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Super Cushion Insoles Customer Reviews

Plantar Fasciitis Product Reviews

53  reviews,  4.1 stars out of 5.

Rating: 4 by Katie
All-in-all these inserts really help cushion my heels where I have the most pain.
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Had to cut down
Rating: 5 by Carla
I have now ordered a second pair and am very happy with them
Pros: the most comfortable inserts I have had and no foo
Cons: nine
Rating: 4 by David
This insole is soft and very comfortable. It works well in deep shoes that have a removable insole. It is, however, very thick which makes it difficult to fit in many of the shoes I currently own.
Rating: 5 by Sally
I work on an oil rig off the coast of Western Australia & being a nurse / medic we are always on our feet all the time. I bought 2 pairs of Super Cushion Insoles, one for home & one pair for my safety boots on the rig
Thay are great
Rating: 1 by LV
This product did not work for me--I eventually needed to get custom orthodics.
Rating: 2 by Isabel
I didn't really like these. They are cushioned well, but it didn't support my foot like the POWER STEPS. I suggest buying both and seeing what works for you. The POWER STEPS I feel were my savior. Actually what I did was insert the Super Cushion Insoles in the shoe and on top of it I added the Power Step. I did it this way in some oversized house clog style fleece slippers I have and it really cushioned my walk. I did not like the feel of the Super Cushion Insoles alone and now that I am almost 100% healed I use one POWER STEP in each shoe everyday and love them. What works for one person may not work for the other, so I would try them both.

I have added this suggestion to my other feedback:
I suggest freezing a bottle of water, like a 32oz bottle, sit on a recliner or chair or couch and roll your foot over the frozen bottle for about 10-15 minutes like 2x a day. It is one of the best things I ever did. The ice helps the swelling and the rolling motion alleviates the pain big time. It's like buying one of those rollers and applying ice at the same time. I think the frozen water bottle, proper rest, stretching using the Stretch Cord and the POWER STEPS orthotics that Scott sells is what did it for me. I am truly greatful for this site. I am 95-98% healed and it took about 4 months. I had this pain years ago and it lasted 1 year... I think the power steps really really helped me the most, I still use them in all shoes everyday, I never want to get the pain again. I literally could hardly walk, especially after just getting up. It's horrible. Good Luck to others.
THANK YOU SCOTT, God Bless you for this site!!!!!!
Rating: 2 by Diane
Super Cushion Insoles are too soft - I am back to Powersteps, which provide much firmer support and are a great help.
Rating: 3 by Rebecca Otowa
I bought the Super Cushion Insoles in order to compare them to the Powerstep insoles I already had. I found the Super Cushion Insoles too soft in the arch for my type or problem. I don't use them as much as Powerstep, whose arch I find satisfyingly high and firm. I am continuing to use the Powerstep insoles in my New Balance sneakers. I would not buy Super Cushion Insoles again.
Rating: 5 by Biggteee
This is my 7th pair, when these r installed in a pair of new balance shoes, this is an unstoppable combination. buy it then try it
Rating: 5 by Dana
I hear many people complaining that the Super Cushion Insoles don't fit into their shoes. A simple solution would be to take out the soles that are currently in your shoes, trace it onto the Super Cushion Insoles and there should be no problem.
Rating: 5 by Bob in NY
Tried the PowerStep Pinnacle inserts.. while they do greatly help the heel pain, it's too much arch support for me and for being on my feet all day long. My arch is keeling me and feet are killing me over all.
I ordered a pair of the Super Cushion Insoles.
These offer me the same support, but I come away in much better shape wearing them all day. These are a 5+ for me. I ordered two more pairs for my other shoes and the PowerStep Pinnacles are going in the pile of inserts tried, but can't keep using..
Rating: 4 by Aaron
These inserts seemed to provide some relief when I started using them. After four months of heavy use they're noticably thinner and don't have as much shock absorption. I don't know how long they're supposed to last so maybe this is normal. Overall a good weapon to have in your arsenal in the fight agains PF.
Rating: 5 by Dennis
It releases tension well, especially after athletic activities.
It works great whether you use it everyday or once a week.
Rating: 5 by Gail
I had the $700 orthodics they were getting old and a fried told me about this web site. They are better than the $700 I have a pair in all my shoes-Thank you
Rating: 3 by Chris
They work great if you have time to get them positioned in the right spot of your shoe,but that is tricky. One time I might get it in the right position and it feels good, the next time it may not be quite right and I feel a ridge that's uncomfortable.
Rating: 4 by Klaus
Work very well for my self since I am on hard pavement every day.
Rating: 5 by suzanne
Product is better than any I've purchased retail locally. Quality-wise, they're well worth the money. I am also trying to be diligent in stretch exercises. Super Cushion Insoles work best to abate morning soreness. By evening time if I've been on my feet a lot, however, spurs still ache.
Rating: 2 by Bonnie
Not worth the money. They offered me no relief and once opened, they are not returnable. Probably won't buy from here again.
Rating: 4 by James
If I were rating this based solely on its ability to provide a cushion for my feet, I would rate it a full 5. However, in rating it based on an overall product to treat my plantar fasciitis, I give it a 4 because I need a little more support. It is a great product! I wear this one day, then a different pair of shoes with some powerstep insoles on the next day. Alternating this way, I feel, gives my feet days of greater exercise (on the Super Cushion Insoles days) and days of greater rest in between (on the powerstep days).
Pros: Great cushioning, good for standing on all day.
Cons: Could use just a little more arch support.
Rating: 3 by alvmar
Difficult to rate the Product. Product look great but it just did not suit me. I returned the product without any problem. I definitely feel comfortable to purchase from Super Cushion Insoles again.
Rating: 5 by Louise
These inserts are soft and cushiony. And yet....they definitely manage to provide some heel and arch stability at the same time.

Thsi is my second pair - they last a long time and never just flatten out to nothing.

Rating: 1 by sally
I'm sorry, but they didn't workout at all. I am staying with the Powerstep.
Rating: 5 by ginny
although the insoles don't allow me to use thick socks, I'm pleased with the results they have given me which is making my feet comfortable with little or no discomfort previously experienced in walking while playing golf 2 days a week.
Rating: 4 by Mark
Lots of heel cushioning not as much arch support as some others but overall quite comfortable.
Rating: 4 by Donna
I was impressed with the quick service and I have been impressed with the Super Cushion Insoles. I had previously bought Powerstep insoles at a local store and they actually caused more pain. The Super Cushion Insoles have worked very well, although I wish they had a little more arch support. By far the best thing I have tried to date.
Rating: 4 by Michael
I tried these and Powerstep's regular and Pinnacle. These feel good, but my sense is they don't have quite enough arch support. The regular Powersteps have too much firmness and sometimes are painful on my arch on my right foot. The Pinnacles are in the middle, and are my favorite. I try to use the Pinnacles for heavy use, like playing golf or when I am on my feet for a long time, and use the Super Cushion Insoles for comfort, such as driving or about the house.
Pros: Soft and gentle on instep
Cons: not quite as much support
Rating: 5 by stephanie
been wearing a day and i usually have heel pain in the afternoon and i have 16 hours today and at end of shift my heels don't hurt. can only wear in the left foot as left foot is smaller than right foot. its a thick insole.
Rating: 5 by celine
I'd recommended these insoles to anybody with heel pain. After changing jobs and being unable to wear running shoes at work i bought these insoles to wear in my shoes and the pain is gone. I work 9-10 hours a day on my feet and don't feel pain after a days work. And also the service was awsome!
Rating: 5 by sherry
I have a very painfull heal spir and I have tried to many other products claiming to help and none of them did help they only left me over $300.00 with products I cannot use or return.

The Super Cushion Insoles were my last desperate attempt for some relief as I have a very physical job and I am on my feet at least 10 hours a day 5 days a week and if I did not get any relief soon I would have to take medical time off work.

I live in Canada and was a little concerned about a company in the states that I have never heard from to spend so much money for an item, but I have to say service was quick and not a day has gone by that I have regretted purchasing them.

They were not a quick fix for my heal spir but they were an instant relief, I could be on my feet for 6 whole hours before my heal started to bother me, and as the weeks went by the pain was less and less untill I could go a whole day at work with no pain.

I am about to purchase a second pair as the one I have has started to wear down after about 6 months of use, of coarse if your not on your feet as much as I am they should last longer. I will need to order more than one pair as I am tired of transfering them from one shoe to another, I am even seriously considering one pair for my slippers at home for those long days of cooking and cleaning my feet get really sore without wearing this product.

I want to say that they are not a perminant cure for some heal spirs as I needed to loose weight to lessen the burden on my feet for them to start healing more fully. I am hoping that with the Super Cushion Insoles insoles and my weight loss my feet will be healed soon so I can start jogging again, now that would put this product over the rating for me when and if I can ever jog again. :)
Pros: They fit in any shoe or boot
Rating: 5 by Gail
What a difference my feet are not sore at the end of the day they are wonderful!
Pros: Excellent
Rating: 5 by Mary Ann
Got these for my daughter for her steel-toed workboots (which come with no extra arch support). She works crew for summer stock theatre productions in NY. She loved them! Promotes them to all her coworkers!
Rating: 5 by valeire
I got them for my brother he says there excellent!
Rating: 5 by Judy
Thanks for my second pair!! Better than constantly swapping from pair to pair!!!!
Pros: comfortable, lasts a long time, very supportive
Cons: none
Rating: 3 by Jerry
These insoles would be fine as long as you have some arch support beneath them besides the insoles.
Pros: A lot of cushioning
Cons: Pretty much no arch support
Rating: 3 by janet
The edge goes too high up the inside of my shoe; it scraped my arches to the point that I could not continue to wear them. Tried them in several different pairs of shoes and they all did the same thing. Felt like an abrasion; my PT told me to quit wearing them.
Pros: good cushioning
Cons: scraped my arch
Rating: 5 by Kim

I've tried just about every kind of insole. I loved the 10 second stabilizer, but there was no cushioning in the forefoot and I would wear them out in about 4-6 weeks. The Super Cushion Insoles lasts me almost a year wearing them twice a week.

I tried the powerstep and had the same problem. I tried the pinnacle because it had more cushion in the forefoot, but the arch was too large and rigid for me and gave me incredible rear arch pain.

These are now my choice as I need more cushion than I need the arch support. The arch support is not aggressive, its very lite, but it serves my needs.
Pros: Offers unparrelled cushioning in the forefoot
Cons: not for people who need a strong arch support
Rating: 5 by Thomas
The best sole i've had yet. Definetely worth a try.
Rating: 4 by Chris
The Super Cushion Insoles is a great insole. But, it is not a custom designed insole and is certainly no replacement for an orthotic. It is also too thick to fit inside most running shoes. Or, more precisely, my foot will not fit along with this insole.
Rating: 5 by dana
i just wanted to let everyone know that i had a severe case of heel spurs and my doctor told me i couldn't run cross country anymore unless i wanted to have them for the rest of my life. i was so upset with this news that i had to find a different solution. i decided to find some sort of inserts for my shoes, and came across the Super Cushion Insoles. i noticed a difference the first week i wore them. i had them the whole track season this year and they worked like a miracle. i was pain free. and i can't wait until cross country season in the fall! -dana
Rating: 5 by DAVID
Rating: 5 by DEMETRIS
Helps to much solving my problem.
Congragulation for this product.
Rating: 3 by Diana
The product is soft to wear. However, I needed a higher arch, so I am unable to wear them for a long period of time. Yes, I would recommend them to anyone who would like a soft insert.
Rating: 5 by Frederick
Yes, they did help my condition. I highly recommend them.
Rating: 5 by Greg
I bought these and a pair of the Powersteps. The
Super Cushion Insoles are by far the most "cushioned of all the insoles I've ever had and are much loved. The Powersteps are way too much arch support for me and have been discarded because of the pain caused after an hour or so of use. Proving to me that in at least my case, arch support in itself dosn't help as much as lots and lots of cushioning.
Rating: 4 by Jon
Very quick service! Comfortable insoles too.
Rating: 5 by Jon
Great cushy insert. Better than the $130 prescription ones I have.
Rating: 3 by Lori K
I need much more arch support than this product gives me. It's a nice cushion but it's very flexible and not stiff enough to give me the support I need.
Rating: 5 by Mary Ann
Product is terrific! I placed a pair in all of my shoes. Since using them, I can actually now walk barefoot again! This was unheard of a few months ago. The support for my arch is wonderful. Other insoles had too much of an arch. This product was comfortable from the 'get, go'! Thanks for providing this great product.
Rating: 3 by Rachel C
I am unable to know how this product works yet as I cannot find a pair of shoes that they fit inside of. I know they will make a difference when the right shoe is found as my pain grows even with the exercises, stretches, rubs, and icing recomendations by my doctor. However, I am thoroughly pleased with the Night Cub Splint that I also purchased. Slow recovery was advised by my physician, so the night cub helps in a major aspect of the healing process.
Thank you,
Rachel Christopher
Rating: 5 by Rich
I Love the Super Cushion Insoles. I have them my running shoes as well as my work shoes. I recommend them to anyone with sore feet.
Rating: 1 by Richard
Could not get them to fin my sneakers. Total waste of money.
Rating: 5 by Scott
I've been wearing these 2 years and they look good as new. It doesn't have much arch support, and the cushioning is not super-soft, but the cushioning does not bottom out like super-soft insoles. Disclosure: I'm the owner of this web site and receive profit from product sales.
Rating: 3 by Susan C
My honest opinion is that the product only slightly helped my heel soreness. I do use the Super Cushion Insoles in my walking shoes, along with several heel cushions, purchased at a local sports store.
At least, I'm still able to walk 2.5 miles a day, 4-5 times a week, although the pain is constantly there...
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