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Message Number 266396
Re: After surgery of Chronic Insertional Achilles Tendonitis/Retrocalcaneal Heel Spur View Thread
Posted by King Joe on 7/23/10 at 09:32

Hah, it seems everybody who has had this surgery has an accident story. my office, I am on the second floor and while there is an elevator, it is at the far end of the building away from the parking lot. So, weighing the cost-benefits...I always take the stairs 'cause they are closer.

SO like always, I am crutching up the stairs and also like always, i get stupid and turn the stair climb also into an ab workout, doing mini-crunches with every pull-up on the crutches to the next stair...and I lose my balance and start falling backwards...CRAP!

So I grab for the hand rail...and at the same time, jamb my fresh-out-of-surgery cast leg down into the stairs. fall..but then the pain wells up...apparently the leg didn't like that. BUT it was brief...and as quickly as it welled, it subsided and all was good in Achilles-ville. But IT was a reminder...don't be stupid.

10 weeks or so later, in my second post-surgery cast...did it again but this time, at home (no elevators there, but there are stairs)...HAH...ok, I guess I'm not that smart afterall. HAH. As a scientist (I am, believe it or not), I need a third leg to test so I can see if I learned anything yet (likely not...hah)

Glad to hear you will be a model patient...count down the days Evenr...


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Message Number 266362

Re: Passed it, finding out what's in it View Thread
Posted by John H on 7/21/10 at 19:54

Rick: By the time I was 12 I had sold magazines door to door, sold a tin of Cloverine salve with a picture of Jesus (8x10) door to door, delivered newspapers, charged kids a penny to see my $1 alligator I purchased in Florida, of course I had my lemonade stand, worked for a mean Italian immigrant who made sure I was always sweating, worked as a baby sitter, worked in a laundry (that was hot), worked for a landscape man and worked for a grocery wholesaler who could not speak English. Only Italian. I doubt we had any child labor laws or if we did I had never heard of them. Today I bet all my old jobs are taken up by illegals. In my day kids worked cheap. Real cheap. I think I read today that the average unemployment check is something like $360 a week. Did I read that correct? I think the new extension is for over a year. I would not even want to venture a guess as to how many of these are people scamming the government. I can attest to that as a business man who hired many people you would not believe what people will do to collect money from the government. I have spent many a day before judges in such cases. I would not at all be surprised that at least 30% of those collecting unemployment should not be collecting it.

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Message Number 266352

Re: My tarsal tunnel journey update View Thread
Posted by LindaW on 7/21/10 at 07:05

Hello, your message was very nice and it is true about the doctors on this board how they volunteer their time to answer as many questions as they can. Believe me, I have been using this board for 5 years now and have met great people while on here. I even met someone on here that is from the same state as me (RI) and we even go out to lunch and talk for a real long time.

If you believe that your doctor is a great one, than by all means, keep going to him. I had a great Pod and he stuck by me with all of my complaints, all of my questions and especially after the first surgery, calling him up in the middle of the night and asking for something for the pain (I hate taking pain meds). Well it has been almost 4 years since my last surgery and I can honestly say that I am 98% better. I had bilateral PF and bilateral TTS. Now if I had listened to my surgeon from the beginning, I would be 100% better now and it wouldn't of taken so long to heal, but being as I am (stupid), it took me a very long time. At that time, taking as much time out of work had cost me my job, which was the best job in the world. It has been a struggling battle for the past 2 years for which I have been unemployed and just got hired this week for a job. I really do not want to do this for the rest of my life, but I guess you have to start somewhere all over again. I am 50 years old and when I look at myself, I do not think that I look this age, (which is good), but I do see myself as a person who had gained alot of weight, because I became so lazy during my recovery. I am taking this job because of the benefits and of course the pay. I do need to pay bills, plus my husband needs to get surgery on his other shoulder. Oh and he has been out of work for almost 3 years. He is an electrician and has had some odd jobs now and then, but not working with a company. Well enough about my husband and me, lets concentrate on you. It does take time to heal and for your nerves to regenerate. Now 3 months is not a long time, as you have heard me rant for a bit, but it sounds like you are doing everything right at the pace you are doing it at. You are so right about health insurance. At that time, my insurance only allowed me 8 visits per year for physical therapy and still to this day, they are one of the worse insurance companies that I have ever delt with. Also your right, if you have a great physical therapy place, and your visits run out through your insurance, they will work with you and come to some kind of agreement about payment for the visits. (I use to be a secretary for physical therapy and loved it). Now most insurance companies have so many restrictions put on them, (by whoever), that they need to deal with angry members and for the most part, are doing well. Believe me, there has been some insurance companies that are so rude and don't care how they treat their members, but there are some that sound like they really care. I hate it when you don't even get to speak to someone, all you get is press this number for yes and press this number for no. Well I hope everything works out for you and if you ever want to chat, maybe we can go over to the social page and chat there. Good luck and keep me updated on your recovery.

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Message Number 266136

Re: Recess Appointments View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 7/09/10 at 11:41


When my kids were in grade school once a year they had 'opposite day.' It was great fun, the kids even wore their clothes backwards. With this administration it's perpetual opposite day.

Transparent? I think not, SAT scores, college transcripts, pushing through bills nobody had read, the smoke screne for radical associations, healthcare and environmental policy manipulated for wealth redistribution, the aformentioned back room deals.....

Post racial? I think not, dropping the case against the Black Panthers because we didn't see what we saw. The cops acted stupidly. Any disagreement is labled racist.

I don't think Republicans are made of better stuff in general. If they were the darlings of the media and could get away it they'd do the same things. In a way I wish I was more vocal in my objections to Bush. I found myself more often than not defending him against what I saw as absurd opposition. He stole the 2000 election? Where is the parallel to ACORN? He lied about believing in the same thing both Clintons and our European allies believed in? Yet where was I when he said we had to abandon the free market to save it? I was pretty PO'd with the creation of the department of Homeland Security in response to a failure due largely to existing complexity.

I think that the Republicans have been the party of choice for a majority of the recently awakened constitutional reconstructionists and that their ranks have proportionally become more principled in the past two years. Christy in New Jersey is a key example. I fear that the Republicans in general don't quite get it. Being the lesser of two evils by virtue of the media scrutiny is a far cry from what many of us would prefer the party to be. If the democrats were to awaken to constitutional values and pass them up, I'd switch in a heart beat. If a third party were to offer a viable option without sealing the fate to 'progress' to socialism, I'd be all over that too.



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Message Number 266094

arches View Thread
Posted by fallen arch guy on 7/06/10 at 08:37

I had corrective shoes when I was a child, I am 55. My right arch has been falling for the past several years. I do use OTC arches and even a small piece (1'x2') of silicone to provide additional support in the arch area. My pain is off and on. The pain occurs on the outside of my ankle bone due to the pinching when the ankle rolls down. I am still very active and have to tape my ankle for soccer. The best remedy is using the Keneseo tape on the arch which lifts it up for support, but is probelmatic for extended activity such as hiking; it is no good for soccer as there is too much motion. I am looking for a high arch support, I have tried 3, with fair success. Any thoughts? Thanks

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Message Number 266053

Re: Pain in front of heel on outer edge of foot after running View Thread
Posted by AllisonM on 7/03/10 at 23:09

I went to my primary and explained my symptoms to her (pain in the lateral midfoot, beginning after running, increasing that day to the point where I couldn't heelstrike but had to toe-walk on that foot, best after icing and a night of rest and worsening with use, gradually decreasing with icing and rest over the next couple of days). She said it was something subtle and sent me to a sports medicine specialist. He x-rayed but didn't see anything obvious, said it was 'foot sprain - early stress fracture of the 5th metatarsal or a peroneal tendinosis' and recommended a second week of no running, then a very gradual return and buildup, and a consult with a physical therapist to review my biomechanics.

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Message Number 266038

Re: 15 girl with stinky feet and holes in feet View Thread
Posted by Dr. Oz on 7/02/10 at 23:13

Excuse me you son of a __ calling me a celebrity doctor who doesn't treat patients with feet disorders. I oughta give you a piece of my mind. Don't be jealous of me just because I got MONEY.

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Message Number 265992

Re: misinformation View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 6/29/10 at 19:48

Joe you have misinterpreted the reason that we are 'here'. This is not your personal chat room or blog and your opinions are fine until you become derogatory (especially to an entire profession or widely accepted treatment), argumentative or provide misinformation, which you clearly have. As dr. DSW pointed out, the purpose of this board is not to be utilized as your own personal bully pulpit, especially about subjects in which you have no formal education, training or personal experience by your own admission (since neither chiropractic nor orthoses are typical treatments for chronic Achilles tendonitis and retorcalcaneal heel spurs and you admit having no personal experience with them, why you wander off and denigrate either is completely beyond me).

The input of the doctor’s and providers here is not merely opinion as you suggest but yours certainly is barring a presentation of some credentials that validate otherwise. This is where the rubber meets the road Joe; when you begin calling the doctors and providers on this board's input opinions and equate them as on the same level as yours, I feel you are doing a disservice to the readers. You are free to share your personal experiences but the moment you equate your experience with that of a licensed professional and suggest it is equal to their training and clinical experience, your input is clearly not in the interest of this board. If it continues you are welcome to find a new venue to express your misinformed opinions.

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Message Number 265984

Re: Vietnam & Afgan View Thread
Posted by John H on 6/29/10 at 15:05

From reading about General Petraeus he has all the credentials of a warrior/statesman. Whether he can establish a war policy that will work under the pullout conditions he has inherited is in question? It appears his plan is much like Vietnam. We are to send our soldiers among the civilians and convert them to what ever. We did precisely that in Vietnam and failed. We also want to build a local army. We also did that in Vietnam. That also failed. Establishing a relationship with civilians would have to include sending out troops to villages outside of our safe areas. Walking around in uniform with guns amongst the people. As in Vietnam, this is dangerous business as the locals would support who ever was the strongest at the time. I was involved in this by flying to local schools in the jungle and bringing text books for the children. I often would fly out and meet the local village chiefs. I was always a bit frightened as I had no backup. The locals would also keep the enemies advised of our every movement both in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Ho Chi Minh was going to stay at it for as long as it took and with losses that were endless. We were in his land. The radical Islamist will never surrender and will be a threat for as long as we all live. We are in their land. Radical Islamist have existed since 700 AD and have gone by many names such as Hamas or Al Qaeda. I would suggest you can never defeat radical Islam. You can only exist side by side with them and keep your losses to a minimum They do not come at you with a large army. Time is on the side of our enemy. We have more enemies in Afghanistan than we have soldiers on the ground. Our Air Force is as much for defense as for offense. We have soldiers serving their third and fourth tours in the area. They will or already have began to tire of this. Like so many of our troops in Vietnam after a while you question what you are really accomplishing? You continue to fight, as always, to protect your buddies. When you go into battle you are not thinking about 9/11 or the American Flag. You are having your buddies back and fighting for the honor of your little group of men and women. I was a two time volunteer for Vietnam. I saw a lot which will be with me forever. You see the best and the worst of people in a war zone. My worst nightmare is that Radical Islam obtain nuclear weapons. It is very much in the realm of possibility that the radicals could take over a nuclear Pakistan and have access to their weapons and delivery systems. They could also receive nuclear weapons from Iran. In time Iran will have the nuclear bomb. They are working on a means of delivery. Not only locally but inter continental. We will either deal with this now or our children and grand children will deal with it later. Radical Islam has no set pull out date. They are in this for the long run. One year or a hundred years. Ho Chi Minh had no pull out date. He out lasted the French and then he out lasted the U.S. and its allies. Our enemy is not just Al Qaeda but it is Radical Islam which resides not just in Afghanistan but the world over. I fear our leaders do not know our enemy which is one of the first principals of War 101. I see no major changes with General Petreaus in Command. He appears to be a good man but carries the baggage of a reluctant Congress and a set pull out date. Are we better off today in Afghanistan than we were one year ago? Today, billions of dollars are flown out of Afghanistan on a regular basis which is actually listed on the manifest as cash. There is so much it is on pallets. No one seems to know where it will end up and many think it will go to secret accounts in Switzerland. It is also thought that much of it is aid money sent to Afghanistan by nations of the world. Also part of this is drug money. Since the total GDP of Afghanistan is less than 13 billion a year one has to wonder how they are exporting more money than their GDP? The government is corrupt from top to bottom and is part of the culture. They have seen to many would be conquerors come and go. Most of my friends know me to be a hawk and would be warrior. I think I know a war we cannot win when I see it. This is as close to Vietnam as you can get. HIstory repeats itself over and over and we do not even see it. It was only around 40 years ago we pulled out of Vietnam in disgrace and lost the only war in our history.

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Message Number 265981

Re: Vietnam & Afgan View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 6/29/10 at 11:50


I'm glad to have someone who was there see the parallels as I do. It's not that we coundn't win in Vietnam and it's not, despite the historical record, that we can't prevail in Afghanistan. An honest assessment of what it would take will reveal that we have no stomache for the necessary measures, or those measures are in conflict with cherished values we have no interest in compromising. Then we don't belong there shedding blood for half measures.

We have the worst of all scenario with our 'pull out' date. Nancy Pelosi asserts it's in stone, others say it's a reassessment milestone, others say it's a starting point for a draw down. If so, our Afghan 'allies' need to back away from us and form broader alliances in the region, which may not put them in with the worst of the worst, but is driving them to those that are against us. We have weakened our local support and emboldened our enemies with the talk of a pull out. To then leave our forces in theater with a stronger adversary is simply insane. Either we are in until specific criteria are met, such as an Afghan army of x trained in xyz,% of territory in the control of a freely elected government, what ever the criteria, or we need to get out now. We can target a timeline for the criteria with milestone progress points, but it needs to be about meeting the criteria or definition of success, not the date.

If our mission were a mystery, with unknown goals or time limits it would be far better than what we have done. But political expedience called for a pull out date yet reality says it compromises the mission. We elected someone void of the courage to pick door #1, get out, or door #2 commit to a set of success criteria without telling our enemies that all they have to do is hold out or go underground for a specified time. I guess he voted 'present.'


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Message Number 265977

Thank you View Thread
Posted by AllisonM on 6/29/10 at 08:55

I'm seeing my primary physician this evening and will ask for a referral to a podiatrist.

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Message Number 265966

Re: Pain in front of heel on outer edge of foot after running View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 6/28/10 at 19:48

Allison unless you have had a discrete injury to spring ligament complex (rare) or you have an acquired flatfoot secondary to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, it is more likely that what you describe is cuboid syndrome.

The only appropriate recommendation that any provider can make here is to see a foot and ankle specialist and to obtain a diagnosis.

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Message Number 265954

Pain in front of heel on outer edge of foot after running View Thread
Posted by AllisonM on 6/28/10 at 14:24

I am recently experiencing pain along the outer edge of my foot after running. It's in front of the heel, not in the heel, and I don't think it's PF because it actually hurts least when I first get up in the morning and worsens through the day and with use. Icing the foot seems to help. Is this likely a sprain/strain of the spring ligament or some other soft tissue of the foot? How should I best treat this, and how long do I have to avoid running? Am I likely to incur any serious or lasting damage if I just run through it? I'm on teams for a couple of races this summer and fall, and this problem is making it difficult to train for them.


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Message Number 265948

Re: Icon Orthotics Question for Jeremy View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/28/10 at 12:00

Jeremy, Now I'm a bit nervous about how the long-term effective of the ICON's will fare. With reference to them 'being clinically shown to be less effective in long term care, going against recent clinical research, essentially weakening the intrinsic musculature.' Does that mean that as long as one wears them they will be okay because you will always have the support - essentially the orthotic taking over and doing the work of the intrinsic muscles, or does that mean that if you take them out to wear say a different shoe that does not accomodate the bulky orthotic for a short period of time, you will begin to experience pain because of muscle atrophy? I told the doctors that I needed total support, but they told me that they have to make them so that they flex enough (different flexion depending on the flexability of the foot) to allow the foot to go through its proper 'normal' function. Are you able to provide the link to the clinical reserach or is it not in layman's terms? Thank you.

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Message Number 265919

Re: Icon Orthotics Question View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/27/10 at 09:33


Like others, after trying many orthics, I found success with ICON orthotics. Their research finds that most folks take about 4 months to find success with the ICONS, which I know is longer than most orthotics, however it took me 6 months to get used to them. They are semi-rigid, but felt really rigid on my high archs. I was told that I needed that strong support. Best wishes!

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Message Number 265879

Re: Chronic Insertional Achilles Tendonitis/Retrocalcaneal Heel Spur View Thread
Posted by LynetteS on 6/24/10 at 15:31

Good to hear from you King Joe! Sounds like recovery is coming along for you as well! I am still not allowed to 'soak' my foot, I can't wait to hop in a pool.

All in all I am doing quite well! My incision seems to be healing quite nicely. It has surprised me on how tender that area is still. I am wearing a night splint to bed and my boot anytime I am on my feet. I ditched the crutches after a few days - my armpits hurt and I found it easier to move around without them.

I went back to work half days on Monday (summer school). When I got home my ankle was pretty swollen, I put it up and for the most part stayed off of it rest of the day. Yesterday morning I went to let out our dogs, our deck was slippery from all the rain we have gotten, my left leg (surgery leg) started to slide and the rest of me went the other way. I caught the bench on the deck and ended up not falling, how I caught myself I'll never know! :0) I'm such a klutz at times.

Tuesday I was told I could ride the stationary bike - I did for a little bit I guess at times I'm cautious about the ankle, yesterday after my fall I didn't get on it, but will again today. I start PT next Wednesday. I'm ready!

I still have the burning senssation and the sleeping feeling occasionally. The burning part I can do without!

Have either of you had a soreness in the arch of your foot? Mine is sore and uncomfortable today. Do either of you use orthotics? (prior to surgery?)

Result number: 16

Message Number 265860

Re: McChrystal View Thread
Posted by John H on 6/23/10 at 20:49

Rick I think we both agree that Iraq and Afghanistan are two different animals. No one has ever completely conquered this nation of various tribes. We are not fighting Al Queada. We are fighting fundamental Muslims who not only reside in Afghanistan but in all the surrounding neighbors. In Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' he notes 'Know Your Enemy'. Al Queda is just part of the enemy. In the big picture the enemy is fundamental Islamic who are every where and go by many names. Our enemies can move back and forth across the border with Pakistan and Iran with ease and are supplied from these areas. We do not know them unless they pull a weapon on us as they all look alike and do not wear uniforms. This nation of tribes has never been completely under the control of one group or one nation. Catching Bin Laden would be nice but it would not effect the war in any way what so ever. In the beginning that seemed to be the goal. Just like in Vietnam we get pulverized if we accidentally kill a civilian. Just like in Vietnam you cannot tell a civilian from a warrior. I have seen and participated in Vietnam and this actually looks worse to me than Vietnam. If you were on patrol in the jungle the enemy had a hard time seeing you and you him. In the desert and mountains the enemy knows where you are at all times. There are so called civilians in every village who keep the fundamentalist informed minute by minute. I would very much like to see the plan on how we will win the war in Afghanistan. Our enemy is not just in Afghanistan but throughout the middle east. For every enemy we kill there are two volunteers to take his place. Russia with its vast army and Air Force could not defeat the enemy and they were neighbors and could easily supply their troops. After ten years of fighting and many losses they gave up and went home. Why can we win when Russia could not? I am often labeled a hawk. I was a two time volunteer for Vietnam and enlisted in the military during the Korean War. However I am no dumb hawk. The more we fight the more the fundamental Islamist increase in size. There is no way that Obama can now politically pull out. It is now his war where that is fair or not. I would think McChristal sees the writing on the wall and rather than just retire and be called a quitter he chose to speak the truth as he saw it knowing it would force the President to fire him. There are many Generals that think this war as we define or not define it is not winnable. I have come to the same conclusion. How do you pull out without having your allies begin to think 'How can I ever trust the U.S.?'. I do not know the answer to that. Israel has probably already reached the conclusion how can I trust the U.S. Has the President ever precisely enunciated the precise goals of the war? We really never did in Vietnam. It changed from year to year. One year body count was how we measured victory. We could not get the locals in Vietnam to fight hard. We cannot get the locals to fight hard in Afghanistan and often they will turn on us. You cannot put a local standing army together because of different tribal cultures. Some tribes hate other tribes. This is truly redux Vietnam. I know how I felt in the heat of battle from 1968-69 and 1971-72. I suspect our troops like most troops fight for the buddies standing next to them not for some glory the politicians speak of. In a war zone politics is not a subject the troops give a darn about. When the bullets start flying your buddy may be a Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Latino or what ever and you will sacrifice your life for his. Not for the glory or even the nation but because he is your buddy. You trained with him and he has your back and you his. You join up and volunteer with grand thoughts but not when the bullets are coming your way the truth of war becomes a reality. I have seen four aircraft/helicopters shot down trying to save one downed pilot. Aircrews had to know and did know that if they went down their buddies would come after them no matter what. There were no cheering crowds around to observe. Only the men and women who were participants.

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Message Number 265835

Re: Skimming the oil View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 6/22/10 at 14:37


A Federal judge just ruled against Obama's 6 month moratorium.

It took Obama's blame czar 3 days to suspend the Jones act after Katrina hit. We also turned 16 barges away because of a concern over life vests and on board fire extinguishers.

I was working in the defense industry on Apache and Chinook helicopters. I know what a regulated industry looks like and I know what that industry looks like in war time. That's a time to cut to the chase and get things done. Suffice it to say the war talk is only talk.

While we screw around with the notion that off shore drilling is bad the US has guaranteed 2 billion in loans to Petrobras to drill of the coast of Brazil. George Soros's hedge fund is a major player in Petrobras trading. How many times did we hear about Cheney and Haliburton? ABC, CBS, NBC??????


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Message Number 265792

Skimming the oil View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/18/10 at 08:31

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Message Number 265598

Re: Blocked View Thread
Posted by John H on 6/08/10 at 13:35

Touche! How right you are. I just had a Jefff in my office and had him on my mind. Thanks. Scott would much appreciate me calling him Jeff. Age must be catching up with me.

Result number: 20

Message Number 265522

Re: Just Misserable View Thread
Posted by Annette on 6/04/10 at 05:57

Ambien has REALLY helped me--I finally sleep the entire nite. I'm in my mid-40s and with the hormonal night sweats, waking up every 2 hours due to either pain or just the hormones, AND my husband's LOUD snoring, I was absolutely miserable. I take the regular Ambien--the Ambien CR has layers and is supposed to keep you asleep longer, but my insurance company wouldn't approve the CR version. I've taken the Ambien 10mg for the past year. I know it's not good for me, but neither is the sleepless nights. I have weaned my dose down to 5 mg. and have also found benedryl to help the itching from the Percocet (hydrocodone). I will take 2 benedryl and the ambien before I go to bed. Yes--I know it's alot, but it works for me and my doctor is advised...oh, and I did try Lunesta (another sleeping prescription aid), but didn't like the metallic taste it left in my mouth the next day. Maybe you can ask your doctor about something to help you sleep? Hang in there Tony :)

Result number: 21

Message Number 265493

Re: Natural Oil Seepage Into Oceans View Thread
Posted by Sunshine on 6/03/10 at 00:23

Calling something you disagree with a conspiracy is just name-calling, it's not evidence that you're right. Telling that you used the phrase 'in the tank' since that's exactly what BP wants to do, get the oil in a tank and sell it, not destroy the well. It means billions for them. You have to admit that that matches what has occurred so far better than your scenario does. But you are right in your defense of BP to bring up their stock price, since that is a big concern of theirs. I heard on CNN that BP was conducting this operation with their shareholders in mind as well as the possible destruction of the oceans and shores. I myself don't give a hoot (nice term) what their stock price is. Hopefully they will be pressured or forced by those with a conscience to stop the oil leak rather than trying to salvage the well and salvage their money-making.

The fishermen who actually live there and make their living there think this is worse than Katrina. They said that when Katrina was over, it was over. There is no end in sight to this. It's not about whether or not the millions of gallons of oil that are being leaked are more or less than the millions of gallons of oil leaked or spilled in another disaster, it's about, among the other environmental disasters, the oil coming ashore and into the marshlands. A hurricane could push oil way up into the marshlands, and hurricane season has just started. And this is predicted to be an especially strong hurricane season.

Comparing an uncontrolled leak of millions of gallons of oil into the ocean to a plane crash (tragic as that is) or even a coal mine collapse (also horrible) is too ludicrous to even bother to refute. Anyone over the age of 5 could do it. I won't bother.

Result number: 22

Message Number 265490

Re: My Doctors Appiontment today View Thread
Posted by Bill C on 6/02/10 at 23:31

I am not glad that you are still in pain but I am glad that you are not taking as much hydrocodone. If it was mixed with tylenol (Vicodin), it could be a dangerous to take too much. Tylenol is a very serious drug that should not be used in excess. There should be another narcotic that you could take without tylenol in it. Look up dilaudid or fentanyl patches. The right narcotic could for you could still be out there.

Are you 100% positive that this is work related? The quality of health care goes down when the employer is the payer. TTS is very difficult to pinpoint as to how it happened. I have no solid idea how I got mine. How many opinions did you get? Where do you live?
I tried lido patches but got no relief from them.
I had a herniated disc in my neck that my insurance company kept calling me asking me how I 'injured' myself. As far as I know, it just happened, it was not an injury. They paid for everything with no waiting for approval.

All is not perfect with me either. I have a large painful hematoma in the incision that is up by my knee. He thought it was a seroma and tried to drain it but it was thick blood that he couldn't suck out. It is almost 7 weeks and it is the same size. I see him tomorrow and almost expect him to say it has to be opened and surgically evacuated. My foot feels pretty good. Now I have a problem where I did not have a problem before.

Result number: 23

Message Number 265385

Re: Surgery for missalligned Toes View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 5/26/10 at 19:05

As an engineer, your thought process unfortunately doesn't always apply to the human body, in particular this small area of the foot.

Unlike simple pieces of a puzzle that can simple but 'put back together', bones are living/dynamic structures, which differ significantly from static/inanimate objects.

If any of your fractures are significant and intra-articular/involving the joints, in an area as small as the toes, it is often less complicated to simply remove a portion of the bone and let the patient go upon his merry way. This often results in a toe that doesn't necessarily have to be shorter, if the procedure is performed correctly.

The other option is to attempt to align the fracture sites and the small bones and use internal fixation/hardware to maintain and realign the fracture fragments. Depending upon the size/configuration of the fractures, this can cause more trauma and not always be practical. This can cause more eventual damage and will most likely require prolonged non weightbearing/immobilization allow the fracture sites to heal and to not compromise the integrity of the internal hardware whether it includes screws, wires, pins, etc.

When a doctor makes his/her choices, it is rarely the 'easiest' way to perform a procedure, but it based on the best procedure for the pathology, and the procedure with the best potential outcome with the least potential risks. There is a benefit/risk ratio that is taken into consideration.

You can not compare this to the hand or other parts of the body. These are small bones that are not utilized for fine motor skills, and depending on the level and severity of the trauma, surgical removal of a piece of the bones to maintain alignment and decrease pain MAY be the best choice, not necessarily the easiest choice or a short cut.

Result number: 24

Message Number 265373

Re: Surgery for missalligned Toes View Thread
Posted by Bill E on 5/26/10 at 09:48

Thanks for the reply. Yes I did consider, and am quite sure I did damage to the small joints. I am also fairy sure the doctor that looked at my feet, is seeing the reduced gap in my toes as arthritis, which I feel is actually a trauma induced reduced gap, I don’t think you develop arthritis at 50 and overnight.

I think what I am trying to understand is; what is the best path to repairing the joint damage? If it is shortening the bone fine, but I just want to be sure that is the best and only route to aligning the bones and creating some gaps in the joints. As an engineer, it kind of bothers me as the best solution, the bones used to fit and were aligned in my foot, and I just don't fully understand why they now need to be shorter. It seems like a short cut (no pun intended) to getting the bones to align.


Result number: 25

Message Number 265369

Re: Surgery for missalligned Toes View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 5/26/10 at 07:15

A podiatric surgeon is just as qualified to perform this surgery as an orthopedic surgeon.

As per most of my posts, there is no possible way for me to provide an accurate answer without evaluating your actual x-rays.

However, whether or not you had hammertoes or arthritis prior to the incident, you state you 'just smashed and mangled your feet'. Did you ever consider the fact that when you 'smashed and mangled your feet', you also caused significant damage to those small joints?

Regardless, the often, the only way to realign a traumatized toe(s) in a situation like yours, with actually the least amount of trauma during surgery is to simply remove a small piece of bone to allow the toe(s) to realign. This procedure is very common, relatively simple and has a very high success rate. The only other alternative would probably be to fuse the toes. Removing a small piece of bone (not the entire bone) would allow continued movement in the toe, where a fusion would allow the toe to move but no motion in the actual joints of the toe.

The goal of any surgery of this type is to FIRST reduce any pain you are having and second to reduce the actual 'deformity'.

I strongly recommend that if you have any questions or concerns, you simply ask your doctor.

Result number: 26

Message Number 265366

Re: Surgery tomorrow View Thread
Posted by Holli on 5/26/10 at 03:18

Thanks everyone! I am home from the hospital now. I'm having some serious pain issues but I'm planning on calling the doctor tomorrow to see if we can try something different. He put me on Darvocet and Ultram and it's barely touching the pain. I have been in bed since I got home and they told me to not get up any more than I have to the first week. It's hard with little kids at home, but my hubby is doing a good job filling in, as well as my in-laws who are here taking care of all of us. I'll keep you all posted on my recovery.

Result number: 27

Message Number 265363

Surgery for missalligned Toes View Thread
Posted by Bill E on 5/25/10 at 22:44

I did a cannonball in a shallow pool 1 year ago, and broke 4 toes on my right foot (1st through 4th toes) and 2 toes on my left (1st and 2nd toes). I am 6fot 6 and weigh 280 and did the jump in 3 feet of water so it did some damage. At the time I did not have insurance and was told there was nothing that could be done anyway. I did get x-ray’s and they showed small pieces of broken bone where each toe met my foot.

When the toes on my right foot broke the big toe leaned towards the right at about an additional 10-15 degrees from where it originally was. The 2 through 4th toes curled under and leaned towards the left. Well a year has gone by; I still walk with a limp and quite a bit of pain. I finally have insurance and went to see a podiatrist about the problem.

He said I have arthritis in my big toes and hammertoe on my right foot. I looked at the surgical procedure for hammertoe and it looks like they remove part of your toe to correct this. My problem with doing the surgery he recommends is that I did not have hammertoe or arthritis before the accident; I just smashed and mangled my feet. It would seem that the correct procedure would be to break and pin or splint everything back into alignment, not start removing pieces.

Anybody have an opinion on doing a hammertoe operation to correct misaligned heeled broken toes or suggestions on the best way to deal with misaligned bones? I was also wondering if an orthopedic surgeon would be a better choice, in this case.


Result number: 28

Message Number 265260

Re: Just Diagnosed with Bilateral TTS View Thread
Posted by Endogenous_Monkey on 5/20/10 at 11:22

Back from orthopedic, basically just gave a prescription for some kind of anti-inflammatory cream, told me to get some shoe inserts and suffer for 6 more weeks. Overall not incredibly impressed. He did seem comfortable with the TTS diagnosis, he really wanted to push a plantar fasciitis diagnosis additionally, he asked me like 3 times if my feet hurt most first thing in the morning. Which they don't, I'd say they feel pretty darn good first thing in the morning compared to how they feel by the end of the day. I am thinking I will jump through his hoops for about 2-3 weeks and if there is no improvement I will just have to move on to a new doc, or at least start calling him and complaining.

Some of you guys have dealt with this for years, I'm like a month in and already at my wits end. I don't know how you have managed.

Here's to hoping for the best.

Result number: 29

Message Number 265246

Re: Arizona View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 5/19/10 at 18:27

The last time I was in an airport (Atlanta last month) I waited about 2 hours before my flight near and within clear sight of the security area. I kid you not, every person I saw wanded and 'frisked' was a white woman over 50 I'd guess over 60 even.

I'd guess that this must be because under wire bras, I can't believe it was intentional profiling. We are falling all over ourselves to avoid the obvious and in the process lapse into the absurd.


Result number: 30

Message Number 265093

Re: Next.... View Thread
Posted by Allie on 5/10/10 at 12:31

Mandy, If you are going to the Cleveland Clinic in Florida (Weston), Dr. Elizabeth Scheiber is excellent and really helped in find resolution.

Result number: 31

Message Number 264853

Re: Work Shoes for PF -- Dansko? View Thread
Posted by lisa on 4/26/10 at 18:50

I have had PF bilateral for at least 10 years (shots, night splints, custom orthotics, the whole works), and switched completely to Dansko shoes (work on my feet in a lab) with some improvement. They have a line called 'Golden Gate' which have a wonderful squishy yet supportive sole, and I can put my orthotics into. STAY AWAY FROM THE STAPLED CLOG-TYPE SHOES! They are waaaaaay to hard for those of us w/ PF.

My doc saw my Danskos, said the lace up type were best, but that I needed to really wear good running shoes ONLY for awhile. About 9 mos ago I switched 100% to Asics running shoes--look on their website for the models that match what your feet need: I have orthotics which correct all pronation, so my running shoes are only NEUTRAL for pronation. Have worn those since (have 5 pairs), had more relief--not completely pain free for sure.

My latest aha! moment came when I wanted something warmer to wear in my house last winter than the Asics, so I bought some knock-off Uggs, and put my backup orthotics in them. I think since they're sort of a loose fit, without all the squishy support of running shoes, my feet have become stronger. Of course it started slowly since I only wear them at home, but I am now pain free for the first time in 10 years, I can walk across the house barefoot (!) and not be in pain, and can wear my Danskos more often now for dress-up reasons.

It all happened slowly, but I think the final step was whatever stretching/strengthening the walking in the house w/ non-supportive shoes did. Even before the Uggs, I comtemplated strengthening by walking on sand, but really had nowhere to do that.

What really got me is that the research points that our feet are much weaker by wearing these supportive, corrective shoes all the time (which I did/do) and thought I needed to strengthen them somehow.

all the best, and keep looking for something that works for you.

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Message Number 264821

Sneakers for child View Thread
Posted by Allie on 4/25/10 at 12:29

Jeremy, Can you please advise on sneakers for my nine year old daughter that is walking pigeon toed. I believe they now call it 'in toeing.' She has flat feet and I am told that she needs some arch support for the problem. I am reluctant to get her custom orthotics because her feet are still growing and it would be a great expense to have new orthotics made every year. I will however get orthotics if good sneakers (she has been wearing just Payless sneakers) do not correct the problem. Thanks.

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Message Number 264787

Is Obama giving to many speeches? View Thread
Posted by John H on 4/22/10 at 17:09

My perception is that President Obama is giving to many speeches. My original perception during the campaign was that he was a magnificent orator. Over exposure to anything can eventually wear on the public. He is beginning to come across as an angry man who is constantly on the attack. His speaking skills are now becoming overshadowed by his tone, facial expressions, and anger. He would be better served by having many of his speeches be given by some of his staff. Since his presidency he has tended to let the Congress not only initiate legislation but write the legislation in full. Health care is a good example. His staff had little to do with it. Senator Reid and Leader Polosi had everything to do with it. Now Senator Dodd has come forth with his bill to regulate Wall Street. Maybe this good or not. I do not know. President Obama wades into Wall Street today to chastise them. This did not help the bill and not make friends.

His promise was to bring people together has not even come close. In reality he is doing just the opposite. He even went as far as to point a finger at the Supreme Court when giving the State of the Union address and the judges were directly in front of him. This has never been done before. The bottom line is the President apparently likes to govern by giving speeches. The people doing the real governing are people like Tim Geithner, Dodd, Polosi and others on his staff.

His speeches can be great when they are moderate and given much less frequently. His anger often shows through when any one questions him on one of his policies. I suspect he would be a difficult man to work for and would be hard to offer advice. A little less talk Mr. President and your ratings will stop falling. You are now in the 48% favorable range. Gone are the days when you were in the 70% plus range. We are seeing to much of you. Less can be more. We all know by now you are a great speaker. Apparently you do also but we are getting to much of a good thing. People are beginning to see through the mask you and all of us wear. They are listening less to what you say than they are reading your body language and anger. You are not the inspiring man you once were.

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Message Number 264782

Mobile Nuclear Weapons View Thread
Posted by john H on 4/22/10 at 13:03

Current Status:

The United States possesses some 1,100 tactical nuclear warheads,[5] of which approximately 480 are nuclear gravity bombs stored in six European countries ( Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, and the United Kingdom). Russia retains an estimated 3,000 to 6,000 nonstrategic weapons, all of which it claims are stored on Russian territory.

Since the PNIs, the United States and Russia have not agreed on additional measures to share information on or limit their tactical nuclear weapons. The two countries agreed in March 1997 to explore measures relating to tactical nuclear weapons, but nothing came of this effort. In June 2005, Russia conditioned additional talks on tactical nuclear weapons to the U.S. withdrawal of its remaining nuclear weapons in Europe. The United States has said these weapons are deployed as part of NATO policy and that a decision to withdraw them would need to be taken by all 26 alliance members. Although some European government officials in Belgium and Germany have called for the withdrawal of these U.S. weapons, NATO has not officially discussed the possibility. In 2005, Congress passed legislation calling on the Bush administration to investigate measures to help Russia account for and secure its tactical arms and assess whether tactical nuclear reductions with Russia should be pursued.

—Researched by Courtney Keefe

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Message Number 264751

Re: Toyota View Thread
Posted by John H on 4/19/10 at 19:08

I listened to some of these people calling 911 and the 911 operator did not even suggest to turn the key off or put it into neutral. Imagine you have time to call 911 to ask what to do as your are going 100mph and cannot stop? Should these people be driving? Duh? As a pilot you are trained over and over what to do in an emergency situation until it becomes second nature. Perhaps we should add 'how to shut off a car' as a test question. Is it any wonder that 35,000 people are killed each year and perhaps a million injured on our highways. Last week a lady had her new Mercedes parked in front of a jewelery store where I shop. She mistakenly put it into forward and when the car refused to move she gave it the gas. Sort of like a catapult launch off a carrier and directly through the window of the jewelry store.

Result number: 36

Message Number 264740

Re: Who owns Jerusalem View Thread
Posted by Dr. Ed on 4/19/10 at 13:38


Do you not own your car? If not, then anyone can drive it.
Do you not own your house? If not, then anyone can live in it.
Lets not get into semantics concerning leasing, renting, the 'bank owning it' and so forth. There is a reason you have a legal title to your home and auto. We can discuss Eastern philosophy all day but the reality is that countries have borders, possession of land and people have legal possession of property. Nations have been fighting over land for milleniums and there need be a fair and legal means for nations to stake claims. Feel free to research Gauthier's educational background, but he has a JD degree and practices international law. A lay person could have engaged in similar research.

Currently, Israel exists on less than 30% of the territory of Palestine. It is no fault of the Israelis that all of the Palestinian Mandate east of the Jordan River is not controlled by 'Palestinian' nationals but by a Hashemite minority monarchy related to the Saudi royal family. Why is no one calling on the Jordanian government to turn authority over to the 'Palestinians?' Remember that the Jordanian government had possession of the West Bank until 1967 and Egypt had possession of the Gaza Strip before 1967. There was no demand for a Palestinian State then. There were no demands placed on Egypt or Jordan then for such a state. The issue is the demand to carve up the tiny sliver of land left to Israel while ignoring the fact that 99.7% of the land in the Middle East is under Arab control.


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Message Number 264733

Re: Crashed Russian Aircraft View Thread
Posted by John H on 4/19/10 at 11:38

I found this entire event sort of bizarre Ed in light of the circumstances. This was so UN-Russian to start with. It is like the Russians were going there to eat crow for their deeds.

There is a town in France where the Nazi's killed nearly everything living. That entire town has been preserved just as it was when the Nazi's left and the Allies arrived. You would think you had gone back in time if you were to walk into the town, which is now a memorial, today. We have all sorts of rules for war such as the Geneva Convention rules. Unfortunately when war really breaks out these rules worth much other than in small localized wars. A nation on the verge of losing a war will resort to all means available. Soldiers on both sides of a war who have seen their buddies heads blown off have no problem shooting an enemy in back of the head when no one is looking. Both Americans and Germans took no prisoners in much of the battles that took place after the invasion. It was not practical and would lead to more deaths as it took fighting men off the line. Today Abu Graib gets more attention than the Holocaust. Peoples ideas of war come mostly from TV. You see just bits of war on TV and the other 99.9% is only seen by those who are there.

If all the truth came out about what goes on in war on both sides people would be more than just shocked. The Holocaust is in a class by itself as this may be the only time in history a very specific group of people were designated to be exterminated. Stalin is given credit for exterminating or causing the deaths of 20 million people which among really evil people leads the way. When you were captured by a Russian you were as good as dead. Pol Pot is a distant third behind Stalin and Hitler. We as a nation looked the other way at the atrocities of Pol Pot for reasons I do not totally understand and which mostly took place after the Vietnam War. Not even the war protesters had much to say about the several million people Pol Pot exterminated. Abu Graib got more publicity that the million or so Saddam tortured and murdered and gassed. Same with our Giamtanamo.. We own the prison in Cuba and is fully paid for and is the ideal place to safely detain these prisoners. Yet, we are determined to close it because of what the world thinks. We will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to close it, hundreds of millions to open a new prision in the U.S. and still not have a place to send many of the people who are imprisoned there. The rest of the world does not go to bed at night thinking about Guantanamo Bay and will think no more of us if we close it or not. If it were up to our foolish Attorney General he would try them all in NYC in a civilian court thereby opening up many of our secrets and keeping this subject in the headlines for the next 5 years or more. It appears even the President is not on board with trying them in NYC. This city would become an armed camp for the next 5 years and all of the trials would likely be on TV in the Arab world. How can we be so stupid?

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Message Number 264728

Re: Crashed Russian Aircraft View Thread
Posted by Dr. Ed on 4/18/10 at 21:33

This incident opens a very deep wound. Remember that the Russians has rounded up and murdered 15,000 Polish officers and other leading citizens in 1940 when Stalin was still allied with Hitler. Russia has never apologized to this day. There will no doubt be suspicions....


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Message Number 264710

Re: Failed MTP Titanium Joint Replacement Surgery View Thread
Posted by PattyK on 4/17/10 at 03:18

Hi again Barbara,

I am more than happy to share the things I know about and have experienced with this hemicap joint surgery. It is a very serious surgery and it sounds like from reading the comments on this website there can be problems. I feel very fortunate that I am on my way to having healthy feet again. I did notice that the dates were mostly from 2005. Your comments and mine are the most recent ones. Maybe there have been great improvements made since 2005.

My podiatrist told me it was important to keep wearing my custom orthopedic inserts after my surgery to keep my foot aligned properly so the hemicap joints would last longer. According to him the reason I had problems wasn't just because of the cement floor it also had to do with my arch and the way my foot was slightly out of alignment. The cement floor just aggravated the situation in my toe joints. But each medical case is different, that's just what my doctor told me to do in regard to my feet.

I am sure that both you and I are having problems due to our activity level. We are about the same age, and we have been extremely active. That has kept us healthy, but being that active does wear things out that aren't aligned properly.

I have 3 physical therapy sessions left, unless my dr. orders more. I had one after school today. It went well, my range of motion is doing well in each foot. They put electrodes on the new surgery foot and stimulates the muscles and speeds up the healing process. They have an 'ice sleeve' over that foot during the 15 minute electrode process.

I actually purchased the 'ice sleeve' so I could ice my foot more easily. It was $33.00 at the physical therapy facility. My husband found the same thing for $30 plus shipping on e bay. So it was less expensive and more convenient to just purchase that ice sleeve at the physical therapy place. This ice sleeve is: TOREX Premium Roll-On HOT/COLD Sleeve NMA (National Medical Alliance) They come in small, medium and large. I use a medium, but I can tell you directly after each surgery I wouldn't have been able to 'slip this sleeve' on my foot. It would have been way too painful. You can just use the ice pack the hospital gives you that you fill with ice cubes.

I asked my physical therapist, who has a doctrate in physical therapy, if she would go to an orthopedic surgeon or a podiatrist if she were having foot surgery. She said the podiatrist has been trained exclusively in dealing with 'feet'. She said the orthopedic surgeons are very good but she personally would go to a foot dr. since their expertise is 'feet'.

Just thought you would like to know what the therapist's opinion was on that. You will know when you have the right doctor for your surgery. I wouldn't have the surgery until you find the doctor that meets your expectations.

The west coast is different I think. We have a lot less people here. The town in Oregon where I live in has 7,000 people. My foot doctor is here in our town, I had my surgery in our hospital that is a couple blocks from my house. Physical therapy is just downtown. My work is about a 2 1/2 minute commute from my front door. Oregon is 3 times more square miles than NY state, and NY state has 6 times more people. I have vacationed in NYC and I thought everyone was very helpful and extremely nice, they just seemed a bit stressed. I think it's because there are so many people in NYC.

Well, I do hope you keep me updated on how you are doing. If you need any more information or have any questions I will do my best to help you.


Result number: 40

Message Number 264697

Re: Failed MTP Titanium Joint Replacement Surgery View Thread
Posted by PattyK on 4/16/10 at 01:44

Hi Barbara,

I think my sick time was very unusual, and fortunate. I am not sure I could have had a surgery on each foot if I hadn't had the sick time available. A lady I work with just had a bunionectomy and was back to work in 2 weeks in an orthopedic boot. She is doing fine. Do you have to stand at your work? If you are able to sit once in a while I think you would do fine. The lady I work with is a teacher aide so she sits most of the time so she can prop her foot up.

I think having a second opinion is always a wise thing to do. I didn't do that because my primary physician referred me to my foot surgeon. My primary doctor's sister had a foot surgery in the Puget Sound area and she traveled to Oregon specifically on her brother's recommendation to use the foot surgeon to 'fix' her foot. My dr.'s sister was very pleased with the results. I think you should feel very confident in your surgeon. I felt very confident going into surgery and my foot doctor was very honest about that it was his first hemicap. His expertise is 'feet' and he took time to give me all my options and then it was only because of the deteriation of my joint and the severe build up of bone spurs since he had seen me a few months before, did he suggest the hemicap partial toe joint surgery.

The best orthopedic surgeons on the west coast are in Bend, Oregon. I had a chain saw accident on our property in Central Oregon in '05. My husband fell into me with a chain saw. The chain saw landed on top of my right shin. The surgeon removed 7 pieces of bone. I was 52 at the time and was concerned about a 'scar' . My orthopedic surgeon told me he would do hidden stitches and depending on my 'genes' for scarring and if I followed he instructions I wouldn't have much of a scar. I have a very 'fine' line , barely visible across my shin of my right leg. It's 8 inches long, but you can't see it unless you are looking for a scar.

I do think your podiatrist is correct about the 4-6 months of swelling. My right toe surgery was in Nov. which was about 5 months ago and I am pleased to say my sweeling on my right to has subsided. It has a pretty decent range of motion and even though it isn't swollen any more it feels stiff. I also had a broken bone under the big toe bone where the titanium pin was placed. One of my choir students accidentally stepped on the back of my shoe and falling forward with my weight on that 'frozen' toe joint snapped the bone under it. I think that is another reason my recovery took so long. The physical therapist thinks the chain saw accident damaged the tendons that ultimately do end up connecting to the big toe and that is why my right toe was so much worse than my left one.

Of course my left toe is still quite swollen since I had that surgery in Jan. '10. It hurts more but the range of motion is better than the right toe as of yesterday at my physical therapy.

It's better to take care of the issue with toe pain before things get too bad. It was very difficult to go into the second surgery with my left toe because it didn't hurt anything like my right toe did. But I imagine my left toe won't be as stiff as my right when all is said and done.

Has your doctor given you the website for 'hemicaps'? Fusion does eliminate pain but it also eliminates motion in your big toe. Your big toe controls so many things. It's sort of like the steering system of our whole body.

There is lots of information on that site. In fact it actually shows the surgical procedure. It gives you lots of visuals of the other devices used and the pros and cons. Hemicaps are available for any joint. Just click on the foot, then the big toe, and you can read all the details.

I made a purchase of some more 'dressy' sketchers. I think they will work more dressy clothes. Black patent leather as well as grey suede with leather trim. They do not accommodate the custom orthopedic inserts, but I think wearing them for an evening won't hurt.

Did your podiatrist recommend orthopedic inserts? That was the first thing my dr. did, to see if they would relieve the pain before he decided on surgery. I got those last summer. It did relieve the pain a little, but I was still on my way of frozen toe joints because of the cartlidge being so damaged and/or gone.

Let me know how you are doing. I know there is nothing like 'big toe' pain.

Patty K

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Message Number 264694

Re: When You Think You Have Heard It all View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 4/15/10 at 16:42

in the real world of business you're not responsible for 25-30 small human lives for eight hours a day. In the real world of education substitute teachers are not sitting on the bench.........unless of course you think second graders should be left alone all day to teach themselves. I wonder how many will be alive at the end of the day? :) No law suit potential there and hey who cares if they remain on task while their teacher is on sick leave. LOL. At a large school there aren't enough administrators to cover every class although I agree they certainly help out. Most large city school districts have a reserve pool that they use for subs for teachers who are ill and can't work that day. Chicago does. If a principal at a large district gets 25 teachers calling him/her in the morning sick, they have to cover those classes quickly because at 8 am a precious cargo arrives at the door and it's the school's responsibility to make sure someone is in charge of them. 25 classrooms equals 600 students. Now lets say you have ten principals in a large district with 25 teachers each calling in sick. That's 6000 students. I thought you were good at math???? Schools use pools like this to make sure education remains on task.......any good business person would get that one. Some smaller districts employ what is known as a permanent subs. These people report to the building they are assigned and in the morning they are directed to wherever they are needed the most. Smaller districts are left with a list or pool of subs they can call on demand. The list is usually compiled by the county and sent to each school district for their needs.

The problem with New York, and John's info is several years old, is that the pool has an indefinite time limit. In that respect you are correct in that it is flawed. They are currently making changes to this system and soon it will be more similar to Chicago's plan.....which, by the way, is very successful.

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Message Number 264643

Private Retirement Funds View Thread
Posted by John H on 4/12/10 at 13:39

I am making no suggestion here but posing a very real question. If you are in a Union and your retirement funds are controlled by the Union they are invested in in bonds, stocks, real estate, etc. Typically they are invested so that the return is enough to fund the retirements existing and upcoming for many years out. They know that based on computer models there retirement funds they will need to generate 8.5% or something on that order for the fund to remain solvent. It is actuarial acceptable to have around 75% - 80% in the fund to be considered safe. How they come up with that I do not know but anyway that is approximate. We now have some of these retirement funds that are needing to earn 10%-15% to be solvent. We all know that is impossible. A one year treasury barely pays 1%. Who is at fault here? The Union investment group? The economy? Bad investments with a planned return on investment which was way to high to start with. A much to high of expected retirement income. How many of you expect to retire before you are 60 with a $100,000 annual income from your retirement plan? Many people do and then take a second job doing the same thing at almost the same rate of pay.

Should the Federal Government have any responsibility to make these retirement funds whole if they fail? If I handle my own retirement funds and I invest poorly or have bad luck with a falling economy there is no one going to bail me out. At the same time I am struggling should the Feds come to me for more tax money to bail out people who are making 4 times more than me? That is almost certainly going to happen in states starting with California. This is what you call a welfare state. The state assembly of California has failed time and time again to put their financial house in order. There taxes have driven out company after company while they have one of the most egregious public retirement systems in the nation. One could have seen this coming years ago but the state government continues down it path to bankruptcy. Sort of sounds a little like Greece. The Euro Nations are coming to the aid of Greece but at what cost to those other nations in the Euro block? Spain has an unemployment rate of 20%. The average for the Euro block is 10.1% unemployment. Is the socialistic state really what we want to be. We are headed in that direction. One thing remains certain and that there is no free lunch. In the long run the government cannot make you whole. Only you can. Early Americans arrived here with nothing and expected nothing except to be left alone by government. These people started the westward movement and drove this to be the greatest nation on earth. Somewhere we lost our way.

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Message Number 264558

Re: Russia & Our Proposed Nuclear Treaty View Thread
Posted by John H on 4/08/10 at 12:59

Crime has gone down in Texas since the advent of concealed weapons permits. The guns in the hands of private citizens in the U.S. probably outnumber the total guns in some nations including the military. The. U.S. has a history since we were founded of guns in the hands of citizens. If not we would never have had the western movement across the U,S. I think it would be impossible to remove all guns from the hands of private citizens. Guns would become like drugs and flow across our southern borders, by ship, by plane, and any other way. The gun debate is dead in my eyes.

I saw a debate on TV last night about Obama's nuclear plan. One of the debaters was a lady who said that if NYC were totally destroyed by some nation using something like anthrax, etc. she still would be opposed to retaliating with nuclear weapons even if we knew who it was. It would not be fair to the civilians in the perpetrators home land. How do you debate someone with that mentality?

There is this notion that civilians in nations involved with total war with each other should be immune to attack. Our civilians during WWII made all the weapons which ultimately won the war for us. The Japanese civilians were so conditioned to fight to the death if we invaded. Today civilians become human bombs to blow up people. In total war between nations no one is safe or off limits when it gets down to winning or losing. It would be nice to think so but it has never worked like that. The Jews just happened to be disliked by Hitler whether they were civilians or not. Did Hitler dislike the Jews anymore than the leaders of Iran do today? I think not since Iran states they should all be dead.

It appears unless Israel slows down Iran that Iran will have the bomb and the U.S. has accepted that. There are no sanctions that will stop Iran from making the bomb. Their leaders are not unlike Hitler. The bomb is coming to Iran. Count on it. The next hurdle will then be will we allow them to build an intercontinental ballistic missile? We no longer seem to have the courage to stop things before they get out of hand. We stood by and watched Hitler build the largest war machine in Europe knowing full well he would use it. It led to WWII when he could have been stopped early on. As late as 1939 Americans thought we should stay out of Europe. Our Ambassador to England, Joe Kennedy, thought highly of Hitler. Ultimately President Roosevelt had to fire him. The seeds of WWII were implanted no sooner than WWI had ended and like Caesar we fiddled as Rome burned. We are once again fiddling.

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Message Number 264523

Re: Work Shoes for PF -- Dansko? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 4/06/10 at 18:22

Thank you for the suggestion. Yes and to your statement, 'Maybe the designers at Dansko just think women are tougher than men.' It is in fact true. For example, we have to go through childbirth! Just kidding!!!

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Message Number 264511

Re: Work Shoes for PF -- Dansko? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 4/06/10 at 09:37

Jeremy, Does Dansko make something similiar (cushioned sole) for women with high arches? I know Danskos are good and sturdy, but they are just so hard, so a little cushion would be great.

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Message Number 264509

Re: Chronic Insertional Achilles Tendonitis/Retrocalcaneal Heel Spur View Thread
Posted by King Joe on 4/06/10 at 09:14

Nearing 5 weeks post op (wednesday April 7 is 5)...and still doing great! I am definitely walking well in my boot, have returned back to coaching soccer and am as active as I can be (no running obviously)...and when I take it off to give my leg some feels great. I am allowed to flex it, my achilles, using my muscle strength only (no tools such as towels or whatever) and that feels real good...and promising. In actuality, my surgery heel has more flexibility...and no pain relative to my 'good' heel.

I also now....bare weight...a bit...walk small tentative steps and stand evenly (which feels good on my hips and back)....without the boot...and am really letting pain be my guide. I do not want to rush (I am prone to rushing recovery...2 reconstructed ankles revealed that to myself). BUt if feels so good....I think I could walk NOW....But I will take it slow.

I have always stressed good achilles flexibility...and calf strength....and the recent pain (last couple years) and debillitation associated with the pain has bothered hasn't slowed me much, but it is hard to do the things I lived for. With the positive prognosis, I stare out at the runners enjoying the spring....or the bikers pedalling by....or my weight room that calls to me....and smile that soon...soon enough I will be back.

Update in week. APril 22 the boot comes off..and physio begins.

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Message Number 264507

Re: Life after a subtalar fusion View Thread
Posted by MarieO on 4/06/10 at 07:53

In 1996 my right calcaneous was crushed into 9 separate pieces. I also shattered my right ankle. Over time all the cartilage in the right ankle disintegrated and I developed a flat arch and arthritis in my left foot which was compensating for the fact that I was walking on the right edge of my right foot. When it reached the point that it was unbearable to walk anymore, I had a subtalar fusion on my right foot in late July of 2009.

My recovery has been slow. Swelling is still there, but my primary issue, until last week, was my balance. All my weight seems to be on the back of my left foot. I cannot stand for more than five minutes, have to change weight from foot to foot constantly and have to use my cane if I cannot lean on something. I see no change in several months. When standing upright, I feel like I am falling forward. I seem to put a great deal of pressure on the area just forward of the intersection of my leg and foot (on both legs) in an attempt to stay balanced.

I have been losing weight and strengthening my body core, hoping that it will help the balance issue. So I have been swimming, using the reclining bike and the treadmill, which I hold onto while walking. On the treadmill I use a program that alternates the degree of incline. I have been doing this for a half hour to a full hour for several weeks. My only problem was pain/discomfort along the outside edge of my right foot at about 45 minutes into my workout on some days, at which point I stopped.

I picked up my first post-op orthodics on Monday of last week and adapted to them over the week. On Thursday, I went to my therapist and tried the balance machine to determine where my weight is distributed while using the new orthodics, hoping for improvement. After trying the machine, I experienced a lot of pain in the joint where my leg meets my foot. At my next workout on the treadmill at the gym, I had to get off after fifteen minutes. I was having a great deal of pain in multiple locations in both feet, particularly where the leg meets the foot (both sides). Pain exploded everywhere. Arthritis like pain. I have not exercised since then. I have been in pain while walking/standing all weekend.

Right now I am very concerned. I fear I have already developed arthritis in areas that were previously healthy (also coming on in my hands where I lean into the cane). I have been told, after the fact, that it is not a good idea to try to get maximum up/down flexibility (the side to side is lost forever) and normal gait back into this foot, which I thought was the goal. I had been in therapy, I thought, for that very reason. I am now told I need to 'protect' the foot. No one - Orthopedic surgeon, therapist or orthodic provider - has given any real advise on how to take care of this foot post surgery. They all seem to think that I know what they know. Now, when I ask questions, I get conflicting information.

Does anyone know of any publications - pamphlet , book, anything??- that addresses how to go about taking proper care of a subtalar fusion post-op?

Has anyone else experienced this issue with balance this far into recovery? If so, how did you resolve it?

I also need to know if anyone has had success getting a workman's comp insurer to cover costs of treating arthritis that develops in the 'healthy' foot due to compensatory changes to assist the injured foot. My doctors all tell me, with no hesitation, that the arthritis in my left foot is caused by compensating for the right foot, but will not state so on paper. They all say they know it but cannot prove it. Any helpful hints here?

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Re: Chronic Insertional Achilles Tendonitis/Retrocalcaneal Heel Spur View Thread
Posted by MinusOneBump on 4/03/10 at 23:55

I'm 3 weeks out from the same surgery and mine is doing well too. I have to admit I was leary after reading all the horror stories on the web. But maybe it's people's tendency to lash out when things go wrong and are happy go lucky and not posting when things go well! That's my story and I'm sticking with it LOL! I am finding that the term Haglund's and retrocalcaneal heel spur is very interchangable depending on who you talk to. I went to two doctors and each one used the other term. No one can seem to agree on a definition. I'm satisfied calling it a heel bump. I've only had pain one evening after I overdid it during the day. Amazing they can do all that to the heel and it never hurts. I had 4 screws and am in a big black boot and have walked since the cast came off.

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Re: How does this part work? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 3/25/10 at 20:18

Yes and could it be attributed to that only 6% of 'President Dale Carnegie's' advisors have business experience? A bunch of dumb and dumbers leading us. I am waiting to see what happens to our taxes after the new year to cover this wonderful plan. Yipee and do you think our health premiums and deductibles will be raised by a significant amount too?

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Message Number 264267

Re: Support Public Libraries View Thread
Posted by John H on 3/24/10 at 16:20

Under our new plan we are to cover 32 million new people. I think there was from 45-50 million often mentioned as uninsured. What happens to the 10-20 million that are apparently not included and who are they? I believe that it will be 2014 - 2018 before the full plan is to take effect. We do start with uninsured children almost immediately and the taxes to support the system kick in almost immediately. We have passed the system but there will have to be written thousands of pages of detailed paper work to put it all in motion, In a bill of this size there are bound to be hurdles at the least to set it into motion. The IRS alone will hire 16,000 new employees. I would not want to guess how many new bureaucracies will be created and how many it will take to administer the system. I would expect there would be a mass migration of the unemployed to Washington to fill these jobs. An unintended consequence is the large number of government jobs that will be created. I wonder if that was factored in by the CBO. They could hardly make a reasonable guess not knowing what kind of jobs or how many and how the pay scale would be set. The heavy lifting will begin slowly but it is not going to be easy whether you like the plan or not.

Personally I do not like the Republicans stalling around in the Senate unless they truly have an amendment to the bill that makes sense. I do not like the Democrats approach of saying they would reject any amendment no matter what it was. Just more partisan politics. When you have two parties that cannot even talk to each other how can we ever receive good government? What kind of bill would ever have 100% of Republicans opposing it and 100% of Democrats supporting it. That is not America as I know it. This bill exposed the very seedy side of our political system more than any other bill in our history. The Americans, I think, are as much angry about the system and back door deals as they are about the Health Care bill. They got a look at how the sausage is made.

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Message Number 264262

Re: Support Public Libraries View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 3/24/10 at 13:54


A concern regarding an incremental progress to a controlled economy is not a call for anarchy or a rejection of all things social like a public library. If you take a government guaranteed college loan you lose any and all arguments regarding limited government? Just as silly is pointing to anyone supporting national healthcare (or the incremental step we just took) as calling for another full blown attempt to give Marxism a go, despite the tens of millions sacrificed in the 20th century experiments. Some of us believe our founding fathers came close to “nailing it” when they wrote our founding documents. I don’t know of a single soul who believes we got it completely right, or that the 670,000 sacrificed in a mid course adjustment died in vain. I certianly don't reject other opportunities to improve.

The debate, I would hope, is focused on where between the extremes of Anarchy and Totalitarianism we should target, not a binary choice of which extreme is preferred. I do think it's important that we have an open discussion and aknowledge the context of decisions that take a significant shift in either direction. I believe the political discourse of today in terms of left and right seems to center around different manifestations of increasing government control of our lives and tends to miss the bigger picture.

As for libraries, I love them! As a lad I absolutely hated them, between a dose of dyslexia without an offsetting balance of patience (wow I'm being easy on myself) the whole book thing escaped me. Bernard Devoto's 'Year of Decision 1846' changed it all setting off a voracious appetite for history. I didn't read my first novel until the DaVinci Code. I faked my obligitary share of book reports however!


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Re: I'm going to declare myself an Independent View Thread
Posted by Allie on 3/22/10 at 22:14

Alec Baldwin was suppose to leave when Bush got in office. What happened there? Guess he didn't keep his word.

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Re: Had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery 3/18/10 View Thread
Posted by Dottie on 3/22/10 at 18:49

I read your post and could say to myself 'check, check, check' to each thing you've gone through. It is a sad little club we belong to, isn't it? I was lucky on my surgeries (all three of them) that the nerve block worked and left me painless for about 36 hours post-op. Hopefully, you will have success with your surgery. Many here have. I have not. Many here also have not.

I've been going through the curses of the damned for ten years. I have tried everything under the sun and every drug on the market. I had a muscle across my nerve on one foot and a vericose (sp?) vein across the nerve on the other foot. But within a few months of my surgeries the pain returned and went back on its progression of pain. I have gained 35 pounds from the various drugs and I am unable to walk so using my treadmill is out of the question right now.

I have signed on with a new local pain clinic who is working mainly with diabetic neuropathy patients. I saw a commercial asking for patients so I called virtually begging to be let in. I wanted to give their treatments a try because I am at the end of my rope. I am having injections - five per foot, two sessions a week/one for each foot, eight weeks of treatments followed by physical therapy - directly into the nerves leading down to the foot. I have spoken directly to diabetic patients who went thru the whole treatment sessions and they have said it changed their lives. Again, I am not diabetic so it is hard telling if this will help me or not. I don't want to get my hopes up too high. It is painful during the injections but the injections don't last that long. There is numbness for about 12 hours...I am having my 2nd treatment on my right foot tomorrow and am calling a taxi since you really cannot feel your foot except that it feels like you are wearing a cement shoe. If this helps my neuropathy pain even a little, it will be worth it all.

Nothing else has worked and I'm running out of options.

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Twisted ankle 5 years ago and still painfull View Thread
Posted by Marry on 3/22/10 at 16:29

I twisted my ankle about five years ago in a bad way while falling off the stairs. The doctor decided to put me on plaster support for two weeks. The pain didn't stop and the swelling is still there. I had a cortisone injection about two years ago and for a while it felt better along with physiotherapy that last for six months. My doctor was insisting that I need tendoscopy buy I have been postponing it ever since.
MRI performed first time about two years ago and the result was everything is normal. Another MRI scan lately was taken and the summary shows that:

Thickening and subtle bright signal within the anterior talofibular ligament with no discontinuity. Findings are in keeping with injury.
Significant attenuation and thinning of peroneal brevis tendon with bright signal extending from the lateral malleolus down to its insertion in keeping with injury.
Localized area of peroneal longus split just proximal to the lateral malleolus.

My doctor said that the only option I have is to perform a surgery but I need a second opinion. Can you help me?

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Message Number 264196

Re: I'm going to declare myself an Independent View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 3/22/10 at 15:38


I'm puzzled that you think the Democratic party has shifted to the center. Perhaps we see different end points. I see both parties shifting to globalism, bigger government and essentialy becoming subsets of a common ruling class.

My view of the political spectrum has one extreeme anchored in anarchy with the polar opposite end anchored in totalitarianism or statism. I see a steady march toward the latter by both parties. The extreeme manifestations of what we call left and right are simply different forms of statism. Bush responded to a failure of our defense system and the lack of communication between departments by creating another massive agency further complicating matters. I'd be hard pressed to name a president that didn't expand the powers of the executive branch. The result will be a dictatorship unless we reign it in. It seems that whomever has the power they want it increased then when they are out of power they want to complain about others marshalling more power.

Protecting abortion rights is a position respecting personal freedom. Who am I to tell you what to do with your body. And likewise who are you to tell me what to do with mine. I'm not sure where I draw the line between a woman's right and the right of a child. I know that at the time of a live birth I'd defend the life of the child. If you were to test my conviction by gradually rolling the clock back to find the magic point where regardless of any other circumstances the child's life is sacred to me, I don't know where that is. That's why I respect the rights of others to decide for themselves and can respect a wide range of positions.

I wonder the what extent the abortion issue is at the root of polarization.


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Re: Plantar Fascitis/Fibroma Surgery with Internal Orthotic View Thread
Posted by RNAlli09 on 3/21/10 at 20:16

So if regular orthotics aren't helping me at all then the internal orthotic probably won't do much help either? Sigh.. if there was such a thing as foot transplants I'd have one!! Stupid feet!!

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Opinions on Hyperpronation surgery for PF pain! View Thread
Posted by RNAlli09 on 3/17/10 at 11:57

I have had PF for 11 years in both my feet.. it is awful. I have had surgery on both feet at different times, and it has come back again. I've had ultrasound shock therapy on my left foot (didn't work and hurt like a beotch) and platlet therapy on both feet. Really helped my left foot, but my right is killing me again. (Of course I've done the PT, night splints, orthotics, many different shoes, cortisone, anti-inflamtories.. you name it, I tried it). Now my podiatrist wants me to try surgery for an internal orthotic placed that will help with my flat feet and plantar fasciits.( ) I am running out of options.. at this point I have to take Vicodin for the pain and I don't want to be on this anymore.. I work as a nurse and I have many many more years till retirement so I need to try to fix my feet! I don't want to give up yet!! Anyone have this done with any success? My pod says I'm one of the worse cases of PF he's seen since nothing seems to really help permanently!! Please advise!

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Message Number 264081

Re: Having Toes cut Out-Linda W View Thread
Posted by LindaW on 3/16/10 at 22:53

Hi VB, sorry about the death in your family. I remember a while back probably about 15 years ago, my great toes, the nail use to fall off, but always grew back thicker and darker. My pinky toenails are very thick also, but have never turned a color. I think the only reason why they kept falling off was, that they were always submerged in water/always had sneakers on. You see, when I was a kid, and until I was in my early 30's, I use to swim every day of the week and was also involved in Drum & Bugle corps and for that, we had to practice in a parking lot on black top and in sneakers all day. I was told that my feet couldn't breath. Well I hope our toenails get better over time. I do not have the problem that you do. I think on my part it was just improper care of my feet when younger.
You know today I went on another frekin interview for a full time position as a Medcial Assistant and the woman only wanted to pay me $9.00 an hour. I said thank you, but no thank you. I told her and she saw on my resume that I had graduated at the top of my class and have already been in the medical field for 5 years and her comment, was what she was offering me, was the going rate. Now I know that she was way off on the amount. I asked her if she took into consideration that I am experienced and know what I am doing with very little training needed. I just turned the big 50 years old a couple of months ago and I don't think that I should have to start at a pay of that less amount like a young person that has just graduated from school and are in their 20's. I'm sorry, I am just so frustated with this whole thing. My husband has now been out of work for 2 years and was and still is collecting unemployment, but that will be running out soon. He just has no interest in going back to work and won;'t start worrying about it until it is almost too late. He is an electrician, but there is hardly any work going on around here and is at the age where he does not want to travel anymore. He also counts on me to carry the health insurance. Why does it seem like most husbands don't worry about things until it is too late?????????? I will probably cry myself to sleep as I do almost every night. Well have to go now.

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Plantar Fascitis/Fibroma Surgery with Internal Orthotic View Thread
Posted by RNAlli09 on 3/16/10 at 22:01

I have had PF for 11 years in both my feet.. it is awful. I have had surgery on both feet at different times, and it has come back again. I've had ultrasound shock therapy on my left foot (didn't work and hurt like a beotch) and platlet therapy on both feet. Really helped my left foot, but my right is killing me again. (Of course I've done the PT, night splints, orthotics, many different shoes, cortisone, anti-inflamtories.. you name it, I tried it). Now my podiatrist wants me to try surgery for an internal orthotic placed that will help with my flat feet and plantar fasciits.( ) I am running out of options.. at this point I have to take Vicodin for the pain and I don't want to be on this anymore.. I work as a nurse and I have many many more years till retirement so I need to try to fix my feet! I don't want to give up yet!! Anyone have this done with any success?

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Message Number 263892

Re: JAMA: 10 Great Public Health Achievements Since 1900 View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 3/07/10 at 13:21

John keep in mind the original intent of the creation of the AMA was to establish better medical ethics and practice. The AMA has become a Political Action Committee who's primary goal is lobbying to meet their means and ends. As an advocacy entity for physicians it does not reflect the majority of the profession as told by its membership numbers which some estimates place at 25-30% of the active profession (the majority of membership are students and redidents).

A lot has been written about the AMA's as nothing more than a guild that protects its own at all costs. The AMA had a long history of discrimination against African American physicians and for which it only apologized only just recently. They have marginalized non-physicians and allied health practitioners through an aggressive policy of labeling and campaigns throughout their history (the now infamous Committee on Quackery; quackery apparently being deigned just about any practice that is not within their purview and control). The Wilk vs. the AMA legal battle within my own profession is a classic example of their behind the scenes good ol' boys club mentality towards dominating the health care market at all costs.

'helping doctors help patients' is their mantra but it could more accurately be 'helping doctors maintain their status and the high cost of health care through your PAC dollars'.

Their rabid opposition to the Kaiser Permanente model is an excellent example of how they attempt to control the marketplace and an insight into their motives and their skewed politics. Many feel that they have attempted to control the nation's supply of physicians and promote fee-for-service medicine and specialties which has driven down the numbers of practicing family medicine physicians and impacted costs greatly.

Given this I feel that like many media outlets the JAMA is an arm of their political machine and does not reflect the profession at large. While they may publish excellent journal articles the slant is definitely towards maintaining the status quo for their membership and has lost its value in promoting and advancing the overall cause of medicine. The AMA is out of touch and while you may be a fan but approximately 70% of the medical profession are I myself are not.

What I am saying is that I agree with some of those statistics but not all, not from that source.

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Message Number 263860

Re: Seeking expert in capsulitis treatment View Thread
Posted by Jeremy L, C ped on 3/05/10 at 21:29

A C Ped is a member of the allied health community, but is not a doctor. His/her role is to fill prescriptions from doctors for lower extremity care. Sometimes that includes orthotics and braces; more often it involves shoes and shoe modifications. Not all those with this credential are of equal ability, so make appropriate inquiries and let the most experienced professional in your area place your orthotic into a complementary shoe.

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Message Number 263784

Re: Has anyone had a cortisone shot for TTS? View Thread
Posted by Dottie on 3/03/10 at 18:10

The folks here are patients who have had both good and bad luck with just about any treatment out there. I have been fighting TTS or idiopathic peripheral neuropathy for nearly ten years. I have had epideral & caudal (tail bone)injections. I had cortisone in three different places in my foot....I can't tell you exactly where because my head was in a pillow as I screamed. When you have bad feet falling can be a problem. I fell and injured my wrist. I got a cortisone shot at the base of my left thumb. It hurt worse than all the other ones combined. I'm seeing a brand new pain clinic next week that promises the world. Yeah, right. All I know is that they are going to do another nerve conduction study (my 5th) and I don't know how I am going to stand the pain. Guess I'll need that pillow again.

I am just a TTS sufferer and can only tell you my experience. The shots did not help one iota. Not a bit, nada, nothing. Each shot was done by a different doctor so it wasn't that I had a 'bad doctor' or anything. The shots hurt like a muther and they did nothing to help my feet. The one on my wrist made the pain every bit of ten times worse. I would take a mouthful of root canals over another cortisone shot. But that's just me.

I am not a fan of the cortisone shot. Maybe there are those out there who have had better luck than I did. Remember....we folks on this board are not experts (although we have some doctors that graciously join in discussions) so I am giving you nothing but my opinion. My opinion is 'Oh, no....never again!'

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Message Number 263759

Re: Concerning Chiropractors View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 3/01/10 at 22:39

Steve this is a good discussion. I am open to discussion when the other point of view is thoughtful and devoid of artifice. I feel that you are touching on points that many readers may also question or do not understand where we as a profession stand. I cannot speak for my colleagues of course but I can share my own views.

If you really look at the history of the allopathic and osteopathic professions you will find many of their practices were in fact questionable and primitive by today’s scientific standards. All professions eventually progress I would hope. In the case of osteopathy, they were absorbed by the medical profession and for the most part abandoned the humor theory and their vitalistic and holistic roots. Of course you can still find DO’s who have maintained that identity and practice Traditional Osteopathy. Chiropractic is really still in its infancy as a healing art and it will progress. It has already become a mainstream practice for spinal concerns.

It could be argued that despite allopathy’s strong foray into the scientific method that many of its principles today are not causal and that there are methods enjoying wide use that are in fact investigational. Many of the medications today are being prescribed in the “blockbuster” fashion for off-label use despite the absence of formal regulatory agreement for the indications prescribed. Gabapentin is a classic example; it was originally FDA cleared as an adjunct to other medications to treat epilepsy. 80% of its use is for off-label concerns such as neuralgia and neuropathic pain, migraine among many others.

My point in the above is that if the precise mechanism of action and the mechanism (causal link) between a disease and the drug treating it can not be established, should we abandon that medication for those indications if its benefits outweigh its risks (or does this logic only apply to the practice of chiropractic)? How do we really know that spinal manipulation doesn’t enjoy ‘off-label’ benefits if there is no solid evidence to support the argument that there is no benefit outside of pain relief? The track record for the safety of chiropractic (real statistics and not the hyperbole we have been fed through a biased media and decades of misinformation) concludes one to believe based on the best evidence that it is safer than OTC aspirin? I can back up that claim Steve.

If you don’t believe me look into the malpractice rates for chiropractors versus medical physicians and allied health professionals. It may surprise you) and its track record and survival as a healing art despite heavy opposition early on alone speak volumes about the efficacy of care and the public’s support of the profession. As I stated before we are grossly underutilized at fault of our own.

As for the notion that subluxations are the cause of all of man’s ills, I do not know many chiropractors who still support that belief. Anecdotally, I have patients who report all manner of relief of symptoms that I have never proposed that I can help them with. I typically treat what walks in the door with pain, dysfunction and discomfort. I am comfortable with that and apparently my patients are as well. I am aware of a great number of chiropractors who treat in this manner. I am also acutely aware that many make fantastic claims and adhere to a belief system that you challenge. That is your right Steve just as it is the right of those who believe in those claims to seek out practitioners who treat more than musculoskeletal concerns.

I have strong views on immunization but do not feel that that is a topic where you can just choose a side, it is a very complex discussion and certainly worthy of investigation and debate. I am not against immunization in total but feel that the current schedule is out of proportion to what may be necessary, the potential threats and emerging diseases, and the fact that many of the targeted diseases on the schedule are in fact self-limiting and in many cases new threats have not been reported or encountered in some time. You appear to be very in favor of immunization Steve, can you tell me when the last case of fatal mumps, measles or rubella was encountered in the U.S.? I am not saying that immunization has never been a good idea or that potential complication from one of these illnesses is not of concern, but why the chronic escalation of doses throughout life if humoral and cell-mediated immunity are in fact valid methods of bolstering the immune system against pathogens? I would venture that many people out there question the motives of the vaccine manufacturers and have concerns that immunization is also not without risk, not enough is really known about the subject to know for sure but I do understand your point.

You wrote: “I As I argued above, the validity of its claims concerning musculoskeletal problems rest on #3, and I don’t have any axe to grind. It may be that chiropractic is effective in some shoulder injuries (X) and not effective in other injuries (Y), and that this stems from the fact that y represents a different type of soft tissue injury that is not as amendable to manipulation. This sort of thing can’t be resolved through introspection. You would have to set up a study, try to control the variables, etc.”

and: “Does not correlate well” – meaning that people experience more satisfaction and a better outcome than some study would lead you to conclude? I can see where age might be correlated with a negative outcome, but not how the scientific method could be correlated with one.”

Right. Evidence based Medicine is all the rage right now. It is a subject that I have discussed with Dr. Ed on several occasions and I do hope that he chimes in here. EBM and the Randomized Clinical Trial and Meta-Analysis are being heralded as capable of trumping other forms of evidence. Evidence from clinical experience is often refuted and relegated to the bottom of the pile based on the assumption that EBM (RCT’s and MA’s) are the best evidence available. Chiropractors are not against the scientific method, they are merely guilty of tipping the hierarchy in the favor of clinical experience (probably because of the lack of funds to do adequate studies). You may call that scientific heresy but objective results gained through subjective and objective clinical outcomes far outweighs objective data chosen subjectively by authors and biased RCT’s. Just look at gabapentin, or are we splitting hairs here?

Some good food for thought for you Steve, here is an excellent study performed by MD’s and DC’s together on the subject of hypertension and upper cervical misalignment that surprised the medical establishment recently:

Hopefully more RCT’s and MA’s will be conducted which will support the claims of those in my profession who adhere to the subluxation theory in coming years. If not, then we as a group will have to abandon and rethink how what we do affects our patients and the claims that some make. For me this will be of no consequence professionally, I do not make those claims. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water though until ALL of the evidence is in please.

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Medicare View Thread
Posted by John H on 2/24/10 at 17:44

Under the current proposal submitted by Obama the following will happen if it is passed:

Effect in March all payments to Doctors treating patients under Medicare/Tricare will have a 20% reduction in payments. I assume but do not know the same will hold true for hospitals.

I think this will really hurt all retired Veterans as we are all under Medicare/Tricare. Currently many of the Doctors who treat us are dropping out of the system and are not longer accepting us as patients. I do not blame them as from what I read it is difficult to make a profit treating us. They have to make up their losses from people who carry good insurance like Union members or the wealthy who can afford so called Cadillac plans. I suggest another 20% cut will finally seal the deal for many Doctors and there will not be enough Doctors who will serve the Veteran population and perhaps even the Medicare population. This is when the lines start forming for daily care which could lead to rationing.
I am hoping my Doctor of 30 years will keep me. I have no idea how specialist or hospitals will respond. The plan calls for the estimated cost of the current bill to be around $1 Trillion Dollars over 10 years. The proposed savings of $500 Billion will come from Medicare/Tricare. Supposedly mostly from stopping fraud. I think any reasonable person knows that there will be no $500 billion dollars in fraud to be saved. I think they will be lucky to find $5-$10 billion to be saved and the remainder can come only from reduced payments to Doctors and hospitals and perhaps drugs. Doctors are screaming now for increased payments for Medicare and instead we will be voting on a 20% reduction. Seniors in effect will be paying half of what it takes to insure the 30 million people who are uninsured. Most of us have planned and lived our lives to get to where we are. At our age it is hard to add more money to our medical outlays. When I joined the military there were big signs everywhere that we would have medical care for life. We are getting that but 'what type' is now the question. A General Motors retiree or a retiree from Congress will not experience what we who retired from the Military are about to experience. We have no Union to represent us. Hopefully this reduction in payments to Doctors will be pulled from the bill when they get down to the fine print but I seriously doubt it. Currently the bill Obama has sent forward is 1700 pages long. It appears the Democrats will use reconciliation and pass any bill they like. Getting even 51 votes in the Senate may not be as easy as the first vote. Senators and House Members now know what the public think of the health care bill. Around 73% of the public opposed the last bill proposed by the House and Senate. Many are up for election soon and know the possible consequences. I hope the two groups can seriously negotiate a health care bill that is needed but in a manner that is fair to all and not passed just to prove a point. I would suggest that we do this bill in steps and not all at once. If the first step does not work then it is easy to make changes. Some things clearly need to be in the bill that are not there for political reasons. Everyone should be able to purchase insurance across state lines. This would create much more competition and lower cost. Any person alive should be for Tort Reform. Billion upon billions would be saved with Tort Reform. Forget the Trial Lawyers Association and their donations. Many of our Senate and House Members are lawyers and probably even belong to this association. Increase the tax rate on the wealthy. The figure used for the wealthy has been suggested to be $250,000. That may be true in Cedar Rapids, Iowa but $250,000 for a family living in NYC or San Francisco does not make you wealthy. We all need to participate in the cost so just make it plain and simple. Figure up exactly how much we need and create a tax called the Health Insurance Tax and lay it on us in one form or another. VAT, Income,Sales or whatever. By calling it by it's rightful name we know what we are paying for. All this tinkering around such as the giving away of money to Iowa and Louisiana just creates more distrust by the public. The giving away the start date for the Union Health Insurance tax on Cadillac plans is a disgrace. Just more politics. These men and women in Congress need to learn the meaning of Integrity.

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4 Yrs PF Sufferer seeking answers View Thread
Posted by Soha on 2/18/10 at 07:23


I've had what's been diagnosed as PF for the past four years. I have tightness all over the fascia, pain and bumpy surface in the ball of the foot, medial and lateral area (The medial and lateral area are much worse than the center), but never at the area of the fascia's attachment to the calcaneus. Also, I never had the classic symptom of having sharp pain when I wake up. The pain is 100% correlated to weight-bearing activities. When I rest I'm better, when I stand or walk, it hurts, but it reaches the peak the next day and keeps hurting for possibly weeks because of a one brief visit to the mall. Standing is the worst enemy hurts momentarily, walking slowly is next in line, and strangely enough walking faster is much more comfortable (but hurts after I come to rest). I live in Egypt, where doctors don't seen to have seen many cases of PF (I paid a sour price for that in the 1st year, with wrong diagnosis and advice, until I started learning about it myself from the internet), also the treatment options are somewhat limited.

I've tried physiotherapy in the previous years on and off, but wasn't that effective. I miraculously found a great physiotherapist that also performs deep massages working on the trigger points, in addition to ultrasonic and IF and my feet started responding, but very slowly. I've been going to two sessions a week for the past 10 months, but I'm afraid I'm reaching a plateau.

I've been told by some doctors I have flat feet, and told by other I don't have flat feet, yet arches are falling under the weight of the body because my ligaments are not strong enough to hold them up (that's pronation I guess?). The two doctors that seemed to know better told me I have hypermobility all over my body, not just the foot ligaments, which I agree with and tend to notice it. Whatever the opinion is out of those three, I was advised to get shoe inserts. I now have a collection of off-the shelf ones. I got to find only ONE doctor in the whole country that does custom orthotics, yet they were a bit hard and don't think they were the perfect match. I had ones done by, using a foam foot print, they are pretty good, but not perfect. The case with all inserts, is that I always have to keep switching from one to another. None seems to keep me comfortable for more then a couple of weeks, then I turn to another ones, relieves me temporarily, then hurts, then I switch back to the first ones and they start giving me some relief again. I have never found an explanation for that, it seems everybody gets the perfect inserts after some search and that's that, but why do I need to be switching them over and over?

I've been seeing a chiropractor for the past two years to work on my foot alignment. It always feels better for some days after the session, yet I feel things get 'tangled up' once again after a while. Is that normal, or does it have to do with my hypermobility?

There were times when the pain was better, or I felt no paid for a couple of weeks (provided I'm very careful with activity level), then I'd be advised by the doctor to start walking now either to 'test' if I'm ok now, or to start strengthening the feet. Every time it threw me back into episodes of pain. What's the safe duration to wait after the pain had subsided before I can increase my level of activity? And is there a better way to assess PF progress, other than the level of pain?

I've started looking at the ESWT option. I haven't found anyone who does it in Egypt yet, but my physiotherapist told me he'd heard of one and he's searching. The point is, I need to be well prepared because I do not assume, even if I found a practitioner, he'd have much experience with PF. So my question now, given my PF is non-insertional, would ESWT still work for me at all? If so, would there be special considerations to take for that reason? Would one machine type work for a case like mine, but others wouldn't? Should it be high or low voltage?

Sorry for the very long post, but last two questions:

Is it still considered PF if it's not 'insertional', or 'proximal', as they call it or not? Is it a special kind of non-typical PF or it has a different name altogether?

I have relatively high uric acid, but it's below the threshold, can uric acid somehow not let the PF heal, or they're totally unrelated?

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Re: A highly political baby announcement View Thread
Posted by Allie on 2/17/10 at 15:59

Congrats Wendy! Have fun with the little cutie.

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Re: calcaneal osteotomy View Thread
Posted by stacy on 2/17/10 at 10:55

Thank you for your response. The doctor that did my surgery did say that the implant was to large. He felt that the kinder alone would be sufficient and decided not to put in another hyprocure. The partner did not actually say he thought the first proceedure was not adequate. He did however say that he felt that the slide and kidner would be the best approach to treat my foot. Clearly their opinions about the best approach differ. I asked whether the catching the toe of my sneaker incident could have damaged the tendon repair, the doctor did not feel that it should have resulted in re injury and the dramatic increase in symptoms. I did ask the partner if he felt that a new hyprocure and repair if necessary of the kidner would suffice. He said due to the current allignment, he did not feel that it would be sufficient.

What is being measured when the doctor superimposed a line from the heel to the forfoot?

Considering the conflicting opinions, I am going to have someone with a fesh set of eyes look at my foot. I called the office for a copy of my newest films. The partner called me to make sure I am seeing someone who is well versed in PTD. He have me the names of three different people and said that he too would get another opinion if it were him. Am I best seeing one of the doctors that he recommended (or is that conflict of interest) or should I go with a doctor at The Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC that specializes in PTD or a local orthopedist (foot and ankle) affiliated with a local university hospital?

I want to make sure this next surgery IS THE LAST
Thanks for your response

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calcaneal osteotomy View Thread
Posted by stact on 2/16/10 at 21:59

I have not been on this forum for a few months as my mom had a stoke and I have been balancing work, family and issues with my mom. In a nutshell. I had a modified kinder/hyprocure. 6 weeks later, I had a hyprocure removal as it backed out. I had a slow and frustrating healing process. 5 months post op, the toe of my sneaker caught on the floor and the pain in the surgical foot was about a six or seven for the rest of the day despite icing and resting. The next few days, pain was less so I figued all was fine. 4 days after the incident, I was having difficulty making it through the day and my ankle felt as if it was collapsing. I also noticed that the post surgical arch appeared to have flattened somewhat. I called to see the doctor. The doctor who did my surgey was out for four days but one of his partners was in so I saw him. The partner did a complete exam including watching me walk, stand, rise on my toes and took new x-rays. He looked at the digital images and superimposed a line from the heel to the forfoot. After looking at the films, he said that the allignment of my foot was the problem and alluded that he would not have don modified kinder alone. I had to stop pt because my tendon was VERY swollen. I an wearing a brace whenever I walk to try to calm things down. If things calm down, then I will be able to start pt up again. So far,I have been wearing the brace for 3 weeks. When I wear the brace, I can make it through a day at work, but as soon as it comes off, my foot throbs and becomes painful just walking to the bathroom. I feels as if my foot collapses and that my ankle pronates. The doctor feels that due to the allignment of my foot, without the calcaneal slide, I will continue to have problems. The other option is wearing a custom made brace for the rest of my life. He would also clean up the posteior tibial tendon and repair any new tears that have occured. I am SOOOOOOOOOO frustrated. Two surgeries later, I am left with two numb toes from the hyprocure (not painful but annoying) and ongoing pain from the the origional problem. It appears that the origional surgeon did the surgey correctly but not the correct surgery. In trying to be conservative, he may not have done enough to correct the situation. I am not happy about the possibility of a third surgery and part of it redoing part of the old surgery. I do have an appointment to have someone else look at my foot. The partner had no problem with me getting another opinion and infact said that he would do the same. What can you tell me about the calcaneal osteotomy? Pros cons etc. Any insights you can offer would be appreciated. I HAVE to be able to walk/work as due to the economy I am now the main breadwinner. I don't want to go from the fire into the frying pan.

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Positive Information View Thread
Posted by john h on 2/16/10 at 17:28

I found the following information to be positive. It is a bit surprising and rarely reported to consumers who could use some good news to get them in the buying mood.

'On a nominal basis before adjusting for inflation, Japans GDP last year totaled $5.09 trillion compared with Chinas $4.91 trillion, and the USA's $14.26 trillion.' This information was released by Japans Cabinet office yesterday.

Our Gross Domestic Product, even in these terrible economic times, has the U.S. far and away the largest producer of domestic product in the world. I would never guessed that or even have come close. The falling Dollar has turned around against the Euro significantly in recent weeks. Largely as a result of Greece approaching a total economic collapse. Greece is part of the Euro group of nations which are proposing to bail Greece out if they can meet the economic standards the Euro community is imposing on them. They have about 3 months to meet those standards. If they do not, no one really knows exactly what will happen, it is not in the interest of the Euro nations to have one of its own fail. It is currently devaluing the Euro and raising the value of the dollar.

Todays yield on a one year U.S. Treasury is 0.34 and on a five year is 2.32. These would have been considered the gold standard of safety a few years ago. Not so much now but still I can see nothing safer. The yields are unbelievable low. Consider under the Carter administration when we had super high inflation where a 30 year Treasury could yield 17%. Even at that enormous rate I was afraid to buy as it seemed inflation was moving at the speed of light. I think inflation and interest rates have to start moving up and moving up soon as our debt increases and we continue to print paper money. Inflation fears is what has driven gold prices over $1000 an ounce when only a few years ago gold was in the $300-$400 an ounce range. I just see no way to avoid inflation as we cannot pay down our national debt in the future. Gasoline prices have dropped below $2.30 a gallon at some places in Little Rock. Saudi Arabia is looking for other capital investments or manufacturing to raise money for the future as their oil prices have fallen so drastically and that is their only source of income.

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Re: How can I get rid of a corn on my second toe View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 2/15/10 at 23:16

I am going to ask that all questions and responses about corns and tattoo's be moved to another section of the board. Responses to questions on the Ask the Foot Doctors board should only be from the doctors and allied health professionals.

Thank you

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Re: Life after a subtalar fusion View Thread
Posted by Barb S on 2/14/10 at 17:33

Hi Suzanne,
I had subtalar fusion with auto and allo graft on 1/19/10. (Surgeon took bone graft from my shin bone, directly below my knee and they used donor bone to open up my totally collapsed joint.) I progressed quickly through the major pain meds, morphine in hospital post surgery, to Percocet after that, to Oxycontin/Oxycodone during the first week at home. Before week two I was off of everything, mostly because I hate taking pain meds but also because my pain tolerance has increased over the years. Basically the worse my ankle got, the more it hurt, the more pain I was able to put up with. However, that only lasts so long and I knew I needed this surgery eventually. I got to the point where I couldn't walk the length of a grocery store and definitely couldn't walk the mall anymore.
So...I'm nearly one month post surgery. I'm on my first 'real' cast. Post surgery I had been placed in two, half -splints of sorts and ace bandages until the swelling went down. I've been told that I will probably get another cast after this one and I am so very much hoping for an 'air cast.' Is that removable? I've been bothered by cramping in the leg that the cast is on and, as you can imagine, there isn't a thing you can do. I can only wiggle my toes and stretch as much as I can and wait it out! OW!
Dr.'s office recommended Tonic Water with quinine...yuck.
After my second cast, whatever kind they give me, I believe I get the 'boot cast' and this will be roughly on the same day I'm scheduled to go back to work --that date is exactly two months to the day of my surgery. I think that is very unrealistic given the fact that I will be expected to get my last cast off and 'walk' out of the dr.s office in the boot cast! HA! So I am scared about that because some days work requires me to be on my feet a lot doing training sessions and walking the room to keep folks awake and motivated! Then there's the balance factor too: My other foot needs this surgery as much as the right one did. I'm sure I'm going to be completely unsteady, at least for a while. I'm afraid of falling and breaking something! However,I have the rollabout too and I just love it. Its a rental because my insurance deems is 'unnecessary.' Imagine that. It doesn't help me much at home (split level) but is great when I go out and I know will help at work--even if I have the walking boot. I'll probably use a combination of both for a while until I feel more steady. You should do whatever makes you confident and comfortable at work. Perhaps speaking to your HR representative or your boss and explaining the accommodations you need: sitting more frequently; ability to elevate your foot; closer parking; etc.might be helpful. Any good company would rather see you at work with your foot in the air, than out and not working I bet.
Hope this helped a little.
Barbara S

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Re: Graston Technique View Thread
Posted by Kathy W. on 2/09/10 at 12:55

Hi all, the reason I found this is because I was looking for this technique as a friend told me about how useful it was for him. He had surgery on his ankle and developed scar tissue. His doctor ordered the 'Gaston' technique and he went to p/t where they administered the treatment. He said it saved his life, in that it was so painful for him to walk. The reason I was inquiring is that I have developed scar tissue in my knee post-surgically after 2 1/2 months and wanted a non-invasive treatment. I have a friend who is a massage therapist who actually does this procedure but it is not called gastoning, as well as deep tissue massage. I am calling my doctor today to see if he can prescribe p/t where they can do this procedure on my knee. I don't think I can knock it until I try it and I do firmly believe in the use of massage therapy, which is what this basically is, except for the tools they use. Good luck all and if I get this done and get back to this site I will let you all know how it worked (or didn't)!

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Snow View Thread
Posted by John H on 2/08/10 at 11:18

Snow is really coming down in Little Rock this morning. About 5' on the ground now with very heavy snow falling and accumulating. Take this stuff back to Canada Wendy. I saw on TV where you guys are hauling in snow for the Olympics. Something is wrong with this scenerio. Where is Al Gore?

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Re: Have foot pain for a while now nothing is helping View Thread
Posted by Allie on 2/06/10 at 08:17

Powderny -

It sounds like you are onto something when you say that the orthotics that you have tried work intially (your over the counter purchase and the Pinnacles). Because of that I am wondering if a semi-rigid pair would solve the problem. I know Pinnacles work for many folks, but over time it sounds like they are not providing enough support for your issue. My problem was only solved when I got into a good semi-rigid pair. Yes, they are expensive, but well worth it. I wish I had known about them before spending so much money on other orthotics, cortisone, MRI, and nerve conduction. Here is a link to the American Podiatric Medical Association that provides a summary to the types of orthotics:

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Re: Advice sought for "Diffuse Myofascial Pain" with detailed history View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 1/30/10 at 06:50


It's early in the morning on the East Coast (6:45 am) and I've got to run to the office, so I can't give you a detailed answer at the present time.

However, I'll make 3 quick points;

1) In the future, please refrain from calling any doctor a 'a-hole', since it can ruin a doctor's reputation without that doctor having the ability to defend him/herself.

2) I have full confidence in Dr. Wedemeyer, and it would probably be a great idea to make an appointment and let him evaluate you.

3) Dr. Steve Smith is excellent and very bright, and I would also have full confidence in his diagnostic and clinical skills. He also has a lot of integrity.

4) You obviously do have a very difficult case, and it would be tough to make any real significant recommendations without a hands on exam, considering the fact you've already attempted almost all conservative options, you've had blood tests, you've had an MRI, ultrasound, bone scan, etc., and you've been evaluated by the appopriate specialists. At this point, I believe that you may want to either visit Dr. Wedemeyer or have confidence in Dr. Smith.

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tarsal coalition View Thread
Posted by JeanN on 1/27/10 at 20:25

We are on LI in NY.My 13 year old has been dx with tarsal coalition. We have tried all the palliative treatments available. She limps and is still in pain.Her current orthopedist recommends surgery. Any recommendations for a surgeon either orthopedic or podiatric who is very experienced with this surgery?

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Message Number 263034

Pain and Tingling after TTS and PFR View Thread
Posted by amyw on 1/26/10 at 00:26

I underwent a Tarsal Tunnel Release and Open Plantar Fascia Release on January 8th. I wore a plastar splint for 2 weeks after surgery and was complete non-weight bearing on crutches. Two weeks to the day after surgery, the stitches were removed and I came home with an ace bandage still wrapped on my ankle, a velcro closure shoe and my crutches. My surgeon advised me to begin weight-bearing as tolerated.

I do have a bit more movement with each passing day, but am having a lot of swelling and tingling. It almost feels like an electrocution type of feeling. Most of the tingling is in or behind my big toe, but I also have it in my 2nd and 3rd toes in the front when I flex my ankle. And then there is a stabbing/shooting pain that will just come and go in 5-10 second intervals. Almost like someone is taking an ice pick and jabbing it into my foot. Plus, the pain is almost unbearable in my heel when I try to put weight on it - I guess that is from the Plantar Fascia Release?

The tingling is more bothersome than painful. It's just really uncomfortable to have these electric feelings constantly running through my feet. Even as I sit here it is just going up my toes. How long will this continue and is it something that is normal? Should I be calling my doctor or am I on the right track?

After reading so many horror stories on here, I just don't know what is normal. Sorry for writing a book...I'm concerned that I might not be on the right track.

I guess I just don't know how much of this is normal and what I should expect. How long will the pain last?

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Severe Tingling after Tarsal Tunnel Surgery View Thread
Posted by amyw on 1/25/10 at 21:03

I underwent a Tarsal Tunnel Release and Open Plantar Fascia Release on January 8th. I wore a plastar splint for 2 weeks after surgery and was complete non-weight bearing on crutches. Two weeks to the day after surgery, the stitches were removed and I came home with an ace bandage still wrapped on my ankle, a velcro closure shoe and my crutches. My surgeon advised me to begin weight-bearing as tolerated.

I do have a bit more movement with each passing day, but am having a lot of swelling and tingling. It almost feels like an electrocution type of feeling. Most of the tingling is in or behind my big toe, but I also have it in my 2nd and 3rd toes in the front when I flex my ankle. And then there is a stabbing/shooting pain that will just come and go in 5-10 second intervals. Almost like someone is taking an ice pick and jabbing it into my foot. Plus, the pain is almost unbearable in my heel when I try to put weight on it - I guess that is from the Plantar Fascia Release?

The tingling is more bothersome than painful. It's just really uncomfortable to have these electric feelings constantly running through my feet. Even as I sit here it is just going up my toes. How long will this continue and is it something that is normal? Should I be calling my doctor or am I on the right track?

After reading so many horror stories on here, I just don't know what is normal. Sorry for writing a book...I'm concerned that I might not be on the right track.

Any help would be appreciated.

I guess I just don't know how much of this is normal and what I should expect. How long will the

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Mass View Thread
Posted by john H on 1/20/10 at 16:01

Even Barney Frank and other high ranking Democrats have come out and said they must pay attention to what happened in Mass. He and others say there should be no stalling tactics in seating the new Senator and that if the people do not like the current health care plan they have other more important fish to fry. Of course Nancy Pelosi and some hard liners do not agree and they have no good options other than really make the people even more angry. This is all going to be very interesting to watch. IMHO I think the Democrats have over played their hand. The voters did not like Bush and wanted change but the public remains in the center or just right of. The Democrats have let the the Liberals who control leadership positions lead them down the wrong road. America has never been a liberal nation and is unlikely to become one. Many Democrats have been asked to walk the plank for these liberals and done so. Now the others are going to ask themselves is jumping off a cliff in my best interest. It has already cost an Arkansas Representative his job and likely will cost Senator Blanche Lincoln her job. She held out as long as she could but in the end accepted that Committee Chairmanship for a vote. Senator Nelson is now very sorry he took the Medicaid buy-off. this has all been politics at its worst. The Democrats can still save the day if they will move towards the center and not be led down the garden path by the likes of Pelosi and Reid (who will be history in November. If Barney Frank can see this then any Liberal should. Having super majorities in the House and Senate and the Presidency the Democrats have bungled a great opportunity by not listening to the people. They chose to ignore the people. You can count Cap & Trade as dead on arrival in the Senate and some other plans President Obama had on his agenda. He is still popular but nothing like he was. This is an arrogant man to be sure. I think he believes in what he is doing and may not be deterred by failure or the loss of his fellow Democrats seats. He appears to be somewhat of an ideologue. He is surely not what many of us thought he was and proclaimed during the run-up to the elections. He clearly lied on some of his claims. In hindsight Hillary would have been politically a lot more experienced and less prone to mistakes he has made. I do not think she is a true liberal but is left leaning. At the time I preferred Obama over Hillary but like most I believed in what he proclaimed. After all we did not have much to go on other than his 20 year allegiance to the Reverend Wright, which most of us ignored. Obama even threw him over board when it became necessary. After 20 years he surely knew who and what the Reverend Wright was. A racist of the first order. That alone should have scared all of us.

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Message Number 262849

Re: Heel Lift on side of Convexity of Scoliosis View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 1/17/10 at 22:05


I found the thread where we discussed your case previously. Please reread it and respond as the information appears to have changed entirely ( you previously stated that you exhibited a levo or left scoliosis and now are claiming a right convexity in the lumbar spine)? The right short leg is reported the same.

If your thoracic spine does not exhibit a compensatory curvature to the side contralateral of the lumbar convexity, who on earth are they calling this a thoracolumbar scoliosis?

With the information given I also feel that taking normal human variation into account and the lack of objective evidence that a structural insult has occurred either congenitally, surgically or traumatically AND that there is a lack of objective evidence that there is a compensatory thoracic curvature that you have an LLI vs. an LLD due to a true structural scoliosis.

If the curvature is in fact dextro (right) I would recommend having your provider try a temporary lift (1/2 of the difference) built into a functional orthotic device (it can be ground off the shell later). I cannot stress enough that this would not be the primary treatment for such a scenario in my office and I rarely used a heel lift for a functional short leg.

It may be better to correlate all of your findings and devise a plan for each are separately and to integrate them later based on the objective findings in the future. I am taking a personal interest in your case because frankly the clinical juggernaut you are being put through and ever changing and conflicting findings are disturbing to me professionally.

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Comment for lin k on arch pain View Thread
Posted by Allie on 1/13/10 at 21:39

Lin, Like your husband, I also had severe arch pain. It was not until I found the correct orthotics that worked for me that I had pain relief. Mine are semi-rigid and fit snug in my arch. It took me about 4-5 months to adjust, which is longer than most. I tried accomodative (soft orthotics), but they did not provide enough support. Like many others, I spent a fortune trying to find the correct orthotics. A podiatrist explained to me that as we age our ligaments losen, which makes the joints unstable, thus making the muscles have to work harder and hence the pain. I don't know if any of that would apply to your husband, but I, like him, went through every test and what it came down to was support for the archs. I have high archs. I am told that it is harder for folks with high arches, than for those with flat feet to find relief with orthotics, but that it can be done.

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Message Number 262777

Re: Severe pain in arches View Thread
Posted by Allie on 1/13/10 at 21:32

lin k. I want to tell you what I did for my severe arch pain, but I cannot comment on this board as it is reserved for 'Doctors only',
so I will give you a response on the plantar faciitis board.

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Message Number 262738

Re: Global Warming View Thread
Posted by Allie on 1/11/10 at 18:17

We need global warming in Florida as well. Our poor crops! Personally I am enjoying it.

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Message Number 262737

Re: Baby View Thread
Posted by Allie on 1/11/10 at 18:16

Congrats Rick. Love the name they selected.

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Message Number 262680

Re: Baby View Thread
Posted by Allie on 1/08/10 at 16:19

We wish her well and that she does not turn away the epidural. I had one with and one without. If I was having another I would certainly go for less pain!

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Message Number 262647

Re: Global Rebound View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 1/06/10 at 13:08

The money given to schools last year is gone. I'm afraid there will be many teachers out of work at the end of the year. Rural areas are especially in trouble as they have little manufacturing and many are out of taxes means less tax revenues which equals less money for education. As people move into larger urban areas to find work their tax dollars go with them.

It's nice to hear retail sales are up! Your son may well have found his calling.

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Message Number 262622

Re: Migration Patterns for 2009 View Thread
Posted by Alli on 1/05/10 at 13:07

That is interesting. Thanks for sharing that, Marie. Happy New Year.

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Message Number 262576

Re: No orthotics work View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 1/03/10 at 12:47

I am going to ask that the moderator not remove Linda and Hillary's posts just this once (this board is limited to responses from doctors and allied professionals). I would like to make a point here and I feel that it is important to leave their posts up for the sake of understanding this thread and my response to it. It is a recurrent theme surrounding a subject pertinent to this board.

First orthotic is a term that is generic and is used to describe most any device, made of most any material, casted from most any method (or prefabricated), by most any profession. It can also refer to bracing of other body regions. Orthoses is a more correct term for a truly custom device.

The three professions where there is actual didactic training in casting, manufacturing and dispensing (and the biomechanical training requisite to understand pathologic gait and the methods to resolve it. Chiropractors receive a full year of biomechanical and gait training but not specific to orthoses) the devices are the podiatric, orthotist and pedorthic fields. The podiatrist is the only one of these who possesses the requisite license to prescribe the orthotic modifications and the device. This is not to say that there are not CO’s and CPed’s who despite lacking the license to prescribe the device, are not more knowledgeable about orthosis therapy than many prescribing physicians. I have encountered MD’s who have actually taken the time to learn about orthosis modifications but they are rare. This makes sense for the orthopedists and physiatrists, though I am not certain that it is taught in their curriculum.

In most cases where there is a biomechanical fault great enough to cause pathology, a custom device that is either functional (or accomodative) is prescribed for the patient. Typically the prescribing physician (often an MD, DO, DPM) writes a script with little or no actual correction but simply writes 'custom orthoses - plantar fasciitis' for example and the entire process is left to the dispensing professional (I have found that podiatrists more often will reference the modifications that they feel are warranted). That script in the hands of knowledgeable, quality Pedorthists such as Jeremy or Brian here on the boards is more than adequate. In the hands of many providers who dispense these items it is simply inadequate as often there is a disconnect between what is truly needed and what is prescribed (or essentially not specifically a prescription), the correction and what the provider is actually dispensing. Often the correction is left to the dispensing professional.

Orthotic prescribing and dispensing are an art based on real science and often a process that requires follow-up and modification. It is an analytical process that is in fact standardized within the biomechanics field and reviewed constantly. The process should always include an oral history and physical examination including gait analysis. I often encounter patients where this process is simply taking a cast and filling the medial arch of the foot and the results vary greatly.

The point is that there is very little standardization in the industry and that there is a vast difference in the quality and specificity of devices among the professions. What was once a science and art and a mainstay of podiatry and based on medical necessity, has now become a service that many different professions provide and at dramatically differing levels of competence, methods and materials. This is especially true of the custom fabricated devices. It is essentially an unregulated practice in most states, excepting the specific laws that pertain to scope of practice. Even then the lines are blurred and you can walk into many retail chains where they will ‘evaluate’ instead of examine and dispense without any consideration to pathology, medical need or scope of practice and referrals to qualified physicians are often blatantly ignored.

The bottom line is caveat emptor or buyers beware. Not all professionals have delved that greatly into the current literature and methods and simply dispense a ‘customized’ device calling it ‘custom’. Even worse are those that should refer orthosis therapy out to those who practice and refine that practice daily or “work in the trenches”. Often there appears to be little thought to foot and ankle morphology, subtalar joint position (axis), how the ground will react with the device, foot wear and of course the soft-tissues being affected and how that will change the patients symptoms. The methods competing providers utilize to dispense truly custom orthoses varies greatly but in the current literature and teaching methods there are several methods and modifications which perform at a very high level to mediate patient complaints. There are a great number of excellent studies and peer-reviewed literature available which validate custom orthosis therapy for numerous conditions.

Unfortunately, not all orthoses (or orthotics) for that matter are created equal and it really comes down to the training, skill level and experience of your individual provider. There are also circumstances where orthoses will not resolve patient’s complaints despite your physician or provider’s best efforts. Medication, therapy and surgery all have a success and failure rate and there are always a small percentage of patients who will suffer chronic pain, disability and illness despite truly competent care. That said, always seek out a licensed and credentialed individual to prescribe your orthoses with the experience and skill to DIAGNOSE your condition and PRESCRIBE the correction. Ask around and do some research before committing to any orthotic procedure as to the methods your provider uses and whether it is a primary form of conservative treatment. This may save you the trouble of having a whole box full of orthotics of no use for you or your particular symptoms and condition.

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Message Number 262488

Re: The Bill View Thread
Posted by John H on 12/28/09 at 14:38

Rick: I am an Airizona Cardinal fan who once were the Chicago Cardinals and St Louis Cardinals. I lived on the north side and should have been a Bears fan but the Cards had my hero Charlie Trippi so I became a Cards fan. I have watched the Bears and Cards play in Wrigley Field. Not many can say that.

I have suffered with the Cards since 1973 in Chicago, St Louis, and now Arizona. They now have won two Division titles in a row, went to the Superbowl last year, and look good as long as Kurt Warner can chuck the ball to the best receiver in the NFL in Larry Fitgerald and Anquin Boldin. The Bears have really had QB problems for to many years. Until they get a good one they will suck. Just think the Giants kicked Kurt Warner off the team and yesterday he became only the second QB in history to throw over 100 TD's for two different teams. The other was Fran Tarkenton. The Bears could have had Warner for a few million.

The recent bomb attempt on an airliner may slow the Obama team down on not calling the war on terror a war. It also may slow down the pullout of troops next year in Afghan It will likely slow down his entire approach to war in general in that you cannot negotiate with terrorist who have been taught since childhood to hate and kill Americans. It is almost part of their DNA now. This war will go on for many decades and we must never let our guard down. The current funds for this war are largely coming from Iran who is on a fast pace to build an atomic bomb and a delivery system for it. What will Obama do? He has given them a deadline of 1 Jan 2010. What then Mr. President. The UN is not going to do anything. You certainly are not going to negotiate with the madman who runs Iran and who denies the Holocaust although your offer is still open. It will likely be Israel who comes to our rescue as they understand RealPolitik and real war. Their lives are on the line not in a decade but in a year as the current Iranian missile can reach Israel. You are the Commander in Chief Mr. President. It is going to take more than a threat or a good speech to deal with a clear and present danger. Are you up to what is before you? I sure hope so and pray you make the right decisions based on what is out there and not what is politically expedient. The clock is ticking for all of us not just Israel. A war in the Middle East will drag us into it one way or the other. Oil shortages would become enormous and tip our economy back into a bigger recession. You have my full support if you do the right thing and not let politics enter into your decisions. You have never been in the military, ran a company, led men and women or had to make life and death decisions. You have nothing to fall back on except your advisers. Use them wisely and do not try to micro manage as we did in Vietnam with McNamara and the 'Whiz Kids'. We have a lot of young women and men who are willing to die for us all. They deserve nothing less than the very best from those who give them their marching orders. They will march into hell itself.

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Re: Lawsuits and government plan View Thread
Posted by Allie on 12/17/09 at 19:12

I did not think so either, but I wonder how PI cases will work in light of the proposed 'health care reform'

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Message Number 262376

Lawsuits and government plan View Thread
Posted by Allie on 12/17/09 at 16:14

Can anyone explain how lawsuits would be handled with government run insurance. If a person is in an accident, will the government be paying for the settlements?

Are people being charged premiums for the government insurance or will those that are being insured through the government plan be taxed (tax instead of a premium).

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Message Number 262303

Re: health care bill View Thread
Posted by Dr. Ed on 12/11/09 at 23:52

It appears that the Obama Administration is not in favor of tort reform. The litigation situation is a huge driver of costs and adds to the difficulty with respect to the poor obtaining health care.
Dr. Ed

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Message Number 262265

Re: health care bill View Thread
Posted by Allie on 12/10/09 at 08:33

Well said Dr. Ed. I would ad that in addition to the middlemen in our country and vast litigation, I think our country is unfortunately does not get it as far as leading healthy lifestyles. We always hear that we are much fatter than other countries which we all know leads to an array of medical conditions.

One thing I am unclear on with government health care is how would lawsuits fit in? Who do the ambulance chasers go after?

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Re: Debating on whether to try a heel lift for a "short" leg. View Thread
Posted by JCA on 12/03/09 at 00:14

Dr. Wedemeyer,

Thank you very much for responding and I hope I can answer your questions:

1. Sadly, there are conflicting reports on this one and I don't have an upper body X-Ray to show. In 2002, I had an MRI done and it said I had a mild S-shaped curvature of the thoracolumbar spine. My 2009 lumbar X-Ray just said mild levoscoliosis. I think the prevailing majority wisdom says I do not have a severe upper spine curve. Basically, I am relatively straight from my neck down to my lumbar area where I start to curve. Now, of course, my spine does bend back a little bit in the opposite direction as you move towards the top in order to straighten out. My whole body is not like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Would a picture of my just my whole back be helpful?

2. A friend actually first noticed this back in 1997 when I was about 23 when I was looking in the mirror. This was never diagnosed as a child. In 2002, my right side, especially my hip started bothering me and I got that MRI back then which showed that I had that S-shaped curvature of the thoracolumbar spine. In addition to those that you have mentioned, I have seen Pain Management doctors, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons. I think the next on my list is a Physical Medicine Doctor.

3. No surgeries. I did play goalie in soccer in college and recreationally. A bit of diving there. In 2002 I had that right side/hip pain. I went to physical therapy and that got corrected. It was at that time I had custom orthotics built that I have been using ever since. I had no pain from then until March of this year 2009. Another data point, if it helps, is that at random times from around 2000 until now, my right leg 'gives out'. This usually occurs if I make a sudden cut (like in football) or some other sudden change in direction. Doesn't happen often, but it has happened. Sometimes it was just give out with no pain. Other times it would give out and there would be a sudden burst of sharp pain for a couple of minutes before going away. I usually catch myself before falling, but I have fallen a couple of times. Not sure if it is a nerve thing or a muscle thing or what. I also had a hip X-ray done that showed some mild arthritis and a right leg bone scan that showed what they called a benign bone island on my right femur, if that is even related to any of this.

4. My right femur was 49.7 cm and right tibia was 38.8 cm. My left femur was measured at 50.2 cm and left tibia at 39.3 cm.

5. The back X-ray was standing. The leg length x-ray was supine/lying down.

6. Here are some of the statements on the MRI reports. I have had 2 this year.

One I had in June 2009:

All normal except

L4-5: Mild bulge. No nueral foraminal narrowing
L5-S1: Mild facet hypertrophy

One I had in November 2009:

Lumbar vertebrae are of normal structure and alignment with preserved marrow fat signal throughout.

At L4-L5, this disc is desiccated and there is minimal right paramedian disc bulging without significant compromise of the neural foramina or thecal sac

At L5-S1, there is degenerative facet disease with overgrowth particularly on the right side.

Thanks again!

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Re: slippers View Thread
Posted by Allie on 12/01/09 at 07:53

Jeremy, Can these slippers accomodate a full-length orthotic?

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Message Number 262123

Re: orthotic pricing question View Thread
Posted by Allie on 12/01/09 at 06:59

Stacy - If $550 is all it takes to rid you of pain, thank your lucky stars!

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Message Number 262041

Re: Show me the money View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/25/09 at 08:44

I think he would be better suited to lead a Dale Carnegie class.

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Message Number 262030

Re: Flight 93 father speaks against civilian trial for 9/11 terrorists View Thread
Posted by John H on 11/24/09 at 13:33

Rick: The real reason for using civilian courts is political. Whether Eric Holder made that decision or Obama I do not know. Why some will be tried in a civilian and most will be tried before a military tribunal I have no idea. In any event the trial will be a circus that will last perhaps for over a year. How could you possible find a jury in NYC that was not impartial? How could any judge turn down a request for a change of venue? Could a judge throw the entire case out because they were not mirandized? Maybe they were. I do not know. I would suspect there is a lot of Secret information that may be revealed on the part of the defense. If this is open to the media can you imagine how this trial will look to all the Middle East people watching it day after day on TV. It will become the OJ trial all over again. The Islamist will be calling for retribution and jihad. NYC will be under a constant threat of some sort of retaliation. Even the jurors will be concerned about their safety. Added security will likely cost tens of millions in NYC. A military base is already secured. Protecting NYC is no small order. A military trial would be held on a military base which is much easier to protect and the rules of law covering a military trial are very different than in a civilian court. I have sat as a member of a military tribunal so have a good idea of how the process works. Eric Holder has sat a ticking time bomb in NYC if this trial proceeds as he plans. Some of the family members want the trial in NYC and some do not. What they want should not be the guiding principal of how a trial or where the trial is conducted. The law should prevail. These guys are clearly enemy combatants and should be tried as such. Are we setting a precedent of having to Mirandize enemy combatants we capture anywhere? A soldier in the field is not trained to Mirandize anyone and you can bet they kick__when they capture one of these guys and ask him question right now. Our leaders seem to project politics into everything. This is going to backfire. As we capture bad guys of this nature in the future perhaps we would be better served to turn them over to the government where they are captured. That is if those governments are friendly to our cause and will give us what ever information they gather. You can be sure these captives get a lot more than water boarding in Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. The bad guys in these countries give up anything and everything they know and as a result lives are saved and potential threats are aborted. Americans do not know how many threats the CIA and other agencies have thwarted as it would reveal to much information to our enemies. There have been many according to the leaders of these agencies. Here we are holding hearings on the CIA while our enemies are banging at our gates.

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Re: dansko professional (closed back) clogs View Thread
Posted by Jeremy L, C Ped on 11/21/09 at 10:05

There are three things that help neuromas: space, space, and more space. There are also some other characteristics that help. These include an accurate forefoot flex position (preferably with a rocker element to the sole) and a reduced heel pitch.

The reason I don't recommend Danskos (more specifically, most Danskos) is because they use a 1' or greater pitch angle. This can commonly reduce heel pain, ultimately leads to excess pressure and pain in a neuroma. This is why I more often recommend PG Lite Allegria clogs within this footwear category. It possesses all the desired functional characteristics, a less aggressive heel pitch, and the stock footbed is easily modifiable to gain additional forefoot volume.

On a side note, and I hope none of my allied health colleagues here or elsewhere take offense, most podiatrists have extremely limited knowledge in footwear. They will commonly know more than the lay consumer, but possess very limited knowledge and exposure to the full breadth of any particular brand's product collection.

An excellent example is New Balance. Podiatrists will frequently recommend patients to seek out this brand. There are good reasons for this:

- The brand is widely available
- There are a variety of widths, commonly stocked at most retailers
- The brand financially and otherwise supports the profession
- The brand has a reputation for excellence

What is not told is that the vast majority of shoes sold through the most common trade channels (discount, self-service footwear and department store) are most often the worst shoes the brand makes. Many times a patient's purchase may fit better, and perform worse than what they previously had.

My advice is the only advice that is really relevant is where an experienced shoe professional examines your feet AND present shoes to gain o true understanding of your needs. Podiatric stamps of approval and peer recommendations can be of value, but often limited to their own personal experiences.

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Re: Welcome Back View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/20/09 at 11:22

I know that was so funny about the message board being down bringing John to buy another pair of orthotics! I'm right about with you John with spending around $3,000 on orthotics. Ugh. Plus all the MRIs, nerve tests, blah, blah, blah. Oh well, at least we can all commiserate together.

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Message Number 261952

Re: Welcome Back View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/19/09 at 20:22

The one thing I noticed about this site compared to other sites 'discussing' politics is even though we have different opinions things are much more civil here.

And yes, I thought I had been blocked as well before seeing Scott's message.

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Message Number 261933

Re: Welcome Back View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 11/19/09 at 07:21

I kept writing to Scott to PLEASE get the message board up and running for two reasons.

1) Initially, people got the message that they could not access the site. Because I'm a moderator, many people 'assumed' that I was the one that 'blocked' them and they were angry with me, not realizing the site was down and I couldn't access the site either.

2) Because the site was down, MANY people tracked down my office phone number and began calling my office to ask me questions. Naturallly, I don't take calls when I'm with patients, especially from those who are not current patients. But my office staff wasn't very happy with all the calls from those 'expecting' me to simply get on the phone and answer all their questions.

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Message Number 261907

Re: dr. scholls foot mapping machine location in CA View Thread
Posted by Jeremy L, C Ped on 11/12/09 at 19:17

And please keep in mind that this warning is coming from someone who would normally have his patient traffic grow due to failures of people falling for the sales tactics of these modified I-Step machines.

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Re: To John and other veterans View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/11/09 at 14:53

Thank you to all of the Veterans! You are brave and are the best!

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Message Number 261868

Re: Ft Hood: many warning signs, political correctness cost lives View Thread
Posted by John H on 11/11/09 at 10:32

What if this guy was in a highly sensitive position like an Aircraft Commander on a B-52 or any of a number of positions where he could kill thousands? PC has and will continue to cost lives. Would I want a Muslim in a foxhole with me? Not really unless I could be positively sure he was not an extremist. How do you determine that? Yes, I hear most Muslims are good peace loving people but the facts are that it was Muslims that destroyed the World Trade Center and made various attempts to murder people in various ways. Our system of government allows the Imans to preach hatred and death right in our midst. If you are a military commander you are very hesitant to call to attention your concerns about a Muslim military man as you are likely to be labeled a bigot and thrown out of the service yourself. Even now, as the evidence accumulating each day about this man the news and government label him a mad man. He is no madman. He does what Muslim extremist do everyday in other countries when they blow themselves up along with hundreds of innocent people. Their philosophy is death to the infidels and in particular the Jews and Americans. The extremist believe the Koran wants them to kill the infidels. All this I write is very un-PC and we live in a very PC world. The majority of good Muslims living in this nation should show some initiative in pointing out the bad guys in their midst. They attend the same Mosque the bad guys do and are in a much better position to know what is going on. So far even the good Muslims have chosen not to speak out or furnish information. You do not have to be a madman to murder thousands. You just have to have a philosophy or religion you strongly believe wants you to commit these acts. We indeed have a 'War on Terror' which Obama has made a point of not callit it a War on Terror so as not to offend the Muslims both good and bad. There are people out there that want us all dead and we had better recognize it rather than go after the people who are trying to stop them like the CIA.

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Message Number 261852

Re: Ft Hood: many warning signs, political correctness cost lives View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/10/09 at 17:57

Absolutely Max and if anyone disagrees with you, they should be asked how they would feel if it had been one of their family killed by this crazy man. These people are out of their minds. They want us all dead. To hell with the PC police. Enough is enough.

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Chronic heel pain View Thread
Posted by Chris on 11/09/09 at 15:36

Ive been fighting heel pain for several years in both feet and just getting worse

which path should i take, my Heel pain(in both feet) is from PF, nerve entrapment or arthrittis.
Im pretty confident it's not gonna be PF which i thought for along time it was

I've done almost all things for PF including a walking boot on one foot for 4 weeks and was no better then other foot not in cast so this makes myself and orthopeadic surgeon think not PF.

I had blood work done and tested positive for HLA B27 so now maybe arthrittis, but maybe not too no way to test for that. SO currently my Rheumatologist gave me 4 different anti- flammatorys to try, still trying them to find one that helps.

I think in the meen time might go for a nerve test to rule that out ortho wanted to wait but why. I had ultrasound done but thats no help i guess never had MRI and there not calling for one yet just wondering maybe i should have that too?

thanks for any commits or suggestions


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Message Number 261841

Nuclear Power and Global Cooling View Thread
Posted by john h on 11/09/09 at 14:31

Today France is the most energy independent nation in Europe because of the enormous number of nuclear power plants they have and continue to build. The U.S. is currently building nuclear power plants in China which has created thousands of jobs for the equipment being made in the U.S. that go into these plants. We have 4 plants under construction in our nation which are due to come on line in 2016. There are now ways, which are being used in France, to use the spent nuclear rods and not have to store them in states that do not want them. The U.S. gets only 5% of its required power from such things as wind, solar, etc and it is unlikely we will not in many decades ever be able to stop using oil and gas. It is expected that in 10 years we will need 20% more energy than in use today. We do not need the small number of green people stop the production of gas or the drilling of oil or use of clean burning coal facilities. In the immediate future our energy needs are falling. Our oil and natural gas storage facilities are full and our oil refineries are only operating at about 85% of capacity. We have recently made some very large gas discoveries and oil. We are as close to becoming energy independent as we have ever been if we do not let the government mess everything up with new emission laws or other regulations. We should be building nuclear plants at all possible haste, Creates jobs and energy. The third world is not going to cut back on emissions and when you are hungry and make only a few hundred dollars a month rising waters are not that high on your priority list. They want to survive today. For three consecutive years the worlds average temperature has fallen.

Concerning global warming a compiled list of the most respected authorities agree that over the past year the earth has cooled between 0.65C--0.75C--a value large enough to wipe out most of the warming over the past 100 years.
This is the fastest temperature change either up or down ever recorded. Many of the scientist attribute this drop in temperature to a drop in solar activity which they claim is the largest driver in climate change and not greenhouse gasses. This does not mean that carbon dioxide is not acting to increase temperature but that now more powerful forces are now cooling it.


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Message Number 261794

Re: Letter to the editor View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 11/06/09 at 17:58

That was EXACTLY my point. It wasn't only the 'Christian' values. Thank you.

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Message Number 261779

Re: Letter to the editor View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/06/09 at 09:14

It was the Judeo-Christian values.

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Message Number 261778

Re: Illegals and health care loop hole View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/06/09 at 09:14

And another from CNN:

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Message Number 261777

Illegals and health care loop hole View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/06/09 at 09:10

Knew it would happen.

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Message Number 261724

Re: Letter to the editor View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 11/04/09 at 10:19


Nice leap. I didn't say government assistance to help people in need is wrong or that I don't support it. That's different from calling it a right. I think there is danger in presuming we have a right to all basic needs served by others.


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Message Number 261710

Re: Letter to the editor View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/03/09 at 20:28

Oh, how I agree Dr. DSW. My cell died recently and I bought a new one this weekend. I wanted the $200 Blackberry or IPhone or whatever with the keyboard for texting, but had to 'settle' for the $120 phone with the rebate. Need the extra $ to pay my premiums and co-pays.

People either live what they learn or try to steal from the system. I have a friend that was recently divorced. She makes little money and has two daughters. Her ex-husband (an IT person) makes about 100 grand and pays her ample child support, however she applied for free lunch for her daughters based on her income (w/o the child support) and got it. Her ex-husband was surprised when he learned of it and told the girls not to tell anyone or they may be made fun of - well maybe in his day that would have been the case, but these days the kids probably think nothing of getting free lunch.

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Message Number 261703

Re: Fellow Americans View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 11/03/09 at 15:53


Sounds like a great start. I'd like some way of making sure that they could rather seamlessly go back to private life without having their careers and retirement plans screwed up, but that's the least of my concerns!

Currently the pay-off comes from the wrong things. Most of their income comes from leveraging their powerful positions. The pay itself should be sufficient for very successful people to step out and serve then go back.


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Message Number 261668

Re: cheilectomy recovery timetable? View Thread
Posted by Melissa on 11/01/09 at 09:08

I had right great toe cheilectomy surgery on 10/27/09. The post-op pain was much worse than I expected. I had a nerve block in my right foot wich last over 24 hours. The pain got real bad the night of the 28th. I did not sleep well for three nights (I usually have a really high pain threshold). It wasn't until the night of the 31st when I finally slept well. My husband and I put together a pain med schedule because I think I was pretty hesitant to take too much. After calling my doctor 48 hours post-op because of excrutiating pain, here's what we came up with:

Vicodin alternating with Percocet every 4 hours.I started with only one of each every 4 hours, but it barely held me, so I went with 2 vicodin alternating with percocet or took one of each every 4 hours (there is tylenol in vicodin and percocet so I adjusted meds to make sure I didn't take more than 4grams of tylenol,the recommended limit). I tried Toradol in between(an anti-inlammatory) but it didn't do much. Otherwise, I have been on the couch with my foot elevated above the heart for the past 5-6 days and lots of ice, especially for first 48 hours. I have not put any weight on my right foot yet because it still hurts(I have stitches to the bottom of my foot because I had a plantar wart removed too). But, day six and I'm finally doing better. I have a walking boot which I think I will try today. I see my MD for first post-op visit on 11/3/09. Hope this helps.

Happy healing


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Message Number 261644

Fellow Americans View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/31/09 at 07:00

I received this e-mail. How about this for changing congress? Looks like something both sides could agree on.

Congressional Reform Act of 2009

1. Term Limits: 12 years only, one of the possible options below.

A. Two Six-year Senate terms
B. Six Two-year House terms
C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

2. No Tenure / No Pension:

A congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security:
All funds in the Congressional retirement fund moves to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, Congress participates with the American people.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, server your term(s), then go home and back to work.

4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan just as all Americans..

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

7. Congress must equally abide in all laws they impose on the American people.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

8. All contracts with past and present congressmen are void effective 1/1/10.

The American people did not make this contract with congressmen, congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

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Message Number 261636

Re: H1N1 View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/30/09 at 19:47

A private school in my area (grades K-12) has half the school out - 200 kids out.

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Message Number 261487

Regarding posting #221783 Jim View Thread
Posted by Jan#233;t Booton on 10/24/09 at 10:28

You would benefit tremendously from Organic Crystalline Sulfur. Go to and check it out.

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Message Number 261472

Re: sesamoidectomy - both sesamoids, same foot View Thread
Posted by Cailee on 10/23/09 at 08:31

Hello, I just came across this page while doing some sesamoid research. I actually had sesamoidectomies on both feet in the Winter of 2006-07. Instead of having the normal two sesamoids in each foot, I had four sesamoids in my left foot and five in my right! Each one was the size of a normal sesamoid. I had been in walking boots for several months before the surgeries and the entire process of both operations/recovery took about 5 months. Now, two years later I am still having pain when I stand for a long period of time (long as in more than an hour), walk long distances, or attempt to run outside. I can run on a treadmill great, but outside is extremely painful. The hallux valgus/bunions are working their way into occurring and I am looking to prevent the future need for surgery as well as any methods to allieviate some of the pain. Any advice?

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Financial News Remains Positive View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/22/09 at 19:11

401k's are beginning to recover and their calling for investors to return. Stocks continue to remain steady and overall are improving. Wal-Mart is calling for an increase of 1-2 %this year and as much as 6% for next year.

Unemployment is still going up but it's not where it once was. I wonder how long it will take before it begins to improve significantly? Will we have a lost generation of workers like they did during Japan's recession in the 90's? These are all questions that deeply worry the average American.

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Re: From the UK on Prez Obama View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/22/09 at 13:27

It does appear that he is more concerned about his 'image' among the liberals than actually focusing on his job (i.e. all the speeches, going on Letterman, etc.) He wants to be liked by the democrats, rather than taking hard stands that may not be popular. And yes, John he scares me as well.

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From the UK on Prez Obama View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/22/09 at 07:49

If al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest of the Looney Tunes brigade want to kick America to death, they had better move in quickly and grab a piece of the action before Barack Obama finishes the job himself. Never in the history of the United States has a president worked so actively against the interests of his own people - not even Jimmy Carter.

Obama's problem is that he does not know who the enemy is. To him, the enemy does not squat in caves in Waziristan, clutching automatic weapons and reciting the more militant verses from the Koran; instead, it sits around at tea parties in Kentucky quoting from the US Constitution. Obama is not at war with terrorists, but with his Republican fellow citizens. He has never abandoned the campaign trail.

That is why he opened Pandora's Box by publishing the Justice Department's legal opinions on waterboarding and other hardline interrogation techniques. He cynically subordinated the national interest to his partisan desire to embarrass the Republicans. Then he had to rush to Langley , Virginia to try to reassure a demoralised CIA that had just discovered the President of the United States was an even more formidable foe than al-Qaeda..

'Don't be discouraged by what's happened the last few weeks,' he told intelligence officers. Is he kidding? Thanks to him, al-Qaeda knows the private interrogation techniques available to the US intelligence agencies and can train its operatives to withstand them - or would do so, if they had not already been outlawed.

So, next time a senior al-Qaeda hood is captured, all the CIA can do is ask him nicely if he would care to reveal when a major population centre is due to be hit by a terror spectacular, or which American city is about to be irradiated by a dirty bomb. Your view of this situation will be dictated by one simple criterion: whether or not you watched the people jumping from the twin towers...

President Pantywaist's recent world tour, cozying up to all the bad guys, excited the ambitions of America 's enemies. Here, they realised, is a sucker they can really take to the cleaners.

His only enemies are fellow Americans.
Again,the question: why does President Pantywaist hate America so much?

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Re: Burning Sensation in Heel During lumber Stretch View Thread
Posted by Mara on 10/21/09 at 23:32

I am 57& have had 3 lumber spinal surgeries S/1l/L5/s1/l3/.4 last one involved 2 disc replacement ,since have had so many side effects to mention inc oxycontin taken to eaze the pain, sadly once upright pain increases & most days stuck homebound left in tears.My neurosurgeon has no answers for me.MY new local DR is treating me with acupuncture but no relief as jet.

Yesterday i was in a sitting position rotating my ankles due to my frequent fluid build up in my feet of late.
I experienced a severe sharp burning nerve pain on the inside of my right foot & heal.,at the same time a spasm in left leg above calf muscle.
THE pain still remains increases when slightly bending forward ,or slightly stretching my ankles
IM so concerned as to why this sudden severe onset,
also the last 6 months slight pain under both knees when standing could you please advise as to what might be the cause ? I would be so thankfull feel like im falling apart & realy not sure if I should rest or move about to free the burning nerve ?
yours Mara stephenson

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Re: Burning Sensation in Heel During lumber Stretch View Thread
Posted by Mara on 10/21/09 at 23:27

I am 57& have had 3 lumber spinal surgeries S/1l/L5/s1/l3/.4 last one involved 2 disc replacement ,since have had so many side effects to mention inc oxycontin taken to eaze the pain, sadly once upright pain increases & most days stuck homebound left in tears.My neurosurgeon has no answers for me.MY new local DR is treating me with acupuncture but no relief as jet.

Yesterday i was in a sitting position rotating my ankles due to my frequent fluid build up in my feet of late.
I experienced a severe sharp burning nerve pain on the inside of my right foot & heal.,at the same time a spasm in left leg above calf muscle.
THE pain still remains increases when slightly bending forward ,or slightly stretching my ankles
IM so concerned as to why this sudden severe onset,
also the last 6 months slight pain under both knees when standing could you please advise as to what might be the cause ? I would be so thankfull feel like im falling apart & realy not sure if I should rest or move about to free the burning nerve ?
yours Mara stephenson

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Re: Has anyone tried Good Feet? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 10/20/09 at 14:59

Shop as in retail? If you have foot and/or LBP I would recommend finding the appropriate doctors and avoid retail stores for a medical problem altogether. Additionally I would ask that doctor for suggestions for footwear or a referral to a Certified Pedorthist.

Retail solutions with a CPed on staff are required to observe referring the customer to the appropriate physician when their complaint warrants such a referral. This is a very gray area as they are also licensed to 'evaluate' any customer that walks in the door (I feel that this is a semantic mistake that should be corrected as Evaluation & Management fall under the scope of doctors and allied professionals).

If you have actual physical pain or other symptoms begin by having a proper examination by a duly licensed physician trained to diagnose and manage your complaints. If they refer you to a retail store for durable medical equipment, shoes, insoles fine but trusting your health to the owner of a retail store is ill advised.

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Re: Alpha Lipoic Acid View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 10/17/09 at 19:30

Good points Ed. Another problem with these medications has been an decrease in bone density and resultant osteopenia/osteoporosis in this population due to decreased stomach acid (HCL) available to help break down calcium.

Who are you calling a vegan sir? I do my part in reducing the grazing animal population, but I also eat my veggies like a good Californian

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Re: Why? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/17/09 at 14:50

The problem is that many countries, like Iraq, don't have rape laws. The rape was carried out by employees of KBR . Contractors were required to sign a legal document not to sue the company for criminal acts committed while in their employment overseas. Instead they'd be required to go to arbitration to validify the claim. By then much of the evidence is gone in a rape case. If the case is true , I have no reason not to believe her, it seems as though KBR pressured her not to report the incident and even forced her to work along side of her attackers. If this is true then I would dare say they acted irresponsibly. They contributed to the crime by trying to cover it up and if she was indeed locked in a metal container long enough for the evidence to disappear then again they would be responsible. This amendment is to protect Americans while servicing their nation. It protects the most vulnerable in a war zone. I would imagine that all US Senators would support that. Which makes me wonder, why? Was it political games? I don't know. All I know is that I hope women voters take note. I'm not big on suing anyone but believe there are times when it may be necessary to prevent more criminal acts of aggression on women. Arbitration laws as they where, prevented her from reporting the incident immediately and were used to attempt a cover up of a violent crime.

BTW the courts have already determined that her case is valid enough for the charges to go to court. Halliburton will be held responsible irregardless of whether the bill passed or not. Franken just used her case as an example
The courts ruled that Halliburton could not arbitrate her claims of assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent hiring, retention and supervision of employees involved in the assault, and false imprisonment.

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Re: Credit Cards ---The continued fall of the dollar View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/14/09 at 20:25

I'm with you on this one John!

One of the unnoticed industries that is falling to the wayside due to unfair trade with China is furniture. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find American made furniture. Some of the old furniture makers have shut their doors or are close to it. Some of the remaining ones are now contracting Chinese cos to make their furniture. Nothing personal against the Chinese but the product is just not the same. I was sorry to see Hitch__ close it's doors in 06. I think they were 188 years old. An American icon shut it's doors and no one barely noticed. Ashley, Berne, and Nichols & Stone all gone. Tell City is just a shell of what it was.

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Re: Breaking News - This Just In View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 10/13/09 at 15:07


They are changing the trophy to point the nose up into the air in preparation for the presentation. Might also have to lower the hand; might be blocking the teleprompter.

I just emailed one of my friends in the UK to get his reaction to this (the Nobel peace prize not the Heisman!) as well as his opinion regarding the overall image of Obama in the UK. I know after the election most seemed genuinely happy for us. One particularly bright friend was dumbfounded to hear me express concerns regarding Obama. He was under the impression that we were all simply delighted to be rid of all things Bush and anything the least bit similar. I didn't get too detailed, just mentioned that a call for change should be accompanied by 'from what to what' before I can get all giddy about it.


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Breaking News - This Just In View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/13/09 at 10:21

Obama wins the Heisman Trophy award after watching a college football game.

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Re: Cash for Clinkers View Thread
Posted by john h on 10/10/09 at 21:45

In the longer run Rick it did not help anyone in America. It may in fact have done nothing more than contribute to our national debt. Some people will say it contributed jobs. Maybe for a few months and at a cost of 1.2 billion dollars in rebate money. Those jobs it created will vanish as fast as they came as auto sames are falling back to a sales rate they were in. Americans are really in no mood to spend money and their perception of Congress is a reality more and more each day.

Most Americans do not realize what the loss in the value of dollar is doing to their savings or their future well being. The value of the dollar has dropped around 40% so I read since last September. If you think the recent increase in stock values has you back to where your were in September 08 you are very wrong unless you had your stocks in gold. Obama and his advisers are betting the falling dollar will result in increased exports before the world decides the dollar is not worth owing. If they are wrong on that bet we will be somewhat like the Titanic. We will know we are sinking but not exactly when the water will have breached all the walls.

The new health care bill soon to be passed will not take place until three years EXCEPT for the $500 billion in medicare savings. This is to begin immediately with lower cost for medical procedures and visits. Just hope my family doctor and other doctors do not stop seeing medicare patients. Most seniors do not even know that but they will find out soon enough. Hopefully before November 2010. One thing they do is vote.

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Re: Whats the difference between Hitler and Obama? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/09/09 at 18:08

I wondered the same thing when the kooky left was comparing Bush to Hitler. But at least the analogy had some sense to it. I think it's pretty interesting that the loony right has done the same. Just calling it from the left/middle as I see it.

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Re: Cash for Clinkers View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/09/09 at 17:22

Hi Allie,

I try very hard to remain on topic with facts but still admit I am a left leaning person. As far as spin goes.......the only one's spinning are the Republicans on how it hasn't worked. Let's face reality here. If it works, which it did, then it would hurt the Republican Party. I'm certain that the emails are a flyin' to prevent that.

How did President George Bush's bail out of the banks help you? Did it improve your life? Did it put people back to work in manufacturing?

Cash for Clunkers vs. the Bush Bank Bailout .........yes and yes.

Attacking me personally simply doesn't change truth. Americans have figured that one out. If you guys want to have an impact look to improving middle class America. Stay away from the marie attacks. Marie is on the moderate middle class side. I'm honestly trying to help the Republican Party with some political common sense. Take it or leave it. :)

best wishes to you!

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Tacked on to Health Care Bill View Thread
Posted by john h on 10/09/09 at 14:08

Senator Schumer (N.Y.) and Leader Reid have some interesting adds to Health Care bill that will be voted on next week.

Part of the way to save money or to increase revenue in the bill is to tax high end insurance policies. As it is now any plan that cost more than $21000 is taxed at 40%. Since there are a lot of high end policies in N.Y including high end union policies Senator Schumer and some others have offered up amendments carving up a deal by which the threshold for this tax will be higher in their states. In Kentucky you get taxed if your insurance cost $21,000 while in Mass you do not get taxed until your insurance cost $25,000. This carve out applies to 17 largely blue states.

Another feature of the Health Care bill is it will vastly expand Medicaid. The Federal Government will only fund part of it leaving the already strapped states to pay an additional 37 billion dollars. Governors of course are not very happy. Senate Leader Reid has come up with a plan for Nevada (He is trying to get re-elected) whereby if you live in Nevada the state will not have to pay any additional money for 5 years. This will be an amendment of course. When the bill reaches the floor expect all the Governors to come up with their own plans so they do not have to pay for this Medicaid charge. Pure politics at its best with no shame what so ever. Tax the people except for those in my state.

The falling dollar is starting to look scary. The administration is purposely not saying much about it or doing anything to slow it down. Their hopes are that it will increase exports which in time it will. In the meantime there are some really bad things that could result from this. If other nations begin to panic over the falling dollar we could have a real panic on our hands and people moving out of the dollar and into commodities such as gold (just hit an all time high of near $1025 per oz) or some other currency such as the Euro. Some countries are reported using oil in place of the dollar now but deny it. Anyway, we are playing poker here and our dealer is Secretary Tim Gethner. He had better be right with this gamble.

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Re: Cash for Clinkers View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 10/08/09 at 17:23


I want to know how much energy was used in making the new cars not to mention all of the other consequences, compared to the presumed savings. My minister preached about the evils of SUV's. Of cource she purchaced a new Volvo waggon every few years. How does that stack up to getting 10 years out of an SUV in the total energy and environmental impact? In a private moment I let her know what the engineers in the pews were thinking.

It does appear that the CfC program canibalized or front loaded sales from Sept and beyond. I'm glad to know that while I'm unemployed and haven't bought a new car since the 70's, I helped somebody else buy a car. It's almost as cool as buying my own right? But how do I show off my new proxy purchase when folks stop in?


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Cash for Clinkers View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/08/09 at 15:52

Wonder what Marie will think about this. I am confident that she will provide the 'correct' information as most times she believes that we all have the wrong information. I, on the other hand just am just not so certain about many things.

A clunker that travels 12,000 miles a year at 15 mpg uses 800 gallons of gas a year.
A vehicle that travels 12,000 miles a year at 25 mpg uses 480 gallons a year.
So, the average Cash for Clunkers transaction will reduce US gasoline ;consumption by 320 gallons per year.
They claim 700,000 vehicles, so that’s 224 million gallons saved per year.
That equates to a bit over 5 million barrels of oil.
Five million barrels is about 5 hours worth of US consumption.
More importantly, 5 million barrels of oil at $70 per barrel costs about $350 million dollars.
So, the government paid $3 billion of our tax dollars to save $350 milljimion.
We spent $8.57 to for every dollar saved.
How good a deal was that ???
They’ll probably do a great job with health care though!!

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The Next Shoe View Thread
Posted by john h on 10/08/09 at 10:23

Soon enough the next big shoe is about ready to fall on our economy. Banks are holding trillions of dollars in what should be called toxic assets in the commercial real estate market. There are thousands of large shopping centers and commercial buildings not taking in enough revenue to pay their mortgages. Many are paying interest only to the banks with no reduction in principal. At the same time the value of these assets are falling below the value of the loan. Many of these assets are or were under construction and many had to shut down. I do not know how many former big box stores now stand empty but they are in the tens of thousands and many have taken bankruptcy. At some point the banks are going to be forced by government agencies to recognize these bad assets. This could start a second recession due to the enormity of the debt. Why this gets little publicity, except in the trade journals and WSJ, I do not know. This really is a big problem just waiting to happen. At the same time the FDIC is running out of money to insure our deposits in banks that may be forced to close because of bad commercial loans. Our dollar continues to fall in value against other currencies. Gold is well over $1000 an ounce which suggest people do not have much faith in our economy. Nothing I read about suggest just how this will end. We have a long and winding road ahead.

Many knowledgeable people think before the end of the year Israel will attempt to take out Iran's nuclear facilities to at least slow them down. No one knows how Iran might respond. Since Obama has backed away from Israel we are unlikely to offer much support. Oil prices could rocket. Some of Iran's neighbors want admit it but would be very happy to see Iran's without nukes. Nations like Saudi Arabia with its monarchy. Lots of thing coming down between now and the end of the year.

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by john h on 10/03/09 at 12:26

Allie: Purchase one of the Goremobiles made in Europe. All Electric and built with our tax payer money. Built by European workers. Oh yes, they price only starts at $89,000.00. Sort of like the VW, the peoples car. They qualify as a green car and that is really what counts. This should go a long way towards solving energy problem.

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/01/09 at 17:34

Yes, and let's join Hollywood on their private jets, while they sit back and tout conservation. Bit hypocritical on their part!

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Re: China and Canadia --Oil View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/01/09 at 17:15

John that's not off shore drilling....both Rick and Allie specified off shore drilling.

They are buying Canadian oil not ours. If we open up some oil fields they can buy our oil as let's keep it. ;)

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China and Canadia --Oil View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/30/09 at 22:09

It is no urban legend that China is on the move to gain some leverage on oil in Canada who happens to be our largest importer of oil. They have purchased a stake in an Alberta Oil Company for drilling in the oil sands. Does this bother you at all?

Published: Sept. 2, 2009 at 3:57 PM
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CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 2 (UPI) -- PetroChina's $1.9 billion venture into Alberta's oil sands calls attention to the value of Canada's oil sands but is raising alarm bells about energy security.

Under the deal announced by Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. on Monday, PetroChina will acquire a 60 percent stake in its MacKay River and Dover oil sands projects. It is China's largest venture in Canadian oil sands to date.

Both projects are situated on some 5 billion barrels of yet-to-be-developed bitumen, part of Athabasca's nearly 10 billion barrels of bitumen reserves. Calgary-based Athabasca will continue to operate both projects, which will cost between $15 billion and $20 billion to develop.

Commercial oil could flow by 2014, with an initial production of 35,000 barrels per day and subsequent phases reaching a total 150,000 barrels per day.

The PetroChina-Athabasca deal, expected to close Oct. 31, will bolster Alberta's investment arena, hit by about $100 billion in canceled mining and oil sands projects since last year. Canadian oil sands represent the second-largest oil reserves in the world.

'Given the sheer size of the Canadian oil sands, it's an area that cannot be ignored by China,' said analyst Lanny Pendill with Edward Jones in St. Louis, the Calgary Herald reports.

But Carolyn Bartholomew, chairwoman of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, warns of a growing Chinese presence in America's 'back yard,' the Globe and Mail reports.

She said that state-owned PetroChina is a proxy of Beijing's Communist government and rejects the notion that it operates as any other commercial oil company.

'I think that an acquisition like this should raise national security questions both for the government of Canada and for the government of the United States,' Bartholomew said, calling for a thorough review by Ottawa that would include sensitive national security issues.

However, former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Gordon Giffin said he doesn't expect the Obama administration to oppose PetroChina's investment in the oil sands.

Ottawa has recently added a national security test to its Investment Canada Act, which reviews foreign takeovers above $600 million.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Tuesday acknowledged that PetroChina's investment in the assets controlled by Athabasca is more controversial than a private sector, foreign investment in Canada would be.

'I will just say that there are laws in place to review foreign investment transactions when they meet a certain threshold and our government has strengthened those reviews by including a clause that allows officials to examine issues of national security,' he said, the Globe and Mail reports.

Athabasca Chairman Bill Gallacher said he was confident that Ottawa would give a green light to the acquisition.

'Whatever customary reviews are required, we're going to follow that path and make sure we have all the fulsome disclosure required to make this project move forward,' he said.

© 2009 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 16:51

Yes, and I realized that after I sent my last e-mail. Please accept my apologies.

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 9/30/09 at 16:50

No offense 'Allie', but this particular message board is not for running conversations between patients. That's why there are several other message boards on this website.

It clearly states on the rules set by the owner of this website/moderator that the answers on this ONE particular message board are to be from medical professionals only. This is to avoid patients that visit this site from receiving conflicting or anecdotal stories or answers that they may receive on the other message boards on this site.

The owner wanted at least one message board that was restricted to professionals for patients that wanted only the input from those professionals. Therefore, I would recommend that if you have any excellent advice you simply move your 'conversation' to one of the other message boards. Thanks

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 15:00

Dr. Jorge Acevedo (orthpaedic - has fellowship in foot and ankle.) He is in Royal Palm so its a little closer to you. Dr. Howard Busch (rheumetologist) in Loxahatchee. A little closer too. He is very nice. Others are Dr. Schweitz (rheumetologist). Very Nice. Dr. Rommel Francisco (ortho)at JFK. I believe he has a fellowship from Harvard.

It is too bad that you had such a bad experience with Cleveland Clinic. I know they are not the Mayo Clinic, but it worked out real well for me. I can't believe they did not put you touch with Dr. Scheiber. They had me go to their sports med doc first, then rheumatologist (not the one you went to - I saw a female doctor), then to the podiatrist. For about six months (before going to teh Cleveland Clinic), I had every test in the world. It just came down to my arches needing support. Good luck. Keep us posted. We wish you well.

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Shelley F. on 9/30/09 at 14:29

Allie I tried to see her but when I applied for the appointment online I was put in the care of Dr. John Donohue. He is a rheumatologist. I only went one time which is my fault. I had my EMG done at Palms West and it was sent to him. I should follow up with him but it is a two hour drive from where I live. Quite frankly I didn't feel that doctor patient relationship in the least with him. I'm trying to find someone in the West Palm Beach area. I just don't know where to begin? Should I go to a rheumatologist or back to an orthopedic? If you know of anyone please share their names with me. Thanks for your response. Shelley

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 11:56

Shelley, I ended up going to the Cleveland Clinic as well. They referred me to Dr. Elizabeth Scheiber (podiatrist) in Boca Raton. She works two days a week at Cleveland Clinic and three days in private practice in Boca Raton. My problem did not turn out to be plantar faciitis, but rather, extreme arch pain that was alleviated by semi-rigid orthotics that Dr. Scheiber fitted me for. It took awhile to get used to them because they felt so hard in the beginning. The foot pain went away first, then the 'pain' from the orthotic took about four to five months to get used to.

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 10:25

Yup, Rick. Other countries are drilling right off of our coast. We are a bunch of nut-jobs that we don't do the same for petesake.

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Message Number 260948

Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 9/30/09 at 10:14


I have often hoped that we had a master strategy but if that were to be the case what are we waiting for? When everyone else runs out it's too late. We are sitting on our hands while other countries drill off of our coasts.

It will take some time to build the infrastructure and we are falling further behind. Other forms of energy are further behind but I'm still a proponent from multiple angles.


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Re: Dr. DSW: Do any of your TTS patients have a history of bulimia/anorexia? View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 9/30/09 at 06:23


I'm aware of the listed side effect of drowsiness with Metanx, it's clearly printed in the package insert, but simply haven't had any of my patients report that complication to me....yet.

On a side note, have you noticed a significant improvement since stopping the Metanx? Having the feeling of the ability of falling asleep while driving is also a symptom of sleep apnea. If you stop the Metanx, and also easily fall asleep easily while reading a book, watching TV, stopped at a long red light, etc., those are all symptoms of getting a poor nights sleep/sleep apnea and something you may want to discuss with your doctor, and a sleep study may be in order!

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Re: We are turning left -they are turning right. View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 05:45

Marie, Free college for all. In all seriousness, how much would that cost the country each year?

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/29/09 at 18:52

I think any president new to the job has an eye opening experience. Take Bush, he thought we could just roll in and change an ancient culture in the Middle East, he insulted our allies and distanced those he didn't. Obama has acted responsibly thus far. He doesn't speak out of the side of his mouth, his comments are tempered but his resolve is firm! I am very impressed with his abilities and our progress for foreign relations. Kuodos to Secretary of State Clinton. It's such a different approach and some is working, some not so much but his administration isn't afraid to take it on and change course. He is getting the full picture now and has some liberals screaming at him about the Patriot Act. I appreciate his calmness and practicality. Good for him.

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/29/09 at 15:12

I have felt for a long time Obama remains very naive in foreign policy. How does one negotiate with with folks that are so crazy and want to rid the world of those of us that are the so called 'infidels'? If he can effectively use his powers of persuasian, more power to him!

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Iran View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/28/09 at 18:11

They are our enemy. Why our leadership engaged with them in the Iran-Contra Affair is beyond me. They cannot be trusted.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said diplomacy and sanctions rather than military action are the way to persuade Iran to change its nuclear program as divisions emerge in the Iranian leadership.
Officials said Mr. Obama’s activist diplomacy has paid off in other ways, like the recent United Nations resolution on nuclear nonproliferation, and with Pakistan, where aggressive prodding by the United States pushed the government to confront the threat of Taliban insurgents near its capital.

Mr. Obama’s disclosure of Iran’s uranium enrichment facility, hidden deep inside a mountain, was a calculated move by the United States and its European allies to gain leverage over Tehran, by exposing it as dishonest.

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Re: Go, go Obama!!!!! Obama wins stricter stance on nuclear weapons at UN!!!! View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/28/09 at 16:43

Ole Maggie was very smart - and a realist! How do you get crazy, brainwashed men that want power over the whole world to give up their weapons? They want to destroy. Very sad reality.

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Cortizone question View Thread
Posted by AllenF on 9/25/09 at 23:54

My doctor recently gave me a steroid injection in the bottom of my heel for what he says is an advantious busitis. Two hours after the injection my pain level tripled and stayed that way for 4 days. Now, the fifth day, the pain finally seems like it is going down. The doctor did say, after he gave me the shot, that some people get what is called a 'post injection inflammatory reaction' for a day or so but I was not prepared for this level of pain.

Also, the doctor never mentioned to me, before or after the shot, any of the other side effects of getting a steroid shot. He simply acted like it was no big deal at all. After getting the shot I read in Scott's book many of the disturbing side effects of steroid injections and this has me worried. Shouldn't the doctor have explained this to me before giving me this shot? I find it quite irritating that he didn't. Do you doctors explain the side effects of shots to your patients or are these side effects so rare that they are not worth mentioning?

My doctor seems like a very serious and dedicated professional, but I find it galling that he would prescribe me a non-conservative treatment in such a cavalier manner.

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Re: ASTYM Treatment View Thread
Posted by lindsey on 9/25/09 at 11:46

Thank you all for all your advice. I am still in the Aircast right now I just take it off when I go to the therapist. He has been working on my range of motion but it is very painful. He doesnt get too far with it until he stops. I think the information you both have given me has helped out. Today is another treatment which makes 7. The doctor told me that if nothing changed after 6-8 treatments to come back to the office. I am calling the doctor this afternoon. I will keep you all updated on my progress.

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The most corrupt politician in Washington View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/22/09 at 15:13

According to a left leaning think tank Charlie Rangel is the winner of the most corrupt politician in Washington. Is it an accident that he replaced the former most corrupt politician Senator Adam Clayton Powell Jr. who ran off to Bimni island to escape the long arm of the law after being thrown out of Congress for corruption. This organization list the top 15 most corrupt politicians. It looked like they were evenly split between Republicans and Democrats but really that makes no difference. If you are a corrupt guy it is not because of your party affiliation. Of course Senator Murtha was on there for having basically his own government supported Airport near his home. It has three flights a day and all are to Washington and most are not even half full. Two Senators tried to enter or attach to a bill a proposition to stop the tax payer subsidy of some very big dollars ever year to this private Murtha Airline. According to the Senators you could buy every passenger that travels on that airline a free train ticket to Washington. Of course their attempt was defeated. Are our leaders in Washington crazy or what? Sort of like the bridge to nowhere in Alaska. Why do other Congressmen/Congresswomen let them get away with it? A million dollars to any of us would be major, to say the least, but these men and women treat a million or a billion like chump change. No wonder our economy is falling apart. They are as big as thieves as people in jail when it comes to spending our tax money wisely. We talk about waste in healthcare. How about look under you desk Senators and Congressmen and see how much savings you can find.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/18/09 at 11:49

I would not yell out you lie to POTUS under any circumstance Marie either in or out of the military. Even if it was Bill Clinton swearing he never had sex with that woman. He has lied many times but that is not the issue. Good manners is the issue. I do not think 1 person in 100,000 would approve of his yelling out.

Is it more offensive to do this to the President than if it were say the Leader of the House or Senate.? Not really as once again it is a matter of decorum,

Yesterday the President of Iran was once again spreading the word during holiday celebrations that there was no Holocaust. Does this guy really believe that or is he just using it? If he believes it then he is crazy and must be feared. If he is using it for political purposes then the people who believe him have some real issues.

If a person tells another person he is lying and he believes what he says is he a liar? Is there a husband who has never at one time lied to his wife? Are there big lies and little lies or is a lie just a lie? If you look at the dictionary a lie is a lie regardless of the consequences.

I do not really see anyone out there defending Wilson so people for the most part think he was wrong. I doubt any election is going to hang on this. The worst thing to come of this is that some people like Maureen Dowd is trying to make it a racial issue and sadly there are many who will believe her. You and I disagree all the time but neither of us has called the other a liar. We may say you are wrong but have not resorted to the liar name calling.

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Ryka sneakers View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/17/09 at 15:16

Jeremy, What are your thoughts on the latest Ryka sneakers?

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Re: Is this appropriate? View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/17/09 at 11:17

Rick I am sure you have seen what goes on in the English House of Commons and I presume the House of Lords. They are consantly booing and yelling at the speakers and calling names. Our House and Senate is like Alice in Wonderland compared to their method of government. That does no make their method any worse or any better. Often when we have a speaker on the House floor you will see represenative sleeping, talking to each other, and not paying any attention what so ever. It has come to be acceptable. All that can be done has been done and that is Wison was censored by the House. We can beat this dead horse to death and nothing will change. The talking heads seem to think the longer this thing remains news worthy the more it will actually hurt Obama which is why Obama wants to move on. He received a personal appology in writing and by phone. Why is 'booing' acceptable? Lets face it we have Senators and Congressmen lying every day and behaving like asses. Nothing new here.

Something worth discussing is the Obama announcement he is scrapping the Bush plan to place 10 defensive missiles to shoot down other missisles to be located in Poland and the Check Republic. Some will see this as a back down to the Russians who opposed this. It comes at a time Iran is firing test missiles and nearing completion of a nuclear bomb. Maybe there is a better way but I want to hear from some real military experts on this movement. Does it weaken our defense. How do our allies look upon this as these defensive missiles would do a lot to protect them from any shots fired. Obama says he has a cheaper and better way from the sea. We should soon start getting some real military information on whether we just got weaker or better. This is no small deal and none of us have enough information to make any kind of judgement.

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Re: Has anyone recovered from PF after 3+ years? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 9/16/09 at 22:50

Chris sorry if your questions got hijacked along the way. I feel that if you have not exhausted the treatments I have described above that you should seek a second opinion.

Alex I do not recall your entire complaint history and treatment to date but what Allie posted is a good question. I have had numerous chronic heel pain patients resolve with custom orthoses. After 4 1/2 years I can predict with fair certainty that that your case is now in the fasciosis stage.

Keep in mind that statistically less than 10% of all patients who have musculoskeletal and nerve pain disorders become chronic pain patients. This is despite your physicians best efforts and skill. Sadly we do not know why this is. When patients do not recover in a fair amount of time I always revisit their original case and diagnosis and refer out as a team approach is often necessary.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/16/09 at 11:49

Marie it seems that not only do Democrats differ with Democrats on health care but Republicans differ with Republicans. This is America and there is no right or wrong on health care among all people in America. We all would like, for the most part, everyone to have access to healthcare. The details get in the way. In hindsight Obama should have done the healthcare overhaul in pieces or should not have made it his #1 priority in the face of a horrible economy.

The largest problem really is how to pay for it. The nation has the largest debt in history and it is growing. We do not have unlimited funds so to do a Trillion or $850 billion dollar healthcare program is going to require some scrafices. If it is your ox that is being gored you are not going to like it. If it is your neighbors then bring on healthcare reform. Obama is really wrong when he says that healthcare will be deficit neutral. It is just not going to happen. He knows it, the public knows it, and the Congress knows it. No one will admit it. The public needs to be told in plain language just what it is going to cost them and how it will be collected. No more pretending you can get 45 million people insured deficit free. The public is just not that guliable anymore and have a distrust of big goverment since the nation was founded. That is the big difference between Europe and America. Europe's systems developed over centuries and most are apparently happy with what they have more or less. This nation would likely have a revolution before it would become a socialist nation. We cirrently have the far left in charge of th House with Nancy Polosi and the likes of Barney Frank. They do not represent the bulk of the Congress and theri powers exceed their numbers. In time this will change and we will have more moderate Democrats or Republicans in charge. It very much appears Harry Reid will be defeated in next years Nevada election as he is 11% more down inthe polls and falling. Time is not on his side. We are still a long way from being out of the woods with our economy as unemployment continues to grow and government revenues continue to fall. Currently we are staying afloat because business has cut back on overhead and inventory but hey are about as lean as they can get. August was a boom to car sales but that was an anomaly because of the clunkers program which is now gone. Nearly all home sales that are occuring are FHA backed meaning by you and me. We can only hope these buyers can continue to make payments. Obama needs to do more than make speeches now he needs some real world numbers to show we are recovering. Israel is on the verge of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities. One can only guess what that would mean for us. $ 5.00 a gallon gas??? What would that do to an economy trying to come out of a steep repression? Isreal is going to act in their own best interest as all nations try to do. The Congress and Polosi are in no mood to send more troops to Afganistan which our military leaders say is needed if we are to defeat the Taliban. We cannot afford to lose this battle. Pakistan and India are in danger if we do. Obama is right on this point. I hope he does not go wobbly on this one.

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Re: Has anyone recovered from PF after 3+ years? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/16/09 at 08:00

Chris, Other than the PT, have you tried some good quality custom orthotics?

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/15/09 at 20:49


I understand........we're all guilty of feeling defensive, including myself. My response was a bit over the top as well. But instead of countering with Ted Kennedy or Acorn, consider remaining on topic and start a new thread to discuss your thoughts on Kennedy or ACORN. For myself I am 10 times harder on Dems then I am on Republicans when they mess up. I try hard not to make excuses bad behavior based on bad behavior of the other guy. But I too get defensive and fall I did in my post. For that I'm sorry. I think you make your points much better for conservatives when you avoid diversion and focus on the problem at hand, otherwise it just doesn't come across well. I actually support many Republicans and have even campaigned for a few so please don't get the idea I think all Republicans are bad. :) I very much hate seeing the party falter the way they have. We need diverse points of view in the government. I'm hard on them because they need to get their act together or they may never be heard........even when their yelling.

BTW: I have many very conservative evangelical friends who are happy with Obama although they didn't vote for him, support Health Care Reform and were shocked so many people objected to his school speech. it's unfortunate that just few extreme points of view are being reported on. It's definitely a media run political show. That's why I think Wilson made a mistake. Dems and liberals had the same problem when Bush was in office. So hopefully Republicans are beginning to understand a little of what Dems went through.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/15/09 at 19:21

It's simple. You come across with a liberal slant and I am conservative, so it is only natural that we will stand up for our side. When you bring up the negatives about the republicans, I will usually counter with the negatives on the other side (on any issue).

I see mistakes with repubs needing to pick and choose their battles these days (just like with our children, right?) For example, the whole Obama speech issue. I agree that the first one that he was going to give was not appropriate, but after he made the changes it was really good. I especially liked when he told kids to be careful with what they put on Facebook! So far I've kept my kids away from it, but I have friends whose kids are all over it and not always writing the nicest of things. I believe that some repubs did speak up in agreement after the second speech was written, but the mainstream media did not pick up on that. They kept on reporting that the repubs did not like it and it made it sound like they did not like the second (the one ultimately given) speech.

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Re: Consumer Spending is UP! View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/15/09 at 18:49

Good news - spending for August and manufacturing up.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/15/09 at 18:26

btw Allie,

I think you're pretty stand up for admitting it was wrong........and please start a thread on ACORN! :)

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Re: Muslims In NYC View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/15/09 at 17:23

How about this one? A few years ago, some Muslims in one of our northern states wanted the daily church bells silenced. Like Marie said in a post about health care - we are a Christian nation. We were founded on Christian principles. I would add to that, that we are a Judeo-Christian nation.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/15/09 at 17:19

Wow, that is terrible that he is associated with Sons of Confederate Veterans. Just like it is terrible that Obama is associated with ACORN (have you seen the latest undercover videos of ACORN) and questionnable individuals. Our politicians scare me.

Yes, I agree it was very wrong what Joe Wilson did.

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Consumer Spending is UP! View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/15/09 at 15:19

This is good news and it's about time we get some!!! I hope for our nation this is a trend that continues!!!!! ;)
Retail sales jumped in August, spurred by widespread gains beyond the increases of auto and gasoline sales that economists expected.

The report is a sign that consumers may be less cautious about spending as the economy recovers. Consumer spending is closely watched because it accounts for about 70 percent of the nation's economic activity.

The Commerce Department said Tuesday that retail sales rose a seasonally adjusted 2.7 percent last month, after falling 0.2 percent in July. That beat analysts' expectations of a 2 percent increase, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters.

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Loose orthotics View Thread
Posted by Vicky on 9/13/09 at 18:29

I wonder if any foot doctor could shed light on my question. I have been wearing custom made orthotics for years but a year ago bought a new pair to help allievate my plantar fasciitis (left foot), I have been suffering with PF for nearly two years now. In the beginning the podiatrist who I saw said he could take my plantar away with these new orthotics....firstly though he taped up my foot for approx 3 days and in that time I was completely pain free. He then said he would make the orthotics to fit the same way. Unfortunately this isnt what has happenend, I went back after the first week for an adjustment and this helped but only a little bit. He was a little short with me and gave me the impression that he had done all he could. I never went back. I have now started with plantar in my right foot and I am sick and tired of the nagging pain I am experiencing on a daily basis.

Today, I tried an experiment, I bought some athletic tape and taped my orthotics directely to my foot paying attention to tape more under the arch. I then went out for a walk to see how that responded. I felt much better, I felt like my feet were straight for the first time in ages(I overpronate) and my PF pain was much less. I wondered if people more experienced tham me could say if this means my orthotics dont fit right and is it ever possible to get an orthotic to fit so well? Unfortunately, the tape is not too comfortable but I am seriously thinking of doing this each day to give me some relief, ideally, I would like to find someone with integrity and knowledge to make me some new orthotics but dont want to get the same ill fitting kind and feel at a loss as to what to do.
Would love someone who knows to give me an answer, if they can.
Thank you very much

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Illegals and Health Care View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/12/09 at 07:08

Unfortunately the health bill currently in the House, H.R. 3200, will not prevent illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded health care. While section 246 of the bill does state that illegal aliens cannot receive free health care, there are no verification requirements attached to the bill. Without verification, anyone will be able to access taxpayer-funded health insurance.

President Obama is not alone in wanting verification in any health care bill. More than 80% of Americans want these verification requirements. There is no reason for congress to not to work hard to ensure that these requirements are in any health bill passed by the House.

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Re: Republican Bad boys at it again................. View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/11/09 at 18:32

Yes, I read that you were in agreement. Just reiderating. Cheaters on both sides of the aisle. Look at all of the infidelity. Phew!

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Re: Republican Bad boys at it again................. View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/11/09 at 18:02

Ted Kennedy, Chappaquiddick, Mary Jo Kopechne, drinking, leaving scene of accident, democrat, need I say more? I'm with John it has nothing to do with party affiliation, but with character. Bad apples on both sides.

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Re: The war on terror View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 9/09/09 at 13:17


Valerie Jarrett is on the record as having had 'their' eye on Van Jones throughout his public career. So I don't think that there is any doubt that he was vetted and accepted. The implications for our government frightens me.

I suspect a large segment of the American public has been looking at each dubious association as an individual explainable situation. To me the pattern is astounding all the way back to Frank Marshall Davis. Sure we could pass off the William Ayers thing and Obama's incremental disclosure from a guy in the hood to, well yes we served on a board together, to well yes I did have a campaign meeting in his house.... perhaps if that was all there was. Then add one of the other three founders of the Weather Underground, Jeff Jones, and his association with the folks that assisted with the stimulus package (Apollo Alliance)and his current role for New York spending stimulus funds. Look at Obama's own book and his comments on with whom he associated in college. Then there's the Saul Alinsky thing. Did you know our president wrote a chapter in a book titled 'After Alinsky, Community Organizing in Illinois.' Add reverand Wright and a 20 year association, but our president didn't catch on to the Black Liberation Theology? This is all tin foil hat fodder? Khalidi, Rezko. As a staunch supporter of the constitution I'm profiled by Janet Nepolitano as a domestic terrorist, while Eric Holder freed FALN terrorists. Now we have the Czars with a range of beliefs from involuntary sterilization to white environmentalists sending polutants to minority neighborhoods.

Aren't there still several cabinet appointments yet unfilled? For an administration in such a hurry the formal process wasn't much of a priority. I'm not sure the constitution disallows the appointment of special advisors in addition to the formal vetted positions. But it would appear that we have a like minded carde of radicals running things behind the scenes.

1) The 'Czars' or any other kind of special advisor can't be allowed to replace or circumvent the constitutuional structure. We can't allow for a puppet cabinet and shadow government. For those that don't think that is happening please tell me what it would look like if it was, how different that looks from the current situation and how we can prevent it. Or is that ok as long as it's your guy?

2) Yes Congress should be alarmed. Not just from the perspective of what they may or may not believe is happening, but at least from the perspective of what this adminisrtation has demonstrated could happen.

We just elected the personification of the radical 60's, not the flower people of peace and love or hippies, but rather the Yippies.


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Re: A question for Jeremy View Thread
Posted by Jeremy L, C Ped on 9/07/09 at 21:04

Although it's a well made shoe, I believe there are models from other brands that do a better job mimicking what works well with your present shoes. The Aravon last is very combination shaped, and likely not broad enough in the shank. The Ursula from Kumfs is a shoe that will likely work exceptionally well. The Allison and Excite from Drew are also worth consideration. I suggest avoiding the new Z-strap Mary Jane model from PW Minor, as this new last often has fit problems.

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Re: The war on terror View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 9/07/09 at 16:03


You get major points for knowing that there were commercial motives intertwined with all of the other factors in the American Civil War. The South was an exporting economy and the North was becoming an industrial power in part by imposing tariffs on European imports. Of course any European response to act in kind would be to the South's detriment. Trust me, we don't teach this in our schools. Up here in the North we teach the self-righteous notion that we were eradicating slavery, while truth be known, 'free' Irish folk working in the North lived a similar existance. Many Northern regiments refused to serve after the emancipation proclimation. I just had the pleasure of reading the letters written by a soldier in the 56th New York, not a big fan of melinian. In the South they at least used teach that the Notrh invaded in violation of the constitution.

Since our Civil war was fought by an overwhelming majority of volunteers, just what the heck do you think the Southern farm boy was thinking? Why did he want to fight so that the rich dude could keep his slaves or so that he wouldn't have his profits erroded by tariffs? He indeed felt 'invaded' and in my humble opinion was energized by others doing what they thought to be the right thing to do. It would appear that this might be the only thing we found to disagree about;) Of course I failed to mention the fact that we thought this would would be over in one battle and it was grand adventure, perhaps the first time off the farm because that wouldn't support my arguement! I absolutely reject the notion of 'selling' democracy (of course we are not a democracy but a republic) at the point of the sword. I believe that there is a human nature desiring to control ones own destiny and be 'free.' But for one nation to impose that on another is a contradiction. Why then weren't/aren't we in Somalia, North Korea,.....
I'm thinking pure unadulterated B.S. but I'll settle for fallicy.

You asked if there is any doubt regarding the relationship between the World Wars. I don't think anyone with a functioning human brain that pays attention to and is exposed to truthful history would have any doubt. However; I'm not sure if you know how ignorant we are on this side of the pond. We package WWII in isolation to sell our 'saved the world' story to ourselves. We even think we 'won' WWI. At best the Yanks served as a tipping point. After Europe bled out all we needed to do was demonstrate a willingness to bleed just like the rest with our enormous resources and it was done. Just look at the disparity in casualty figures, then you know who was doing the bleeding. Don't even bring up the French. I'm not sure what your opinion might be, but we treat them as a joke. Just shows our ignorance. One word, Verdun. What a shame that their 'leaders' completly rejected the concept of a tactical retreat steming from national embarasment in the Franco Prussian war.

As for that ellusive root cause. I'd suggest that it's the lure of a fast buck at the expense of others. If we are getting rich because we are in cahoots with a few eliets in a country raping the resources at the detriment of the common folk, we are planting the seeds of hate. Somehow that hate seems to be easily directed to us opposed to those eliets. If we in the U.S. would read our own
Declaration of Independence and Constitution and stay faithful to those principles, not just when it's convienient, we'd be fine.


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Re: Grace for Obama and Bush View Thread
Posted by Tammy on 9/07/09 at 11:12

Wow Allie! First time I have been to this site in months and what a surprise to see someone point out the inherent hypocracy of this administration and our media. I suddenly feel the 'audacity of hope' flowing again. Thanks!

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Re: The war on terror View Thread
Posted by Dr. Ed on 9/06/09 at 18:08


One could go back in history to present the secondary motives behind various wars and illustrate those who profited from such wars. The oil companies were huge winners of WW2 as the US and it's allies vanquished the forces of Rommel, gaining enormous influence in North Africa. The United Kingdom and France carved up the remains of the Ottoman Empire after WW1 creating states with artificial boundaries such as Iraq, the consequences of which we are still dealing with today.

I do not have a scorecard to attempt to assess the virtue of the benefactors of the numerous wars we have fought. Certainly, the need to vanquish Hitler in WW2 was paramount. The issues in WW1 are a bit more unclear to me.

Saddam was a very bad dictator who murdered his own people and supported terrorism. He was offering families of suicide bombers checks for $25,000 when a family member strapped on a bomb belt and blew themselves up in Israel, killing innocent civilians. Saddam had a facility in Iraq to train airplane hijackers. Was that the facility used to train the 9-11 hijackers? Perhaps we will never know due to the Bush administration having to deal with the consequences of Clinton's hobbling of our intelligence gathering capabilities for 8 years prior. I am not going to second guess Clinton's motives but suffice it to say, he acted on the advice of inexperienced theorists who believed that Humint (intelligence gathering by agents on the ground) was not needed and could be replaced by Elint (intelligence gathered by electronic means such as satellites). It can take over a decade to repair Humint; Bush was in office for less that 9 months when 9-11 occurred.

The biggest loss that occurred by us eliminating Saddam was a counterbalance to Iran. We also did not have an effective long term strategy for stabilizing Iraq.

I would not want to tell the victims of terrorism that military efforts to eliminate terrorist bases and operations is a 'marketing ploy.' The deaths and injuries suffered by Americans in 9-11, the Israeli citizens for several decades as well as others are very real. We have every right to go after terrorists via military means and to deal with state sponsors of terrorism.


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College Football View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/05/09 at 11:07

Yeah. Start of college football today. A break from all of the opposing politics. Can't you just see congress getting along when they talk sports? All of the sports we have in this country is truly something great.

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Obam & Afganistan View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/03/09 at 15:24

There are reasons to leave and reason to stay in Afghanistan. My read on this is Obama is correct in staying. You got this one right Mr. President.

Reasons to leave:

Cost, Public is turning against it, no nation has ever been able to occupy or govern Afghanistan. They defeated Russia (with our help) in a long drawn out war of many years.

Reasons to stay and win:

It would be another case of just giving up like in Vietnam, the nation would likely once again come under control of the War Lords & Taliban, terrorist would once again set up training bases in the country, drug activity would pick up and the drugs would likely end up back in the USA, the world view of our enemies and even friends would be that of a Paper Tiger and embolden our enemies, the southern regions of Afghanistan which border Pakistan would likely put pressure on Pakistan which might even turn into an Islamist state who happens to have nuclear weapons, Increased pressure on our allies such as India. The people who bombed our nation on 9/11 are still there including Obam Ben Laden. There are probably some other very good reasons that are classified and which we do not have privy to. We are in a declared state of war with terrorism and this is a terrorist state.

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Re: going to try acupuncture tomorrow, any suggestions on what to ask for? View Thread
Posted by william prowse on 8/31/09 at 22:53

I have tried icing it everyday for the first 2 or so months, i also tried hot and cold water, back and forth. I have been using the night splint on and off if its not painful. I have been wearing z-coil shoes, and if not those i have a nice pair of running shoes with padded insoles that feel better than most shoes. I have tried taping it as well. And i have tried total rest by not putting any weight on my foot for two weeks. 90% of the time these rarely help, and sometimes they hurt it. Right now my number one priority is gentle stretching by pulling back the toes when seated. I believe this has been the most significantly beneficial treatment i have had.

usually the pain seems to stay the same unless i use it more often or i accidentally put weight to my heel on accident (falling backward for some reason.)

I live in california, south of san Francisco. I was diagnosed by Dr. darryl burns(a local podiatrist). I have talked to one other doctor, but most stretching techniques and icing techniques i have learned over the internet.

I have read good results of people using acupuncture to help there plantar fasciitis. From what i understand so far is that acupuncture doesnt have any side affects. I am one person who is not getting cortisone shots and strongly do not agree with surgery. I want to be great at the sports i was great at and i believe those could hurt me in the future. So i thought i might give acupuncture a try. If you don't agree it will help me, please tell me.

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Message Number 260228

going to try acupuncture tomorrow, any suggestions on what to ask for? View Thread
Posted by william prowse on 8/31/09 at 18:38

I have been calling around all day to find a person who has experience with treating plantar fasciitis and isn't to expensive. Luckily the only one with experience gave me a deal because i'm a very broke college student.

for those of you who have had great relief from acupuncture, what did they do? what shouldn't they do? if you had no relief, and you have just tried it, what did they do then?

Is there anyone i could get my acupuncturist to talk to that knows plenty about treating it with acupuncture? Is there anyone in the san Francisco bay area/san jose that is just incredible?


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Titanium repacement of left great toe View Thread
Posted by Linda T on 8/31/09 at 14:43

I had my initial surgery in 1998. The joint has come misalligned inside my foot. I'm in an aircast now...fourth time in 6 years. I keep having stress fractures in small bones of my foot. I normally wear an orthotic shoe with a built in roll bar to roll me away from the great toe. I'm 61 years old and still working on my feet all day. Is it possible to surgically re-align this joint? I see a foot and ankle specialist in Springfield, Mo.

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Re: AARP Poll finds 86% americans believe ....... View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 8/28/09 at 17:13

'Meanwhile, 35 percent of Republicans thought the public option refers to 'creating a national healthcare system like they have in Great Britain' -- but so did 23 percent of Democrats.'

BTW this example demonstrates how conservatives have inaccurately portrayed the public option by attempting to link it to GB's system. When in reality they are not the same..........not to mention vilifying our allies healthcare system was and is inappropriate.

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Re: Cast question? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/26/09 at 09:43

The fiberglass cast and cam walkers were both a waste for me. Did not find some relief until I got into some good plastic, semi-rigid orthotics that support my archs.

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Re: Frieberg's Disease View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 8/26/09 at 06:12

I'm a little confused. Frieberg's Disease really isn't a nerve pain, but is an osteonecrosis or bone destruction of the 2nd metatarsal. It's usually from some injury to the bone causing a temporary disruption in the blood supply causing the bone to break down, and then sometimes repair itself. This results in destruction of the joint and pain, since the cartilage is often destroyed and you end up with bone rubbing on bone.

This usually occurs early on in development due to some disruption, but can occur from some traumatic event. Unless your doctor is calling something else the wrong name.

The treatment for Freiberg's disease usually involves taking weight off the area, cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation or surgical intervention. Using Lyrica or an injection in your back seems more like a treatment for RSD/CRPS than Frieberg's. Are you sure we're talking about the same diagnosis?

Look up Frieberg's on the internet, I don't believe you'll see that it's treated with Lyrica or injections in the back. If the diagnosis is correct, you may want to seek another opinion.

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Re: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome View Thread
Posted by tom on 8/25/09 at 00:12

im sorry to hear about your panic attack, that sounds awful. a good friend of mine had a panic attack in an MRI recently and I can't even imagine how bad those must be. mine were never triggered during medical tests fortunately.
i presume when you say the EKG didnt show anything that you mean EMG. its hard to believe if your condition is extreme that the test would not show fact that sounds like complete BS to me. The test tests your nerve responses to movement. if your case is really bad the numbers would just be 0 or's a very simple electrical system measuring one point to the other, no way that sounds right.

sounds like your foot dr. is possibly saying the right thing but it is very important to get a second opinion on this (and the EMG if you could do it again at all). The EMGs are your GOLD in dealing with disability, they are the only sure proof we can get of our illnesses. I would do what you can to get a valid one for your TTS as this may make or break your disability claim.

try to get a second dr.s opinion if you can. doctors arent gods (though they seem to think so) and they are highly fallible. i cant tell you how many stupid *****ing doctors told me my ankle problems were just a sprain. and now theyre giving me crap about getting surgery- its just the corrupted system at work. and most doctors i am sad to say are nothing but __s, pay them $300 for an appt and theyll put a signature on anything. there are good ones out there though, u just gotta be diligent and find em.

vernie, dont give up- i know how those head trips can be- thinking about dealing with this stuff for the rest of our lives and all that. there are alternatives to western medicine though. i am having great success with acupuncture so far and my pain level today is lower than its been in months. there are so many ways this experience can be worked with to make life beautiful again. for one, it helps you focus on loving yourself more. try taking some hot baths and going to the park on sunny days to just lay down and r-e-l-a-x. it does wonders for me. youre strong enough to get through this and you just need to learn the ropes of this new challenge in life.

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Re: Health Care - What could possibly go wrong? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/23/09 at 15:57

Just because you politely answered my questions does not mean I agree with that what you wrote in your answers is exactly how everything will play out. Government is extremely wasteful and inefficient. I don't put much faith in government other than them doing an awesome job with the military. By the way, the only thing that they were responsible for when this country first came into being was the military(and trade and commerce). Phew, now look at it. I don't have confidence that my premiums and co-pays will be reduced once the health care 'reform' comes into being. I'll just have to continue paying escalating health care costs and then be taxed more!

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Re: Health Care - What could possibly go wrong? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 8/23/09 at 14:43

Noooooooooo cut my costs first. ;) All politics is local Allie. For you this is a justification for your stance.....but for others with a different story your stance is meaningless. That's why it's essential to remain on topic and open minded. It's not even gone through the Senate process yet........aside from that all your questions were answered so why keep harping on something that's already being taken care of? Oh political propaganda.

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Posted by Allie on 8/23/09 at 10:08

I am not as concerned about the life vs. death political strategy. I am all about cutting costs starting with why is health care so expensive, tort reform, then cutting insurance premiums, then looking at coverage for the uninsured. Why start covering uninsured before cutting health care costs, insurance premiums, etc. If we don't get to the root of the problem, high health costs, the government will also be paying for high health care costs (i.e. you and me paying for it). I cannot afford paying my high premiums, co-pays, then adding on higher taxes to cover others. Cut my costs firts, then raise my taxes. Makes sense fiscally?

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Health Care - What could possibly go wrong? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/22/09 at 14:53

Obama's health care plan will be
written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it,
passed by a Congress that hasn't read it,
signed by a president who smokes,
funded by a treasury chief who did not pay his taxes,
overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and
financed by a country that is nearly broke.

What possibly could go wrong?

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by Julie on 8/20/09 at 11:39

No, John, it was a response to Allie's post about phony ambulance calls. I should have made that clear.

This struck me in your post: 'My 94 year old widow neighbor has ambulance service often but she pays for a high price ambulance service insurance policy. Her medicare will not cover all of it.'

Our poor old National Health Service, groaning as it is under the weight of administrative bureaucracy and various other ailments, provides ambulance service to everyone who needs an ambulance. Nobody has to be specially insured for it. Nobody has to pay $200 (or is it $300) up front for the ride.

When I hear about this kind of thing - 94 year old widows having to pay for ambulance insurance - I am more than ever mystified by the inability of so many Americans to support a health service for all citizens, paid for out of taxation. Sure you'll have to pay for it. It will be worth it, believe me.

Allie, my answer to your question is a resounding, unequivocal 'Yes'. Supporting - yes, paying for - health care for all members of your society will benefit the lives of all your fellow Americans, and your own.

Wendy said, a couple of weeks ago, that what it comes down to is a difference in attitude, or philosophy: whether one cares about the whole of the community, or society one is a part of, or does one care only about one's own needs and circumstances. The difference is clear. I regard it as the job of responsible government to steer the nation's main concerns - i.e. education and health care - in the direction of the former. The US has succeeded fairly well, historically, with education. Health care needs reform. President Obama is trying hard to do his job, and I hope profoundly that he succeeds.

Here's a link to a good article. Well, I think it's good. But then I'm a progressive. Some of you may find it interesting, at least.


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Grace for Obama and Bush View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/20/09 at 10:32

If George W. Bush had made a joke at the expense of the Special
Olympics, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given Gordon Brown a set of inexpensive and
incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given him a thoughtful and historically significant gift, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an iPod containing
videos of his speeches, would you have thought this embarrassingly
narcissistic and tacky?

If George W. Bush had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had visited Austria and made reference to the
non-existent 'Austrian language,' would you have brushed it off as a
minor slip?

If George W. Bush had filled his cabinet and circle of advisers with
people who cannot seem to keep current on their income taxes, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to 'Cinco de Cuatro' in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the fourth of May (Cuatro de Mayo), and continued to flub it when he tried again, would you have winced in embarrassment?

If George W. Bush had miss-spelled the word advice would you have
hammered him for it for years like Dan Quayle and potatoe as 'proof' of what a dunce he is?

If George W. Bush had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a
single tree on 'Earth Day', would you have concluded he's a hypocrite?

If George W. Bush's administration had okayed Air Force One flying low over millions of people followed by a jet fighter in downtown Manhattan causing widespread panic, would you have wondered whether they actually 'get' what happened on 9-11?

I offer Obama grace on all except the 9,000 gallons of jet fuel.

If George W. Bush had been the first President to need a teleprompter
installed to be able to get through a press conference, would you have
laughed and said this is more proof of how inept he is on his own and is
really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes?

If George W. Bush had failed to send relief aid to flood victims
throughout the Midwest with more people killed or made homeless than in
New Orleans, would you want it made into a major ongoing political issue
with claims of racism and incompetence?

If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major
corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so,
would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had proposed to double the national debt, which had
taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would you have

If George W. Bush had then proposed to double the debt again 10 times
within years, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had reduced your retirement plan's holdings of GM
stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM, would you have

If George W. Bush had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take
Laura Bush to a play in NYC, would you have approved?

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/20/09 at 06:24

So...are you thinking that the best way would be to scrap insurance companies and just pay higher taxes (instead of me having to my private insurance premium, co-pay and deductible, plus higher taxes to cover the uninsured)?

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My 11 year old son's feet have issues- hammertoe, wart? Pediatrist or Ortho? View Thread
Posted by Rebecca S. on 8/19/09 at 20:10

Ok, so I seem to be learning more about feet than I cared to this summer!

My 11 year old son, who is almost 5'5' and weighs 155 pounds and wears a men's size 10 shoe (yes, he's huge) showed me his feet yesterday. I am shocked to see that his big toes are turning inward, quite sharply. Right now, they look a lot like the 'after' picture on this page:

But, I'd say the angle of each big toe is about 10 or so more degrees sharper than the after photo. The toes don't overlap or anything (yet), but this picture was the closest thing I could find in an image search for 'halux hammertoe.'

Obviously, I am concerned and don't want him to get to the 'before' stage. He does have retroverted hips and walks with very little bend in his knees. He has some gross motor impairments and turns both of his feet out when he walks, but his left foot more than his right. His pediatrician has always advised keeping him in good, supportive shoes, which I have always done.

I have had a heck of a summer with my own injury, and haven't been able to be as involved as I usually am w/ his personal hygiene, usually I am checking to make sure he trims his toenails, etc...but I KNOW that I helped him trim them in the middle of June, and his toes were NOT at that angle!

As if I wasn't alarmed enough by how his toes looked, he turns his foot over , and he also has what looks to be like a big plantar wart on his left heel, right in the area where you typically get PF pain on the side of the center of the heel! It is hard to tell for sure, because there is a big callus built up around it. He says this has been there about a month or so. But judging on how big the callus is, I'd say longer.

Where do I start with this? I have an appointment w/ a Pediatric Orhopedist for him in September, because I wanted his gait and hips re-evaluated to see if we could get him walking more naturally. He says he doesn't have any pain in his feet and played baseball all summer without complaining of any pain. The Ortho that he is seeing is the same doctor who took care of my daughter last year when she broke her elbow, and I do trust him and feel he is a caring and knowledgeable doctor. But he's not a foot and ankle specialist, though there are 2 of those in the same practice.

Do I wait and just take him to the Ortho appointment? Should he see a Podiatrist instead? And what about the wart? Is that something a dermatologist handles or what? Maybe I should just take him to his pediatrician? I don't need a referral and since I'm guessing he needs a specialist, I might as well just go on and locate one.

Just looking for a trail to follow so I know who I should start calling tomorrow! Is there anything I can/should do in the meantime?

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/19/09 at 17:43

We've been paying through our taxes for emergency rooms and ambulances for many, many years. You should hear the stories a friend of mine has on non-legitimate ambulance calls - things like 'oh, my arm fell asleep.' The city sends a bill to the address, but they don't pay, so it gets paid by you and me. It's one thing for true emergencies, but please! Many times they do not speak english.

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Re: Going to a waterpark resort w/ family- don't want to re-injure- best approach? Taping? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/19/09 at 17:37

Yes and taping provided only temporary relief for me. It was so great in the beginning and I thought I was out of the woods, but it didn't last long.

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Re: Going to a waterpark resort w/ family- don't want to re-injure- best approach? Taping? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/19/09 at 17:36

I agree with Dr. DSW about wearing the PowerStep/Crocs up until the last minute. This sounds crazy, but what I usually do poolside is sit on the side of the pool, take off my shoes and have the kids run them back to the chair. When I'm done swimming, the kids bring me a towel to dry off my feet and I put my shoes on poolside before I get up. I have not attempted a waterpark yet, but I agree with the doctor that you have to be careful not to overdo it. I know it's hard when you have kids and don't want to miss out on experiences with them.

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