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Message Number 221445
Re: question about daughter View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 2/02/07 at 20:10

Sharon: take the advice of dr ed and dr wander. PF is rare in children of that age and calcaneal apopysitis (Seaver's disease ) is a far more common problem in children of that age group

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Message Number 221444

Re: Anything else to try??? View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 2/02/07 at 20:07

Depending upon the extent of the tear 2 weeks sounds somewhat early to remove the cast. i usally immobilize 6-8 weeks. You make want to check with your doctor about wearing a Cam walker for another 4-6 weeks followed by a repeat MRI to see if the tear has healded or a diagnostic ultrasound before undergoind any further surgical procedures.

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Message Number 221443

Re: Neuroma - Some Relief View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 2/02/07 at 20:04

I figure it is time to throw my two cents in the mix. Neuromas can be difficult to treat and with 450 plus performed i am always looking for modifications to ensure better accuracy and an overall better result. I have an 82% success rate with one treatment. Out of the 18% we repeat another 8 or 9% get better with the second treatment and others do not. I have now started doing more plantar than dorsal approaches as it seems to make more sense anatomically. Eveyones success rate is different some docs do better with neuromas while other do better with plantar fasciitis. In the 450 neuroma are patients with stump neuromas , multiple open procedures 3 or 4 times? for the life of me I can never figure this out. So my 82% is quite legitamate as I do count the good with the bad. I do not weed out my bad cases to have a higher success rate otherwise I would tell you it was greater than 82%. Some patients actually fell worse for a few weeks until things get better also unknown. Every docotr has to be comfortable with procedures and techniques that work well for them and I respect Dr. Nordyke for his honesty and his feelings that alcohol injections work better for him. For me I nevef had good results but that does not mean I do not recommend them I would rather send the patient to someone who has far better results than I do with alcohol. The more we do the more we learn. I am still ahppy with my overall success rate with cryo for neuromas and will continue to do so unless something should change for the worse then I would stop if need be.

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Message Number 221441

Re: Vacation View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 2/02/07 at 19:50

Dear Bruce: glad to hear things are well and you should see continued improvement over the next 4-6 weeks keep me posted dr goldstein

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Message Number 221440

Re: Average cost of custom orthotics View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 2/02/07 at 19:47

Steve: this really depends where you live as I have seen costs range from 300-800 dollars depending upon different parts of the country with a second pair usually 50% the cost of the initial pair

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Message Number 221438

Re: Anyone have nerve damage after foot surgery? View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 2/02/07 at 19:46

Dear Lisa: I have almost never heard of a patient having nerve damage to the digit after hammertoe surgery and I have practicex for 26 years. Again the cortisone/vitaminb12 injection may prove beneficial as well as the oral Lyrica for the nerve pain. I do not think ice or heat will make any real difference but maybe some of the other physicians can comment as well

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Message Number 221437

Re: Dr. Goldstein -- cryotherapy for laterial plantar nerve? View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 2/02/07 at 19:42

I have no personal knowledge of this docotr so I really cannot comment

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Message Number 221381

Re: success rate of exogen 4000+ View Thread
Posted by Jon D on 2/02/07 at 11:32

Thanks Ralph, that is a good question, I was also wondering if the bone stimulation doesn't work, does that mean I will have to go through another surgery? If that happens, what will make the bones want to fuse on the second surgery, when they didn't fuse from the first one. Thanks Jon.

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Message Number 221377

success rate of exogen 4000+ View Thread
Posted by Jon D on 2/02/07 at 10:10

I had a subtalar fusion about 8 months ago, I continued to have a lot of pain after the fusion. It was didcovered about a month ago that the fusion did not take and I have a non fusion. I am not in a cast nor am I limited to activities (just limited by pain level). I have been placed on the Exogen 4000+ bone healing system, to encourage the bones to fuse. Can you tell me what type od success rate they have had with this system. Would it be beneficial to have the foot in a cast during the treatment period?
Thanks Jon

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Message Number 221306

Re: Sesamoid View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 2/01/07 at 09:52


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Message Number 221290

Re: Question - Dr. Wander? View Thread
Posted by Suzy D on 1/31/07 at 21:40

My chiropractor agreed with your theory on stretching. So what type of stretches do you suggest for PF and TTS patients? What you say makes perfect sense. Whenever I stretch, I seem to increase the pain. My therapist is all in favor of stretching 2 and 3 times a day. The more I stretch, the more pain I experience. Other than swimming, which I do, what other activities do not irritate the PF or TTS. Thanks,

Result number: 11

Message Number 221286

advice for tarsal tunnel & plantar fasciitis-JJ View Thread
Posted by Suzy D on 1/31/07 at 21:35

Lyrcia did nothing except make my fingers swell a lot. It never got rid of the burning, stinging, etc. Like you, I usually go to bed with that unbearable stinging sensation and when I put my feet on the floor, it intensifies. I am still trying to decide how to procede with all the information. This board is certainly helpful. Good luck with whatever route you decide to take. Suzy

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Message Number 221285

advice for tarsal tunnel & plantar fasciitis-Michelle View Thread
Posted by Suzy D on 1/31/07 at 21:31

Hello Michelle,
What interesting information. Lyrica did/does nothing for the sensations, but you said Cymbalta did. How much Cymbalta did you have to take to get rid of those miserable sensations. Thanks for advice re PF and TTS. I guess surgery in only a last resort, if that. Best to you. Suzy

Result number: 13

Message Number 221256

Re: Big toe pad View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/31/07 at 17:32

There are many sero-negative arthritic problems that can mimic RA but are not. I agree with Dr. Z. a rheumatologist would be the best place to start with xrays and additional blood studies

Result number: 14

Message Number 221251

Re: Sesamoid View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/31/07 at 16:37

Surgery should be a last resort here. removing the other sesamoid may cause you to develop a hallux hammertoe leading to a hallux fusion. A semi flexable orthotic with a first ray cutout and extrinsic forefoot post 2-5 may help. Did you get relief with the injections? If so cryosurgery into the sesamoid area maybe an option as well

Result number: 15

Message Number 221250

Re: Fascia & Heel Pain --> PF & Nerve Entrapment? View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/31/07 at 16:33

You may want to start off with an nerve conduction test to look for a nerve entrapement / impingement of the medial or lateral calcaneal nerves or some other entrapement first before considering any form of surgical treatment. Once a diagnosis is made you will have a better choice of treatment alternatives. radiographs and MRI may also add to the picture.

Result number: 16

Message Number 221239

Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 1/31/07 at 14:09

Dr. Wander, i certainly understand the differenve between peer reviewed and publications like podiatry today and podiatry management. However there still is an editorial review process and many of the editors are editors for peer reviewed journals as well. Frankly with cryosurgery being a new modality the wait to get published was far quicker in podiatry today or podiatry management. However look very carefully over the past year or two and see how many well known and respected podiatrists have published here instead of ACAFS or JAPMA. I never inplied that may paper was a scientific study like Ralph implies but to compare it to a receipe his wife sent into a magazine?? maybe he is smoking smothing he should not be! The analogy is rediculous

Result number: 17

Message Number 221215

Re: What has it cost you? View Thread
Posted by KathyG on 1/31/07 at 09:42

I really can't say that it's cost me that much as far as money goes. I do have a pair of $175 orthotics I can use right now but that's due to changes in my spine due to arthritis. I didn't try many OTC products and that was my saving, I think.

My advice to anyone with PF is to go to a Pod or C.Ped and then think long and hard about what they suggest before they try it. My Pod, bless him, could have saved me hours of agony if I hadn't been so stubborn and refused to try a custom orthotic when he suggested it.

Based on what I've read here, my one word of advice to anyone with any kind of foot pain is get thee to a Pod or C.Ped and don't mess around with shoes, OTC orthotics or the like. Then read Scott's Heel Pain book and it'll save you tons of money!

Result number: 18

Message Number 221213

Re: Just popping in...I am much much better these days View Thread
Posted by KathyG on 1/31/07 at 09:38

Hi Melissa!

It's been a long time and I'm glad to read that you're so much better. You've lost forty pounds now! Good for you! I know how hard you've worked on that.

I'm so glad you're back to enjoying life again! Keep up the good work and thanks for checking in. We don't have many of the old timers here any more but I still keep on truckin'.

Great to hear from you and so glad that things are looking up for you. It will give newcomers a lot of hope.

Result number: 19

Message Number 221212

Re: moral conundrum View Thread
Posted by KathyG on 1/31/07 at 09:33


That's really one of the nicer jokes I've heard about Hillary. I'm a liberal Democrat, though one who has often supported a Republican, so I vote for the whole package, not just the party. Remember, the first election I was old enough to vote in was the McGovern/Nixon one and I worked about thirty hours a week for McGovern, along with doing my every day job. That gives you an idea of how liberal I am.

But I must admit: there's something about Hillary I don't trust. She changes like the wind. I don't think she answers a question or takes a stand without taking a poll on it first. Her husband, no matter what you can say about him and there's plenty, at least could speak off the cuff and get himself into hot water with his "handlers" because he almost never stuck to his script. I liked that in him. He was what he was.

It will take a lot for me to support Hillary and in the meantime, the jokes about her are hilarious! And I liked yours!

Result number: 20

Message Number 221064

Re: Surgery at a Dellon Institute View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/29/07 at 17:36

I just love 15,ooo.oo up front this is rediculous dellon or not there are no guarantess even if he does it! I find this in poor taste but the old saying is the more you charge the better they THINK you are!

Result number: 21

Message Number 221063

Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/29/07 at 17:32

If you go to the cryotechllc.com website and look under articles you will see an article i published in Jan 2005 on the use of cryosurgery for neuromas or you can get it off my website at www.footfreezer.com

Result number: 22

Message Number 221062

Re: Cyrosurgy in Texas View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/29/07 at 17:27

Dr. Goldman in texas is more than capable

Result number: 23

Message Number 221061

Re: stump neuroma View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/29/07 at 17:26

I certainly agree with dr katz on this matter

Result number: 24

Message Number 220963

ankle and foot pain View Thread
Posted by james correll on 1/28/07 at 15:10

In 1999 i had a bike accident and broke my ankle and my leg bones.
i had to have surgery where i had to have 2 pins a metel plate and wire put in my ankle and leg. when t had the cast taken off 3 mounths later i did not attend physicical theropy for my ankle and after a little time after that my ankle and i belive my tendons froze up now i can not stand for more than 2 and 1/2 houres before my ankle and the top of my foot began hurting i had to quit my job becouse of this.
i have started a new job where i have to stand for a long time and again the pains is back and very suvere. i was wondering if anything can be done about my ankle. if somehow my foot and be unfrozen and my tendons fixed right.

Thank you for your time
james correll

Result number: 25

Message Number 220586

why can't I walk? View Thread
Posted by rachel r. on 1/24/07 at 17:14

I had a plantar fibroma removed from the ligament off the bottom of my right foot on 12/11/06.I thought I was starting to do better,[even
though I still can't walk good]when today I noticed a terrible soreness on the side of the foot when scratching.Also the foot starts to swell after trying to walk& turns red looking.Shouldn't I be walking by now? Afterall it has been almost 2 months since the surgery.

Result number: 26

Message Number 220561

Meg View Thread
Posted by KathyG on 1/24/07 at 13:39

Hi Meg,

I so enjoy chatting with you that I wonder if you'd like to exchange emails. I'll understand if you're too busy but if you're interested, you can reach me at defom5 at yahoo. com, without all the spaces, of course.

I could hear more about Fred and Ginger and your new grandchild!

Just identify yourself as Meg in the subject line so I open it.

Hoping to hear from you. If I don't respond immediately, you'll know that this minor surgery that I'm having tomorrow has cramped my style more than usual!


Result number: 27

Message Number 220185

Foot Fusion, questions. View Thread
Posted by Karina S on 1/19/07 at 17:40

Hello All
I found this board when I was looking for some informaion on my upcoming surgery. I will be in a cast for 6-8 weeks and wondering if you all had any tips to make things easier at home. I have a 12 year old, 9 year old and a 7 year old severely physically and mentally disabled daugther who is in a wheelchair or my my hip LOL.

Any tips, or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Message Number 219978

fungal infection that darkens the nail View Thread
Posted by Susan on 1/17/07 at 12:08

Have you ever heard of a product called bactofen? For nail fungus

Result number: 29

Message Number 219870

Re: TTS Both Heels View Thread
Posted by Suzy D on 1/15/07 at 22:53

How did you ever find a Chiropractor who specializes in both areas. That sounds like an excellent plan. Where are you from? I wonder if there are any chiropractors in NYS who practice both of these treatments?

Result number: 30

Message Number 219869

Re: TTS Both Heels View Thread
Posted by Suzy D on 1/15/07 at 22:47

Seems like an awful lot of us are having the same problem with feet. Very discouraging. At least we know we are not alone. Surgery is probably a last resort. Take care,

Result number: 31

Message Number 219854

Bone Stimulator View Thread
Posted by Jon D on 1/15/07 at 18:48

I had a subtalar fusion 7 months ago, and pain has continued at a high level. My Doctor ordered a CT scan and it was discovered I have a non union. I will be using a bone stimulator to see of we can get the bones to fuse. Can you tell me the success rate of these stimulators, and can you also tell me what my options might be if the bone stimulator fails. Thanks Jon D

Result number: 32

Message Number 219810

Re: What kind of 60's person are you? View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/15/07 at 10:29


You do find some intersting websites. I'm boing to check this one out after I do anything that requires electricity, if I still have it. My lights keep blinking because of the ice on the wires, I assume.

Result number: 33

Message Number 219809

Re: That was never caught on tape. View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/15/07 at 10:27

Actually, I like the video of Bush. He seems relaxed, funny and human. Obviously, it was a camera test or whatever you call it. Too bad he never speaks off the cuff. His handlers may be handling him way too much.

Result number: 34

Message Number 219808

Re: Pain after standing for long periods View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/15/07 at 10:19


It appears that you've read the Heel Pain Book. It's full of fantastic information. Check out Julie's Foot Yoga. It's a wonderful way to care for your feet after standing.

As far as I'm concerned, the very worst thing you can do for PF is to stand. When I left my first job, in which I was standing and walking, I was in pain but nothing like the pain I experienced in the next job where I had to stand all the time, with little sitting or walking.

You're probably on concrete, too, and that's very bad. As for orthotics, have you broken them in gradually? They may be doing what your feet need but you've worn them for too long a time to start with. Try an hour a day for a week or two and see what happens when you extend it to an hour and a half the next week. Have you brought them back to the person who made them for you? They may need to be tweeked.

In the meantime, while it may take six or eight months, or even a year to become controlled, PF is usually curable. It takes patience and you may always have to wear custom orthotics much of the time but you should find that your feet, with a little more care and consideration than the average feet, do quite well.

My son, who had PF, now can go barefoot as long as he doesn't overdo it and he uses PowerSteps in his regular shoes and his custom orthotics in his work shoes. (He's a tennis pro.) He found rest, icing, Julie's stretches and the orthotics to be of the most help.

He has even returned to winter surfing although he does find that it hurts his feet sometimes so he doesn't go as often as he used to. But he's living proof that PF doesn't have to be debilitating for life as long as you do the things you have to in order to get it controlled. Many of our posters are also past the acute phase.

And for the record, I'd suggest you stop going to doctors for a while because they're all going to tell you something different and fool around with the different remedies offered in the Heel Pain Book. Most people find they do best when they figure out what helps them personally. Unfortunately, every case of PF is individual and no hard, fast rules apply.

Good luck! And let us know how you make out. Remember to ask questions. We've all been where you are now.

Result number: 35

Message Number 219806

Re: How to do a search of any website you are on. View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/15/07 at 10:02

Thanks, Ed. I'd completely forgotten about Alta Vista. I've become sort of Googlized, I guess. I'll have to try it.

Great reminder.

Result number: 36

Message Number 219803

Re: What kind of 60's person are you? View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/15/07 at 09:37

Foky here, too, Marie. That was cool.

Result number: 37

Message Number 219800

Re: Dr. Ed, do you have cabin fever yet? View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/15/07 at 09:33

Glad he did that, Meg. I thought that might happen. Sometimes Mother Nature just won't allow people, whom she considers as secondary, to go through with their plans. I remember a year, when my son was in elementary school, that NH had to do the same thing.

We have a pickup truck. My husband puts a slab of granite on either side of the bed, right over the tires. He says that they can do double duty. Weigh down the truck now and then they can be used as his grave stones in the future. It figures that someone in the Granite State would think of granite, doesn't it?

We don't live in rural setting. We live in development. And when we moved here twenty-five years ago, the population was 7,000 and now it's almost 14,000 - way too big for me. But I guess we're still rural. We could pay for rubbish pickup but we go to the Dump. Well, we're supposed to call it the Transfer Station but it's a dump. We were one of the first towns to recycle and have quite a good program, though. Still have selectmen and town meeting so I guess we're a large town and not a city. I just don't like that now when I go food shopping, for example, I don't necessarily see anybody I know like I did years ago.

So you grew up in Washington state? I've always lived in New England. I've always wanted to visit Seattle although more than one person has told me that Seattle has weather similar to New England's, with more rain! I'd still like to see it.

Regarding people driving in snow, did you notice they always drive the worst in the first snowstorm? It's like they forget how to drive in snow because a year has gone by. Then you have those who don't drive any differently in snow and ice than they do in regular weather.

We're havaing a minor ice storm but it's major enough that I'm very happy I don't have to go anywhere. The trees are beautiful, though!

Result number: 38

Message Number 219668

Re: Gout View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 1/13/07 at 21:10

When the attack happened, my toe turned red and the pain was the worst pain I had ever had in my whole life, the second time it happened I bit down on my hand and tears came out of my eyes it was so painful and nothing could touch my toe during both times. I am 33 yrs old, have 3 children, 3 c-sections, had a bone removed from my right foot, diagnosis with TTS in Sept 05 in my left foot, had surgery Sept 05, was on crutches for 6 mos and this past year my doctor told me that my muscle had permanant damage. It took them 2 1/2 mos to diagnosis TTS. I was diagnosis with raynaud's in my left hand back in 1998. As a teenager I had a severe case of shigles and was admitted in the hospital. I had scarlet fever when I was little. Had frost bite when I was young and was admitted in the hospital. There was another time I had severe kidney and bladder infection the doctor admitted in the hospital for 4 days, had a fever over 104.7. I have low iron, I am enemic. This covers almost all my medical history

Result number: 39

Message Number 219663

Re: Ankle allograft??? View Thread
Posted by Kurt on 1/13/07 at 19:24

To all,

I think it is very important that readers of this forum have the opportunity to have doctors recommended to them. I am an individual who needs to have my ankle fixed, be it an ankle fusion, ankle distraction, or whatever the doctor comes up with. I want the best of the best, my career and my future as I know it depends on a successful operation. I am from the New York area, maybe somebody in Ohio knows a Doctor that has performed numerous successful ankle distractions, and I would really like to know that information. The information highway is a good thing especially when it comes to our health.

Result number: 40

Message Number 219461

Gout View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 1/11/07 at 17:53

Hello to all,

It's been awhile since I hvae been on here. My TTS is doing good and soon I am going to get my orthotics due to no fat on the ball of my foot.

On this past Monday, I came home from work and relaxed. I had this severe pain in my left big toe. It was the worse pain I had ever had. My big toe has been hurting every since. Last night (Thursday) had the same pain but worse. It was so bad I bit down on my hand and it made my cry. I went to the doctor today and he is pretty sure it's GOUT. I had my blood drawn today and we are waiting on test results to see what my uric acid level is. In the meantime, I am on ibprofen 3 x day like about 1500 mg each dosage for the pain. Have any you had this with TTS???

If the test is negative, he said is could still be GOUT or something going on with the nerves....

Doctors any thoughts on this???

Result number: 41

Message Number 219433

Re: It is a beautiful snowy night View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/11/07 at 15:26


It sounds just beautiful. Don't you love how peaceful it is after newly fallen snow? Oh, how I loved to play in the snow when I was a child. And back then, we had typical New England weather and thus had lots of Northeasters. Somtimes, after I'd worn myself out sliding, I'd just lie there and look at the sky and enjoy the beauty. Sounds stupid, I know, but I just loved it. I developed Raynaud's Syndrome when I was about sixteen and I'm so grateful I didn't have it as a child because I could never have stayed out as long as I did.

I'm sorry you're going to be going to school so late in the season. It gives you less time to have the procedure done on Ginger. You may have to leave early.

Ed, I always thought you lived in NJ. How did I get it so wrong?
Well, don't answer because we all know that I got it wrong because sometimes my brain doesn't function as well as it should! :D

We are finally having cold, seasonal weather and we're all freezing to death! Seventy on Saturday and Sunday and then on Wednesday, it went down to 31 and never budged. Today isn't much better. No snow in the forecast now but a chance of sleet on Sunday night.

And I agree with you, Meg. I love to drive in the snow. For obvious reasons, I hate to drive on ice. I've been known to just go for a ride during a blizzard which my daughter, the cellphone generation, has pointed out was very dangerous. I never gave it any thought. There's that thinking thing again! I had lots of fun and I never got stuck. And I never hit anything because no one else was out!

Result number: 42

Message Number 219046

Re: At this point plantar fasciitis is not so important View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/07/07 at 10:30

Oh, I'm so sorry, Amy. Crutches are so dangerous. And although they try hard to come up with alternatives, nothing seems to work that well. I don't even know what they would do if I needed to use crutches. I guess I'd have to have an electric wheelchair since I have severe arthritis in my hands. Believe me, I'm aware of it and try not to do stupid things like climbing up on the bathroom counter to clean the fan like I used to do!

I hope you feel better soon and I will keep you in my thoughts.

Here in NH, it reached 70 degrees yesterday. I actually took a bit of a walk! Believe it or not, I had to walk in the shade because despite the fact that I was wearing only a cotton sweater, it was too hot to walk in the sun! My husband golfed on Friday and it's the first time he's ever golfed in January. The weather is all messed up and I'm worried about my precious clematis which is developing green buds. I hope it doesn't die when we eventually get snow.

I never thought of wrapping myself in bubble wrap. What a great idea! I am a total klutz.

Result number: 43

Message Number 219045

Re: Is this PF? View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 1/07/07 at 10:19


Read the Heel Pain book. It is loaded with valuable information. It sounds like PF. If it is, the sooner you take action, the better you will be. I strongly suggest seeing a Podiatrist or a C.Ped for a definitive diagnosis.

Good luck!

Result number: 44

Message Number 218994

Ankle Distraction View Thread
Posted by Kurt on 1/06/07 at 16:04

I am thinking about getting a ankle Distraction. do you have a opinion about ankle distraction, does it work??

Result number: 45

Message Number 218991

Re: Failed sugery for tarsal tunnel syndrome? Help! View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/06/07 at 15:03

Linda: i would certainly get another opinion. It may also be prudent to get a NCV/EMG test to get a better idea of what is going on. A MRI may also give another clue. I do not feel taht waiting 6 months and doing nothing is a good answer because YOU are the one in pain.

Result number: 46

Message Number 218990

Re: medical records held hostage.. View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/06/07 at 15:00

Jana: The records should be provided in 30 days in most states. i would contact the state board of medical examiners in whatever state you are in and file a complaint with the board.

Result number: 47

Message Number 218695

Re: Could this be my answer finally? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 1/02/07 at 07:31

I highly recommend dr randy nordyke he is worth the trip

Result number: 48

Message Number 218640

Re: No doctor's can seem to diagnois my feet problems View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/01/07 at 15:19

you need to go for the appropriate testing to determine what is actually going on. First I recommend a non invasive vascular test with ABI's and dopplers and plethesmography. If something shoes up abnormal then an MRA needs to be performed. Assuming all vascular tests are normal an EMG/NCV study would be of benefit to see if there is a neurological component to your problem. I certainly think this is the way to start. Good luck.

Result number: 49

Message Number 218638

No doctor's can seem to diagnois my feet problems View Thread
Posted by Victoria B. on 1/01/07 at 15:13

It has been about 2 years now that my toes are constantly numb and blue (closer to purple)and my ankels swell up occasionally for no reason and I have pain/cramping in toes and the area right under the toes when walking (not all the time but a lot of the time). I can't stand in one place for very long or the cramping and numbness start. I am 35 yrs old and yes I do smoke (maybe 5 cigaretes a day)and I am trying to quit. I have not had any ankle injuries but I did play soccer most of my life, and sustained a few knee injuries but no feet or ankle injuries. I have been to a podiatrist, rheumatologist, internist and an orthopedic and I get conflicting diagnosis. Well actually most of them say circulation problem or diabeties but my rhematologist says its not circulatory and I have been tested for diabetis twice and thats a negative also. Anyway, I was told about TTS and came across this forum and I need to know what kind of doctor is best to see about this. I don't know if this makes a difference but I have had carpal tunnel surgey (open wrist)on both hands, not sure if this would have any relation to the other. Please help me I cannot take this anymore! Thanks!

Result number: 50

Message Number 218637

Re: differences in viewpoint- anyone View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/01/07 at 15:05

I am not obsessed with parker just with his type. lately we have been getting some new people who have never been here before then magically pop up with the same M.O. as many of the ones you mention. I can assure you I do not need any blood pressure meds or prozac. I was asked by many to return as the ones that have legitamate problems and posts hopefully get the answers they need. If you have a problem with me that's your perogative. To each his/her own. I have no bones to pick with you. atleast we agree on some points. happy holidays

Result number: 51

Message Number 218625

Re: differences in viewpoint- anyone View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/01/07 at 12:49

we have another detractor that sounds ane expresses himself with great sarcasm and insults he sounds as if he frequents the site

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Re: what is the would happen if i did nothing View Thread
Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/01/07 at 09:35

April: this is truly a hard question to answer as no one can predict the future. i will say that if your symptoms become progressively worse then it is time for action. if you let things get so bad it may be harder to rectify in the future. chronic intractable foot pain may become your worst enemy leading to a coure of many different drugs

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Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 1/01/07 at 08:01

Karen I do agree it is very difficult at times. Some people just totally ignore poster's like that figuring it may tick them off evem more because they love the conflict and love to get you fired up.

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Spinal Cord Stimulator View Thread
Posted by Debbie on 12/31/06 at 15:15

I was wondering if anyone has had a spinal cord stimulator put in for PN? My pain specialist has talked to me about it. He wanted me to 1st get a TENS unit and wear it, to see if that would help. I have one and wear it but has not helped at all. At times I think it makes my pain worse. I was hoping to get some suggestions from the nice docs here or other TTS sufferers and PN sufferes also. I have diabetes also. Been diabetic for 25 yrs ir more. Thanks in advance for any input. I can't stand this apin anymore!!!!Happy New Year to all!

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Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 12/31/06 at 14:08

go onto the www.cryotechllc.com website to find a list of doctors by state

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Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 12/31/06 at 14:06

Abuse, fraud, overutilization, is totally up to the individual if they feel that is ethical. personally i do not think it is ethical. I have turned patients down who either do fit the criteria for cryosurgery or I i believe I cannot help them. If you are a saleperson of medical equipment what sales pitch doe you use to convince a doctor to by the equipment you sell? Bottom line how much does it cost? what is the reimbursement? how many does one have to do per month to cover the payment? This works for everyone who sells equipment and for the docs that may consider purchasing. Just think if no one purchased any new technology where would medicine be?
For all i know I may be doing botox, laser hair removal, reteylene, vein treatments just like my good friend the internest.

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Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 12/31/06 at 13:57

Dr. Z. unlike ESWT there is no insurance company demands for any length of other care or any other type of care. No one that has undergone surgery in my office has had cryotherapy as a first line treatment. If you have given cortisone and alcohol shots without relief giving more is just plain stupid. I can tell you that when cryosurgery was presented to me it was thought that plantar fasciitis would be the number one treatment however I have done twice as many neuromas than PF cases.

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Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 12/31/06 at 13:53

Tom: i am curious to who they may be since if the use a product from cryotech i must have trained them since I trained almost everyone on the east cost. As far as humility I do not even have to advertise my expertise speaks for itself. By the way who are you defending? if your wifes group do are then let them get on the sute and give us some of their expertise. Patients don't flock to a doctor because he has diagnostic ultrasound because many do. But with only a limited number of cryostar certified surgeons they flock to them.

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Posted by Dr.Goldstein on 12/31/06 at 08:02

Tom: I have been doing cryo since April 2004 so In somewhat less than 3 years I have performed 450 neuroma procedures. It is very easy to explain we get patients that seek us out because we use cryo. many come from other doctors with failed conservative treatments that were told traditional surgery was there only other option. many patients have multiple or bilateral neuromas. Prior to me performing cryo in 2004 I only surgically treated 2 neuromas the year before. Where are these people coming from? for me its from other states, referrals for other podiatrists, educated patients that surf the web. Do not underestimate the power of new technologies and patients desire to try this. I know Dr. g. very well and not only is he an excellent cryosurgeon he is extremely ethical. Finally we all market this technology thru advertising. Dr. goldstein

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Posted by Kathy G on 12/27/06 at 18:14

Well, did you get them? I've been asking for new feet for years but nothing ever happens. Maybe, just maybe, instead of new feet, your feet will improve this year and you'll be in less pain.

I sure hope so!

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Meg View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/27/06 at 18:12


Did I read somewhere that you can wear shoes? Real shoes? I thought I read something about it!

Congratulations! You must feel so wonderful! I am so happy to hear the good news. You'll be amazed at how fast your "puny little leg" will come back after a few PT sessions and just walking around in shoes! Real shoes!

I don't speak from experience yet, thank goodness, but the experiences of all the people whom I've cared for while they were in casts.

This is a good omen that 2007 is going to be your year!


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Re: Anyone here have surgery performed by Dr Dellon? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 12/27/06 at 18:04

Good Idea dr wander from chris kringle

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Re: Anyone here have surgery performed by Dr Dellon? View Thread
Posted by chris kringle on 12/26/06 at 16:49

Mike: no one is 100% better all 3 are 70 plus percent improved and feel like this is a winner to them patients have been treated from 1 month to 19 months so far my website iw www.footfreezer.com

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Re: Bush knew... View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/26/06 at 11:40

Thanks, Ed, I get it now. I have never been a memeber of the ACLU because they have always gone so overboard on many issues. As for me, a blue-eyed, Irish looking very fair skinned female, I am delighted if they stop me at the check-in in an airport. They actually have done it only once and I found out it was because I was wearing the supports I wear on my hands. The lady who searched me told me not to wear them in the check-in line because they'd stop me every time and she said, "Honey, we hate to waste our time on people like you." I thought it was funny she said that because I thought, I'd be the perfect person to smuggle on a bomb or something because I am so not the type they're looking for!

I love the increased security at our airports and have no problem with anyone checking my email. As a person who gets all her books from a library, a former member of the library board of trustees and ten years later, a part-time employee at the library, I hate the fact that they want to censor what we read. That really bothers me. I truly believe that they should have to present a warrant to do that.

I think all political prisoners should be treated according to the rules of the Geneva Convention and no one should be able to tap my telephone calls without a warrant.

Just want to let you know what a "bleeding heart liberal" believes on the issues you raised.

Sorry, I'm not usually so obtuse when it comes to satire! Thanks for clearing it up.

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Posted by chris kringle on 12/25/06 at 14:26

sure sounds like know them and the infamous dr r. parker are one in the same THE BIGGEST LOSER!

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Re: confused? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 12/24/06 at 13:22

Dr. Ed : i will try to elaborate. When we stim the nerve on sensory mode i try to evoke a sensation shooting up to the hallux, to the 5th digit, and the medial heel at the trifurcation about the level just above the malloli this is the location we i find the nerve trifurcates. I do not try to go into the porta pedis. If i can evoke a stim in those 3 areas i know I am anatomically just distal to the trifurcation. this is location we freeze at. Ironically my counterparts that do not have stim on their machines but do the procedure ultrasound guided, still get about the same success rates as i get with stimulation of the nerve. I assume when I do not get a successful outcome the problem maybe at the porta pedis and a release maybe needed there.

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poor circulation View Thread
Posted by Bonita on 12/23/06 at 23:51

My Father is 69 he has almost never been sick He's been complaining about his feet hurting and getting cold, no he's not diabetic. He recently went to the doctors and they said he had a block artery so they preformed surgery to restore the blood flow. The next day he couldn't urinate and they had cut him from his thigh down to his foot. Now his stomach is swelling my mother comes to the hospital and complains, when the doctor arrives he says his kidney is shutting down now he has to be put on the machine for four hours by this time his foot is black and blisters are on it. They amputated his foot below the knee but his stomach is hard and still puffed up. Now they say he has a partial blockage. I think these people are crazy but we can't move him now. I think they're going to kill my Father and he wasn't evern sick when he went to the doctor. They will proably remove his other leg next. No one is trying to treat him.


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Posted by dr goldstein on 12/23/06 at 01:23

Dr. Z : i have not seen any literature with success rates this high from lee dellon

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Posted by dr goldstein on 12/23/06 at 01:21

MY success rate runs about 70% NOT 85-90% for tarsal tunnel. I believe that most of my fellow cryosurgeons get around the same success rate whether ultrasound guided or with using a neurostimulator like I do.

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Re: Post plantar fascia release surgery....tingling pain/sensations View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/22/06 at 16:28

i am sorry to hear of your problem but ist sounds like you selected theb wrong doctor. Any patient that has had surgery and has a problem should be seen as soon as possible. This does not speak highly of your doctor.

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Re: dont we feel lonely? Doctors give us hope!! View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/22/06 at 16:24

Although no one can give any guarantees to any type of surgery I have posted recently about a patient referred to me from florida who has ahd 8 previous unsuccessful tarsal tunnel surgeries. He was taking morphine patches morphine lollipops oxycontin elavil and a few other daily!, i performed cryo and he has cut hs meds in half after 2 weeks. This is no guarantee to all but there is hope for newer technologies when all else fails he came in wearing a sneaker and left the same way because the surgery is performed through a puncture. Dr. S Goldstein

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Re: work shoes for my husband View Thread
Posted by Peggy R on 12/21/06 at 20:40

My husband is a builder. He is up and down ladders and steps all day. He is also 59 years old. He has custom orthadics, but they are very hard. We were changing his wolverine work boots every three months, and that seemed to stop the pain. What you said about the wolverine boots makes so much sence, because they are now hurting his feet. Thank you for helping us.

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work shoes for my husband View Thread
Posted by Peggy R on 12/20/06 at 19:03

My husband has plantar fasciitis. I am looking for a great workboot. The only one we have had any luck with is the wolverine 04213. These are now hurting him. Please help, we have spent thousands on shoes and boots. They are not steel toe. THank you for helping us.

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Happy Holidays! View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/18/06 at 09:59

As the holidays are upon us, I would just like to wish you all a happy holiday season. Thank you all for your help and support and may you all have a less painful new year!

And that goes for the "old" posters who may occasionally scan the boards: Judy S, Necee, Carole, Suzanne, Linda, Richard, and so many others I've forgotten.

May 2007 bring happier feet!

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To Richard G View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/18/06 at 09:56

Hi Richard,

Haven't seen a post from you for ages. I'm posting this here and on the social board in hopes that you'll see it. I have a new pair of orthotics. They're just like my old ones were but due to some major pain and muscle spasms in my back from increased spinal osteoarthritis, I am breaking them in ridiculously slowly. What ever works!

Anyhow, like new orthotics are apt to do, they squeak. So I put my trusty folded paper napking under them and the squeak goes away so I can sneak up on anyone I want to! I thought of you when I did it as you offered all kinds of suggestions for squeaky orthotics.

I hope all is well with you and your family. The children must be getting big now, huh? I remember how much I loved hearing your stories about them and your wife. I miss the old boards but life goes on and things change.

I'm wishing you a happy holiday and just want to thank you for all the help and support you've offered me and so many others over the years!

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To Richard View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/18/06 at 09:55

Hi Richard,

Haven't seen a post from you for ages. I'm posting this here and on the social board in hopes that you'll see it. I have a new pair of orthotics. They're just like my old ones were but due to some major pain and muscle spasms in my back from increased spinal osteoarthritis, I am breaking them in ridiculously slowly. What ever works!

Anyhow, like new orthotics are apt to do, they squeak. So I put my trusty folded paper napking under them and the squeak goes away so I can sneak up on anyone I want to! I thought of you when I did it as you offered all kinds of suggestions for squeaky orthotics.

I hope all is well with you and your family. The children must be getting big now, huh? I remember how much I loved hearing your stories about them and your wife. I miss the old boards but life goes on and things change.

I'm wishing you a happy holiday and just want to thank you for all the help and support you've offered me and so many others over the years!

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Re: Back Life and PF View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/18/06 at 09:46

Man, you don't check the boards for a few days and what do you find? A little arguing, which is SO unusual, and a whole lot of information. First of all, I think I've stated this on many occasions but I consider Julie's Foot Yoga exercises and my orthtoics to be the reason why my feet are so much better. Yes, I still wear running shoes all the time but I was able to purchase and wear a pair of Clark's clogs recently. No foot pain during or after the wearing sessions where I spent quite a bit of time on my feet. What a delight it was! Granted, I am presently taking Vicodin four times a day instead of three, but I never found pain relievers to help my PF in the past so I don't believe they were responsible for the pain lessening.

In fact, prior to increasing my pain meds (for OA), I was able to walk much longer distances without any pain for the first time in ages. I do Julie's exercises every single morning and I do one of them several times a day. The one where you point your feet toward your calves. I don't want to lose this thread by checking out the proper description but you'll know the one I mean.

So Scott's Boards and Julie's Foot Yoga, combined with a great Podiatrist who knew just what kind of orthtotics would work for me, are completely responsible for my decrease in pain. I don't consider myself cured but my PF is totally under control. I'm even going to order a second pair of those clogs so I can try wearing them a bit more and always have them on hand in case they discontinue them.

Now I'm very interested in this Back Life, not so much for me unless my doctors give the OK, since my OA is so bad in my spine but for my son who has constant pain in his lumbar spine. And I believe my husband might benefit from it.

So thank you, Julie, for telling us about it and thank you all for the information and support you've given me through the years!

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Re: Night splint coming off View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/18/06 at 09:24

I'm so sorry that it's so complicated for you, Diane. What state do you live in? I'm in NH and was told the fastest way to get a handicap placard was to drive to the capitol city of Concord and give my form to the Department of Motor Vehicles there. I believe, if I had waited, the turn around time was about four weeks and I'm not that far from Concord so I went up and got it. NH is a small state so there were no lines and even if there had been, they supplied benches for people to sit on while they waited. Now that I have a permanent card (the first few were for six months each), they actually will contact me, through mail, to remind me when the expiration date is coming and so I can have my doctor fill out a form for me to send in.

Surely for people in casts, your state must grant the permit faster. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. But NH wasn't always so easy. Back twenty-five years ago, my son had a cast up to his mid thigh and was on crutches (he was eight) and my daughter was a year old. NH had no temporary Handicap permits so if we went to the mall, I had to drop him off, watch that he was safely in the mall, and then park and take my daughter out of her car seat and join him. I still don't know how I did what I did when he was in the cast and she was so young, but we managed. Of course, I was much younger then!

Have you tried calling your Department of Motor Vehicles directly? Sometimes doctor's offices just don't have the time. Maybe if you talk to someone directly, you'll find there's an easier way to get it. I know you've been trying to get it for a long time.

Good luck!

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Re: Hi all! sorry if I haven't replied View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/13/06 at 17:39

Helen we are glad you are back and keep yuor spirits up Dr. Goldstein

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Re: Hi all! sorry if I haven't replied View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/13/06 at 17:39

Helen we are glad you are back and keep yuor spirits up Dr. Goldstein

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Re: Pain in Foot RSD View Thread
Posted by suzy d on 12/13/06 at 08:17

Good luck Angle.
May you see a competent doctor. Hope this helps you. Keep in touch, please.

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Re: To Hope n Ralph... View Thread
Posted by suzy d on 12/13/06 at 08:14

HI Hope form here for a change. Just jump in and post. Don't wait. Just respond to any post you like. I am not sure how many have RSD, either. Some have PN (Vic and me), some FMS(Sara) and most others RSD, if not caregivers. Don't be shy! Just jump in with both feet--oops one foot in this case. LOL

Ralph-wishing you all the best as well. If you are Hope's pal, I consider you a pal as well.

All the best,

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Re: I got my night splint... View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/12/06 at 10:48

I just remembered, Diane - sorry for the extra "n" in my last post - that places like Sam's and Costco are very rough on the feet. Same as foodshopping - you're just walking on concrete. I spent many a time sitting at Costco, waiting while my husband went through the line. As a matter of fact, I still do it, especially if I want to do something else later on. I have to gauge what I'd like to do in any one day and figure how much time I'll need to sit to get it all done. You'll get so that you become a people watcher in the malls.

Warehouses are not your best friend when you have bad feet!

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Re: Anyone had problems after a long flight? View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/12/06 at 10:41

I loosen the laces on my running shoes as much as possible when I fly but I have never flown a long distance since I had PF. I did find, when mine was at its worst, that flying did make it worse.

Scott makes some good suggestions.

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Re: I got my night splint... View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/12/06 at 10:39


It does get better. Really, it does and you need to believe that and not let it get you down. The holidays are particularly hard on people with PF because we do so much more and our feet get such a workout.

I'm sorry. I don't know how long you've had PF. Do you do Julie's foot yoga? Do you rest when possible? Do you wear orthotics?

When I ordered the night splint, it was my intent to wear it only while I watched television or was reading as I knew I could never sleep with one. It, unfortunately, aggravated my Morton's Neuroma so I couldn't even do that. That's where the foot yoga helped me so much. And I had a tilt board, like the one Scott describes in the Heel Pain book, which really helped me a great deal.

Don't despair. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You just can't see it now, especially with all the twinkling Christmas lights and all the things you want to do, in the way!

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Esther View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/12/06 at 10:32

Well, you don't want the PF to take over your life but remember, don't overdo it! And remember, every set back will last less and less time.

Are the new orthotics all right or will they need an adjustment? I always needed adjustments on mine.

Hope your time at the gym went well!

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Re: Fred the Foot update View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 12/12/06 at 10:30


You have the best attitude and Fred is fortunate to be attached to a person with such a wonderful attitude! I'm so sorry that you didn't get the news you wanted but in the meantime, you will be quite a sight in your "sleigh."

May you continue to heal and enjoy your holidays and here's hoping that the seventh month will be the charm!

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Re: Chronic Insertional Achilles Tendonitis/Retrocalcaneal Heel Spur View Thread
Posted by Ann on 12/11/06 at 18:09

Good Luck,

I had a epf release in 3/2005 and ended up with a flat foot due to a longer cut in the tendon that should have been made. 2 1/2 months ago I had the xachilles release , heel spur removal and a screw placed in my ankle (to help lift up my arch) I have a large bump (size of golf ball, where the achilles incision was met. The area where the heel spur is very painful. Also the ball of my foot is also very painful. So discouraged. I should have NEVER had the surgery. My foot was never this painful before. i AM GOING ON ALMOST 2 YEARS OF ACHES AND PAIN. As a runner, my life have completely changes.


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Re: I'm having a very bad day!! View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/10/06 at 17:13

Kelly : I treated a patient last week that has had 8 surgeries for tarsal tunnel syndrome. He is currently wearing a morphine patch, uses 8-10 fentyl lollipops per day, 200 mgs, elevil, 400 lyrica, oxycontin, and about 5-6 other drugs daily. He wanted to have his leg amputated. His wife a podiatrist ironically wanted him to try cryosurgery. I operated on him last saturday and he is doing rather well so far. I will call him tomorrow and keep you updated. The point being is there is always someone worse than what you might be and sometimes with hope and luck they can be helped. I am going to see if he will post to give you all a further detailed account of his story, it was extremely interesting. One od the surgeries was performed by Dr. Dellon himself for $10,000 with little help. So maybe the $1000 Icharged seems reasonable.

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Re: I got my night splint... View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/10/06 at 17:04

Which tpye of night splint did you purchase as there are many types. it can can 2-3 months to notice any improvement with these. If you have not been evaluated by a podiatrist I suggest you do that.

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Re: Question about cryosurgery etc. for plantar fibroma View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/09/06 at 11:10

Marty: since fibromas are made up of dense fiberous benign connective tissue i have never seen any conservative treatments help these especially if they become large. prior to cryosurgery open surgery was the only way to tackle these however that approach can lead to many problems such as plantar scars, reoccuraances, peroids of non weight bearing. With a small puncture we can freeze the fibroma and cause it to shrink 40-60% with one treatment so 2 treatments are usually needed at least 2 months apart. I have had no reoccurances to date.

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Re: doctor View Thread
Posted by Dr. S. Goldstein on 12/08/06 at 09:40

Dr. randy Nordyke is in ventura and he is excellent it is worth the trip

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Re: cryo/Dr.Goldstein View Thread
Posted by Dr. S. Goldstein on 12/08/06 at 09:37

did you get the articles?

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Re: Suffering with Plantar fasciitis N PN View Thread
Posted by Gail on 12/07/06 at 22:39


I am in the same pain and have been for 5 years...your exact pain. I have been to (And if any dr's are reading this and think they can be of help, please contact me).

Boston-Mass General Ortho/Pod. dept.
Boston- Faulkner Hsp
Boston-MGH- Neuro-immunologist...all kinds of blood work, all kinds of EMG's to rule out small fiber and large fiber neurapathies...these are EXTREMLY painful folks....prolong as much as possible.
Boston-Neuro- Skin biopsy for who knows what reason..something to do with small fiber neurap. Accupuncture I did on my own. 5 Pods, all given up on me. Flat feet from birth, orthotics that are useless and much frustration. Acup. did help the neurapathy and knock on wood, that's better. My feet kill, I have had the "minor" 3 band release which did absolutely nothing! I teach, and am disabled from it. My POD gave me a note which I took to registry...if you go to the registry of motor vehicles on line at home state, you'll see a printable form..take it to the Pod and he'll fill it out. I'm open to suggestions, because I too, have had enough and I'd rather die than go through this pain and suffering. I also suffer with Kyphosis (forward curve of spine at T5/6). It has no bearing on the feet...they are just flat from birth, and when the Pods and foot/ankle surgeons can't see it, they can't fix it other than those who want to do an arthodecis, have it fail and then send us back to the primary who couldn't help in the first place. I have over 4 pairs of orthotics...I won't tell you how many shoes, boots, and nightsplints given to me by oen of the POds, is totally useless. I wish you well. Just know you are not alone. Gail

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Re: Cryoanalgesia: Outcomes for heel pain & Morton's Neuroma View Thread
Posted by Dr. S. Goldstein on 12/05/06 at 11:30

Cryosurgery is a proven treatment as the FDA apptoval for its podiatric use was a study based on Mortons neuroma. I am about to publish a 3 year study with over 400 procedures performed. The procedure is done with a small amount of local anesthesia. based on your story you have nothing to loose but much to gain should the procedure be successful
Dr. Steven Goldstein

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Re: Please help ...any podiatrisrt View Thread
Posted by Ann on 12/04/06 at 19:41

Thank you for the responses. Yes I had the sinus tarsi "implant to stabalize my feet. The base of my foot, where the heel spur use to be is so painful. As is the ball of my foot. PT seems to aggrevate it all. Dr Greenbery told me that he had "removed" a nerve but didn' do anything related to TTS since he was hoping that what he was doing would be enough. The large hard knot where the achilles tendon was cut is very sore as well. I am at 3 months post-op.

Maybe the bursa was near the achilles. I didn't know that you couldn't have one in the heal area???

The constant ache to my arch, bottom of my heal and the area to my inner ankle (right abouve 2" incision for heel spur resection.)

Thank you for any feedback. I am afraid that a third surgery for TTS will add to my pain....each surgery had caused me pain and inability to walk normally...


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Sorry Dr G- Didn't know there was a dr g here! View Thread
Posted by Ann on 12/04/06 at 19:29

Dr G,

My surgery was done by Dr Greenberg in Rhode Island,


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Please help ...any podiatrisrt View Thread
Posted by Ann on 12/03/06 at 18:17

In 2/5 2005 I had a PFR (endocsopic0. Had a flat foot to begin with. 2/3 of the PF was cut. For 20 months I had consitant lateral foot/arch/knee and hip pain. My doc tried all conservative treatments. My entire life changed. I could not run 5-6 times a week and was put on anti-depresants by my primary care. Went for 2 more opinions. Dr. G seemed to really think he could fix my problem. He made an incision on the side of my healand removed my large heel spur. Put a screw in my ankle to attempt to creat an arch and made a cut inmy achilles tenton. It has been 3 months and the pain in constatnt. I have a knot/bump on the achilles that is hard as a rock, continued lateral and pain where the screw was places and terrible pain to the base of my heel. Dr g. told me that there was significant scar tissue where the trocar entered for my past EPF. He was also suprised to fing a very larg bursa. i am going on almost 2 years of limping, life changes and pain. He now thinks I have TTS. When you push along the incision above the heel incision I get electrical shooting pains. When he discovered this, he shook his head ans stated that this is what he had hoped would not happen. I guess there was one nerve he cut. My heel hurts and tye outer part of my heel is numb and feel sas though there is a large flat rock in it??

I am depressed and feeling hopeless. i am 43 and use to be very active. Would a pain clinic help.

Thanks for any time you could give to my foot :)

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Re: Cheilectomy Recovery Time Table? View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/02/06 at 16:07

Since we have not seen your radiographs or examined you it is only an opinion that can be offered. If you have a 1st met-cuneiform fusion you will need 6-8 weeks non weight-bearing with crutches. As far as if you have no cartilage on the first metatrsao-phalangeal joint, resurfacing maybe of little benefit and the fusion would be best done at this site. are you sure you have you procedures correct?

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Message Number 216601

Re: Just had cryosurgery for plantar fibromotosis........ View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/02/06 at 16:02

Having performed over 40 of these procedures I can tell you that almost always more than one treatment is needed if the fibroma is large as usually shrinkage with one treatment ranges 40-60%, by the end of 8 weeks. It is very common for the medial plantar nerve to be entrapped within the fibroma itself which causes the burning, tingling pain. Cryosuregry was FDA approved in 2003 so it already has a 3 year track record. I have not hasd one reoccurance of the fibroma after it was successfully irradicated with one or two cryo treatments. This is a wonderful application for cryosurgery.

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Message Number 216599

Re: Suffering with Plantar fasciitis View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/02/06 at 15:55

Sounds to me that you maybe better off szeeking the treatment from another podiatrist

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Message Number 216598

Re: TTS surgery in both feet? View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 12/02/06 at 15:53

having open tarsal tunnel procedures on both feet at the same time can be rather difficult as there is normally a period of non weightbearing so you may need to be in a wheelchair. find out what your doctor plans for your post operative course

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Message Number 216463

Chronic PF and flat feet View Thread
Posted by Gail on 11/29/06 at 22:26

I'm a mess! I've posted priors and have gone through horrible treatments in Boston with neuropathy clinics, neuro's, ortho's, phsyiatrist and lots and lots of pain...some I would say was Torture! I had EMG's up the ying yang for small fiber neurapathy and large Fiber Neurapathy. I have had blood work to no avail, tests all show "within normal limits" and a skin biopsy done last week to rule out something else. I wear NB's 1122's with orthotics, but think they may be part of the problem. I live in the 1122's from 8am to midnight...too stringent on the feet, I believe. Today, I read about Stegmann/Haflinger clogs helping PF. I wonder if anyone can tell me if they do help, and if anyone with flat feet has tried anything in the form of a clog, and got results. I don't want to hurt my feet anymore than they hurt, but I'm also facing decisions now of the ortho's either cutting into heels the old fashioned way and doing a total reconstruction/orthodecisis job, or cutting into heels the old way and literally taking out nerves and bands. Any info appreciated, and thank you.

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Message Number 216137

Re: cryosurgery Surgery for Morton's Neuroma View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 11/25/06 at 21:37

I believe Dr. Christina Teimari is in the pittsburgh area go onto the cryotechllc.com website and you can get a list of doctors by state

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Re: Recommended type of ESWT for achilles View Thread
Posted by sam on 11/23/06 at 22:21

wrong procedure dr z

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Message Number 216050

Re: united shockwave insurance coverage View Thread
Posted by sam on 11/23/06 at 22:20

Yes they do

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Message Number 216008

Re: Partial detachment View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 11/22/06 at 17:32

Have you had an MRI to access the extent of the damage before undergoing any surgery? Dr. Goldstein

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Message Number 216007

Re: follow-up on PTT tear question View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 11/22/06 at 17:24

A tear of a major weight-bearing tendon requires non-weightbearing immobilization for 6 weeks. Then a repeat MRI would be indicated. If it shows signs of healing then a walking below knee cast is used for another 4 weeks. If there is no healing noted then surgical treatment is usually indicated. Even if it heals without surgery prescription foot orthotics are necessary. Stay away from any additional cortisone shots in this area. Dr. Goldstein

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Message Number 215994

Re: Daughter Revisited View Thread
Posted by saktax on 11/22/06 at 11:53

Thanks - that looks quite helpful!

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Message Number 215991

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 11/22/06 at 11:03

I hope you all enjoy the day with family and friends and that if you have PF, remember that odds are on your side. By next year at this time, you should be much better!

And maybe, in the spirit of the season, and I mean the true spirit of giving and thanks, this Social Board can regain some of its humanity and sociability! Maybe we can forget political differences and just talk about social things.

Like tomorrow. I'm having only eight people come for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm having my usual turkey and I make my grandmother's stuffing. She never wrote down the recipe and neither did my mother so it took me years to perfect it. Actually, in a 1990 Woman's Day magazine, I found a recipe almost exactly like it and that's what I've written down. It's just your usual pork sausage and bread stuffing but I think everyone's stuffing has its own special flavor, or that's what we all want to think! I have never been able to eat pork. In almost every form, it makes me sick. But at Thanksgiving, I think it's worth it so I eat it and get sick!

My sister-in-law will bring one of her wonderful apple pies. She makes her pies from Machintosh apples, just as my mother did. (Do you get the idea my mother was a wonderful cook?) I'm a great cake baker but I despise making pies so I really admire anyone who can turn out a good pie. We have whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for those who wish to indulge. And unless you have health issues, this is a day to indulge!

I have a recipe for mashed potatoes you can make the night before and then heat in the oven on Thanksgiving day and that's what we'll have. It includes cream cheese and sour cream and I guess that's what keeps them fluffy. My kitchen is big but everyone congregates there and they make me nervous. Not having to mash the potatoes with everyone around makes things go easier. Of course, I am not a shrinking violet so at a certain point, I just declare, "Everyone into the living room. I need room to cook!"

This years is very unusual and kind of humbling for me. My feet aren't bad but my arthritis has now hit my thoracic spine so I can't stand for any amount of time before doubling up with the pain. Luckily, my wonderful husband made the aforementioned potatoes last night. He also cut the stuffing bread into cubes for me because the joint replacement on my hand wasn't successful.

I'm now going to make a couple of cakes while he's off playing golf. I can do them sitting down. And I'll make the gravy tomorrow because there are some things only I can do! Talk about an overblown sense of importance! Anyhow, it's different for me this year but I'm grateful that I can still do a few things and I prefer to think that this is only temporary and next year, I'll be back in business. I'm going to try Acupuncture starting Monday.

And thank the Lord for my daughter and daughter-in-law as they will contribute some dishes but most importantly, they'll clean up and put everything into the dishwasher for me.

Next year, we'll have one extra person because my daughter-in-law is pregnant with their first child. Isn't that exciting? I'm going to be a grandmother!

May you all have a wonderful day and for those of us who are football fans, that's the perfect ending for the day!

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Re: Topamax View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 11/22/06 at 10:40

I have no experience with Topamax, Jillian, but I know of people who have nerve pain who take it and have wonderful results. It takes a while to kick in and they may have to fool around until they get your dosage correct. Side effects from it vary a great deal from person to person so you just have to try it and see how you do.

Good luck and give it your best shot. Nerve pain is so horible!

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Message Number 215939

Re: Daughter Revisited View Thread
Posted by saktax on 11/21/06 at 11:23

No, growth plates are closed. We have been advised that the possible negative impact on tissue from injections should be avoided at this age.(17) ESWT was suggested by a podiatrist, but not recommended due to the diffuse nature of the pain, that is, not limited to one defined area. Again, my interest at this time is methods to stretch what I believe is the offending tendon(s)without causing more damage/pain.

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Message Number 215926

Re: Daughter Revisited View Thread
Posted by saktax on 11/21/06 at 07:10

Thank you. So far, injections have been ruled out due to her young age. We are working on message (every other day), electro-stim, and ultrasound/phonophoresis. This appears to have provided some incremental relief. I was mostly curious about efforts and strategies to stretch the tendon. Thanks

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Message Number 215917

Re: Hi Maria View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 11/20/06 at 21:12

Hi There,

I added you to my AIM.

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Message Number 215913

Re: Heel numbness View Thread
Posted by Katherine F on 11/20/06 at 20:02

no I don't have any back pain; although I had a back sprain(as they called) about a year ago and i sometimes am sore after work but nothing unbearable. and i'm astute at differentiating my symptoms because i'm a nurse, although a new grad.

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Re: continued pain after subtalar fusion View Thread
Posted by Jon D on 11/19/06 at 18:48

Hello Dr. goldstein,

My Doctor told me the foot was fused, according to x rays (would it still be wise to get the mri?). But the screw is causing one of the areas of pain, he is going to remove the screw, but wants to wait a year before he will remove it. Is this a normal time frame to remove pins, or do you think that I could have it done sooner? He has also mentioned that he may do an achilles tendon release at the same time he removes the pin, as the tendon is very tight and I have not had much luck in getting it to stretch out with PT. Is this mormal? He has also referred me to a pain clinic to determine if some of the pain might be due to CRPS. From what I have researched I don't have many of the symptoms, but I do have a couple, are there cases of CRPS that don't have all the typical symptoms?

Thanks for your time, Jon

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Re: goldstein et al, sans wander View Thread
Posted by pattik on 11/18/06 at 18:27

its a bit mortifying to respond to you jillian. needless to say, cite where parker used 'silly goose'. ok, doll?

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Message Number 215780

Re: goldstein et al, sans wander View Thread
Posted by pattik on 11/17/06 at 15:16

k. g. dear, delighted to hear dr. wander performed appropriately in an academic setting. should you have something to add, it is most welcome.

previously i have stated that some of the dpm responses in here are technically shallow and uninformative. there is a blurb here and there and then a beeline referencing the writer to his physician. it doesnt occur to some of the dpms that a deeper, more technically expansive answer would be invaluable. it would deepen the understanding of the patient AND may improve rapport between patient-dpm.

this paranoia that causes wander et al. to refrain from answering the real question at hand is counterproductive. there are people who are not dpms in possession of most of their intellectual marbles that would appreciate the straight skinny.

perhaps a caveat at the beginning of each web page that not only warns of dpms with a possible treatment bias....but also a statement that states all responses here in the absence of exam are to be viewed (damn cant think of a good word(s)) with caution.

it would be nice kg to share what you have learned.

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Message Number 215748

goldstein et al, sans wander View Thread
Posted by pattik on 11/16/06 at 23:10

if a mri presurgery was misread. and the operative surgical note makes a statement 'nothing was obviouly wrong (to that effect)' AND the nitwit dpm docs took out a subluxed tendon that was the exception to that identified in a other institutions reading of the same presurgy mri....would you be scratching your head?

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Message Number 215663

Re: To Dr Goldstein View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 11/15/06 at 12:54

the spots you refer to are they small areas of discokoration to your skin? that I hace seen but if the exact spots you had pain are no better I would consider this to be an unsuccessful result but Dr. Wishnee may have a different opinion here and I would propose these questions directly to him.

Result number: 121

Message Number 215659

Re: To Dr Goldstein View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 11/15/06 at 11:18

Jen: because we insert a device called a trochar to make a portal for the cryoprobe to enter some patients initially get pain from that in and nof itself but they tell us it is a different type of pain then they had prior to the cryo. i usually assume that is procedural pain which usually dissapates in 1-3 weeks. if patients are still expericing the same pain as before cryo and they are 8 weeks out i consider this to be a unsuccessful procedural outcome and either a repeat procedure is required or something else.

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Message Number 215516

continued pain after subtalar fusion View Thread
Posted by Jon D on 11/13/06 at 08:09

Has anyone had problems with continued pain after a subtalar fusion? I had my fusion six months ago and am still having a lot of pain, I have a hard time walking any distance, and take pain meds just to be able to function. If anyone has had this problem please let me know what steps your Doctor took to correct your problem.

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Message Number 215330

Re: Cryosurgery - Post Op View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 11/10/06 at 16:22

If you read my post on expected cryo outcomes it may give you some additional insight

Result number: 124

Message Number 215320

Posted by dr goldstein on 11/10/06 at 15:24

I have been reading all the posts about some of you who recently underwent cryosurgery.Since I have probably done the most and trained most of your doctors let me share some insights.
This does not and will not help everyone.
Everyones outcomes are different based on a variety of factors such as duration of pain, previous surgery, scar tissue, incorrect diagnosis just to name a few.
There are many patients that have no pain post cryo however that does not apply to all.
Dr. technique plays a factor. Patient's exisitng medical conditions as play a roll here.
Patients need to understand this is not a miracle cure.
Overall success rates range between 80-92%.
Those that do not get 100% relief may need a repeat procedure at a minimum of 6-8 weeks later.
Others that have very little or no improvement may need other types of surgery.
Oral anti-inflammatory meds during the post op course are helpful.
The longer you have had a problem the longer it may take to cure.
keep your doctor advised of your progress as sometimes we can add treatments during the post op phase.
Do not expext a miracle so you will not be disappointed.
Dr. Steven Goldstein

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Message Number 215248

Re: Cryosurgery - Post Op View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 11/09/06 at 16:50

crro outcomes differ from patient to patient. for some it can takes 6-8 weeks to feel much better and others a week or so. this is dependant upon many factors including doctor technique so patients get procedural pain from the actual poking through the tissues which is a different pain than PF and goes away in a few weeks. overall success rates with run treatment run 80-92% depending upon the doctor. also cryo may not work and have to be repeated or try another alternative procedure. i have seen everything so far from 100% recovery in 5 days to 40% recovery after 8 weeks so there is no one answer for everyone.

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Message Number 215121

Re: Recovery from Cryosurgery - todd and monte View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 11/07/06 at 14:50

there is no contraindication for repeating cryosurgery again I will usually try a maximun of 3 treatments and if that does not make the patient better i move on to something else

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Message Number 214818

Re: Recovery from Cryosurgery View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 11/02/06 at 16:03

what you are experiencing is not uncommon in some patients who undergo cryosurgery. It is less than one week so you certainly are going to have to be patient. My recomendations are the following, when you are home use a zip loc bag filled with ice and while you are sitting place you foot on top of the bag. if you are not taking an anti-inflammatory you should be provided there are no medical contraindications consult with your doctor. i have seen this and it does resolve but may take a full 2-3 weeks to have draumatic improvement. was the procedure done from the top or bottom of your foot?

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Message Number 214674

Re: Dr. Wander View Thread
Posted by pattik on 10/31/06 at 20:30

FYI--Koch's postulate, Dr. Wander. Applies to all experimental science sans prions and related diseases. god forbid if i left you hanging.

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Message Number 214615

Re: Dr. Wander View Thread
Posted by pattik on 10/31/06 at 09:23

Dr. W.

thanks so much for responding. there would be no experimental model (who is that guy that started that scientific iron clad precept?--i forget) that could be applied in this case. the left subluxed tendon repair was done to my much needed good left foot. the left foot has a dx of foot drop. the opposing, worsening right foot et al. (hip with now degradation of proximal aspect of femur associated with congenital defect and hip surgery 1993 and lower back pain)cannot be realistically addressed to see if left>>>>>caused right degradation. good lord it is complicated isnt it?

when i was dx with drop foot i had orthotic imprints made and given dr. comfort shoes. i can no longer wear these due to changes in both feet. i heard there were problems with dr. comfort shoes. i cannot go back to the professional fitter as one of the shoes had a lift made (post hip surgery my long left leg became my short leg and vice versa) and there has been clear anatomical changes in my left toes. i have a huge hallux valgus (autoimmune disease) on left foot. the second toe is crossing over the third. im writing this just to vent..and maybe you have some input to offer. i am grateful for your response.


Result number: 130

Message Number 214600

Dr. Wander View Thread
Posted by pattik on 10/30/06 at 20:38

im the one with the botched left subluxed peroneal tendon surgery, april 05. much of my symptoms and other physical dxs are described under earlier peroneals posts. you had commented that i would need an exam and one is forthcoming.

i would like to know however how often you see problems that have developed in one foot referred to the second foot? i am having problems with my right foot...mortons neuroma type symptomatology. worse. the 1993 hip prosthesis (which showed only wear of the artificial acetabular lining (born w/o acetabulum))--now shows problems with the bones anchoring the proximal femoral shaft. this aspect of my hip problem was clear on august 05 films. prior to foot surgery i limped on my right leg....post surgery caused me to limp on left. this has taken toll on lower back (degen osteo). most distressing is the bone changes prox hip. for it means a far more complicated total hip replacement and eight months of recovery minimum.

thanks. just wondered if you thought it was within the realm of reason.

Result number: 131

Message Number 214533

Re: To Ralph n Hope-Have no Fear.... View Thread
Posted by Suzy D on 10/29/06 at 21:28

Nice of you to be so concerned, but this group has no hidden agenda. The moderator of the group was sick with 5th Disease as well as RSD, and probably didn't get the chance to enroll Hope in the group. It is a legit group and Keith (of RSDHope) is a member in good standing. We all filled out the questionaire in order to prohibit people who really are not interested in joining the group, There were some problems of that kind when group started. Our moderator and several other group members have RSD, so Hope can benefit from their expertise. So far, it is the best support group for chronic pain patients because everyone is supportive and there is very little dissension. Members get along really well and offer many good suggestions. I told Hope, I'll try and find out what is holding up her entry into group. Thanks for being protective, but Hope will be safe in this group. Take care and Happy Halloween,
SuzyQ ( Sandy and Terri also belong to this Pain Awareness Group)

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Message Number 214411

Re: Just curious-can I ask you all your ages. View Thread
Posted by Diane N on 10/27/06 at 17:09

I am 61. Tarsal Tunnel began 8 years ago for me -- so I would have been 53 at the onset.

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Message Number 214410

Re: Another Curious Question For The TTS Group View Thread
Posted by Diane N on 10/27/06 at 17:03

I am also left handed, but I'm ambidextrious with a few things. I have TTS in both feet. The nerve conduction test indicated that it was worse in the left foot, but they both FEEL the same. Surgery was done in the left foot. I still have the pain so don't know whether it will work or not.

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Message Number 214409

Re: uh-oh is this bad? View Thread
Posted by Diane N on 10/27/06 at 16:56

I also had my TTS surgery in July. I am also experience the same sensations and pain as I did pre-surgery. So I don't know whether it workeed or not. Right now it feels like it didn't. I finally stopped using the crutches this week for the most part, but I can only walk a little bit. I also still have the night time pain. For those of you whose recovery took a year, was there a point in time when you noticed a definite improvment. It is so frustrating not knowing what the outcome will be.

Result number: 135

Message Number 214282

not PF not heel spur ,peas size bump pain over 9mo View Thread
Posted by LIsa L on 10/25/06 at 19:45

I am thouroughy at a loss? Any info appreiciated greatly!!!!!

After a sprint on concrete street- barefoot- during a home emergency,caused injury .
Was in aircast and kneebrace as a result in April- have had now 3 steroid injections , PT & have had 2mris of knee and foot ankle nothing showing at area described below

( my type of foot very over flexible totally flat.History w/OTHER FOOT -Prior PF tear 3/4 way and ruptured tendon 5 yrs prior that finally healed.) Also all my joints are very loose flexible, gait is to pronate in if no corrective footware , other than above incidence never ever go barefoot even in home (wear plastic straight lance Birks in shower even) since 5yrs ago problem on the other foot

my symptoms :
a small hard bump devoloped inside by bone in far far back of heel but still on sole ,PT can feel it and is slightly movable,slightly larger with inflamation at times, deep inside back fat pad. Could a bone chip during injury become encased in scar tissue and not absorb ? or can person''s heel actully strike there after bad sprain & further loosened ligaments causing gait change? and develope a bump inside of there if great deformity already existed in their arch?

Have you ever had paitient with similar symptoms?

if don't use -settles down
can not do stairs without major pain
but Flares to severe pain and need a day to recover if even moderately walking during a day
(even though now attempting to again wear my custom medically RX orthodics and top of line motion control NB shoes)

prior to this wore comfortably, Birks and orthodics, with ZERO pain Occupation is a public school Teacher . Thank you, Lisa L

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Message Number 214068

Re: Requesting assistance re: Insurance Appeal View Thread
Posted by Andrew on 10/23/06 at 12:34

I was sucessful. I wrote a long letter saying that I had tried everything before and nothing worked except this procedure. I enclosed the literature I had on the procedure at that time,and told them I would fight it to the end. They didn't pay the whole thing, but they did send me a chunk of it. Its been too many years to recall the amounts, but Dr. Zuckerman gave me some articles on the procedure. Its been at least 5 years since I had it done and I am still 95% cured as long as I wear my orthodics. Best of luck

Andrew R. Spiegel, Esquire
Two Bala Plaza
333 E. City Ave
Suite PL-14
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
( Phone : (610) 668-8600
2 Fax : (610) 668-8604
4 E Fax : (413) 502-4107
* Email : Spiegel at philadelphialawyer.com
Website: www.philadelphialawyer.com

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Message Number 214050

View Thread
Posted by marie b on 10/23/06 at 08:39

i have been to a foot dr,who says i have a spur on my hill of my left foot,told me to do excerices and loosen the tissure up in the bottom of my foot,weel i want to konoe is why my foot still hurst and his swelled up no matter if i wear shoes or not,the pain goes up to my ankle,i dont know what to do

Result number: 138

Message Number 214019

Any opinions...please! View Thread
Posted by Pat R on 10/22/06 at 15:52

OK everyone, I have been here reading your messages and trying to stay upbeat. I have bilateral TTS and had 1st surgery in Nov 2005 and 2nd surgery May 2006. The first surgery I can live with. The second is driving me nuts, chronic pain, very restless nights, affecting my family and daily living, you all know the drill.

I had an EMG done a week ago on both legs/feet. The neurologist who did it tells me after the test (with the original EMG's in his hand during the most recent EMG) that niether feet were much better after the surgeries and that there are two nerves that do not respond on the test (the same nerve on both feet).

So I get to my orthopaedist and he says the EMG's were normal and that the problems I am having are caused by the nerve waking up...anyone with me on that one, cause I've read the same from many of you before.

I disagree with him on the waking up thing because I've been through this with the other foot and know the dif between waking up nerves and pain because something isn't right. Then I ask him how the EMG is normal...response...well, everything but the fact that two nerves did not respond at all on the test. "But the nerve isn't trapped."

I was sent once again to the pain managemnet clinic and told basically that the orthopaedist was finished with me.

Anyone with any comments about the EMG stuff, and any advise on where to go from here. I can only work 3-4 hour shifts and am about to lose my job/insurance. And I don't want to lose the chance of getting my foot better.

Result number: 139

Message Number 214014

Re: squeeky orthotics View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/22/06 at 15:17

have the bottom of the orthotics covered with ultrasuede and they will stop squeeking

Result number: 140

Message Number 214013

Re: I'm a Dad once again!! View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/22/06 at 15:14

Dr. Sanfilippo: Congrats from Dr. Goldstein on your 4th child. God Bless!
Have a Opus X on me!

Result number: 141

Message Number 214012

Re: Purpose of people visiting the message board View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/22/06 at 15:12

Dear Scott: I could not agree with you more. I thought things were somewhat out of hand when I first started posting and felt i had to defend myself and my posistion on Cryosurgery however this constant infighting between Parker and other physicians as well as the patients who come here to get advice has gotten way out of hand. I was personally offended by the recent profanity expressed by parker and have no respect for him. If he is a doctor, then he has no morals as to use the language he has. Ofcourse the site is yours and I commend you for deleting posts that have no benefit to anyone. I have advised posters to not get into any disputs with him as he seems to feed off of this kind of stuff. People has eluded to the fact that he posts under different names on other sites and that he may not really be a doctor. If true I feel he should be banned from giving any medical advice.Please keep up the good work but deleting messages that are unprofessional and have no value to anyone who reads them. Steven H. Goldstein,DPM,DABPS NJ License MD01275

Result number: 142

Message Number 213972

Re: Jeremy, re Skechers View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 10/22/06 at 01:10


My sister, who was just visiting, has a pair of Skechers that looked like they might work for me. In fact, she has them in black and white. I didn't ask her if she bought them here in NH or down in NC where she now lives. She had surgery years back for a Morton's Neuroma and doesn't take good care of her feet. She said these Skechers are a blessing.

I've seen some awful ones that many of the teens wear but never thought of looking at them for myself. Now you and she both mention them as a possibility. I should look at them. I've been wearing nothing but Asics for so long now that I just don't bother to look at anything else because nothing else seems to work.

Result number: 143

Message Number 213971

Re: New shoes are wonderful View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 10/22/06 at 01:01

Oh man, to just think of buying shoes that have heels is so far beyond me! My daughter just got married and I wore a pair of black Josef Seibel sandals that didn't match my outfit at all but at least I could walk. I sent to Zappos and tried eight pairs of sandal-type heels and none of them worked. That was afer trying three shoe stores. Thank goodness I had these sandals.

I considered it a wonderful thing when I found a pair of black Clark clogs with a low heel that I could wear to the rehearsal dinner with black pants. My feet hardly hurt the next day.

I am ordering two more pairs of Asic running shoes. I already have four pair of them but they've worn out. I ordered two more identical ones and a visit to the doctor convinced me to order two more. Once you find a style that works, you need multiples.

And I gotta' tell you - they are ugly! Purple trim on white but at least they aren't orange like some of the Asics!

Result number: 144

Message Number 213970

Re: squeeky orthotics View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 10/22/06 at 00:55


I experimented with all kinds of things and what I found most effective for my orthotics was folding an ordinary paper napkin, the kind I use at home, in half and placing it between the sole of the orthotic and the sole of the shoe worked the best for me.

I tried kleenex but that didn't seem thick enough.

I also tried powder but that didn't work for me either. I have discovered that my orthotics squeak most when I'm wearing them with certain shoes or when they are new.

I like the idea of the duct tape. Duct tape seems to work for everything! :)

Hope this helps and you are able to sneak up on people!

Result number: 145

Message Number 213874

Re: daughter's pain View Thread
Posted by steve on 10/20/06 at 22:28

Tina, Thanks. We have seen many doctors, chiropracters, tried ART, and more. She continues to play a bit, unfortunately at 15 she started in field hockey and now at 17 is 2nd or 3rd string. Anyway, her track running is basically gone. Living with the pain really doesn't seem to be an option we have accepted. Fortunately we have a doctor friend who has taken up the challenge. Still looking for advice from any who can help. Good luck with your daughter.

Result number: 146

Message Number 213873

Re: daughter's pain View Thread
Posted by steve on 10/20/06 at 22:23

Medrol dose was the only thing that worked. I am told that might mean a nerve impingment. She stretches, uses tens unit, and message of the feet. Don't think that staying on medrol is a good thing at this age.

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Re: daughter's pain View Thread
Posted by steve on 10/20/06 at 22:18

I'm afraid of that result.

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Re: daughter's pain View Thread
Posted by steve on 10/20/06 at 22:16

thanks - tried ART for a while. Maybe a time to return to it.

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Re: daughter's pain View Thread
Posted by steve on 10/20/06 at 22:15

Pain is all the time. MRI did not show pf. Pain is, I guess in the 5 area - she is able to participate in sports, but with pain. Some knee pain, some lower back, tops of feet -easily becomes numb in tailor's position.

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numbness in ball of foot & last three toes View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/19/06 at 19:20

Hello All,

I posted last week, here is an update. I went to the orthopedic surgen today. I have to go back and have the nerve test done again. Now, he thinks its the anterior tibial nerve and he wants to check how the peroneal tibial nerve is healing. He said when he did my surgery that my peroneal tibial nerve was severely compressed and that there was muscle damage done. So, waiting on the call as to when I have this test done. I will keep you all updated...

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foot pain View Thread
Posted by frank k on 10/19/06 at 13:28

my heel and arch of my left foot are in constant pain.

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Re: My three week update View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/18/06 at 13:10

Todd: the cryo can be repeated in this distal area as i have seen the same senario before good luck

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Re: Help Doctors! Unresolved Chronic Plantar Fasciitis - Cryosurgery??? View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/15/06 at 09:15

Greg: the answer is yes and I will try to explain why in language that is easy to understand. I believe that when all the standard treatments fail the reason for that is because one assumes the cause of the pain comes from a structural /biomechanical problem meaning low arch/ flatten foot etc. I feel that when you get no relief after all the standard treatments that the issue becomes one of chronic inflammation of the sensory nerve branches which innervates the plantar fascia and that is EXACTALLY what cryosurgery targets those nerve endings. I have done numerous patients that have had open procedures for heel pain that now have nerve entrapments scar tissue issues that we can sometimes help also.

As far as drs. Wander and Parker : you fellows are way too sensitive or look to find fault in every statement that is made by another doctor whether myself or dr zuckerman look how many posters have asked you two to stop being anatagonisitc, and stop this CHILDISH infighting between yourselves as I am totally disgusted with the two of you and I frankly do not understand why Scott has not put a stop to this. Do not use the forum as your own personal battlegrounds. Email eachother directly or call one another to discuss your issues do not do it here!

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Re: Help Doctors! Unresolved Chronic Plantar Fasciitis - Cryosurgery??? View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/15/06 at 09:04

David: I will tell you that the 90% success rate comes between the first to the eight week after the one treatment honestly.

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Re: Help Doctors! Unresolved Chronic Plantar Fasciitis - Cryosurgery??? View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/14/06 at 19:17

Greg: You stated you has 2 MRI's which mentioned you have a mild thickening of the plantar fascitis which is consistent with the diagnosis of PF, unless I read that wrong. You have also tried numerous treatments over the past few years so here is the answer to your question about cryosurgery. The overall success rate based on the 600 cases I have performed is 90% success with one treatment. Some patients about 10% do require a second treatment 6-8 weeks out if they only get 40-60% relief after the first treatment. Data that my group is putting together with 3000 cases performed by 65 cryosurgeons runs between 80-90% depending upon the doctor. The cost varies from state to state but it would be fair to say 500-1000 dollars depending upon the doctors individual expertise. This is covered by almost all insurance carriers , as opposed to ESWT which requires documentation of 6 months previous failed treatment to conservative therapy and even then many carriers do not cover this treatment. I can try and find one of our cryosurgeons that maybe close to where you live so you can contact me at stevefootdr1 at cs.com and I will try and find someone for you if YOU want too. I think this better answers your question than the other 3 doctors bickering back and forth about things that really did n ot address your question.

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Tramadol HCL 50 mg View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/14/06 at 15:36

Has anyone ever taken this medicine for pain?

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Re: Another Curious Question For The TTS Group View Thread
Posted by dusty c on 10/12/06 at 19:57

ambidexterous in many things. can't write worth a dam with either. TTS in both feet, left is worse than the right.

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Re: Another Curious Question For The TTS Group View Thread
Posted by dusty c on 10/12/06 at 19:57

ambidexterous in many things. can't write worth a dam with either. TTS in both feet, left is worse than the right.

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Re: Another Curious Question For The TTS Group View Thread
Posted by dusty c on 10/12/06 at 19:57

ambidexterous in many things. can't write worth a dam with either. TTS in both feet, left is worse than the right.

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Re: Another Curious Question For The TTS Group View Thread
Posted by dusty c on 10/12/06 at 19:54

I'm also ambidexterous in many things. My name is dexter, I wonder how my mother knew?

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TTS pain View Thread
Posted by dusty c on 10/12/06 at 19:42

I've been dealing with foot pain for about 20 years. About 5 years ago tested positive for TTS. I feel like my feet are in a slush puddle of acid. worse if my back hurts, more nerves to agravate. The lack of sleep is what wears me down the most. Hurts to walk across the carpet barefoot.
Custom inserts ( $300 )gave no relief over store bought ones. Cortizone shots did not help.
I've found one Doxepin 25 mg pill early enough to get a full nights rest is the thing I've found most helpful so far. I'm a little groggy in the morning but I can function. I only take them if the feet are screaming at me. If they're only growling at me I don't take them. I don't care for the groggy feeling in the morning.
The pills are dirt cheap and you need a script. I don't take them during the day. Not habit forming.

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Re: Numbness in ball of foot and last 3 toes-Dr Goldstein? View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/12/06 at 18:11

Update: Went to my primary doctor and seen a doctor that was there I have never seen before. Well, she had never heard of TTS, and perscribe Tramadol HCL 50 mg three times a day. I scheduled an appt with the Orthopedic surgen for next week as the primary has no idea what to do. Lets say she was dumb founded and when I asked her what she could do for my pain she gave me this medicine. SO, I am going to try it until next week and will keep you all udated.

Gerry, do you have pain and swelling with the numbness?

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Re: I'm here, here is my "update" View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 10/12/06 at 08:44

Randy: i am sorry to here about your cycling accident good luck for a speedy recovery.

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Re: possible baxter's nerve entrapment View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/11/06 at 19:03

I agree that it is hard to detect which nerve is the actual culprit on the medial side of the heel as the emg/ncv cannot isolate the specific nerve branch I think there is more medical calcaneal neuritis that goes misdiagnosed or undiagnosed and we try and freeze this nerve when people have heel pain along the medial side and rim of the heel.

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Re: Has anyone tried cryosurgery? View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/11/06 at 18:57

gerry with the 30 cases I now have under my belt my overall success rate is about 70% good 30% no better

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Message Number 213035

Re: can cryo cause nerve damage View Thread
Posted by dr goldstein on 10/11/06 at 18:56

kim: they are all different nerve problems in different parts of the foot. my or tech mr patel was correct by stating you can call the office and talk to me if you like and I can give you more detail again our number is 973-992-9214

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Message Number 212887

Re: possible baxter's nerve entrapment View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 10/10/06 at 16:27

Baxters nerve is actually the first branch coming off the lateral plantar nerve but it has most of its innervation on the MEDIAL innerside of your heel on the side of your big toe. Pain on the lateral side of your heel on the pinky side can be from the lateral calcaneal nerve or the lateral plantar nerve. baxters nerve conditions can very easily mimic TTS or plantar fasciitis when the wrong diagnosis has been made.

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Re: can cryo cause nerve damage View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 10/10/06 at 16:22

Kim: for what condition did you have cryosurgery for? To answer your question for now provided the standard protocol of freezing was followed which is a 3 minute freeze followed by a 30 second defrost and then another 3 minute freeze this should NOT cause nerve damage as this technique follows standard cryosurgery protocols. Since I do not know yet what procedure you had done and what technique was used i will need more info to give you a more precise answer.

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Re: Dr. Parker RIP-Attention Scott R. View Thread
Posted by pattik on 10/10/06 at 15:51

scott r

'stop bashing dr. p'.....email you with the offending message and the cutoff will be 5 infractions of the 'not nice rule?' did you read parker's post to me and my paraphrase of it to you? you already broke your own rule there, brother. how are standards of behavior for both doctors and posters to be established if you hide behind the ol' boy's network?

i think it was a mistake on your part. a cursory review of today's posts suggest the rancor continues. for several weeks both posters and dpm's hoped you would intervene and lay to rest the chaos. time will see if you have met that goal. my money however is not on you.

unfortunately there is no medication or viable therapy for character disorders (cd). they have no insight or sensitivity to the needs or the impact of their behavior on others. character disorders see things their way; and blame everyone else for their difficulties. they suck the air out of the room upon entry.

in my estimation you gave the site's cd a reason to bombast away. certainly to make an overtly crude remark to me.

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Re: Numbness in ball of foot and last 3 toes - Dr Goldstein??? View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/09/06 at 16:40

I have an appointment later in the week, will update you after the appt.

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Message Number 212765

Re: Numbness in ball of foot and last 3 toes - Dr Goldstein??? View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/09/06 at 16:39

I have an appointment later in the week, will update you after the appt.

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Re: Another Curious Question For The TTS Group View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/07/06 at 18:43

Right hand left foot

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Message Number 212592

Re: Numbness in ball of foot and last 3 toes - Dr Goldstein??? View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/07/06 at 18:39

Thank you Dr Goldstein. I am going to call my primary doctor and make an appointment. It makes me worried feeling the numbness and tingling. Last night, I kept getting cramps, muscle spasms and charlie horses in my left lower leg and foot. I will keep you updated. Again thank you...

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Message Number 212507

Re: Question for Dr. Wander (parker aka 'know them' ) need not reply View Thread
Posted by pattik on 10/06/06 at 22:55

dr. W.

isnt it possible that cici may have misquoted the dpm that suggested injecting cortisone "INTO" the tendon. if we were to remove that word, she ends up describing two pathophysiological conditions--subluxing versus tendonitis. nobody on this bloody board expects a physical examination (except for parker who in my minds eye is very hard up).

soooooooooo.....a written rumination about the symptoms of each condition (tendonitis vs. subluxing) and the differing physical attributes one might expect during an exam and daily activities, would be educational.

i don't think you would be violating any dpm oath if you wandered (sic) into this new territory. this is forum should be educational and i feel professionals should not feel encumbered by the internet based 'clinical' milieu.

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Re: TTS and surgery View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 10/06/06 at 18:27

I hope your questions are answered after your visit, and maybe you will feel this is an approach is worth considering. I am performing 2 cases tomorrow on patients who have had faied open surgical procedures for TT. I hope I can help them.

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Re: finally done! View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 10/06/06 at 18:22

it takes approximatelt 6-8 weeks to see what full bebfit one will obtain from cryosurgical procedures.

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Re: Dr. Parker? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 10/06/06 at 18:20

I did not want you to think i was attacking your expertise or credentials as you made it a point to inform me you are or were board certified. You do not need to prove yourself to me. i think you do provide detailed information that is well stated , WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BELITTLING those patients that do not have the expertise that you possess. If I am wrong why have there been so many negative comments about you by readers of this forum and so you seem to take pleasure in insulting these patients so that you seem to enjoy doing this. Why would that be? I respect your expertise but cannot respect outright hurting the feelings of patients that this forum is intended to help. Part of being a doctor is to show compassion and respect for the feelings of others however this does not come through in most of your postings. I do nto feeling attacking patients in any manner makes you better than they are. Do you honestly feel I am wrong, if so please explain your rationale to me.

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Message Number 212423

Re: Enough with the name calling View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 10/06/06 at 08:29

Dear Kconnel: thank you very much and to all that have said nice things. I know that when i first started posting I thought everone was down on me about my enthusiam for cryo and I took things too personally and had some disagreements with Dr. Wander and some things were said that were not nice by both of us and we mistakenly used this forum to attack one another which was totally wrong. We have both learned our lesson. i hope Dr parker will eventualy feel the same way.

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Message Number 212357

Numbness in ball of foot and last 3 toes View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/05/06 at 18:19

Hi there,

I posted my story awhile back and have given you all updates. My TTS surgery was on Sept 23,05. This Monday, my foot started hurting and I am experiencing pain and numbness. I spoke to a nurse at work, she told my that it could be an irated nerve or a pinch nerve that I need to call the doctor as I should not be feeling this pain. Any suggestions?????

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Message Number 212326

Re: should i have surgery? View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 10/05/06 at 13:27

KNOW THEM: are you a physician giving medical opinions and affraid to disclose who you are? if not in the medical field, you should refrain from giving medical advice or disclose this is eclusively your opinion as a lay person.

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Message Number 212312

Re: Dr. Parker? View Thread
Posted by Dr. S . Goldstein on 10/05/06 at 10:17

Please do not take offense i just thought you were someone I might have known.

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Re: TTS and surgery View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 10/04/06 at 19:09

You maybe an ideal candidate for cryosurgery to treat your TT as well as scar tissue. I performed 27 so far with article being published this month on the subject. It maybe of benefit to you.

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Message Number 212251

Dr. Parker? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 10/04/06 at 19:06

I know a Dr. R. Rarker from Livingston NJ, would you happen to be him? You came on board over the past several months and seem to answer most questions. may I ask of you training and background?

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Re: Atrophied Heel Fat Pad After Cortisone Shots View Thread
Posted by Dr. Goldstein on 10/04/06 at 19:02

I am not sticking up for any doctor per se, however information given by you does more harm than good and if you are not a physician or attorney then your opinion has no merritt no worth because you cannot render an expert opinion. I haver never seen a heel fat pad atrophy with the 26 years I practice and over 50% of my practice deals with heel pain as I specialize in cryosurgery for chronic heel pain and treat over 1000 patients per year with heel pain.

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Message Number 212177

Re: Device to help nerve pain - The MultiStim SENSOR View Thread
Posted by Bob V on 10/04/06 at 05:35

This is good news Helen. About the only thing that relieves the pain for me is a Tens Machine. I have high hopes that the Multistim would help a lot.

Glad to see that your life is moving forward.

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Message Number 212116

Re: DRX9000 View Thread
Posted by Sammy on 10/03/06 at 09:30

I looked up the FDA stuff DRX9000, obiviously this is legit, still unsure if the waxiom stuff is legit. Here it is:

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Message Number 212078

Re: Just curious-can I ask you all your ages. View Thread
Posted by Nicole on 10/02/06 at 20:51

Hi, I was 31 when systoms came on, 8 days before I turned 32 and I am now 33...

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Re: Dr Parker--idiot savant of the joyless life View Thread
Posted by pattik on 10/01/06 at 12:56


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Message Number 211767

MUF, info on nerve wrap please View Thread
Posted by Pat R on 9/29/06 at 20:35

MUF, really sorry to hear of all the "ïssues" at hand. I've read about the nerve wrap using the saphonous sp? vein from the calf. I believe you mentioned having a nerve wrap using a synthetic product called something like neurowrap? Can you give me some info on this, who is performing this surgery...and such. I've read of the nerve wrap being performed in Philadelphia and overseas, but of no where else here stateside. I'd really appreciate some info on this as I am facing some tough decisions on this also. Thanks!

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Re: With All Due Respect - How about getting back to the original question View Thread
Posted by pattik on 9/28/06 at 18:00

and keep your bloody weight off it. at all costs.


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Re: DRX 9000 View Thread
Posted by Bill l. on 9/27/06 at 20:41

I can't believe what everyone pays for the treatments. I paid 2,400 for twenty treatments with follow up electrical stimulation. It was a sucess for me. I had 2 herniations. Large herniation at L2 L3. I'm Going back for maintinance a couple times a month for two months at 120.00 a shot.

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Message Number 211442

Posted by pattik on 9/26/06 at 20:56

and oh. operative summary: retinaculum ill defined. peroneal tendons first observed as normal. next sentence peroneal brevis flattened. peroneal brevis had low lying muscle belly. belly dissected out from fib groove (normal depth). peroneal quartus present and disected out. microscopically quartus had skeletal muscle attached, some of which was atrophied. brevis tendon continued to sublux. tendon tubularized. post mri done 12/05 does not note any abnormalities other than longus. quartus was not discussed presurgery mri.

presently orthotics no longer working. bilateral toes smashing up against toe of shoe. making it much harder to walk than before surgery. tried brace (type?) presurgery. uncomfortable metal extending up leg.

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Message Number 211437

Posted by pattik on 9/26/06 at 20:31

I fell down three stairs and sustained an oblique fx of fifth metatarsal september 04, left foot. I developed massive sprain from inversion injury. It took a long time for swelling to reduce. Toe healed fine. I was however left with popping, peroneal tendon and foot instability. I was born w/o an acetabulm and grossly deformed femur right foot. I had THR 1993. my short right leg became my long leg and vice versa secondary to hip surgery. i made an appointment with podiatry and despite negative x-rays, mri for soft tissue, tendon etc injuries, surgery for repair subluxed tendon was recommended to increase stability. The foot was fine, with the exception of popping and instances of near falls. I voiced concern about nwb recovery requirements for this surgery as I am unable to carry any weight on right leg with prosthesis. I was tested in PT and given the okay, although they rated me as ‘fair’. I was told to go up stairs on my backside. I had the surgery april 05, and found myself pivoting on the toes of the operative foot. This is documented in clinical notes. Podiatry in academic setting so two weeks post surgery, with my admission of nwb noncompliance the resident put me in a huge fiberglass bk cast. This forced me over even more when crutching to toilet. Washing my face, hands etc required balancing operative foot. s/p my foot turned medially. I had and have zero inversion PT rating. Toes two through four were numb and in constant flexion. An emg left leg indicated low frequency, amplitude (other?) of peroneal nerve. I shortly developed dropped foot, treated with orthotic and diabetic shoes. An mri taken post surgery shows fluid joint capsule, lat maleolus swollen, and tendonopathy peroneus longus. Podiatry maintains this is not their handiwork. Emg results secondary to autoimmune neuropathy (I have small (nerve) fiber neuropathy (4 separate emgs). What do you guys think?

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Message Number 211241

Re: Cause of Tarsal Tunnel nerve entrapment View Thread
Posted by Reesa L. on 9/25/06 at 11:21

Thank you so much kconnell and Dr.Wander for taking time and answering my post. Your input was very helpful to me.

I will be seeing a neurologist, having been sent there after an initial visit to a podiatrist who told me I show symptoms of PF and possible tarsal tunnel syndrome. He also took xrays. To start he suggested I wear an insert to help with the pain and not to wear any heel higher than 2".

The pain is in both feet and just seems to have begun out of nowhere. Your information is helping me to think back to what possibly may have caused this and to be better prepared to talk with the neurologist at my visit. I'll be checking back.

Again thank you both for helping and have a pleasant day,


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Cause of Tarsal Tunnel nerve entrapment View Thread
Posted by Reesa L. on 9/24/06 at 22:31

I am wondering if anyone can explain the reasons or causes for how or why nerve entrapment or compression occurs in the tarsal tunnel area?

Thank you.

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Message Number 210764

Drz and Dr G. View Thread
Posted by Ann on 9/20/06 at 17:12


Saw my surgeon again today. He had a talk with the pod that wanted cut off part of my heel and put in a couple screws. Dr Greenberg now does feel that a small screw should go in that empty space bellow the inner ankle (on side of the big toe) he wants to make a small ligiment incision at the area about a third of the way up my inner calf (the other doctor wanted to do this as well.) Then he wants to go to the arch area get rid of scar tissue and release whatever it iligament muscle??) that is strangling that tersal nerve. Hopefully he will create more of an arch and releive my constant pain??? I am starting to have pain under my big toe and in the ball of my foot?? This is new.

Please give me a bit of feedback on what you think

Thanks again for you time. You are so patient and kind to do this.

Ann Miller

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Message Number 210569

Re: TTS recovery View Thread
Posted by Diane N on 9/18/06 at 11:47

I, too, am trying very hard to keep a postitive attitude and a sense of humor; but with all the pain, it is getting more difficult every day. Besides not making progress 2 months after my first TT surgery I seem to have regressed this last week with increased pain. To keep my spirits up, I try to do at least one extra thing a day... but it is diffucult to see all the things that need to be done, and not be able to do them. Last year, I also took a class entitled "Living Healthy with a Chronic Condition". It was offered by a local medical facility. If that is offered in an area near you, I highly recommend taking it. It helps set realistic goals and provides moral support with others who also have challenges, even though everyone's situation is different. Another attitude thing that I do with myself is try to focus on the parts of my body that DO work; and also remind myself that when I am in a waiting room, I generally see others with conditions that I would not want to trade places with. Right now, I think the emotional part of this is very challenging, as we am continually fighting discouragement.

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Message Number 210536

Re: Tarsal Tunnel Surgery View Thread
Posted by Diane N on 9/17/06 at 21:33

It is encouraging to hear that it sometimes takes longer, as my recovery seems to be at a standstill after 2 months post-surgery. I was beginning to think that this is where it ends. However, my therapist encourages me to walk without crutches, but any walking, even with crutches increases my pain in both feet. (I haven't had surgery in the right foot yet.)

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Re: tarsal tunnel and back pain? View Thread
Posted by Suzy D on 9/14/06 at 09:14

You are so correct. When I hurt it all starts with the bottom of my feet. I have been to countless physicians and like you am dxed with idiopathic neuropathy. I'm okay until I put my feet on the floor in the morning. Then the pain, burn, ache, sting sensations begin and spread upward. So far I have tried a lot of meds, but none of them touch the pain in my feet. I also suggested TTS, but that was ruled out. I was dxed with PF, however. I think my physicians are on a fishing expedition. Good luck and hope you find something that brings you relief. When the feet hurt, so does the rest of the body. S

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Message Number 210216

DR Z. Completely different second opinion View Thread
Posted by ann on 9/13/06 at 17:48

Hi Dr. Z

Saw another pod today. Highly recommended. He is convinced my large heel spur has to go and i need Tarsal Tunner release. He was concerned with the inner part of my foot where the last doc was concerneer with the lateral column/cubaid. Dr Greenberg told me that the severe inner incisional oain and arch pain and flatter foot would result in the lateral coloumn pain and feels thet the problem is in the inner aspect of my foot. His surgery sounds so much less invasion as "calcaneal osteotomy." He too also wants to cut a tendon (?) about 1/3 of the way up my inner calf.

More confused and sad as ever. The pain by the end of the day is so extreme. It is very hard to sleep.

Thanks again,

Ann Miller

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