
When I woke up in the morning after the fist night with the night splint there was no pain in my heel.. I am still using the splint and without it I don't think I could make it through the day.
Rating: 2 by dave
The splint did not fit that well. I wear a 13a shoe and I had to cinch down all the way on the three velcro tabs and still had slop in the splint. When I did get a tight fit and adjusted plenty of angle into the splint I found the relief temporary. While the pain in the morning was absent, it did little for sustained relief. Also, the edges and surfaces are way too hard and the first couple of nights, I scraped my other leg with it when I tossed and turned.
Rating: 2 by David
The product does help my condition when I can wear it. The problem I have is that I am a very light sleeper, and I find that the splint becomes quite uncomfortable after 2 - 4 hours of wear. I have found it nearly impossible to get a decent night's sleep while wearing the splint. This is probably not a fault of the splint, but more an incompatibility issue with me personally.
Rating: 3 by Dawn
I'm still suffering but if i wear the splint when I'm sleeping or sitting, I am able to stand up and not have severe pain in my foot.
Rating: 5 by Debbie
This splint give the proper support. I would recomend it to anyone needing help to relieve Plantar Fasciitis pain.
Rating: 4 by Deborah
The night splint has helped a great deal. I do have a problem with my foot fitting properly in it. I think I bought the wrong size. I ordered according to the shoe sizes. The power step inserts are wonderful. I was wondering if they are made with a stronger or higher arch support? I am using all the information I found on the internet and your website, I do believe all this will keep me from having surgery. I will probably be ordering another arch support in a month or so. Thank you for everything.
Rating: 3 by Donna
1. HealWell Night Splint is too cumbersome to be comfortably worn to bed. Instead of wearing it to bed, I wore it for a couple of hours each night/day while I was stationary - like reading, writing, TV-watching, etc.

2. The HealWell Night Splint will get your foot in a 90+ degree flexion, BUT to hold it there you must tighten the ankle strap so that your heel stays snugly in the corner of the splint... then, the tight strap cuts off circulation to your foot. So, I can't wear the product for long.

HeelSpurs.com provided the best "cure" for my plantar fasciiatis with the delivery of my Night Splint: athletic tape! Taping my foot as indicated by HeelSpurs.com directions gave me the most relief - HeelSpurs.com directions were very clear. (My only problem with the tape is that my skin can't tolerate it for long, maybe I'm allergic to the tape's adhesive. But, this skin problem is better than the heel pain.) Good luck.
Rating: 5 by Ed
Can't tell for sure if it helped because I had no control foot but it did seem to make the healing process go faster than it had before. The range of adjustments was excellent.
Rating: 5 by Edward
I have used this for not quite a year now and it sure has made my foot more comfortable. my foot is not where I want to be but I think it is getting close.
Rating: 4 by Eric
Overall this brace is pretty good. I have been using it for almost 6 months and it's held up pretty well. The straps could be better designed. The pads on the straps tend to slip and you need to keep adjusting regularly. Also your partner in bed won't be a fan of the hard plastic. I have seen other models that have a soft cover. That may be a better option if you sleep in close quarters.
Rating: 3 by fernando
it did not really help, uncomfortable, not easy to sleep with it.
Rating: 2 by Floyd
I could not get the strap to hold the heel tight against the back of the splint without the strap cutting off circulation in my foot. Without the heel all the way back into the device it does does bring the toes up far enough to stretch the arch.

Used it twice and gave up on it.
Rating: 3 by Fran
Though they do what they say they will do, I find them a bit uncomfortable when trying to sleep. Also, they are a little difficult to put on sometimes.
Rating: 4 by Frank
Product is pretty good. Definitely helps eliminate pain when you get out of bed in the morning. Takes awhile to get used to sleeping with it on. Adjustable velcro straps are helpful as is the no-skid pad so you can walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night with the boot on.

Padding in the boot is an issue if you have a lot of tension on your foot because it flattens the arch of your foot. I combined one of the Powerstep inserts in the boot to increase arch support while I am sleeping with the boot.

All in all, this product has definitely helped alleviate the sharp pain I was feeling, so it is a winner.
Rating: 5 by Gary
As claimed, this splint has eliminated morning heel pain.
It is lightweight and comfortable as long as you don't have the straps too tight.
Rating: 4 by Gene
Works well to reduce the pain but has not cured it yet. One concern is the padding had a crease at the ball of the foot that causes some minor discomfort. I was very happy with the service and delivery time.
Rating: 4 by Gerald
Some discomfort in wearing it
Rating: 3 by Gigi Gleason
While wearing the splint did make my foot feel better, it was VERY uncomfortable. The straps dug into my ankle and calf and most of the time I ended up taking it off in the middle of the night. I ordered a new type that will hopefully feel better.
Rating: 3 by Hope
My PF is stubborn and chronic, probably because I am very active and it's taken a lot of patience for me to allow my foot to rest and heal. The condition has been with me about 2 years. It's much, much better now. I tried wearing the splint for several weeks and I was pretty consistant in doing so. However, I didn't sense much improvement with my PF. There was some, but it could have been that just resting and refraining from running is what really helped. I found that deep tissue massage therapy with a Physical Therapist, along with stretching and strengthing exercises has been the most helpful. Also taking a course of ibruprophen,icing after activity and heating and stretching before my activities is very helpful. I am now wearing custom orthodics in my running shoes, as it was discovered that my feet are somewhat flat thus causing overpronation, one of the main contributors to PF. I can't say that the splint really helped much and it's difficult for me to sleep with it on.
Rating: 5 by Howard
It took me a couple of nights to get used to wearing it, but that is not much of a problem now. I do not have pain those first steps in the morning, and my heel pain seems to be diminishing. I would recommend the splint to others...along with other therapies such as orthotics, stretching and icing.
Rating: 4 by Irene
The HealWell Night Splint has helped with my heel pain to a great extent. I have been using it for almost 2 months now and do notice a significant difference. I am back on my treadmill, after having stopped for about 6 weeks. While I won't say that the night splint eliminates the pain, it certainly has reduced it to something that I don't notice or worry about as much.

I do notice that sometimes my foot tends to "resist" the splint, as I can feel my foot pushing on the splint sometimes when I am sleeping. I guess my foot wants to default to a "foot drop" type position, or something.

It's also been reasonably easy to sleep with the device, although getting used to it was a little hard in the beginning. I suppose if it were made of a softer or more flexible material, that would make the initial sleeping easier.

I did notice, though, that the rubber type strip on the bottom came off the splint about a month after I started using it. I have thought about getting some Crazy Glue or something with which to put it back on. Although I know I am not supposed to walk in it, sometimes I do have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night - taking it off and then putting it back on again just isn't practical.

I should say that at the same time as I am using the night splint, I have also been using some shoe inserts/orthotics. I believe these are also helping with my heel pain - so I cannot clearly figure out how much of the relief I am getting is due to the splint versus the orthotics.

I do recommend the HealWell Night Splint for other folks suffering with heel pain.

Rating: 4 by James
Easy to put on and seems to be be making my foot better. But will take time according to my Doctor.
Rating: 5 by jamie
Very helpfull. Helped it heal elongating the muscle to make it feel better and help avoid further injury due to it healing in a constricted position while sleeping.Felt better on days I used it. Use it only some days now that Im getting better like when I walk a lot or there is a temperature change which affcts my foot and it still helps a lot.
Recommend any one with plantar fasciitis must use this to streach that muscle out to feel more relief.
Rating: 2 by Janet
I'm undecided. After wearing it for several weeks my condition did not improve. I've bought shoe inserts that were custom made for my feet and went through physical therapy for 4 weeks. My condition has sub-sided, however, the pain is not gone. I still wear the splint thinking it won't hurt. I spent too much money on it to not wear it anymore.
Rating: 4 by Janet
The Healwell Cub Night Splint is comfortable to wear and has definitely improved my plantar fasciitis. It does not hold the foot back firmly, but that is probably why it is comfortable. The healing process is a long one but consistant use of the night splint along with daily stretching has really helped.
Rating: 5 by Janet
Worked great. Lessened the pain upon arising almost immediately. I would recommend it to anyone.
Rating: 2 by Jason
Its seems to work as adverstised but is so big and bulky i can't sleep with it on so t has no benificial affect.
Rating: 4 by Je
If wearing this night splint interfers with sleep, wear it any other time you are off your feet, such as, at your desk, while reading a book or watching a movie. Regular use 2-3 hr at a time or even one hr several times a day in this manner will give the same or more benefit as wearing it all night. After becoming accoustomed to the passive stretching in daytime use, I was able to switch to nighttime use. This way, one splint treats both feet.
Rating: 3 by Jeff F
Product basically works, but the main ankle strap needs to be MUCH bigger in area (and with softer padding) so as to distribute the force. You wake up 1-2 hours later with major ankle pain and numbness and you have to take the device off to re-establish circulation! The velcro straps need to be a little stronger/wider as well as they snap loose sometimes. Fix these things and it's a great product.
Rating: 5 by Jessica
With this night splint, I can get up and staight out of bed in the morning without stretching or walking gingerly. That way you are not starting over every morning. It took some getting used to. Also, I have very thin feet, so I added foam padding over the top of my foot and ankle for better security and I slip my orthodic underneath my foot to hold it in place during the night. Still, the splint is light-weight and comfortable. It does not need to be and should not be put on tight for the light night-time stretching to do its magic. I wear mine very, very loose and feel great benefits.
Rating: 2 by Jim

I find the product of limited help. If I set the splint up with any real tension on my foot (forcing it to stretch the calf, and therefore the fascia) my heal raises off the bottom of the boot taking out the stretch. If I tighten the strap across the instep to prevent the heal movement, I cut off circulation across the top of my foot, and incur pain in my toes. I find it very difficult to sleep with the splint on. I believe it is helping somewhat, but I was hoping for more help. I have a 11.5 to 12 shoe size, but my feet are narrow, and I think the boot may be too large. Maybe you should caution those with narrow feet to lean toward the smaller size boot if the customer shoe size is near a limit.
Rating: 4 by Jim
It's a good product that has provided sporadic relief. Unfortunately, it is almost infinitely adjustable, and there is no real guide as to how to adjust it. I'm still struggling to to adjust it just right.
Rating: 3 by John
It helped somewhat but was hard to adjust. The main problem I had was that the velcro straps came undone too easily. I would try a different manufacturers night splint if I ever need one again.
Rating: 4 by John
Great night splint, the best I have used thus far (I have worn out about 3, maybe 4 prior to this one - most last only 6 months or less). My only suggestion is for a better connection for the rubber pad on the bottom of the sole (helps w/ traction on bathroom tiles in the middle of the night?) - mine fell off after a couple of months.
Rating: 5 by Julie
Worked great - have recommended it to others!
Rating: 2 by kathy
I have been using the night splint for a couple of weeks now. I find that it gets very uncomfortable at the ankle strap and I usually can't make it through the whole night with it on. It does not seem to be helping either. I had shock wave therapy 4 mo ago and that hasn't helped yet either. My doctor said to give it another
2 months. I will keep trying the night splint.
Rating: 3 by Keith
The middle strap of 3 does a fine job of holding ones ankle at the desired angle however puts a lot of pressure across the top of the foot. I Would rather this strap be 2" - 3" wide, possibly some what flexible and nicely padded. I tend to leave this strap loose and wrap the foot with an ace bandage, this allows a little stretch but pulls the foot & ankle back into place during the course of the night. Bracing did help with recovery.
Rating: 5 by Kellie
I'm only 41 & weigh only 115lbs, so I couldn't figure-out why my feet were hurting so badly that I wasn't able to walk, exercise, or even stand without extreme pain. I used your product (which was very painful at first) as directed. I'm happy to say I'm walking, standing, & exercising without ANY PAIN!!!!

Rating: 4 by Kent
I would highly recommend it. The only thing that I don't like about it is the one strap in the middle of the ankle is not wide enough. It would be more comfortable if it was alot wider.
Rating: 4 by Lawrence Schovanec
The only complaint with this product is that it puts pressure on the achilles area (because of the indentation in plastic form ) and I found that I was unable to wear it throughout the nigth because pain would develop.

I still make use of it, but for shorter periods of wear. An orthopedic doctor "gave" me a divice that was less restrictive, but it cost the insurance company about $200. I still recommend the Heal Well splint to other runner friends who have achilles problems.
Rating: 5 by Lina
Splint has worked well - thank you.
Rating: 4 by Linda
this splint is much cooler than my old one, however it has more of a curve at the calf, which is not necessary when the foot is flexed. the curve puts unnecessary strain on the knee, and unfortunately has aggravated an old anterior-cruciate ligament tear. if you don't have knee problems, i'm sure you will like this splint.
Rating: 5 by Lou
Although I bought a size too small, it worked very well. I was not able to leave it on thru the overnight, but anytime I sat I wore it and my painful plantar fasciatus was gone in about three weeks. I used it in conjunction with the foot log. You should show a better sizing chart would be my only complaint
Rating: 5 by Lynn
Two weeks with the HealWell Night Splint combined with ice and rest completely relieved my rather intense plantar fasciitis pain. I had suffered for about two months. I experienced a level of relief after the first night of splint-use. I found it comfortable to use; not difficult to sleep with it. (Use a thick tube sock). I only wish I had purchased and used the splint sooner. Absolutely worth the purchase price.
Rating: 4 by Mark
Easy on and off, fairly rugged.
Rating: 4 by Mark
This night splint did help me recover from a long bout with pantar fasciaitis, but I ultimately only got better with the help of a orthopedist who prescribed some strong anti-inflammatories and told me that these sorts of injuries take a long time to heal. I would emphasize to prospective buyers to always seek a physician's advice.
Rating: 5 by Mark
It's easy to put on and adjust. I've put it on several times in complete darkness already.

On the other hand (foot ...) I find it hard to wear the splint for more than an hour or two. It concentrates pressure on the front pads of the foot, and for me they start to feel numb.

Last night I tried wearing it with as close to no pressure as possible, which was still enough to put my foot at a 90 degree angle to my ankle and give some feeling of stretch. That worked pretty well. So my problem may be one of proper adjustment.
Rating: 4 by Mary
I have dealt with heal pain for about three years now. This night splint was the very first thing that gave me any relief at all. I was amazed at the difference in the morning -- I still am. I don't even wear it all night now. I put it on when my cat wakes me up -- he does that at about 5 a.m. every day (stupid animal -- either me or the cat -- not sure which). So even wearing it to stretch my foot from 5 to about 7 a.m. makes a big difference in the pain level. I went for several months without much pain at all after using the splint -- and I didn't wear it during that time. Recently I have tried to start walking regularly again and the heel pain is back. So I am again wearing the splint. The only drawback is the bulkiness of it -- it was a little difficult to get used to wearing it under the bed covers -- and to use it without whacking my husband in the shin with it. But it really didn't take long to get used to. I really depend on it, and am glad I have it. It would be great if it were a little less bulky -- that's the only reason I didn't rate it a 5. Thanks for asking for my opinion.
Rating: 4 by Matt
Works well, but it made my big tow numb. I wish I had visited with a podiatrist prior to making the purchase. She gave me some stretches and suggestions that really helped (with no numb toes).
Rating: 4 by Mike
It took a little while to get used to sleeping with the splint. It is generally comfortable and easy to adjust as I gradually increase the amount of flexion over time. I have noticed a marked improvement in my condition and am hopeful that the trend will continue. I no longer hop around in the morning waiting for my foot to stretch out and warm up for the day.

I would recommend, as an improvement to the product, some sort of protective padding to the exterior of the splint. It is just a personal preference, but I tend to whack my un-splinted leg on the thing as I change positions, particularly the corners where the plastic splint bends at the heel.

Thanks for your product.
Rating: 5 by Nancy
I bought the night splint a couple of years ago after visiting my podiatrist numerous times for heel spurs. She gave me expensive and very painful cortisone shots and prescribed Bextra, which caused my internist to flip since he had heard about the dangers of Bextra even that long ago. He switched me to Celebrex (ha!)

Podiatrist sold me very expensive, custom-made orthotics which helped other foot problems, but not the heel spurs. She wanted to sell me some expensive night boots when I found this website and decided to order one night splint as a trial. After just one night of use, the heel pain was gone! It was like a miracle! I ordered another for the other foot and used them every night for about a month. Now I just have to use them once or twice a week when I feel the heel pain returning.

What a simple and inexpensive way to "cure" a nagging, painful problem!
Rating: 3 by Norma A
This splint had some good things about it. It fit well, had comfortable features, and wasn't too bulky. BUT, it hurt at the point where the middle strap was attached. Not at first, but after a few hours at night when the foot started to relax. Maybe larger velcro strips to distribute the weight, or a few more straps, so all the pressure wasn't on one spot of the foot would help. I tried to pad it more, but that didn't help. One velcro side-strap was attached in a way that made the velcro twist, so that was a problem as well.
Rating: 2 by Peggy
I'm sorry, but I disliked this split very much. The reason is because the snaps were cumbersome, and both times I tried it, I woke up in the middle of the night almost with a panic attack struggling to get it off quickly. I was using it on my left foot, so undoing the snaps on the left side of the splint, and also buckling them to begin with was difficult.
Rating: 4 by Pete
It worked well, but was not too comfortable - needs a little more padding arond the straps.

Rating: 4 by Peter
This product seems very well made. I got it to replace a Strasbourg Sock, which seemed to help but was uncomfortable to wear because of the pressure it puts on my big toe. The Heal Well doesn't have that problem. It is generally very comfortable, my only complaint is that the center strap is insufficiently padded, this strap keeps the heel down in the "corner" of the splint and puts the most pressure on the foot/ankle. I have to put extra padding underneath and not crank the angle past 90 deg in order to be comfortable.
Rating: 4 by Richard
I have found it light weigfht and easy to sleep with. However, the one side strap is not staying on the buckle, but rather turning the buckle on edge.
Rating: 4 by Robert
The night splint helped to relieve the pain from my heel spur. I would recommend it to others, and would advise them to wear a sock when using it.
Rating: 5 by robert
This product was a godsent. My wife has had problems with her heal for six months and nothing has work. I reviewed your product and order it and when it arrived she tried it on the first night and her pain was gone the following moring. I know it's hard to believe but she wears it almost every night and has not had a problem with her foot since. I thank God for this product and would highly recommend it to anyone with the same problem.
Rating: 2 by Robin
I don't feel these give the greatest stretch. I had another pair from another company that were made of hard plastic with the removable, washable lining that gave me a better stretch.
Rating: 5 by Robin
I found the splint very good at preventing morning heel pain and am quite used to wearing it at night. I'm not sure what help it is beyond that. After over 6 months of dealing with this I still have pain in my heels (both of them now). I had not noticed the Foot Stretch (which I have ordered) or Foot Flex which may help on an ongoing basis. I will print out the instruction and show it to my trainer at the gym. He is a great believer in stretching. Please don't remove me from the mailing list since I know I haven't yet left this behind me. I have diabetic neuropathy which I'm certain intensifies the heel spur pain.
Rating: 1 by rodney
product cut off circulation at forefoot ankle, very uncomfortable
will sell cheap
Rating: 5 by Ron
Worked Great: Cured the problem in a very short time. Thanks for a quality product.
Rating: 4 by Salle McD
I used the splint everynight for about five months. I think it got me started on the long road to recovery. I am almost a year into this injury and I can now walk normally. I did stop using the splint at some point and my recovery is progressing without it now. the splint was okay from a comfort standpoint and deemd to keep my foot protected from pointing due to heavy covers during the long Minneapolis winter. My foot ws less painfull in the mornings when I used the splint. I believe it was key in my earlier recovery. Later it seemded to be holding me back.
Rating: 4 by Sandy
It is a good value and seems to work for many people. My plantar fascitis was too far advanced to benefit from the splint. I ended up with a surgical intervention.
Rating: 4 by Shelly
The general design of the splint is fair. I have found it quite effective in limiting the painful problem of putting my foot on the floor in the morning. That said, I would recommend to the manufacturer that they re-think the strap cushioning. It is not as effective as it could be, especially at the point where it crosses over the lower leg to foot area. I have literally removed the thing in my sleep due to discomfort of the strap 'biting' in on that area. Also, due to the 'folded' heel area, it is not easy to get your heel all the way at the back of the splint and keep it there without having the strap pulled firmly.
Rating: 4 by Sonya
I have been pleased with the results of the HealWell Night Splint. By keeping my foot at an angle, it does keep my calf muscles stretched and reduces the pain in my heel when I get up. I also like the ablility to adjust the angle of my foot. My only problem is that my foot has a tendency to go numb (go to sleep) when I'm wearing it. Eventhough I rarely sleep in it all night, it still helps.
Rating: 4 by Steve
I think the heel splint's design is about as good as a heel splint can get. Unfortunately, I did not get the benefit out of this product that my podiatrist had hoped for. It did not seem to promote plantar faciitis healing and I was forced to discontinue it's use.

My heel problem was better alleviated by taking glucosamine & chondroitin twice daily.
Rating: 2 by Susie
Sorry - wish I liked it and even more wish it helped but it doesn't feel like it fits, slides around in some areas and sort of tight in others. I would have returned it but lost the info.
Rating: 2 by Tom
I have not been successful in wearing the night splint for an entire night. It tends to make the bottom of my foot go numb and I have to take them off after a couple of hours. I've tried adjusting every strap on the splint, but have had no luck. Hopefully, I'll find a way to make them work.
Rating: 5 by Tom
Best product of this type that I have used.
Rating: 5 by tom
Rating: 3 by Traci
I have been using the night splints for awhile now off and on at nights. I have pros and cons. They have helped my plantar facitis and I am thankful for that. They are quite bulky, and I can only stand to have them on for about 3 hours at night. I find myself waking up and I just have to get them off right now. I look at the clock and it's about 3 hours each time. I then get up in the morning and my feet don't hurt, that is great! I would say that they have worked for me and I would buy them again. With this condition, I have struggled for quite some time to find some sort of relief. I am hoping this is something that will work longterm for me, meaning I can use it whenever I need it. Thank you.
Rating: 5 by Tracy
This really helps me!! I have a history of heel spur. I had an incident of intense sharp pain in my heel and I ordered the night splint. I wasn't able to wear it all night because of the intense pain, but gradually increased the amount of time I spent in it. I feel that it single handedly helped me recover from this particular episode that lasted a couple of months. That was over 3 months ago, and I now have it on hand and ready to use if this pain returns. I am relieved to know I have this device ready to go when needed. Thank you HealWell Night Splint.
Rating: 5 by Virginia S
Hi Scott,

I'm so sorry to have not given any feedback on your site...I said that I should write something but have completely forgotten about it.

I was remarkably impressed at how the HealWell night splint quickly healed the excruciating pain of my plantar faciitis. I never thought that the pain would ever go away and the idea of walking to work again in low heels/formal office shoes instead of soft-sole tennis shoes was far-fetched. Jan-Mar04 (before I ordered to you) were the most unbearable months---I could hardly walk---to think that whenever I tried doing the recommended foot exercises, I cried and scream, feeling sorry for my condition. I felt hopeless. I prayed that the pain would somehow diminish to enable me to do my normal activities.

Everytime that I would get up from bed during the early mornings, I was always limping, so as not to hit the painful area of my right heel. After receiving the correct size that you sent me and used it for 30-40 minutes, 2-3 times in the evening while lying in bed before I go to sleep, in less than three months, I was amazed at how quickly the pain healed! It was indeed remarkable! I said to my husband, I should have ordered the product a long time ago than bear the painful foot exercises that I thought would help along with the prescribed pain medication. Imagine, in Jun04 last year I was able to wear my hard shoes again but of course, I am very selective these days of the quality of shoes I wear (Birkenstocks) and still continue to wear the PowerStep othotics and good quality solf heel insoles and other arch support. Imagine, I only used it for less than 3 months, then kept the product for a long time, but when when the pain comes back on and off, I took it out to relieve me.

To my view, the product is recommendable for plantar faciitis sufferers to just TRY it. Of course, different people may have different levels of healing or degree/seriousness of foot condition, thus it may vary, but it doesn't hurt for them to try it. I was at first skeptic to buy it for its price thinking that it may end up for nothing. But it amazingly helps. Until now, I continue to do foot exercises and am happy to note that I'm no longer taking pain medication.

Regards and thanks,

Thanks to your very helpful and information website and good products you sell to people like me who wanted to walk the normal way and feel better again.
Rating: 2 by Wendy
It did not help my condition. It is very bulky and cumbersome to sleep with.
Rating: 3 by william
The splint helped me through a difficult period with my heel pain. After a period of time the poor circulation caused by the strap over the top of the ancle resulted in swelling of the ancle. I therefore had to stop using it. The best healing came after I found the right arch support. A sporting goods store in my area allows you to try the arch supports before you buy, which is a great help. I am back into aerobics now and I never thought I would see the day.
Rating: 4 by willow
This did a fair job of relieving some of the pain of PF. It did keep my foot flexed during the night, but the strap over the ankle pulled a little causing me to have to loosen it up a bit to not cut off circulation. I'm having more trouble with this foot now, after breaking 3 bones in it a few months ago. I don't think the night splint can help anymore. It's definitely worth the try, though. It's a bit hard to travel with, due to its shape and size and the fact that it doesn't fold compactly.
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