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Orthotic Sandal Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

39  reviews,  4.7 stars out of 5.

Rating: 5 by SW
I don't know how this would work for plantar fasciitis, but I can highly recommend it post-bunion/corrective surgery. Its design took virtually all the pressure off the toe-end of my foot, which seemed to really help speed healing. It looks cumbersome, but walking on it was not a problem at all.
Rating: 5 by Denise
The arch support in this sandal is wonderful!
Rating: 5 by mw
i bought these for my 19 yr old daughter who plays college soccer. she typically wore the standard flat sandals. she loves these.
Rating: 5 by Michelle
Love my Orthaheel sandals! Ever since I began training for half and full marathons, I found I needed to wear supportive "slippers" around the house. Decided to try these sandals as replacement for my Birkenstock sandals. They're wonderful, providing excellent support, as well as being comfortable. Will have to think about ordering another pair to wear outside (once Spring rolls around again).
Rating: 5 by Lilly
Love the orthotic sandals. Until these came along, I was unable to wear any sandals except Birkenstocks. I purchased the black ones and will probably try another color next.
Rating: 5 by Geri
I thought that I'd never be able to wear "flip flops" again with all of my foot problems. But these sandals provide arch support and cushioning that I need for occasional wear and they don't look "orthopedic"!
Rating: 5 by rlpv
These sandals have been one of the best investments I have ever made. I have had them for approximately one year now, and wear them every day while I am at home. They have really saved my life! After discovering I had plantar fasciitis last summer and could not walk around barefooted any longer these sandals were and still are my saving grace. They are immensely helpful to put on upon waking and getting out of bed because that is usually the most painful time and they work, I highly recommend these sandals to everyone. Thanks so much
Rating: 5 by Samantha
I wear these around the house and my foot is so much better than it has ever been. I highly recommend them and am going to buy another pair.
Rating: 5 by Bob
Very comfortable and sharp looking sandal. Most important these sandals help with plantar f. A little on the pricey side.
Rating: 4 by Tam
I really like these sandals. They have a very high arch and are great around the house. I wouldn't wear for an all day trip though. They aren't very firm. Great for a couple of hours but not an all day trip with a great deal of walking. I required a firm shoes with high arches or my orthotics for that, but everyone has different needs. But I plan on buying these in a different color, I am happy with them.
Rating: 5 by wb
I would recommend the sandals to anyone who has feet problems. You cant wear them ALL the time, but for a break from hot shoes in the summer, yes, I love them.
Rating: 4 by Bruce
Excellent quality and good comfort. Could use a little more padding in the heel. I noticed if you wear these sandals while driving, the thong will start hurting the crease between the big toe and second toe. This happens on both feet. I have to remove these sandals while driving but I don't have anu problem while walking. I would buy them again. I also noticed that they run about a half size too small. Scott sent me the next size up. I was very pleased with the service.
Rating: 5 by Kathy
Couldn't imagine walking WITHOUT my orthotic sandals on my feet!

My feet have never felt better.
Rating: 5 by Joannie
Wearing flip-flops my whole life I have terrible problems with pain in my knee neck and shoulders. SInce I purchased these flops that keep the weight off the heel of my foot I no longer need to go and get my body lined up. It is a miracle. I just wish I had more of a selection of styles. Joannie WPB Florida. I am a nurse by trade and this product works.
Rating: 5 by SteveS
I am recovering from PF. I have done a lot of research on this site and other places which have led to getting insoles, icing, stretching, taping,and icing. One of the things that I have read over and over is to not go barefoot. This is hard because I like in Southern California. If is very warm this time of year and so I have been going barefoot more than I should. I think that this has slowed down the healing process.
I saw the sandals on this site and decided to give them a try. I now wear them whenever I the desire to take my shoes off. This includes keeping them at the side of my bed in case I get up at night.
I have seen an imporvement in my PF. I have been wearing them for almost two weeks. For a while I was thinking that it might take months to completely my heal Pf. I am now feeling like it might be a couple of weeks.
The sandals have a high arch support. They felt a little too firm on my arch at first, but they have broken in and now feel perfect. They have a great non-slip bottom. Over all they are very comfortable and supportive. I highly recommend them.
Rating: 5 by Sandy
I could barely stand by the end of the day because of very painful plantar fascitis. After just a few days of wearing my orthotic sandals I could not believe how much better my foot feels. I still have some pain but not to the point where it is interfering with my daily activities. As long as I wear my sandals I can get thru my day with relative comfort.
Rating: 5 by Michael
Had a pair for the last year, including boating season and they have been marvelous. Well made and very comfortable.
Rating: 5 by DD
Love them very comfortable
Rating: 5 by Jerry
Love to wear sandals,can wear all day and my feet do
not hurt at the end of the day.
Rating: 4 by penny
Great sandals , recommend them.
Rating: 5 by John
I have a high arch and was having difficulty finding sandals, The orthotic sndal fits the bill to a tee. No heal pain or soreness in the arch. Great product, gave one pair to my son-in-law and he loves them also.
Rating: 5 by John
I have a high arch and was having difficulty finding sandals, The orthotic sndal fits the bill to a tee. No heal pain or soreness in the arch. Great product, gave one pair to my son-in-law and he loves them also.
Rating: 5 by Dennis
I love the sandals. Most arch support in any sandal that I have found. Can walk all day without getting aches in my arches.
Rating: 5 by Peg
See my comments on a previously submitted review. Again, many thanks.
Rating: 5 by Maria
A few months ago i developed Fasciatis on my right foot, this sandal is by far the best support i found to date, to wear around the house 24/7.
It helps ease the pain and even forget about it.
Even if my fasciatis would suddenly disappear I would still buy this product because it is a very good support for the feet.
Rating: 1 by James - Kathleen, GA
These sandals do not prevent the heal pain! In fact they make it worse... I have prescription orthotics and when wearing them, I have no heal pain.
Rating: 5 by Hilary
These are great. They are very comfortable and have great arch support. I live in Florida and used to go barefoot around the house a lot. I have high arches, and my arch in my right foot has caused problems on and off since a foot injury I had years ago. I started having bad heel pain in that foot. I have been wearing these around the house all the time. I put good supports in my sneakers that I use for my walks, and started stretching a couple of times a day. I still have a little pain in my heel, but it is markedly improved. Even if I was "cured", I would still wear these sandals. They are better than barefoot. I wish that they made some more stylish sandals with this base.
Rating: 4 by Denny
If you like sandals and have pf or just need some support, you'll probably like these sandals. I have pf and they provide comfort and support. They have good arch support and are still well cushioned. I had minor irritation from the toe post at first but it's ok now. I've only had them for a couple of weeks and am finding them good for wearing around the house. They are comfortable for the first steps out of bed. They seem to be well made. I haven't worn sandals for a long time and I'm enjoying the ease of slipping into and out of them.
Rating: 5 by Notes
Not only do they help diminish my heel pain, but they look good, are well made and are comfortable. As long as they keep up the quality like this, I see no need to purchase any other flip-flop.
Rating: 5 by Tex
This sandal works great. Because of my foot abd back problems, I have not worn sandals for years. I ordered this sandal for vacation trips and it is very comfortable and does not cause me any issues with my feet or back.
Rating: 5 by Mart
It's great to be able to wear sandals again and I can wear these all day with no problem. I can keep my heel pain under control as long as I wear my orthodics regularly. I use the Pinnacle PowerStep insoles in my walking shoes and clogs but it's hard to fit them into sandals. Hope they have more styles soon.
Rating: 5 by grace
I loved the sandal. I am used to wearing shoes with a strong arch support, but the beauty of this sandal is that besides a strong arch support, the heel bed is amazingly padded. I wish that heelspurs.com would sell two pairs (different colors option) at a discounted price!
Rating: 5 by sam
Purchased these after getting off crutches and a boot. I developed planter fasciatis during rehabilitation and these were my life saver! Still using them and its been almost a year!
Rating: 5 by Connie
I love the Orthotic Sandal. They are at my bedside to slip on when I get up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. It was great to wear something this summer that supported my arch that did not have to be in an enclosed shoe. I have had a bunch of money I would buy one in every color!
Rating: 5 by Frank
I wear my sandals every single day. They are great, wish I had the cash to buy more, I lost my job so as you can imagine this pair is perfect for non-working environments.
Rating: 5 by Lin
Thank you for helping my aching feet. I was diagnosed with Planter fasciatus this past summer and I could not find any comfortable shoes.After searching online, I found heelspurs.com, ordered a pair of your sandals which I received within 2 days and was very satisfied with your product.The arch support helped my back and feet.
Rating: 5 by Patricia
I really like them! I was told I could not wear flip-flops with tendonitis, but these work GREAT.
Rating: 4 by hair stylist w/pain
Love the sandal. I have heel spurs and have some springy high dollar shoes that I wear to work and these I wear to work on saturday's and around the house. They are just not dressy enough. I'm in search for some comfortable shoe's for heel spurs to wear to a wedding in 3 weeks.
Rating: 4 by Nancy
I love this sandal for comfort. It really got me through the summer when I can't wear my orthondics with my summer shoes. I just wish it would come in different colors.
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