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Message Number 261844
Chronic heel pain View Thread
Posted by Chris on 11/09/09 at 15:36

Ive been fighting heel pain for several years in both feet and just getting worse

which path should i take, my Heel pain(in both feet) is from PF, nerve entrapment or arthrittis.
Im pretty confident it's not gonna be PF which i thought for along time it was

I've done almost all things for PF including a walking boot on one foot for 4 weeks and was no better then other foot not in cast so this makes myself and orthopeadic surgeon think not PF.

I had blood work done and tested positive for HLA B27 so now maybe arthrittis, but maybe not too no way to test for that. SO currently my Rheumatologist gave me 4 different anti- flammatorys to try, still trying them to find one that helps.

I think in the meen time might go for a nerve test to rule that out ortho wanted to wait but why. I had ultrasound done but thats no help i guess never had MRI and there not calling for one yet just wondering maybe i should have that too?

thanks for any commits or suggestions


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Message Number 261841

Nuclear Power and Global Cooling View Thread
Posted by john h on 11/09/09 at 14:31

Today France is the most energy independent nation in Europe because of the enormous number of nuclear power plants they have and continue to build. The U.S. is currently building nuclear power plants in China which has created thousands of jobs for the equipment being made in the U.S. that go into these plants. We have 4 plants under construction in our nation which are due to come on line in 2016. There are now ways, which are being used in France, to use the spent nuclear rods and not have to store them in states that do not want them. The U.S. gets only 5% of its required power from such things as wind, solar, etc and it is unlikely we will not in many decades ever be able to stop using oil and gas. It is expected that in 10 years we will need 20% more energy than in use today. We do not need the small number of green people stop the production of gas or the drilling of oil or use of clean burning coal facilities. In the immediate future our energy needs are falling. Our oil and natural gas storage facilities are full and our oil refineries are only operating at about 85% of capacity. We have recently made some very large gas discoveries and oil. We are as close to becoming energy independent as we have ever been if we do not let the government mess everything up with new emission laws or other regulations. We should be building nuclear plants at all possible haste, Creates jobs and energy. The third world is not going to cut back on emissions and when you are hungry and make only a few hundred dollars a month rising waters are not that high on your priority list. They want to survive today. For three consecutive years the worlds average temperature has fallen.

Concerning global warming a compiled list of the most respected authorities agree that over the past year the earth has cooled between 0.65C--0.75C--a value large enough to wipe out most of the warming over the past 100 years.
This is the fastest temperature change either up or down ever recorded. Many of the scientist attribute this drop in temperature to a drop in solar activity which they claim is the largest driver in climate change and not greenhouse gasses. This does not mean that carbon dioxide is not acting to increase temperature but that now more powerful forces are now cooling it.


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Message Number 261794

Re: Letter to the editor View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 11/06/09 at 17:58

That was EXACTLY my point. It wasn't only the 'Christian' values. Thank you.

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Message Number 261779

Re: Letter to the editor View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/06/09 at 09:14

It was the Judeo-Christian values.

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Message Number 261778

Re: Illegals and health care loop hole View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/06/09 at 09:14

And another from CNN:

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Message Number 261777

Illegals and health care loop hole View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/06/09 at 09:10

Knew it would happen.

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Message Number 261724

Re: Letter to the editor View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 11/04/09 at 10:19


Nice leap. I didn't say government assistance to help people in need is wrong or that I don't support it. That's different from calling it a right. I think there is danger in presuming we have a right to all basic needs served by others.


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Message Number 261710

Re: Letter to the editor View Thread
Posted by Allie on 11/03/09 at 20:28

Oh, how I agree Dr. DSW. My cell died recently and I bought a new one this weekend. I wanted the $200 Blackberry or IPhone or whatever with the keyboard for texting, but had to 'settle' for the $120 phone with the rebate. Need the extra $ to pay my premiums and co-pays.

People either live what they learn or try to steal from the system. I have a friend that was recently divorced. She makes little money and has two daughters. Her ex-husband (an IT person) makes about 100 grand and pays her ample child support, however she applied for free lunch for her daughters based on her income (w/o the child support) and got it. Her ex-husband was surprised when he learned of it and told the girls not to tell anyone or they may be made fun of - well maybe in his day that would have been the case, but these days the kids probably think nothing of getting free lunch.

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Message Number 261703

Re: Fellow Americans View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 11/03/09 at 15:53


Sounds like a great start. I'd like some way of making sure that they could rather seamlessly go back to private life without having their careers and retirement plans screwed up, but that's the least of my concerns!

Currently the pay-off comes from the wrong things. Most of their income comes from leveraging their powerful positions. The pay itself should be sufficient for very successful people to step out and serve then go back.


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Message Number 261668

Re: cheilectomy recovery timetable? View Thread
Posted by Melissa on 11/01/09 at 09:08

I had right great toe cheilectomy surgery on 10/27/09. The post-op pain was much worse than I expected. I had a nerve block in my right foot wich last over 24 hours. The pain got real bad the night of the 28th. I did not sleep well for three nights (I usually have a really high pain threshold). It wasn't until the night of the 31st when I finally slept well. My husband and I put together a pain med schedule because I think I was pretty hesitant to take too much. After calling my doctor 48 hours post-op because of excrutiating pain, here's what we came up with:

Vicodin alternating with Percocet every 4 hours.I started with only one of each every 4 hours, but it barely held me, so I went with 2 vicodin alternating with percocet or took one of each every 4 hours (there is tylenol in vicodin and percocet so I adjusted meds to make sure I didn't take more than 4grams of tylenol,the recommended limit). I tried Toradol in between(an anti-inlammatory) but it didn't do much. Otherwise, I have been on the couch with my foot elevated above the heart for the past 5-6 days and lots of ice, especially for first 48 hours. I have not put any weight on my right foot yet because it still hurts(I have stitches to the bottom of my foot because I had a plantar wart removed too). But, day six and I'm finally doing better. I have a walking boot which I think I will try today. I see my MD for first post-op visit on 11/3/09. Hope this helps.

Happy healing


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Message Number 261644

Fellow Americans View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/31/09 at 07:00

I received this e-mail. How about this for changing congress? Looks like something both sides could agree on.

Congressional Reform Act of 2009

1. Term Limits: 12 years only, one of the possible options below.

A. Two Six-year Senate terms
B. Six Two-year House terms
C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

2. No Tenure / No Pension:

A congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security:
All funds in the Congressional retirement fund moves to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, Congress participates with the American people.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, server your term(s), then go home and back to work.

4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan just as all Americans..

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

5. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

7. Congress must equally abide in all laws they impose on the American people.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

8. All contracts with past and present congressmen are void effective 1/1/10.

The American people did not make this contract with congressmen, congressmen made all these contracts for themselves.

Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, serve your term(s), then go home and back to work.

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Message Number 261636

Re: H1N1 View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/30/09 at 19:47

A private school in my area (grades K-12) has half the school out - 200 kids out.

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Message Number 261487

Regarding posting #221783 Jim View Thread
Posted by Jan#233;t Booton on 10/24/09 at 10:28

You would benefit tremendously from Organic Crystalline Sulfur. Go to and check it out.

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Message Number 261472

Re: sesamoidectomy - both sesamoids, same foot View Thread
Posted by Cailee on 10/23/09 at 08:31

Hello, I just came across this page while doing some sesamoid research. I actually had sesamoidectomies on both feet in the Winter of 2006-07. Instead of having the normal two sesamoids in each foot, I had four sesamoids in my left foot and five in my right! Each one was the size of a normal sesamoid. I had been in walking boots for several months before the surgeries and the entire process of both operations/recovery took about 5 months. Now, two years later I am still having pain when I stand for a long period of time (long as in more than an hour), walk long distances, or attempt to run outside. I can run on a treadmill great, but outside is extremely painful. The hallux valgus/bunions are working their way into occurring and I am looking to prevent the future need for surgery as well as any methods to allieviate some of the pain. Any advice?

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Message Number 261471

Financial News Remains Positive View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/22/09 at 19:11

401k's are beginning to recover and their calling for investors to return. Stocks continue to remain steady and overall are improving. Wal-Mart is calling for an increase of 1-2 %this year and as much as 6% for next year.

Unemployment is still going up but it's not where it once was. I wonder how long it will take before it begins to improve significantly? Will we have a lost generation of workers like they did during Japan's recession in the 90's? These are all questions that deeply worry the average American.

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Message Number 261459

Re: From the UK on Prez Obama View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/22/09 at 13:27

It does appear that he is more concerned about his 'image' among the liberals than actually focusing on his job (i.e. all the speeches, going on Letterman, etc.) He wants to be liked by the democrats, rather than taking hard stands that may not be popular. And yes, John he scares me as well.

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Message Number 261445

From the UK on Prez Obama View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/22/09 at 07:49

If al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the rest of the Looney Tunes brigade want to kick America to death, they had better move in quickly and grab a piece of the action before Barack Obama finishes the job himself. Never in the history of the United States has a president worked so actively against the interests of his own people - not even Jimmy Carter.

Obama's problem is that he does not know who the enemy is. To him, the enemy does not squat in caves in Waziristan, clutching automatic weapons and reciting the more militant verses from the Koran; instead, it sits around at tea parties in Kentucky quoting from the US Constitution. Obama is not at war with terrorists, but with his Republican fellow citizens. He has never abandoned the campaign trail.

That is why he opened Pandora's Box by publishing the Justice Department's legal opinions on waterboarding and other hardline interrogation techniques. He cynically subordinated the national interest to his partisan desire to embarrass the Republicans. Then he had to rush to Langley , Virginia to try to reassure a demoralised CIA that had just discovered the President of the United States was an even more formidable foe than al-Qaeda..

'Don't be discouraged by what's happened the last few weeks,' he told intelligence officers. Is he kidding? Thanks to him, al-Qaeda knows the private interrogation techniques available to the US intelligence agencies and can train its operatives to withstand them - or would do so, if they had not already been outlawed.

So, next time a senior al-Qaeda hood is captured, all the CIA can do is ask him nicely if he would care to reveal when a major population centre is due to be hit by a terror spectacular, or which American city is about to be irradiated by a dirty bomb. Your view of this situation will be dictated by one simple criterion: whether or not you watched the people jumping from the twin towers...

President Pantywaist's recent world tour, cozying up to all the bad guys, excited the ambitions of America 's enemies. Here, they realised, is a sucker they can really take to the cleaners.

His only enemies are fellow Americans.
Again,the question: why does President Pantywaist hate America so much?

Result number: 17

Message Number 261444

Re: Burning Sensation in Heel During lumber Stretch View Thread
Posted by Mara on 10/21/09 at 23:32

I am 57& have had 3 lumber spinal surgeries S/1l/L5/s1/l3/.4 last one involved 2 disc replacement ,since have had so many side effects to mention inc oxycontin taken to eaze the pain, sadly once upright pain increases & most days stuck homebound left in tears.My neurosurgeon has no answers for me.MY new local DR is treating me with acupuncture but no relief as jet.

Yesterday i was in a sitting position rotating my ankles due to my frequent fluid build up in my feet of late.
I experienced a severe sharp burning nerve pain on the inside of my right foot & heal.,at the same time a spasm in left leg above calf muscle.
THE pain still remains increases when slightly bending forward ,or slightly stretching my ankles
IM so concerned as to why this sudden severe onset,
also the last 6 months slight pain under both knees when standing could you please advise as to what might be the cause ? I would be so thankfull feel like im falling apart & realy not sure if I should rest or move about to free the burning nerve ?
yours Mara stephenson

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Message Number 261443

Re: Burning Sensation in Heel During lumber Stretch View Thread
Posted by Mara on 10/21/09 at 23:27

I am 57& have had 3 lumber spinal surgeries S/1l/L5/s1/l3/.4 last one involved 2 disc replacement ,since have had so many side effects to mention inc oxycontin taken to eaze the pain, sadly once upright pain increases & most days stuck homebound left in tears.My neurosurgeon has no answers for me.MY new local DR is treating me with acupuncture but no relief as jet.

Yesterday i was in a sitting position rotating my ankles due to my frequent fluid build up in my feet of late.
I experienced a severe sharp burning nerve pain on the inside of my right foot & heal.,at the same time a spasm in left leg above calf muscle.
THE pain still remains increases when slightly bending forward ,or slightly stretching my ankles
IM so concerned as to why this sudden severe onset,
also the last 6 months slight pain under both knees when standing could you please advise as to what might be the cause ? I would be so thankfull feel like im falling apart & realy not sure if I should rest or move about to free the burning nerve ?
yours Mara stephenson

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Message Number 261423

Re: Has anyone tried Good Feet? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 10/20/09 at 14:59

Shop as in retail? If you have foot and/or LBP I would recommend finding the appropriate doctors and avoid retail stores for a medical problem altogether. Additionally I would ask that doctor for suggestions for footwear or a referral to a Certified Pedorthist.

Retail solutions with a CPed on staff are required to observe referring the customer to the appropriate physician when their complaint warrants such a referral. This is a very gray area as they are also licensed to 'evaluate' any customer that walks in the door (I feel that this is a semantic mistake that should be corrected as Evaluation & Management fall under the scope of doctors and allied professionals).

If you have actual physical pain or other symptoms begin by having a proper examination by a duly licensed physician trained to diagnose and manage your complaints. If they refer you to a retail store for durable medical equipment, shoes, insoles fine but trusting your health to the owner of a retail store is ill advised.

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Message Number 261351

Re: Alpha Lipoic Acid View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 10/17/09 at 19:30

Good points Ed. Another problem with these medications has been an decrease in bone density and resultant osteopenia/osteoporosis in this population due to decreased stomach acid (HCL) available to help break down calcium.

Who are you calling a vegan sir? I do my part in reducing the grazing animal population, but I also eat my veggies like a good Californian

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Message Number 261344

Re: Why? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/17/09 at 14:50

The problem is that many countries, like Iraq, don't have rape laws. The rape was carried out by employees of KBR . Contractors were required to sign a legal document not to sue the company for criminal acts committed while in their employment overseas. Instead they'd be required to go to arbitration to validify the claim. By then much of the evidence is gone in a rape case. If the case is true , I have no reason not to believe her, it seems as though KBR pressured her not to report the incident and even forced her to work along side of her attackers. If this is true then I would dare say they acted irresponsibly. They contributed to the crime by trying to cover it up and if she was indeed locked in a metal container long enough for the evidence to disappear then again they would be responsible. This amendment is to protect Americans while servicing their nation. It protects the most vulnerable in a war zone. I would imagine that all US Senators would support that. Which makes me wonder, why? Was it political games? I don't know. All I know is that I hope women voters take note. I'm not big on suing anyone but believe there are times when it may be necessary to prevent more criminal acts of aggression on women. Arbitration laws as they where, prevented her from reporting the incident immediately and were used to attempt a cover up of a violent crime.

BTW the courts have already determined that her case is valid enough for the charges to go to court. Halliburton will be held responsible irregardless of whether the bill passed or not. Franken just used her case as an example
The courts ruled that Halliburton could not arbitrate her claims of assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent hiring, retention and supervision of employees involved in the assault, and false imprisonment.

Result number: 22

Message Number 261299

Re: Credit Cards ---The continued fall of the dollar View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/14/09 at 20:25

I'm with you on this one John!

One of the unnoticed industries that is falling to the wayside due to unfair trade with China is furniture. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find American made furniture. Some of the old furniture makers have shut their doors or are close to it. Some of the remaining ones are now contracting Chinese cos to make their furniture. Nothing personal against the Chinese but the product is just not the same. I was sorry to see Hitch__ close it's doors in 06. I think they were 188 years old. An American icon shut it's doors and no one barely noticed. Ashley, Berne, and Nichols & Stone all gone. Tell City is just a shell of what it was.

Result number: 23

Message Number 261273

Re: Breaking News - This Just In View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 10/13/09 at 15:07


They are changing the trophy to point the nose up into the air in preparation for the presentation. Might also have to lower the hand; might be blocking the teleprompter.

I just emailed one of my friends in the UK to get his reaction to this (the Nobel peace prize not the Heisman!) as well as his opinion regarding the overall image of Obama in the UK. I know after the election most seemed genuinely happy for us. One particularly bright friend was dumbfounded to hear me express concerns regarding Obama. He was under the impression that we were all simply delighted to be rid of all things Bush and anything the least bit similar. I didn't get too detailed, just mentioned that a call for change should be accompanied by 'from what to what' before I can get all giddy about it.


Result number: 24

Message Number 261266

Breaking News - This Just In View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/13/09 at 10:21

Obama wins the Heisman Trophy award after watching a college football game.

Result number: 25

Message Number 261224

Re: Cash for Clinkers View Thread
Posted by john h on 10/10/09 at 21:45

In the longer run Rick it did not help anyone in America. It may in fact have done nothing more than contribute to our national debt. Some people will say it contributed jobs. Maybe for a few months and at a cost of 1.2 billion dollars in rebate money. Those jobs it created will vanish as fast as they came as auto sames are falling back to a sales rate they were in. Americans are really in no mood to spend money and their perception of Congress is a reality more and more each day.

Most Americans do not realize what the loss in the value of dollar is doing to their savings or their future well being. The value of the dollar has dropped around 40% so I read since last September. If you think the recent increase in stock values has you back to where your were in September 08 you are very wrong unless you had your stocks in gold. Obama and his advisers are betting the falling dollar will result in increased exports before the world decides the dollar is not worth owing. If they are wrong on that bet we will be somewhat like the Titanic. We will know we are sinking but not exactly when the water will have breached all the walls.

The new health care bill soon to be passed will not take place until three years EXCEPT for the $500 billion in medicare savings. This is to begin immediately with lower cost for medical procedures and visits. Just hope my family doctor and other doctors do not stop seeing medicare patients. Most seniors do not even know that but they will find out soon enough. Hopefully before November 2010. One thing they do is vote.

Result number: 26

Message Number 261191

Re: Whats the difference between Hitler and Obama? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/09/09 at 18:08

I wondered the same thing when the kooky left was comparing Bush to Hitler. But at least the analogy had some sense to it. I think it's pretty interesting that the loony right has done the same. Just calling it from the left/middle as I see it.

Result number: 27

Message Number 261187

Re: Cash for Clinkers View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/09/09 at 17:22

Hi Allie,

I try very hard to remain on topic with facts but still admit I am a left leaning person. As far as spin goes.......the only one's spinning are the Republicans on how it hasn't worked. Let's face reality here. If it works, which it did, then it would hurt the Republican Party. I'm certain that the emails are a flyin' to prevent that.

How did President George Bush's bail out of the banks help you? Did it improve your life? Did it put people back to work in manufacturing?

Cash for Clunkers vs. the Bush Bank Bailout .........yes and yes.

Attacking me personally simply doesn't change truth. Americans have figured that one out. If you guys want to have an impact look to improving middle class America. Stay away from the marie attacks. Marie is on the moderate middle class side. I'm honestly trying to help the Republican Party with some political common sense. Take it or leave it. :)

best wishes to you!

Result number: 28

Message Number 261180

Tacked on to Health Care Bill View Thread
Posted by john h on 10/09/09 at 14:08

Senator Schumer (N.Y.) and Leader Reid have some interesting adds to Health Care bill that will be voted on next week.

Part of the way to save money or to increase revenue in the bill is to tax high end insurance policies. As it is now any plan that cost more than $21000 is taxed at 40%. Since there are a lot of high end policies in N.Y including high end union policies Senator Schumer and some others have offered up amendments carving up a deal by which the threshold for this tax will be higher in their states. In Kentucky you get taxed if your insurance cost $21,000 while in Mass you do not get taxed until your insurance cost $25,000. This carve out applies to 17 largely blue states.

Another feature of the Health Care bill is it will vastly expand Medicaid. The Federal Government will only fund part of it leaving the already strapped states to pay an additional 37 billion dollars. Governors of course are not very happy. Senate Leader Reid has come up with a plan for Nevada (He is trying to get re-elected) whereby if you live in Nevada the state will not have to pay any additional money for 5 years. This will be an amendment of course. When the bill reaches the floor expect all the Governors to come up with their own plans so they do not have to pay for this Medicaid charge. Pure politics at its best with no shame what so ever. Tax the people except for those in my state.

The falling dollar is starting to look scary. The administration is purposely not saying much about it or doing anything to slow it down. Their hopes are that it will increase exports which in time it will. In the meantime there are some really bad things that could result from this. If other nations begin to panic over the falling dollar we could have a real panic on our hands and people moving out of the dollar and into commodities such as gold (just hit an all time high of near $1025 per oz) or some other currency such as the Euro. Some countries are reported using oil in place of the dollar now but deny it. Anyway, we are playing poker here and our dealer is Secretary Tim Gethner. He had better be right with this gamble.

Result number: 29

Message Number 261161

Re: Cash for Clinkers View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 10/08/09 at 17:23


I want to know how much energy was used in making the new cars not to mention all of the other consequences, compared to the presumed savings. My minister preached about the evils of SUV's. Of cource she purchaced a new Volvo waggon every few years. How does that stack up to getting 10 years out of an SUV in the total energy and environmental impact? In a private moment I let her know what the engineers in the pews were thinking.

It does appear that the CfC program canibalized or front loaded sales from Sept and beyond. I'm glad to know that while I'm unemployed and haven't bought a new car since the 70's, I helped somebody else buy a car. It's almost as cool as buying my own right? But how do I show off my new proxy purchase when folks stop in?


Result number: 30

Message Number 261158

Cash for Clinkers View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/08/09 at 15:52

Wonder what Marie will think about this. I am confident that she will provide the 'correct' information as most times she believes that we all have the wrong information. I, on the other hand just am just not so certain about many things.

A clunker that travels 12,000 miles a year at 15 mpg uses 800 gallons of gas a year.
A vehicle that travels 12,000 miles a year at 25 mpg uses 480 gallons a year.
So, the average Cash for Clunkers transaction will reduce US gasoline ;consumption by 320 gallons per year.
They claim 700,000 vehicles, so that’s 224 million gallons saved per year.
That equates to a bit over 5 million barrels of oil.
Five million barrels is about 5 hours worth of US consumption.
More importantly, 5 million barrels of oil at $70 per barrel costs about $350 million dollars.
So, the government paid $3 billion of our tax dollars to save $350 milljimion.
We spent $8.57 to for every dollar saved.
How good a deal was that ???
They’ll probably do a great job with health care though!!

Result number: 31

Message Number 261155

The Next Shoe View Thread
Posted by john h on 10/08/09 at 10:23

Soon enough the next big shoe is about ready to fall on our economy. Banks are holding trillions of dollars in what should be called toxic assets in the commercial real estate market. There are thousands of large shopping centers and commercial buildings not taking in enough revenue to pay their mortgages. Many are paying interest only to the banks with no reduction in principal. At the same time the value of these assets are falling below the value of the loan. Many of these assets are or were under construction and many had to shut down. I do not know how many former big box stores now stand empty but they are in the tens of thousands and many have taken bankruptcy. At some point the banks are going to be forced by government agencies to recognize these bad assets. This could start a second recession due to the enormity of the debt. Why this gets little publicity, except in the trade journals and WSJ, I do not know. This really is a big problem just waiting to happen. At the same time the FDIC is running out of money to insure our deposits in banks that may be forced to close because of bad commercial loans. Our dollar continues to fall in value against other currencies. Gold is well over $1000 an ounce which suggest people do not have much faith in our economy. Nothing I read about suggest just how this will end. We have a long and winding road ahead.

Many knowledgeable people think before the end of the year Israel will attempt to take out Iran's nuclear facilities to at least slow them down. No one knows how Iran might respond. Since Obama has backed away from Israel we are unlikely to offer much support. Oil prices could rocket. Some of Iran's neighbors want admit it but would be very happy to see Iran's without nukes. Nations like Saudi Arabia with its monarchy. Lots of thing coming down between now and the end of the year.

Result number: 32

Message Number 261022

Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by john h on 10/03/09 at 12:26

Allie: Purchase one of the Goremobiles made in Europe. All Electric and built with our tax payer money. Built by European workers. Oh yes, they price only starts at $89,000.00. Sort of like the VW, the peoples car. They qualify as a green car and that is really what counts. This should go a long way towards solving energy problem.

Result number: 33

Message Number 261001

Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by Allie on 10/01/09 at 17:34

Yes, and let's join Hollywood on their private jets, while they sit back and tout conservation. Bit hypocritical on their part!

Result number: 34

Message Number 260998

Re: China and Canadia --Oil View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 10/01/09 at 17:15

John that's not off shore drilling....both Rick and Allie specified off shore drilling.

They are buying Canadian oil not ours. If we open up some oil fields they can buy our oil as let's keep it. ;)

Result number: 35

Message Number 260977

China and Canadia --Oil View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/30/09 at 22:09

It is no urban legend that China is on the move to gain some leverage on oil in Canada who happens to be our largest importer of oil. They have purchased a stake in an Alberta Oil Company for drilling in the oil sands. Does this bother you at all?

Published: Sept. 2, 2009 at 3:57 PM
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CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 2 (UPI) -- PetroChina's $1.9 billion venture into Alberta's oil sands calls attention to the value of Canada's oil sands but is raising alarm bells about energy security.

Under the deal announced by Athabasca Oil Sands Corp. on Monday, PetroChina will acquire a 60 percent stake in its MacKay River and Dover oil sands projects. It is China's largest venture in Canadian oil sands to date.

Both projects are situated on some 5 billion barrels of yet-to-be-developed bitumen, part of Athabasca's nearly 10 billion barrels of bitumen reserves. Calgary-based Athabasca will continue to operate both projects, which will cost between $15 billion and $20 billion to develop.

Commercial oil could flow by 2014, with an initial production of 35,000 barrels per day and subsequent phases reaching a total 150,000 barrels per day.

The PetroChina-Athabasca deal, expected to close Oct. 31, will bolster Alberta's investment arena, hit by about $100 billion in canceled mining and oil sands projects since last year. Canadian oil sands represent the second-largest oil reserves in the world.

'Given the sheer size of the Canadian oil sands, it's an area that cannot be ignored by China,' said analyst Lanny Pendill with Edward Jones in St. Louis, the Calgary Herald reports.

But Carolyn Bartholomew, chairwoman of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, warns of a growing Chinese presence in America's 'back yard,' the Globe and Mail reports.

She said that state-owned PetroChina is a proxy of Beijing's Communist government and rejects the notion that it operates as any other commercial oil company.

'I think that an acquisition like this should raise national security questions both for the government of Canada and for the government of the United States,' Bartholomew said, calling for a thorough review by Ottawa that would include sensitive national security issues.

However, former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Gordon Giffin said he doesn't expect the Obama administration to oppose PetroChina's investment in the oil sands.

Ottawa has recently added a national security test to its Investment Canada Act, which reviews foreign takeovers above $600 million.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Tuesday acknowledged that PetroChina's investment in the assets controlled by Athabasca is more controversial than a private sector, foreign investment in Canada would be.

'I will just say that there are laws in place to review foreign investment transactions when they meet a certain threshold and our government has strengthened those reviews by including a clause that allows officials to examine issues of national security,' he said, the Globe and Mail reports.

Athabasca Chairman Bill Gallacher said he was confident that Ottawa would give a green light to the acquisition.

'Whatever customary reviews are required, we're going to follow that path and make sure we have all the fulsome disclosure required to make this project move forward,' he said.

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 16:51

Yes, and I realized that after I sent my last e-mail. Please accept my apologies.

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 9/30/09 at 16:50

No offense 'Allie', but this particular message board is not for running conversations between patients. That's why there are several other message boards on this website.

It clearly states on the rules set by the owner of this website/moderator that the answers on this ONE particular message board are to be from medical professionals only. This is to avoid patients that visit this site from receiving conflicting or anecdotal stories or answers that they may receive on the other message boards on this site.

The owner wanted at least one message board that was restricted to professionals for patients that wanted only the input from those professionals. Therefore, I would recommend that if you have any excellent advice you simply move your 'conversation' to one of the other message boards. Thanks

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 15:00

Dr. Jorge Acevedo (orthpaedic - has fellowship in foot and ankle.) He is in Royal Palm so its a little closer to you. Dr. Howard Busch (rheumetologist) in Loxahatchee. A little closer too. He is very nice. Others are Dr. Schweitz (rheumetologist). Very Nice. Dr. Rommel Francisco (ortho)at JFK. I believe he has a fellowship from Harvard.

It is too bad that you had such a bad experience with Cleveland Clinic. I know they are not the Mayo Clinic, but it worked out real well for me. I can't believe they did not put you touch with Dr. Scheiber. They had me go to their sports med doc first, then rheumatologist (not the one you went to - I saw a female doctor), then to the podiatrist. For about six months (before going to teh Cleveland Clinic), I had every test in the world. It just came down to my arches needing support. Good luck. Keep us posted. We wish you well.

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Shelley F. on 9/30/09 at 14:29

Allie I tried to see her but when I applied for the appointment online I was put in the care of Dr. John Donohue. He is a rheumatologist. I only went one time which is my fault. I had my EMG done at Palms West and it was sent to him. I should follow up with him but it is a two hour drive from where I live. Quite frankly I didn't feel that doctor patient relationship in the least with him. I'm trying to find someone in the West Palm Beach area. I just don't know where to begin? Should I go to a rheumatologist or back to an orthopedic? If you know of anyone please share their names with me. Thanks for your response. Shelley

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Re: Six years of on going foot pain View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 11:56

Shelley, I ended up going to the Cleveland Clinic as well. They referred me to Dr. Elizabeth Scheiber (podiatrist) in Boca Raton. She works two days a week at Cleveland Clinic and three days in private practice in Boca Raton. My problem did not turn out to be plantar faciitis, but rather, extreme arch pain that was alleviated by semi-rigid orthotics that Dr. Scheiber fitted me for. It took awhile to get used to them because they felt so hard in the beginning. The foot pain went away first, then the 'pain' from the orthotic took about four to five months to get used to.

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 10:25

Yup, Rick. Other countries are drilling right off of our coast. We are a bunch of nut-jobs that we don't do the same for petesake.

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 9/30/09 at 10:14


I have often hoped that we had a master strategy but if that were to be the case what are we waiting for? When everyone else runs out it's too late. We are sitting on our hands while other countries drill off of our coasts.

It will take some time to build the infrastructure and we are falling further behind. Other forms of energy are further behind but I'm still a proponent from multiple angles.


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Re: Dr. DSW: Do any of your TTS patients have a history of bulimia/anorexia? View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 9/30/09 at 06:23


I'm aware of the listed side effect of drowsiness with Metanx, it's clearly printed in the package insert, but simply haven't had any of my patients report that complication to me....yet.

On a side note, have you noticed a significant improvement since stopping the Metanx? Having the feeling of the ability of falling asleep while driving is also a symptom of sleep apnea. If you stop the Metanx, and also easily fall asleep easily while reading a book, watching TV, stopped at a long red light, etc., those are all symptoms of getting a poor nights sleep/sleep apnea and something you may want to discuss with your doctor, and a sleep study may be in order!

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Re: We are turning left -they are turning right. View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/30/09 at 05:45

Marie, Free college for all. In all seriousness, how much would that cost the country each year?

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/29/09 at 18:52

I think any president new to the job has an eye opening experience. Take Bush, he thought we could just roll in and change an ancient culture in the Middle East, he insulted our allies and distanced those he didn't. Obama has acted responsibly thus far. He doesn't speak out of the side of his mouth, his comments are tempered but his resolve is firm! I am very impressed with his abilities and our progress for foreign relations. Kuodos to Secretary of State Clinton. It's such a different approach and some is working, some not so much but his administration isn't afraid to take it on and change course. He is getting the full picture now and has some liberals screaming at him about the Patriot Act. I appreciate his calmness and practicality. Good for him.

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Re: Iran View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/29/09 at 15:12

I have felt for a long time Obama remains very naive in foreign policy. How does one negotiate with with folks that are so crazy and want to rid the world of those of us that are the so called 'infidels'? If he can effectively use his powers of persuasian, more power to him!

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Iran View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/28/09 at 18:11

They are our enemy. Why our leadership engaged with them in the Iran-Contra Affair is beyond me. They cannot be trusted.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said diplomacy and sanctions rather than military action are the way to persuade Iran to change its nuclear program as divisions emerge in the Iranian leadership.
Officials said Mr. Obama’s activist diplomacy has paid off in other ways, like the recent United Nations resolution on nuclear nonproliferation, and with Pakistan, where aggressive prodding by the United States pushed the government to confront the threat of Taliban insurgents near its capital.

Mr. Obama’s disclosure of Iran’s uranium enrichment facility, hidden deep inside a mountain, was a calculated move by the United States and its European allies to gain leverage over Tehran, by exposing it as dishonest.

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Re: Go, go Obama!!!!! Obama wins stricter stance on nuclear weapons at UN!!!! View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/28/09 at 16:43

Ole Maggie was very smart - and a realist! How do you get crazy, brainwashed men that want power over the whole world to give up their weapons? They want to destroy. Very sad reality.

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Cortizone question View Thread
Posted by AllenF on 9/25/09 at 23:54

My doctor recently gave me a steroid injection in the bottom of my heel for what he says is an advantious busitis. Two hours after the injection my pain level tripled and stayed that way for 4 days. Now, the fifth day, the pain finally seems like it is going down. The doctor did say, after he gave me the shot, that some people get what is called a 'post injection inflammatory reaction' for a day or so but I was not prepared for this level of pain.

Also, the doctor never mentioned to me, before or after the shot, any of the other side effects of getting a steroid shot. He simply acted like it was no big deal at all. After getting the shot I read in Scott's book many of the disturbing side effects of steroid injections and this has me worried. Shouldn't the doctor have explained this to me before giving me this shot? I find it quite irritating that he didn't. Do you doctors explain the side effects of shots to your patients or are these side effects so rare that they are not worth mentioning?

My doctor seems like a very serious and dedicated professional, but I find it galling that he would prescribe me a non-conservative treatment in such a cavalier manner.

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Re: ASTYM Treatment View Thread
Posted by lindsey on 9/25/09 at 11:46

Thank you all for all your advice. I am still in the Aircast right now I just take it off when I go to the therapist. He has been working on my range of motion but it is very painful. He doesnt get too far with it until he stops. I think the information you both have given me has helped out. Today is another treatment which makes 7. The doctor told me that if nothing changed after 6-8 treatments to come back to the office. I am calling the doctor this afternoon. I will keep you all updated on my progress.

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The most corrupt politician in Washington View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/22/09 at 15:13

According to a left leaning think tank Charlie Rangel is the winner of the most corrupt politician in Washington. Is it an accident that he replaced the former most corrupt politician Senator Adam Clayton Powell Jr. who ran off to Bimni island to escape the long arm of the law after being thrown out of Congress for corruption. This organization list the top 15 most corrupt politicians. It looked like they were evenly split between Republicans and Democrats but really that makes no difference. If you are a corrupt guy it is not because of your party affiliation. Of course Senator Murtha was on there for having basically his own government supported Airport near his home. It has three flights a day and all are to Washington and most are not even half full. Two Senators tried to enter or attach to a bill a proposition to stop the tax payer subsidy of some very big dollars ever year to this private Murtha Airline. According to the Senators you could buy every passenger that travels on that airline a free train ticket to Washington. Of course their attempt was defeated. Are our leaders in Washington crazy or what? Sort of like the bridge to nowhere in Alaska. Why do other Congressmen/Congresswomen let them get away with it? A million dollars to any of us would be major, to say the least, but these men and women treat a million or a billion like chump change. No wonder our economy is falling apart. They are as big as thieves as people in jail when it comes to spending our tax money wisely. We talk about waste in healthcare. How about look under you desk Senators and Congressmen and see how much savings you can find.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/18/09 at 11:49

I would not yell out you lie to POTUS under any circumstance Marie either in or out of the military. Even if it was Bill Clinton swearing he never had sex with that woman. He has lied many times but that is not the issue. Good manners is the issue. I do not think 1 person in 100,000 would approve of his yelling out.

Is it more offensive to do this to the President than if it were say the Leader of the House or Senate.? Not really as once again it is a matter of decorum,

Yesterday the President of Iran was once again spreading the word during holiday celebrations that there was no Holocaust. Does this guy really believe that or is he just using it? If he believes it then he is crazy and must be feared. If he is using it for political purposes then the people who believe him have some real issues.

If a person tells another person he is lying and he believes what he says is he a liar? Is there a husband who has never at one time lied to his wife? Are there big lies and little lies or is a lie just a lie? If you look at the dictionary a lie is a lie regardless of the consequences.

I do not really see anyone out there defending Wilson so people for the most part think he was wrong. I doubt any election is going to hang on this. The worst thing to come of this is that some people like Maureen Dowd is trying to make it a racial issue and sadly there are many who will believe her. You and I disagree all the time but neither of us has called the other a liar. We may say you are wrong but have not resorted to the liar name calling.

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Ryka sneakers View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/17/09 at 15:16

Jeremy, What are your thoughts on the latest Ryka sneakers?

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Re: Is this appropriate? View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/17/09 at 11:17

Rick I am sure you have seen what goes on in the English House of Commons and I presume the House of Lords. They are consantly booing and yelling at the speakers and calling names. Our House and Senate is like Alice in Wonderland compared to their method of government. That does no make their method any worse or any better. Often when we have a speaker on the House floor you will see represenative sleeping, talking to each other, and not paying any attention what so ever. It has come to be acceptable. All that can be done has been done and that is Wison was censored by the House. We can beat this dead horse to death and nothing will change. The talking heads seem to think the longer this thing remains news worthy the more it will actually hurt Obama which is why Obama wants to move on. He received a personal appology in writing and by phone. Why is 'booing' acceptable? Lets face it we have Senators and Congressmen lying every day and behaving like asses. Nothing new here.

Something worth discussing is the Obama announcement he is scrapping the Bush plan to place 10 defensive missiles to shoot down other missisles to be located in Poland and the Check Republic. Some will see this as a back down to the Russians who opposed this. It comes at a time Iran is firing test missiles and nearing completion of a nuclear bomb. Maybe there is a better way but I want to hear from some real military experts on this movement. Does it weaken our defense. How do our allies look upon this as these defensive missiles would do a lot to protect them from any shots fired. Obama says he has a cheaper and better way from the sea. We should soon start getting some real military information on whether we just got weaker or better. This is no small deal and none of us have enough information to make any kind of judgement.

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Re: Has anyone recovered from PF after 3+ years? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 9/16/09 at 22:50

Chris sorry if your questions got hijacked along the way. I feel that if you have not exhausted the treatments I have described above that you should seek a second opinion.

Alex I do not recall your entire complaint history and treatment to date but what Allie posted is a good question. I have had numerous chronic heel pain patients resolve with custom orthoses. After 4 1/2 years I can predict with fair certainty that that your case is now in the fasciosis stage.

Keep in mind that statistically less than 10% of all patients who have musculoskeletal and nerve pain disorders become chronic pain patients. This is despite your physicians best efforts and skill. Sadly we do not know why this is. When patients do not recover in a fair amount of time I always revisit their original case and diagnosis and refer out as a team approach is often necessary.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/16/09 at 11:49

Marie it seems that not only do Democrats differ with Democrats on health care but Republicans differ with Republicans. This is America and there is no right or wrong on health care among all people in America. We all would like, for the most part, everyone to have access to healthcare. The details get in the way. In hindsight Obama should have done the healthcare overhaul in pieces or should not have made it his #1 priority in the face of a horrible economy.

The largest problem really is how to pay for it. The nation has the largest debt in history and it is growing. We do not have unlimited funds so to do a Trillion or $850 billion dollar healthcare program is going to require some scrafices. If it is your ox that is being gored you are not going to like it. If it is your neighbors then bring on healthcare reform. Obama is really wrong when he says that healthcare will be deficit neutral. It is just not going to happen. He knows it, the public knows it, and the Congress knows it. No one will admit it. The public needs to be told in plain language just what it is going to cost them and how it will be collected. No more pretending you can get 45 million people insured deficit free. The public is just not that guliable anymore and have a distrust of big goverment since the nation was founded. That is the big difference between Europe and America. Europe's systems developed over centuries and most are apparently happy with what they have more or less. This nation would likely have a revolution before it would become a socialist nation. We cirrently have the far left in charge of th House with Nancy Polosi and the likes of Barney Frank. They do not represent the bulk of the Congress and theri powers exceed their numbers. In time this will change and we will have more moderate Democrats or Republicans in charge. It very much appears Harry Reid will be defeated in next years Nevada election as he is 11% more down inthe polls and falling. Time is not on his side. We are still a long way from being out of the woods with our economy as unemployment continues to grow and government revenues continue to fall. Currently we are staying afloat because business has cut back on overhead and inventory but hey are about as lean as they can get. August was a boom to car sales but that was an anomaly because of the clunkers program which is now gone. Nearly all home sales that are occuring are FHA backed meaning by you and me. We can only hope these buyers can continue to make payments. Obama needs to do more than make speeches now he needs some real world numbers to show we are recovering. Israel is on the verge of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities. One can only guess what that would mean for us. $ 5.00 a gallon gas??? What would that do to an economy trying to come out of a steep repression? Isreal is going to act in their own best interest as all nations try to do. The Congress and Polosi are in no mood to send more troops to Afganistan which our military leaders say is needed if we are to defeat the Taliban. We cannot afford to lose this battle. Pakistan and India are in danger if we do. Obama is right on this point. I hope he does not go wobbly on this one.

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Re: Has anyone recovered from PF after 3+ years? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/16/09 at 08:00

Chris, Other than the PT, have you tried some good quality custom orthotics?

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/15/09 at 20:49


I understand........we're all guilty of feeling defensive, including myself. My response was a bit over the top as well. But instead of countering with Ted Kennedy or Acorn, consider remaining on topic and start a new thread to discuss your thoughts on Kennedy or ACORN. For myself I am 10 times harder on Dems then I am on Republicans when they mess up. I try hard not to make excuses bad behavior based on bad behavior of the other guy. But I too get defensive and fall I did in my post. For that I'm sorry. I think you make your points much better for conservatives when you avoid diversion and focus on the problem at hand, otherwise it just doesn't come across well. I actually support many Republicans and have even campaigned for a few so please don't get the idea I think all Republicans are bad. :) I very much hate seeing the party falter the way they have. We need diverse points of view in the government. I'm hard on them because they need to get their act together or they may never be heard........even when their yelling.

BTW: I have many very conservative evangelical friends who are happy with Obama although they didn't vote for him, support Health Care Reform and were shocked so many people objected to his school speech. it's unfortunate that just few extreme points of view are being reported on. It's definitely a media run political show. That's why I think Wilson made a mistake. Dems and liberals had the same problem when Bush was in office. So hopefully Republicans are beginning to understand a little of what Dems went through.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/15/09 at 19:21

It's simple. You come across with a liberal slant and I am conservative, so it is only natural that we will stand up for our side. When you bring up the negatives about the republicans, I will usually counter with the negatives on the other side (on any issue).

I see mistakes with repubs needing to pick and choose their battles these days (just like with our children, right?) For example, the whole Obama speech issue. I agree that the first one that he was going to give was not appropriate, but after he made the changes it was really good. I especially liked when he told kids to be careful with what they put on Facebook! So far I've kept my kids away from it, but I have friends whose kids are all over it and not always writing the nicest of things. I believe that some repubs did speak up in agreement after the second speech was written, but the mainstream media did not pick up on that. They kept on reporting that the repubs did not like it and it made it sound like they did not like the second (the one ultimately given) speech.

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Re: Consumer Spending is UP! View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/15/09 at 18:49

Good news - spending for August and manufacturing up.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/15/09 at 18:26

btw Allie,

I think you're pretty stand up for admitting it was wrong........and please start a thread on ACORN! :)

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Re: Muslims In NYC View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/15/09 at 17:23

How about this one? A few years ago, some Muslims in one of our northern states wanted the daily church bells silenced. Like Marie said in a post about health care - we are a Christian nation. We were founded on Christian principles. I would add to that, that we are a Judeo-Christian nation.

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Re: Joe Wilson? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/15/09 at 17:19

Wow, that is terrible that he is associated with Sons of Confederate Veterans. Just like it is terrible that Obama is associated with ACORN (have you seen the latest undercover videos of ACORN) and questionnable individuals. Our politicians scare me.

Yes, I agree it was very wrong what Joe Wilson did.

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Consumer Spending is UP! View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 9/15/09 at 15:19

This is good news and it's about time we get some!!! I hope for our nation this is a trend that continues!!!!! ;)
Retail sales jumped in August, spurred by widespread gains beyond the increases of auto and gasoline sales that economists expected.

The report is a sign that consumers may be less cautious about spending as the economy recovers. Consumer spending is closely watched because it accounts for about 70 percent of the nation's economic activity.

The Commerce Department said Tuesday that retail sales rose a seasonally adjusted 2.7 percent last month, after falling 0.2 percent in July. That beat analysts' expectations of a 2 percent increase, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters.

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Loose orthotics View Thread
Posted by Vicky on 9/13/09 at 18:29

I wonder if any foot doctor could shed light on my question. I have been wearing custom made orthotics for years but a year ago bought a new pair to help allievate my plantar fasciitis (left foot), I have been suffering with PF for nearly two years now. In the beginning the podiatrist who I saw said he could take my plantar away with these new orthotics....firstly though he taped up my foot for approx 3 days and in that time I was completely pain free. He then said he would make the orthotics to fit the same way. Unfortunately this isnt what has happenend, I went back after the first week for an adjustment and this helped but only a little bit. He was a little short with me and gave me the impression that he had done all he could. I never went back. I have now started with plantar in my right foot and I am sick and tired of the nagging pain I am experiencing on a daily basis.

Today, I tried an experiment, I bought some athletic tape and taped my orthotics directely to my foot paying attention to tape more under the arch. I then went out for a walk to see how that responded. I felt much better, I felt like my feet were straight for the first time in ages(I overpronate) and my PF pain was much less. I wondered if people more experienced tham me could say if this means my orthotics dont fit right and is it ever possible to get an orthotic to fit so well? Unfortunately, the tape is not too comfortable but I am seriously thinking of doing this each day to give me some relief, ideally, I would like to find someone with integrity and knowledge to make me some new orthotics but dont want to get the same ill fitting kind and feel at a loss as to what to do.
Would love someone who knows to give me an answer, if they can.
Thank you very much

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Illegals and Health Care View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/12/09 at 07:08

Unfortunately the health bill currently in the House, H.R. 3200, will not prevent illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded health care. While section 246 of the bill does state that illegal aliens cannot receive free health care, there are no verification requirements attached to the bill. Without verification, anyone will be able to access taxpayer-funded health insurance.

President Obama is not alone in wanting verification in any health care bill. More than 80% of Americans want these verification requirements. There is no reason for congress to not to work hard to ensure that these requirements are in any health bill passed by the House.

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Message Number 260521

Re: Republican Bad boys at it again................. View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/11/09 at 18:32

Yes, I read that you were in agreement. Just reiderating. Cheaters on both sides of the aisle. Look at all of the infidelity. Phew!

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Message Number 260519

Re: Republican Bad boys at it again................. View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/11/09 at 18:02

Ted Kennedy, Chappaquiddick, Mary Jo Kopechne, drinking, leaving scene of accident, democrat, need I say more? I'm with John it has nothing to do with party affiliation, but with character. Bad apples on both sides.

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Message Number 260455

Re: The war on terror View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 9/09/09 at 13:17


Valerie Jarrett is on the record as having had 'their' eye on Van Jones throughout his public career. So I don't think that there is any doubt that he was vetted and accepted. The implications for our government frightens me.

I suspect a large segment of the American public has been looking at each dubious association as an individual explainable situation. To me the pattern is astounding all the way back to Frank Marshall Davis. Sure we could pass off the William Ayers thing and Obama's incremental disclosure from a guy in the hood to, well yes we served on a board together, to well yes I did have a campaign meeting in his house.... perhaps if that was all there was. Then add one of the other three founders of the Weather Underground, Jeff Jones, and his association with the folks that assisted with the stimulus package (Apollo Alliance)and his current role for New York spending stimulus funds. Look at Obama's own book and his comments on with whom he associated in college. Then there's the Saul Alinsky thing. Did you know our president wrote a chapter in a book titled 'After Alinsky, Community Organizing in Illinois.' Add reverand Wright and a 20 year association, but our president didn't catch on to the Black Liberation Theology? This is all tin foil hat fodder? Khalidi, Rezko. As a staunch supporter of the constitution I'm profiled by Janet Nepolitano as a domestic terrorist, while Eric Holder freed FALN terrorists. Now we have the Czars with a range of beliefs from involuntary sterilization to white environmentalists sending polutants to minority neighborhoods.

Aren't there still several cabinet appointments yet unfilled? For an administration in such a hurry the formal process wasn't much of a priority. I'm not sure the constitution disallows the appointment of special advisors in addition to the formal vetted positions. But it would appear that we have a like minded carde of radicals running things behind the scenes.

1) The 'Czars' or any other kind of special advisor can't be allowed to replace or circumvent the constitutuional structure. We can't allow for a puppet cabinet and shadow government. For those that don't think that is happening please tell me what it would look like if it was, how different that looks from the current situation and how we can prevent it. Or is that ok as long as it's your guy?

2) Yes Congress should be alarmed. Not just from the perspective of what they may or may not believe is happening, but at least from the perspective of what this adminisrtation has demonstrated could happen.

We just elected the personification of the radical 60's, not the flower people of peace and love or hippies, but rather the Yippies.


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Re: A question for Jeremy View Thread
Posted by Jeremy L, C Ped on 9/07/09 at 21:04

Although it's a well made shoe, I believe there are models from other brands that do a better job mimicking what works well with your present shoes. The Aravon last is very combination shaped, and likely not broad enough in the shank. The Ursula from Kumfs is a shoe that will likely work exceptionally well. The Allison and Excite from Drew are also worth consideration. I suggest avoiding the new Z-strap Mary Jane model from PW Minor, as this new last often has fit problems.

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Re: The war on terror View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 9/07/09 at 16:03


You get major points for knowing that there were commercial motives intertwined with all of the other factors in the American Civil War. The South was an exporting economy and the North was becoming an industrial power in part by imposing tariffs on European imports. Of course any European response to act in kind would be to the South's detriment. Trust me, we don't teach this in our schools. Up here in the North we teach the self-righteous notion that we were eradicating slavery, while truth be known, 'free' Irish folk working in the North lived a similar existance. Many Northern regiments refused to serve after the emancipation proclimation. I just had the pleasure of reading the letters written by a soldier in the 56th New York, not a big fan of melinian. In the South they at least used teach that the Notrh invaded in violation of the constitution.

Since our Civil war was fought by an overwhelming majority of volunteers, just what the heck do you think the Southern farm boy was thinking? Why did he want to fight so that the rich dude could keep his slaves or so that he wouldn't have his profits erroded by tariffs? He indeed felt 'invaded' and in my humble opinion was energized by others doing what they thought to be the right thing to do. It would appear that this might be the only thing we found to disagree about;) Of course I failed to mention the fact that we thought this would would be over in one battle and it was grand adventure, perhaps the first time off the farm because that wouldn't support my arguement! I absolutely reject the notion of 'selling' democracy (of course we are not a democracy but a republic) at the point of the sword. I believe that there is a human nature desiring to control ones own destiny and be 'free.' But for one nation to impose that on another is a contradiction. Why then weren't/aren't we in Somalia, North Korea,.....
I'm thinking pure unadulterated B.S. but I'll settle for fallicy.

You asked if there is any doubt regarding the relationship between the World Wars. I don't think anyone with a functioning human brain that pays attention to and is exposed to truthful history would have any doubt. However; I'm not sure if you know how ignorant we are on this side of the pond. We package WWII in isolation to sell our 'saved the world' story to ourselves. We even think we 'won' WWI. At best the Yanks served as a tipping point. After Europe bled out all we needed to do was demonstrate a willingness to bleed just like the rest with our enormous resources and it was done. Just look at the disparity in casualty figures, then you know who was doing the bleeding. Don't even bring up the French. I'm not sure what your opinion might be, but we treat them as a joke. Just shows our ignorance. One word, Verdun. What a shame that their 'leaders' completly rejected the concept of a tactical retreat steming from national embarasment in the Franco Prussian war.

As for that ellusive root cause. I'd suggest that it's the lure of a fast buck at the expense of others. If we are getting rich because we are in cahoots with a few eliets in a country raping the resources at the detriment of the common folk, we are planting the seeds of hate. Somehow that hate seems to be easily directed to us opposed to those eliets. If we in the U.S. would read our own
Declaration of Independence and Constitution and stay faithful to those principles, not just when it's convienient, we'd be fine.


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Posted by Tammy on 9/07/09 at 11:12

Wow Allie! First time I have been to this site in months and what a surprise to see someone point out the inherent hypocracy of this administration and our media. I suddenly feel the 'audacity of hope' flowing again. Thanks!

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Posted by Dr. Ed on 9/06/09 at 18:08


One could go back in history to present the secondary motives behind various wars and illustrate those who profited from such wars. The oil companies were huge winners of WW2 as the US and it's allies vanquished the forces of Rommel, gaining enormous influence in North Africa. The United Kingdom and France carved up the remains of the Ottoman Empire after WW1 creating states with artificial boundaries such as Iraq, the consequences of which we are still dealing with today.

I do not have a scorecard to attempt to assess the virtue of the benefactors of the numerous wars we have fought. Certainly, the need to vanquish Hitler in WW2 was paramount. The issues in WW1 are a bit more unclear to me.

Saddam was a very bad dictator who murdered his own people and supported terrorism. He was offering families of suicide bombers checks for $25,000 when a family member strapped on a bomb belt and blew themselves up in Israel, killing innocent civilians. Saddam had a facility in Iraq to train airplane hijackers. Was that the facility used to train the 9-11 hijackers? Perhaps we will never know due to the Bush administration having to deal with the consequences of Clinton's hobbling of our intelligence gathering capabilities for 8 years prior. I am not going to second guess Clinton's motives but suffice it to say, he acted on the advice of inexperienced theorists who believed that Humint (intelligence gathering by agents on the ground) was not needed and could be replaced by Elint (intelligence gathered by electronic means such as satellites). It can take over a decade to repair Humint; Bush was in office for less that 9 months when 9-11 occurred.

The biggest loss that occurred by us eliminating Saddam was a counterbalance to Iran. We also did not have an effective long term strategy for stabilizing Iraq.

I would not want to tell the victims of terrorism that military efforts to eliminate terrorist bases and operations is a 'marketing ploy.' The deaths and injuries suffered by Americans in 9-11, the Israeli citizens for several decades as well as others are very real. We have every right to go after terrorists via military means and to deal with state sponsors of terrorism.


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College Football View Thread
Posted by Allie on 9/05/09 at 11:07

Yeah. Start of college football today. A break from all of the opposing politics. Can't you just see congress getting along when they talk sports? All of the sports we have in this country is truly something great.

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Obam & Afganistan View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/03/09 at 15:24

There are reasons to leave and reason to stay in Afghanistan. My read on this is Obama is correct in staying. You got this one right Mr. President.

Reasons to leave:

Cost, Public is turning against it, no nation has ever been able to occupy or govern Afghanistan. They defeated Russia (with our help) in a long drawn out war of many years.

Reasons to stay and win:

It would be another case of just giving up like in Vietnam, the nation would likely once again come under control of the War Lords & Taliban, terrorist would once again set up training bases in the country, drug activity would pick up and the drugs would likely end up back in the USA, the world view of our enemies and even friends would be that of a Paper Tiger and embolden our enemies, the southern regions of Afghanistan which border Pakistan would likely put pressure on Pakistan which might even turn into an Islamist state who happens to have nuclear weapons, Increased pressure on our allies such as India. The people who bombed our nation on 9/11 are still there including Obam Ben Laden. There are probably some other very good reasons that are classified and which we do not have privy to. We are in a declared state of war with terrorism and this is a terrorist state.

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Posted by william prowse on 8/31/09 at 22:53

I have tried icing it everyday for the first 2 or so months, i also tried hot and cold water, back and forth. I have been using the night splint on and off if its not painful. I have been wearing z-coil shoes, and if not those i have a nice pair of running shoes with padded insoles that feel better than most shoes. I have tried taping it as well. And i have tried total rest by not putting any weight on my foot for two weeks. 90% of the time these rarely help, and sometimes they hurt it. Right now my number one priority is gentle stretching by pulling back the toes when seated. I believe this has been the most significantly beneficial treatment i have had.

usually the pain seems to stay the same unless i use it more often or i accidentally put weight to my heel on accident (falling backward for some reason.)

I live in california, south of san Francisco. I was diagnosed by Dr. darryl burns(a local podiatrist). I have talked to one other doctor, but most stretching techniques and icing techniques i have learned over the internet.

I have read good results of people using acupuncture to help there plantar fasciitis. From what i understand so far is that acupuncture doesnt have any side affects. I am one person who is not getting cortisone shots and strongly do not agree with surgery. I want to be great at the sports i was great at and i believe those could hurt me in the future. So i thought i might give acupuncture a try. If you don't agree it will help me, please tell me.

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going to try acupuncture tomorrow, any suggestions on what to ask for? View Thread
Posted by william prowse on 8/31/09 at 18:38

I have been calling around all day to find a person who has experience with treating plantar fasciitis and isn't to expensive. Luckily the only one with experience gave me a deal because i'm a very broke college student.

for those of you who have had great relief from acupuncture, what did they do? what shouldn't they do? if you had no relief, and you have just tried it, what did they do then?

Is there anyone i could get my acupuncturist to talk to that knows plenty about treating it with acupuncture? Is there anyone in the san Francisco bay area/san jose that is just incredible?


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Titanium repacement of left great toe View Thread
Posted by Linda T on 8/31/09 at 14:43

I had my initial surgery in 1998. The joint has come misalligned inside my foot. I'm in an aircast now...fourth time in 6 years. I keep having stress fractures in small bones of my foot. I normally wear an orthotic shoe with a built in roll bar to roll me away from the great toe. I'm 61 years old and still working on my feet all day. Is it possible to surgically re-align this joint? I see a foot and ankle specialist in Springfield, Mo.

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Posted by marie:) on 8/28/09 at 17:13

'Meanwhile, 35 percent of Republicans thought the public option refers to 'creating a national healthcare system like they have in Great Britain' -- but so did 23 percent of Democrats.'

BTW this example demonstrates how conservatives have inaccurately portrayed the public option by attempting to link it to GB's system. When in reality they are not the same..........not to mention vilifying our allies healthcare system was and is inappropriate.

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Posted by Allie on 8/26/09 at 09:43

The fiberglass cast and cam walkers were both a waste for me. Did not find some relief until I got into some good plastic, semi-rigid orthotics that support my archs.

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Posted by Dr. DSW on 8/26/09 at 06:12

I'm a little confused. Frieberg's Disease really isn't a nerve pain, but is an osteonecrosis or bone destruction of the 2nd metatarsal. It's usually from some injury to the bone causing a temporary disruption in the blood supply causing the bone to break down, and then sometimes repair itself. This results in destruction of the joint and pain, since the cartilage is often destroyed and you end up with bone rubbing on bone.

This usually occurs early on in development due to some disruption, but can occur from some traumatic event. Unless your doctor is calling something else the wrong name.

The treatment for Freiberg's disease usually involves taking weight off the area, cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation or surgical intervention. Using Lyrica or an injection in your back seems more like a treatment for RSD/CRPS than Frieberg's. Are you sure we're talking about the same diagnosis?

Look up Frieberg's on the internet, I don't believe you'll see that it's treated with Lyrica or injections in the back. If the diagnosis is correct, you may want to seek another opinion.

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Posted by tom on 8/25/09 at 00:12

im sorry to hear about your panic attack, that sounds awful. a good friend of mine had a panic attack in an MRI recently and I can't even imagine how bad those must be. mine were never triggered during medical tests fortunately.
i presume when you say the EKG didnt show anything that you mean EMG. its hard to believe if your condition is extreme that the test would not show fact that sounds like complete BS to me. The test tests your nerve responses to movement. if your case is really bad the numbers would just be 0 or's a very simple electrical system measuring one point to the other, no way that sounds right.

sounds like your foot dr. is possibly saying the right thing but it is very important to get a second opinion on this (and the EMG if you could do it again at all). The EMGs are your GOLD in dealing with disability, they are the only sure proof we can get of our illnesses. I would do what you can to get a valid one for your TTS as this may make or break your disability claim.

try to get a second dr.s opinion if you can. doctors arent gods (though they seem to think so) and they are highly fallible. i cant tell you how many stupid *****ing doctors told me my ankle problems were just a sprain. and now theyre giving me crap about getting surgery- its just the corrupted system at work. and most doctors i am sad to say are nothing but __s, pay them $300 for an appt and theyll put a signature on anything. there are good ones out there though, u just gotta be diligent and find em.

vernie, dont give up- i know how those head trips can be- thinking about dealing with this stuff for the rest of our lives and all that. there are alternatives to western medicine though. i am having great success with acupuncture so far and my pain level today is lower than its been in months. there are so many ways this experience can be worked with to make life beautiful again. for one, it helps you focus on loving yourself more. try taking some hot baths and going to the park on sunny days to just lay down and r-e-l-a-x. it does wonders for me. youre strong enough to get through this and you just need to learn the ropes of this new challenge in life.

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Posted by Allie on 8/23/09 at 15:57

Just because you politely answered my questions does not mean I agree with that what you wrote in your answers is exactly how everything will play out. Government is extremely wasteful and inefficient. I don't put much faith in government other than them doing an awesome job with the military. By the way, the only thing that they were responsible for when this country first came into being was the military(and trade and commerce). Phew, now look at it. I don't have confidence that my premiums and co-pays will be reduced once the health care 'reform' comes into being. I'll just have to continue paying escalating health care costs and then be taxed more!

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Posted by marie:) on 8/23/09 at 14:43

Noooooooooo cut my costs first. ;) All politics is local Allie. For you this is a justification for your stance.....but for others with a different story your stance is meaningless. That's why it's essential to remain on topic and open minded. It's not even gone through the Senate process yet........aside from that all your questions were answered so why keep harping on something that's already being taken care of? Oh political propaganda.

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Posted by Allie on 8/23/09 at 10:08

I am not as concerned about the life vs. death political strategy. I am all about cutting costs starting with why is health care so expensive, tort reform, then cutting insurance premiums, then looking at coverage for the uninsured. Why start covering uninsured before cutting health care costs, insurance premiums, etc. If we don't get to the root of the problem, high health costs, the government will also be paying for high health care costs (i.e. you and me paying for it). I cannot afford paying my high premiums, co-pays, then adding on higher taxes to cover others. Cut my costs firts, then raise my taxes. Makes sense fiscally?

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Health Care - What could possibly go wrong? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/22/09 at 14:53

Obama's health care plan will be
written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it,
passed by a Congress that hasn't read it,
signed by a president who smokes,
funded by a treasury chief who did not pay his taxes,
overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and
financed by a country that is nearly broke.

What possibly could go wrong?

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by Julie on 8/20/09 at 11:39

No, John, it was a response to Allie's post about phony ambulance calls. I should have made that clear.

This struck me in your post: 'My 94 year old widow neighbor has ambulance service often but she pays for a high price ambulance service insurance policy. Her medicare will not cover all of it.'

Our poor old National Health Service, groaning as it is under the weight of administrative bureaucracy and various other ailments, provides ambulance service to everyone who needs an ambulance. Nobody has to be specially insured for it. Nobody has to pay $200 (or is it $300) up front for the ride.

When I hear about this kind of thing - 94 year old widows having to pay for ambulance insurance - I am more than ever mystified by the inability of so many Americans to support a health service for all citizens, paid for out of taxation. Sure you'll have to pay for it. It will be worth it, believe me.

Allie, my answer to your question is a resounding, unequivocal 'Yes'. Supporting - yes, paying for - health care for all members of your society will benefit the lives of all your fellow Americans, and your own.

Wendy said, a couple of weeks ago, that what it comes down to is a difference in attitude, or philosophy: whether one cares about the whole of the community, or society one is a part of, or does one care only about one's own needs and circumstances. The difference is clear. I regard it as the job of responsible government to steer the nation's main concerns - i.e. education and health care - in the direction of the former. The US has succeeded fairly well, historically, with education. Health care needs reform. President Obama is trying hard to do his job, and I hope profoundly that he succeeds.

Here's a link to a good article. Well, I think it's good. But then I'm a progressive. Some of you may find it interesting, at least.


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Grace for Obama and Bush View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/20/09 at 10:32

If George W. Bush had made a joke at the expense of the Special
Olympics, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given Gordon Brown a set of inexpensive and
incorrectly formatted DVDs, when Gordon Brown had given him a thoughtful and historically significant gift, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had given the Queen of England an iPod containing
videos of his speeches, would you have thought this embarrassingly
narcissistic and tacky?

If George W. Bush had bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had visited Austria and made reference to the
non-existent 'Austrian language,' would you have brushed it off as a
minor slip?

If George W. Bush had filled his cabinet and circle of advisers with
people who cannot seem to keep current on their income taxes, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had been so Spanish illiterate as to refer to 'Cinco de Cuatro' in front of the Mexican ambassador when it was the fourth of May (Cuatro de Mayo), and continued to flub it when he tried again, would you have winced in embarrassment?

If George W. Bush had miss-spelled the word advice would you have
hammered him for it for years like Dan Quayle and potatoe as 'proof' of what a dunce he is?

If George W. Bush had burned 9,000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a
single tree on 'Earth Day', would you have concluded he's a hypocrite?

If George W. Bush's administration had okayed Air Force One flying low over millions of people followed by a jet fighter in downtown Manhattan causing widespread panic, would you have wondered whether they actually 'get' what happened on 9-11?

I offer Obama grace on all except the 9,000 gallons of jet fuel.

If George W. Bush had been the first President to need a teleprompter
installed to be able to get through a press conference, would you have
laughed and said this is more proof of how inept he is on his own and is
really controlled by smarter men behind the scenes?

If George W. Bush had failed to send relief aid to flood victims
throughout the Midwest with more people killed or made homeless than in
New Orleans, would you want it made into a major ongoing political issue
with claims of racism and incompetence?

If George W. Bush had ordered the firing of the CEO of a major
corporation, even though he had no constitutional authority to do so,
would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had proposed to double the national debt, which had
taken more than two centuries to accumulate, in one year, would you have

If George W. Bush had then proposed to double the debt again 10 times
within years, would you have approved?

If George W. Bush had reduced your retirement plan's holdings of GM
stock by 90% and given the unions a majority stake in GM, would you have

If George W. Bush had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to take
Laura Bush to a play in NYC, would you have approved?

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/20/09 at 06:24

So...are you thinking that the best way would be to scrap insurance companies and just pay higher taxes (instead of me having to my private insurance premium, co-pay and deductible, plus higher taxes to cover the uninsured)?

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My 11 year old son's feet have issues- hammertoe, wart? Pediatrist or Ortho? View Thread
Posted by Rebecca S. on 8/19/09 at 20:10

Ok, so I seem to be learning more about feet than I cared to this summer!

My 11 year old son, who is almost 5'5' and weighs 155 pounds and wears a men's size 10 shoe (yes, he's huge) showed me his feet yesterday. I am shocked to see that his big toes are turning inward, quite sharply. Right now, they look a lot like the 'after' picture on this page:

But, I'd say the angle of each big toe is about 10 or so more degrees sharper than the after photo. The toes don't overlap or anything (yet), but this picture was the closest thing I could find in an image search for 'halux hammertoe.'

Obviously, I am concerned and don't want him to get to the 'before' stage. He does have retroverted hips and walks with very little bend in his knees. He has some gross motor impairments and turns both of his feet out when he walks, but his left foot more than his right. His pediatrician has always advised keeping him in good, supportive shoes, which I have always done.

I have had a heck of a summer with my own injury, and haven't been able to be as involved as I usually am w/ his personal hygiene, usually I am checking to make sure he trims his toenails, etc...but I KNOW that I helped him trim them in the middle of June, and his toes were NOT at that angle!

As if I wasn't alarmed enough by how his toes looked, he turns his foot over , and he also has what looks to be like a big plantar wart on his left heel, right in the area where you typically get PF pain on the side of the center of the heel! It is hard to tell for sure, because there is a big callus built up around it. He says this has been there about a month or so. But judging on how big the callus is, I'd say longer.

Where do I start with this? I have an appointment w/ a Pediatric Orhopedist for him in September, because I wanted his gait and hips re-evaluated to see if we could get him walking more naturally. He says he doesn't have any pain in his feet and played baseball all summer without complaining of any pain. The Ortho that he is seeing is the same doctor who took care of my daughter last year when she broke her elbow, and I do trust him and feel he is a caring and knowledgeable doctor. But he's not a foot and ankle specialist, though there are 2 of those in the same practice.

Do I wait and just take him to the Ortho appointment? Should he see a Podiatrist instead? And what about the wart? Is that something a dermatologist handles or what? Maybe I should just take him to his pediatrician? I don't need a referral and since I'm guessing he needs a specialist, I might as well just go on and locate one.

Just looking for a trail to follow so I know who I should start calling tomorrow! Is there anything I can/should do in the meantime?

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/19/09 at 17:43

We've been paying through our taxes for emergency rooms and ambulances for many, many years. You should hear the stories a friend of mine has on non-legitimate ambulance calls - things like 'oh, my arm fell asleep.' The city sends a bill to the address, but they don't pay, so it gets paid by you and me. It's one thing for true emergencies, but please! Many times they do not speak english.

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Re: Going to a waterpark resort w/ family- don't want to re-injure- best approach? Taping? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/19/09 at 17:37

Yes and taping provided only temporary relief for me. It was so great in the beginning and I thought I was out of the woods, but it didn't last long.

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Re: Going to a waterpark resort w/ family- don't want to re-injure- best approach? Taping? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/19/09 at 17:36

I agree with Dr. DSW about wearing the PowerStep/Crocs up until the last minute. This sounds crazy, but what I usually do poolside is sit on the side of the pool, take off my shoes and have the kids run them back to the chair. When I'm done swimming, the kids bring me a towel to dry off my feet and I put my shoes on poolside before I get up. I have not attempted a waterpark yet, but I agree with the doctor that you have to be careful not to overdo it. I know it's hard when you have kids and don't want to miss out on experiences with them.

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by Julie on 8/19/09 at 01:28

Thanks for the correction, Allie. the 46 million figure is the one that has been generally cited by the media here and in the US, so I used it. As we know, the media are not always accurate. However, whether it's 46 million or 25 million or 10 million, that's too many citizens who cannot rely on a decent level of health care.

John, being able to go to an overcrowded, understaffed emergency room when one is ill is not health care, not as I understand it. Health care is being able to trust that whatever your level of income, even if it is zilch, you will be looked after when you are ill whether you have a broken toe or cancer or flu - without going into debt, or losing your home or stop eating. It's That - I believe - is the responsibility of society. Of government, if you like - and there's the root of the problem. Most Americans don't like.

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Re: Health Care questions View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 8/18/09 at 23:48

points well taken Ed. I was merely illustrating that I didn't feel that tort reform will have much of an effect on insurance companies rates.

Good luck policing Medicare and Medicaid fraud. Most frauds know it takes years to investigate and prosecute the offenders and are onto a new scam by the time the government gets around to actually handing down an indictment. I see it as a desired course but not one that will produce the results Allie for example is hoping for.

The only way to drive costs down is to produce competition for the insurers and better training and guidelines for utilization and treatment to begin with that is not controlled by big insurance but by those in the professions.

True Medi-Mal is a very small percentage of bad actors who are truly negligent or incompetent. I agree that frivolous lawsuits are a huge factor.

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Re: Health Care questions View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/18/09 at 17:43

Thanks Marie. Although I disagree with him for not outrageous capping awards, I appreciate your getting back with me with some answers. See the right and left can have civil discussions! I think these are some of the valid questions that those on the right have had in the town hall meetings and they the right to be heard w/o people saying they are unpatriotic for their real concerns. It is such a big issue that we can't just go full force with and pass w/o real knowledge. Even Obama admits he does not know all about the bill and he was good in that he admitted during a town hall meeting that it is going to cost lots. We need truth like that. I so disagree that the insurance companies are the devils! Between the lawyers, the doctors, health care providers and insurance companies, I would think the insurance companies would make the least amount of money. I am also very concerned with the government never being good at dispensing a program (other than our wonderful military). There is always so much inefficiency and waste w/ government.

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by john h on 8/18/09 at 15:34

Allie: Many of the people trying to figure out just who the uninsured are come up with a number of 25 million not including the illegal aliens. Regardless of the number most people think these will be covered under what ever plan emerges. There will be some who will be covered according to Obama and almost anyone looking at solutions for various reasons beyond money. Perhaps religion or some such thing.

We must not forget that anyone legal or illegal, poor or totally broke, can and do walk into any emergency room and by law receive treatment on the spot with no waiting and be treated the same day. This is very expensive and inefficient to administer healthcare. The cost is spread to the people who do have insurance and come to those hospitals.

The House Ways and Means Committee included 12 million illegals in its plan and voted down an amendment to not cover illegal aliens. The latest Rasmussen poll shows that 80% of Americans oppose coverage for illegal aliens. It would obviously draw in more illegals than we already have. If you live on a border town in Mexico why would you not just cross over the line and have your baby or have your appendix removed for free. By no means do all Democrats agree with providing coverage for the illegals. That will be decided when the final plans are drawn up on what ever plan emerges from Congress.

'On Friday, Democrats moved one step closer to giving free health insurance to the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal aliens when they successfully defeated a Republican-backed amendment, offered by Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., that would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving government-subsidized health care under the proposed plan backed by House Democrats and President Barrack Obama.'

The House Ways and Means Committee nixed the Heller amendment by a 26-to-15 vote along straight party lines, and followed this action by passing the 1,018-page bill early Friday morning by a 23-to-18 margin, with three Democrats voting against the plan.

I very much believe that ALL of us should have to pay something only if it is very minimal in order for a system to work or the system will be quickly overloaded. Anything that is totally free will be abused. The enormity of a change over to a new health system will not be understood by anyone until it starts. We have over 600 insurance companies, all the drugstores that provide medications. medicare, medicaid. forms, regulations, administering agencies will have to be put in place, thousands of people hired and fired. Some say it can be done in three years. It sound more like 10 years to me. Currently we do not have enough general practitioners to handle a plan envisioned by Obama and the Congress. The nation is 50% short of GP's even without the plan and more and more doctors are avoiding going into the GP practice of medicine. A typical GP will make around $190.000 - $200,000 a year. A surgeon may make $500,000 a year. GP's are crucial to the plan and no matter what plan passes when you bring in 25-30 million new patients who all will need to see a GP there is likely to develop waiting lines which does cut down on cost and which in reality a form of rationing. September-December is going to be wild in the halls of Congress as the debates and votes begin.

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Re: Health care, continued View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 8/18/09 at 15:03


The number also includes folks that at any point in a 12 month period did not have insurance. That speaks to the portability issue particularly in times like these. I'll be one of those folks quite soon. Let's see,keep the house or pay for Cobra.....


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Posted by Allie on 8/18/09 at 14:09

Julie, the 46 million figure is inaccurate. It includes those that do not want insurance (can you believe that? I can't) and our illegals (that is a very diffult situation in our country). I think the other uninsured groups that they threw into that figure are those covered by medicaid. Cannot remember the other groups that make up the inaccuracy of the 46 million. I believe those groups cut the 46 mil down by oh say just 20 mil on so. Still, however a bundle of folks w/o insurance. Just wanted to let you know about that inaccurate figure as our media here gets things wrong a lot of the time.

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This weeks Kippliner News Letter View Thread
Posted by john h on 8/18/09 at 12:40

This publication is a good source of information and is largely bi-partisan. I am reprinting just a couple of paragrapshs as it is illegal to copy the entire letter.

TheK iplingeLre tter
1729H St.N W,W ashingtonD,C 2 0006-393.8 k mVol.8 6, No.3 3
Dear Client:
Whether ]rou believe it's needed or not...
Climate change legislation is a solid bet.
There's a slim chance it will squeak through this year...
a much greater one that, come 2OlO,legislation
to curb emissions of carbon dioxide will become law.
The impact will be wide and 2030,
for example, it would pare about 2.3Vo from GDP.
Washington, Aug. 14, 2OO9
The cost of fuel and electricitv will soar.
despite swift growth in alternative sources
of energr, such as solar, geothermal and wind power.
New regs will add 207o or so to electricitlr rates
by 2O2O...and that's over and above any increases
anticipated from changes in supply and demand.
All told, the average cost for residential, commercial
and industrial users may be 50% higher than today...
more in areas such as the Midwest and Southeast,
where coal fired power dominates. There...a 100% hike.
As for gasoline prices: About $2 a eallon more
than they will be if climate legislation is not enacted.
Hardest hit industries, in addition to utilities:
Makers of cement, chemicals, electronics, cardboard
and boxes, fertilizer, aluminum, steel, glass and plastics. Ore and petroleum refiners.
Printers. Paper and pulp mills. Metal fabricators. Food processors and others.
Many businesses will need to rethink their suppllr chains...not just firms
in the bull's-eye. On the one hand, transportation costs are likely to climb sharply,
making near-sourcing more attractive for some. On the other, some local suppliers
will have to ratchet up prices to offset their own higher regulatory and energr costs.
Some rnay not survive the blow, sending businesses scurrying for alternative suppliers.
New and significantly renovated buildings will have to meet tough standards
for energr efficiency...using 507o less ener$/ than required for new construction today.
New rules should kick in by 2OI4 for residences, by 20 15 for other types of buildings.
For older buildings not undergoing major overhauls...a piecemeal approach.
Overall building efficiency standards won't apply, but codes for replacement systems
or components...boilers, air conditioners, windows, doors, roofing materials, etc...will.
Expect Uncle Sam to offer carrots as well as sticks to cut carbon emissions.
Lawmakers are likely to extend today's bevy of tax breaks for energr improvements...
weatherizing buildings, replacing equipment with more efficient models and so on...
and perhaps add to them. Ditto, incentives for on-site alternative energr production.
But energ_v cost hikes alone will spur changes. Users will seek savings,
installing skylights and windows to cut down on lighting bills, employing sensors
to calibrate heating & cooling temperatures, recapturing heat from manufacturing, etc.
And entrepreneurs & innovators will develop new technologies to assist them.

Will Democrats use a budget process to force through a health care bill?
Probably not. Budget reconciliation legislation, used by President Bush
to secure approval of tax cuts in 2OO!, allows the majority to avoid a filibuster
in the Senate and the need to muster 60 favorable votes rather than 51. But...
The reconciliation route is strewn with obstacles. Chief among them:
Packaging health care provisions this way would subject many to a point of order
under Senate rules. Because waiving the rule requirgs a three-fifths majority...
the same tough-to-come-by 60 votes...Democrats would probably have to settle
for just a portion of the overhaul they want. There'd be no public plan option
and no barring insurers from refusing customers with preexisting conditions.
In addition, reconciliation legislation has a life span of just 10 years. Come 2019,
a new, possibly GOP dominated Congress would have to reenact the changes.
Plus. among kev lawmakers. there's a strong desire for bipartisanship...
or at least the sense that a veneer of GOP support is needed for reform to succeed.
Congress will likely deal unions a disappointment on their dearest wish:
Card check legislation, which would allow the labor groups to organize
via a card signing campaign instead of a vote. It will wind up postponed until 2010.
Lawmakers'full schedule this fall...including health care, financial regulatory reform,
global warming legislation and more...almost certainly means a delay. Moreover...
Labor groups will have to settle for a much scaled back compromise,
providing simply for expedited elections and tougher penalties for companies
that do not engage in good faith bargaining to nail down the first union contract.

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Posted by Rick R on 8/17/09 at 20:59


Where did your freind visit? Italy has rather drastic differences, North vs. South. My inlaws are right off the boat from where the heel attaches to the boot on the Adriatic. That would be South where the pace is slow or not at all. My wife has been there several times and has some wild stories. She had to threaten an international icident just to get a bus driver to take her back to the hotel. He just decided he was done for the day. Mistook her for an ordinary American not one that knew the ropes!


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Posted by marie:) on 8/17/09 at 19:48


President Obama said he would explore ways to change the liability system that contributes to defensive medicine but he does not support capping awards for patients who have been harmed. He shared that last June when he made a speech to the AMA.

Obama made a commitment to turn up the heat on Medicare fraud.

'The Obama administration is committed to turning up the heat on Medicare fraud,' HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius said. 'Every dollar we can save by stopping fraud can be used to strengthen the long-term fiscal health of Medicare, bring down costs and deliver better service to Medicare beneficiaries.'

Obama has said often that social security must be addressed. He has made it pretty clear he wants to tackle it NEXT after health care.

Failure on health care would probably make it harder for Obama to successfully tackle overhauling Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

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Posted by john h on 8/17/09 at 19:38

Julie there is a member of the House of Commons who appears regularly on U.S. TV. His comments are always on the same line and that is we do not want the English health care system, We can find many antidotal stories to support positions either way. I continue to say if you are happy with your system then that is wonderful. We will come up with something more than likely by years end. It will take a few decades before a real judgement can be passed on what ever system we come up with. Healthcare systems are not imported. They are worked out between the government and the people and others involved. I never did think we would have a government option for the many reasons I have stated and after Obama's statement this weekend and his representatives on the Sunday talk shows I think it is all but dead. One of the leading Senators in the Democratic party said yesterday they never had the votes to carry a government option in the Senate and now even less so. Barney Frank made no bones about it when he said on TV that the best way to get to a single payer system is the public option. Obama does not say that but in fact that is exactly what he said some years ago when speaking to a Union group. Votes in every poll show American people do not want the government running our healthcare system and the votes become more pronounced each day. If the voters do not want it then it should not be under our Democracy and it appears Democracy will win out.. That does not mean everyone will be happy as there is no plan in any country where every one is happy with it.

I am as much concerned about paying for it as I am with the plan. The U.S. and Europe are not out of the woods economically by any means. We still have the largest deficit in history and the bills are going to come due. So far one has to say the stimulus has not worked like Obama forecast. He forecast an 8.5% unemployment rate and we will end up the year with a 10% rate by the end of the year. There are now talks ongoing about the government taking off all the toxic assets off the books of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That would put our national debt off the charts and we would be in unchartered waters that could effect world economies. We basically have one man who makes the big economic decisions. He is a lifetime bureaucrat who we can only hope he knows what he is doing. Secretary Gethner. He may live in fame or go down in flame as the old Air Force song goes.

My real thoughts on the coming elections. Democrats will lose seats in both House and senate but still retain control. Democrats will lose governorships. This is normal after a Presidents first election but even more so now with a failing stimulus and Obama's rapidly falling poll numbers to less than 50% in most areas for the first time. There will be no coattails in the 2010 elections. The Senate, though controlled by Democrats, still have a number of Conservatives such as our representatives from Arkansas. Our state has been a Democratic state since the Civil War but the people are conservative so it is no wonder the leader for the Blue Dog Democrats is from Arkansas. I do not think it will be filibuster proof after the 2010 election which is why Obama really wanted a bill to sign before the summer recess. He knew once the people got involved and became educated on his bill it would be in immediate trouble. That it is.

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Posted by Allie on 8/17/09 at 19:34

I have a friend who just returned from Italy. She had wonderful things to say about that beautiful country, but could not stand the sloooow pace!

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Posted by john h on 8/17/09 at 09:35

Allie: Since we all know he devil is always in the details be aware that the details have not even been written on any of the Healthcare plans. How to put into action what ever passes will be left up to the bureaucrats and will take hundreds of forms, regulation books, more laws, etc. Best case, according to Obama, it will be 2013 before anyone starts to use the Obamacare plan and my guess is that it will talke longer. Remember we would be gettig rid of a system that evolved over many decades and replacing it with something totally new ofr over 300 million people. It involves 1/6th the value of the total U.S. economy. It could easily take a decade to smooth out and work the kinks out of it.

I still think the public option is not going to be a part of this. Way to many Americans opposed to it as well as Democrats whose jobs will be on the line in 2010. There are already some heavy duty Democrats who are well behind in the polls including Harry Reid, Senator Dodd, Corzine of N.J.

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Posted by Allie on 8/16/09 at 20:19

My original post in this string was:

Does anyone have the answer to this: If Obamacare does pass, is that the end of it, or is he going to put forth legislation to cut the ridiculous cost of healthcare through tort reform and going after fraud in medicare, medicaid, social security? I know he wants electronic record-keeping and that is great. Any other cost cutting measures on the agenda?

I am not asking about waiting lines, or death panels. Just some plain questions on 'health care reform' including cost cutting.

Any answers, anyone?

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Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 8/15/09 at 19:35


I was fairly certain that this would be our next topic, although PI and Medi-Mal are completely different animals altogether. Most PI injuries are motor vehicle, assault, slip and falls etc and Medi-Mal is based on white-collar negligence and often the policy limits are dramatically higher, hence the higher judgments.

I have witnessed just about every situation and outcome within the PI realm in my time treating and dealing with insurers and attorneys. Without getting into what is a fair fee for attorneys, I would like to point out that often it is the actions of the insurers that forces the injured party to seek legal counsel in the first place.

Your logic does make some sense but attorneys would argue that the settlement would never have been reached if not for their professional handling of the claim in the first place. The great majority of PI cases are MVA's and settle well under $30K. They also involve less permanent disability and the awards are typically for pain and suffering, loss of wages and future earnings. Medi-Mal typically involves a larger percentage of these factors and much deeper pockets.

I believe that what would be more fair in these small settlements (PI)is to base attorneys fees not on the total settlement but the net amount that is left after the medical costs are paid. Good luck getting PI attorneys to agree to that. I also do not believe that the system works well without attorneys in third party claims )when no medical benefits coverage is in effect).

Let's not point our fingers solely at the attorneys, they neutered them and providers in CA in work comp and found despite a dramatic decline in claims and claims payments, the insurers continue to ask for rate increases and investigations of their practices are ongoing.

Food for thought

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Posted by marie:) on 8/15/09 at 19:05

I'm sorry Allie I was just responding to John's post that was inaccurate. I'm not sure how his response fell under your question either.

Your questions are valid. Hope you get it answered.

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Posted by Allie on 8/15/09 at 18:24

Marie, I am not talking about waiting lists or death lists that we keep hearing about in the news. I have specific questions outlined in my first post.

Dr. Wedemeyer, I mentioned in my post about the huge payouts on PI cases, but neglected to mention the sheer volume of the small payouts(under 100,000). Those do truly ad up. While I know that some of the money is obviously necessary for future medical, many times (having worked in the legal profession), I have seen so many folks spend like crazy when getting their payouts. Also, is it fair that lawyers get a third of the out of court settlements and 40% if they go to trial? Let the lawyers get a little less so that the insurance companies could then charge less in premiums and co-pays.

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Posted by Allie on 8/14/09 at 17:52

Rick, you hit the nail on the head, 'When some folks sit on a jury and award outrageous sums to victims, they think that the big bad insurance companies pay. The reality is that they, and all of us pay.' It's the lawyers I fault the most. Maybe if there wasn't so many 'hugungeous' payments we would not even have to worry about covering pre-exising conditions. The only two things that I agree with Obama on are electronic record keeping and insurance companies having to cover pre-existing conditions. First lower my 'hugungous' family's monthly premium and co-pays through true health reform and then I'll have some monthly left over for higher taxes to cover the uninsured. I just don't have enough cash to pay for both.

Does anyone have the answer to this: If Obamacare does pass, is that the end of it, or is he going to put forth legislation to cut the ridiculous cost of healthcare through tort reform and going after fraud in medicare, medicaid, social security.

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Posted by Allie on 8/14/09 at 17:23

I don't think he should have been allowed back in the NFL, but at least he will be under the guidance of the wonderful Tony Dungy who will hopefully be able to have an impact on Vick's life. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the second chance will work out. I'm glad that Vick will be working with The Humane Society. Glad some good has come out of it and light has been shed the horrendous act of dog fighting.

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Posted by Allie on 8/11/09 at 08:11

How about Rachel Maddow misreporting about about a disrputer at one of the town hall meetings being a militant right-winger, when in fact the person in opposition to the health care was a democrat.

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Posted by marie:) on 8/09/09 at 07:39

The leadership should be calling for calm reasoned discussion and not mobs who hang our elected officials in effigy. They have been supporting these efforts and not discouraging them. Why support a group who is part of the problem? Michael Steele denies it and Boehner encourages it. Go figure. Who's involved....fringe groups like the Tea Partiers (Tom Gaitens is the organizer and is funded by the industry through Freedom Works), Birthers, Conservatives for Patients Rights (this is an industry backed group).......I just think people should be aware of who these people really are. Protest is always welcome but a Townhall meeting is for questions and discussion. I do give Dems credit for allowing them in Bush's presidency Dems were not even allowed to attend town halls.
That memo was written and distributed by Bob MacGuffie, a volunteer for the conservative group Freedom Works and a member of the Tea Party Patriots. Though MacGuffie says the memo is not a Freedom Works publication, there has been a good deal of collaboration between the Tea Party activists, FreedomWorks and lobbyist organizations such as Americans for Prosperity.

Much of that coordination occurs in the Tea Party Patriots Health Care Reform Committee, which counts some of Minnesota’s Tea Party organizers as members. Last week, a spreadsheet containing dates and locations of health care reform events was sent out to the committee by another group with ties to lobbyists, Conservatives for Patients’ Rights. It has been reported that the memo urging town hall disruptions has been distributed to members of that committee as well.
The real leaders of the GOP are Limbaugh, Beck, Coulter and Hannity. Has one GOP leader called for them to stop the hysteria? It's one thing to dislike a politician or disagree but it's pretty disgusting that Beck has fantasizes about poisoning Pelosi. This is fringe and looney, big time.

'Pelosi' a glass of wine and barks at her, 'Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!' He laughs. 'I really just wanted to thank you for having me over here to wine country, though to be invited I thought I had to be a major Democratic donor or a longtime friend of yours, which I'm not. Uh, by the way, I put poison in your—no, I, uh…'
Now we find out that one of the shouters who denied being a member of the Republican Party, said she was just a mom, was actually very involved with the leadership in her local party.

This isn't the response you're seeking but here are is a good article on why so many are leaving the Republican Party. It's an opinion piece but it's pretty spot on.
More and more voters are quickly leaving the Republican Party because the GOP has become increasingly out-of-touch with main-stream America. Polls show that the disruptions, hostility, and mayhem orchestrated by Republican Party leaders at American town-hall meetings paint the Republican Party as an unpatriotic violent organization that has no interest in the well-being of the nation or its citizens.

If you are a Republican as I used to be and are likewise disgusted by these loud-mouthed Repugnant Republicans then you should go to your post office today and register as a Democrat. Do it today.

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Posted by marie:) on 8/07/09 at 17:29

Trust me I have no problem with protest. I'm not one, but feel people have the right to do so. Even when Cindy Sheehan was protesting in Texas there was an intense effort on the ground to keep it civil and orderly. So much so that the Sheriff's department fell in love with the Sheehan protestors..........they even drove to New Orleans to assist with clean up as the hurricane happened while many NOLA where finishing up in Crawfordsville. Yes the sheriff's department and the sheriff assisted liberal protestors from NOLA because of their ability to keep it civil in Crawfordsville. That's the difference Allie. It's called civil discourse. Again this just makes Republicans look foolish and no one's buying it.

Loud does not = right it just means your loud.

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Posted by Allie on 8/07/09 at 17:19

Marie, Remember during the civil rights movement there were those who ranted and raved (rightly so). This is the same thing. Obama himself was involved in organizing public protests on many issues. This is America and he had every right to do so, so why are those that are supporters of the health care plan trying to silence any opposition and just making them out to be radicals? This is something so huge that is being proposed so why not address the concerns that you and I will be paying hugely for?

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Government Option in Health Care View Thread
Posted by john h on 8/07/09 at 15:25

It is clear the Obamacare plan is falling into deep trouble with the public on the issue of a government type option. Around 70% of Americans profess their like of their current health insurance in poll after poll. There is also a deep dislike of the government option in poll after poll. With the Congress in recess and having barely began the Congressmen are getting an earful from their own constituents and most of it is negative on the government option.

Obama is starting to backtrack on his big requirement for a government option. He can still get a plan though Congress and declare victory even without a government option. I am sure the plans will all have to be tweaked as an even bigger problem is that the people of the U.S. are extremely worried about our enormous national deficits that continue to build. Obamacare will add another trillion dollars to the already record deficits. Talk continues to surface as trial balloons about a second stimulus. Obama continue to try and do to much to fast and in the process endangers many of his programs. It seems clear now that there are going to be taxes on people making less than $250,000 a year. Obama promised in no uncertain terms this would not happen during his campaign. If Cap & Trade make it through the Senate that guarantees all of us will see increased taxes. To pay for a one trillion dollar health care program is going to take taxes in one form or another from all of us. More and more talk is emerging about a European style Value Added Tax (VAT). We will get a health care bill but is is not going to be the one envisioned by Nancy Polosi and her minions.

Nanci Polosi is probably an albatrose around not only Obama's neck but every Democrat seeking re-election. She is going to be remembered you can be sure of that.

From todays news:

Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- President Barrack Obama may accept nonprofit health-insurance cooperatives in place of a new government-run plan as long as consumers are guaranteed more choice and competition in buying insurance, a top aide said.
'We would be interested in that' if those conditions are met, Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Reform, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s 'Conversations with Judy Woodruff' airing today.

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Re: I overpaid for Powersteps View Thread
Posted by Dopest on 8/07/09 at 14:02

Thanks Dr. Wedemeyer I agree with what you say. Their should be consequences though if someone goes beyond what is appropriate or fair

So I called Powerstep. They seemed real suprised and disappointed that someone would charge so much. They suggest a retail of $50 for the ones I have. They however gave me a couple of options. I can try to return it to the doctor. Who should accept the return. Or If he doesn't accept the return I can mail it to them and they will send me a check.

It's nice to know they'll support their product even if doctors do not. I will be calling the doctor when he is in the office Monday.

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Re: Obama & Health Care View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 8/07/09 at 10:01

The auto industry was impacted by a shortage of capital which was driven by the housing market falling off of the cliff.


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Moving to Mexico View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/06/09 at 12:38

Dear Mr. President , U. S. Senate and Congress:

I'm planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico for my husband's health, and I would like to ask you to assist me. We're planning to simply walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico , and we'll need your help to make a few arrangements..

We plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws. I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do here.

So, would you mind telling your buddy, President Calderon, that I'm on my way over? Please let him know that I will be expecting the following:

1. Free medical care for my entire family.
2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not.
3. All Mexico government forms, printed in Spanish, need to also be printed in English.
4. I want my kids to be taught Spanish by English-speaking (bi-lingual) teachers.
5. Schools need to include classes on American culture and history.
6. I want my kids to see the American flag flying on the top of the flag pole at their school.
7. Please plan to feed my kids at school for both breakfast and lunch.
8. I will need a local Mexican driver's license so I can get easy access to government services.
9. I do plan to get a car and drive in Mexico, but, I don't plan to purchase car insurance, and I probably won't make any special effort to learn local traffic laws.
10. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo from their president to leave me alone, please be sure that every patrol car has at least one English-speaking officer.
11. I plan to fly the U.S. flag from my house top, put U S. flag decals on my car, and have a gigantic celebration on July 4th. I do not want any complaints or negative comments from the locals.
12. I would also like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, or have any labor or tax laws enforced on any business I may start.
13. Please have the president tell all the Mexican people to be extremely nice and never say a critical thing about me or my family, or about the strain we might place on their economy.

I know this is an easy request because you already do all these things for all his people who come to the U.S. from Mexico . I am sure that President Calderon won't mind returning the favor if you ask him nicely.

Thank you so much for your kind help.
U.S. Citizen & Taxpayer

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Obama & Health Care View Thread
Posted by john h on 8/06/09 at 11:12

In Arkansas, which is a very Democratic state, our Representatives and Senator have been holding town hall type meetings. They have been orderly and calm. Polls and from questions being asked at these meeting people are showing a very definite dislike of the public health care option. Over 70% polled do not want a public health care option. One of our Representatives is the leader of the Blue Dog Democrats.

'Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) -- President Barrack Obama’s approval rating is falling on concern unemployment is rising and the budget deficit will grow, a Quinnipiac University poll shows.
Exactly half of the registered voters surveyed from July 27 to Aug. 3 by Quinnipiac said they approve of the job Obama is doing, compared with 42 percent who disapprove. That’s down from 57 percent approval and 33 percent disapproval in a poll taken in late June, according to results released today.
Americans are upset about rising unemployment and worried that health-care plans making their way through Congress will add to the U.S. budget deficit, said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Hamden, Connecticut-based polling institute. The combination has helped drive down the president’s ratings.
A “willingness to give him the benefit of the doubt is, among some voters, evaporating,” Brown told reporters in Washington yesterday.
The poll found that voters disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy by 49 percent to 45 percent. On his effort to overhaul of the health-care system, 52 percent disapprove of his handling of the issue while 39 percent approve.
Only foreign policy offered a bright spot: 52 percent of poll respondents approved of his job on this front, compared with 38 percent who disapproved.'

Congressmen who feel safe in the 2010 elections will have no problem voting with the Democrats. Those who are not a lock will have to do some serious thinking if they vote against the very heavy polling against ObamaCare. Obama said he is sick and tired of the Republicans bad mouthing the health care plan and the Democrats will pass the bill with or without there support. He is taking a lot for granted IMHO. Come September a lot of these Congressmen are going to come back to Washington having heard a earful on ObamaCare. It may pass but it sure is no lock and the Democrats may pay a price come the elections in 2010.

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Pharmaceuticals are on board View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 8/04/09 at 14:13

For better or worse they are supporting health care reform!,0,3660985.story

The pharmaceutical industry's political transformation provides an example of Obama's approach to achieving his healthcare goals, which includes negotiation and compromise, even with those he and his allies have painted as a source of the problem.

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Re: Does high cost = guarantee View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 8/04/09 at 10:52


I have seen more than one idiot get a college degree, it just makes them an idiot with a degree. That which is enriching to some is meaningless to others adding little or no value in the real world.


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Re: Does high cost = guarantee View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/03/09 at 18:33

Trina is a flipping idiot. Welcome to the real world sweety where jobs are lacking in many fields. What does she want, a job served to her on a silver platter? Does she think she is the only one out there in her situation?

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Re: Profound short paragraph View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 8/03/09 at 14:12


Profound wisdom indeed. Here are a few of my favorites:

“In general, the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one party of the citizens to give to the other.” —Voltaire

'One of the methods used by statists to destroy capitalism consists in establishing controls that tie a given industry hand and foot, making it unable to solve its problems, then declaring that freedom has failed and stronger controls are necessary.' --Ayn Rand

'A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until a majority of voters discover that they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury.'--Alexander Tytler


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Re: Foot hurts while sitting View Thread
Posted by Allie on 8/01/09 at 16:42

Has to be the correct orthotics. Some great ones out there. Alot of junk too. Semi-rigid orthotics(not too hard, not too soft) done through partial weightbearing in foam (by podiatrist, not home kit), produced the best results for me!

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Re: My story and question- Best over the counter Night Splint for PF? View Thread
Posted by Rebecca S. on 8/01/09 at 10:24

Dr. DSW-
I will outline the timeline again, I made my previous post pretty quickly.

1) Wore crappy flip flops for 3 months. I am also overweight.

2) Started having pain in legs and heel pain and tightness in morning upon waking. This went from zero to 60. The first morning I experienced it, it was about a 5 on the pain scale, and I walked through it and it got better through the day but the next morning when I put my feet on the ground it was a ten.

3) Put on New Balance Shoes and wore them nonstop from morning to night and started doing calf stretches against the wall not because anyone told me to, it just instinctively felt good and helped me throughout the day. Feet started to feel better, at least I could walk in the NB shoes.

4)Thursday (about day 5 of only wearing sneakers) afternoon, I had taken sneakers off to let my feet breathe a little and toddler carried one off. Was late to baseball game, gave up looking for sneaker and put on flip flops. Injury happened this evening at about 8 PM. Literally I went from standing to starting to run forward and felt the ripping as my foot left the ground on the first step. My husband helped me to the car, we got an ice pack from the concession stand and I put my foot up the dashboard all the way home, immediately took 1000mg of ibuprofen and elevated the rest of the evening. I wanted time to read and research a little about whether I should try to get in w/ a Podiatrist or an Orthopedist, because I knew they wouldn't have done anything for me at the E.R. I determined a podiatirst was probably what I needed and went to my insurance website and printed off a list near me. The injury was agonizing and that night I had to use my husband's computer chair to wheel myself across the floor to get to the bathroom or crawl. I spent the entire night Thursday night icing the arch and heel for 20 min. every hour or so and kept it elevated above my heart.

5) Friday morning I started calling at 8:30 am and went down the list until I found someone who could see me ASAP. This doctor I am seeing now fit me in and saw me immediately. He recommended total rest and gave me an initial, what he called fast acting injection of anesthetic and cortisone. This was the worst pain I have EVER FELT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Worse than 2 kids w/ no pain meds. I asked him about imaging w/ Ultrasound or MRI and he said that would happen after a weekend of rest and letting the steroid reduce the inflammation and that things would be easier to visualize. He sent me home w/ a prescription for Vicoprofen and told me to stay off it. The injection did help with the pain immensely and I was able to at least walk on the tiptoe of my foot when I had to get up to go to the bathroom. Previously I had been unable to even put any weight on the toe of my foot, I couldn't bear weight on it at all. Other than getting up to relieve myself, I bore no weight on the foot except for occasionally having to move into a different area of the house and when I did so, I used a cane and put no weight on the heel. Podiatrist had me return Monday morning.

6) Monday morning he said that he wanted an MRI before he decided if he was going to do a soft cast or not. They checked and there were no appointments for an MRI for over a week, and he decided to do ultrasound. I was able to get an appt. for ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon (next day). He gave me another injection at this Monday appointment, and told me to stay off the foot until then as much as possible. I made an appointment for followup on Wednesday, when he would have the ultrasound results.

7)Ultrasound on Tuesday afternoon- Radiologist raised his eyebrows at me when I told him I had already had 2 injections. He examined both feet and told me that there was some thickening on the left foot already, and on the right, he didn't visualize any full thickness tear, that the fascia was still completely attached, but that there were areas of fluid collection and a darkened area that led him to believe that there had been a traumatic injury and that I had 'must have been the ripping I felt.' I should add I had no bruising on the arch, which both the radiologist and DPM said was likely due to the fact that I iced it immediately around the clock the first 12 hours after it took place. I left w/ the radiologist saying that I had no detachment of the PF.

8) I show up at Podiatrist at 8:30 am on Wednesday. He says that since there is no rupture that we are going to proceed to treat it as full fasciitis. I asked him about what the radiologist said about the dark area and fluid collection and he said that well obviously since you felt something rip you injured it, but you didn't rip through and you have been on total rest for a week now, that area should be healing up now. He sends me home w/ ViscoSpot gel heel cups, stretching instructions, and directions to never go w/o a shoe and to come back in a week.

9) One week later I come back, he asks how things have been, I tell him that the pain is coming back quite decidedly and that I am getting charlie horses in my right calf. He says that is normal and just whipped out the cryo spray and started numbing my foot for another injection. I said to him then 'ok, I thought that there were risks with too many injections?' and he tells me that the plan is a series of 3, a week apart...not including the first injection, which he said was mostly anesthetic and designed to get me through that first weekend. I did ask him about the increased chance of a full rupture and he said that I am not an athelete, I am a housewife that needs to get back on her feet and that the goal is to get me walking again and able to function. I had taken a pair of Papillio Sandals in with me for him to look at, because I wanted something else to wear besides sneakers for everything and this had the birkenstock footbed with the deep heel cup and it was the soft footbed. At first he said no way, and then I showed him that I had better arch support with this sandal than the tennis shoes and he agreed that I could wear it as a house shoe when I got up to use the bathroom, etc, but not as a full time shoe. Told me to come back in a week.

10) Came back in a week (this brings us to this previous Monday) and he tells me he is writing me a script for a Night Splint and wants to cast for the orthotics. Does fourth injection and said this would be it for at least a year. He did the foam casts for the orthotics.

Day 1-injury
Day 2- next day shot#1
Day 5- 3 days later shot #2
Day 6- Ultrasound
Day 7- heel cups, stretching prescribed
Day 12- shot #3
Day 19- shot #4, foam impressions for orthotics made

Result number: 127

Message Number 259262

Heel injury surgery View Thread
Posted by joan p on 7/30/09 at 23:22

I fell down stairs trying to keep my baby from falling. Severe heel injury They say it will be a 23 hour surgery. Does this sound true? I have never heard of surgery lasting this long and wonder about the anesthesia for this length of time.

Result number: 128

Message Number 259251

Profound short paragraph View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/30/09 at 14:35

'You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the
wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for,another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning ofthe end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.' Adrian Rogers 1931

Result number: 129

Message Number 259162

Re: 7 in 10 Americans want Healthcare Reform View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/27/09 at 09:50

With this eventually effect insurance companies? It seems we have fewer and fewer business in this country! There are so many questions and they need to be straight with us on what the American folks are getting and what could possibly happen down the road as far as what the middle class will have to pay.

Result number: 130

Message Number 259160

Re: 7 in 10 Americans want Healthcare Reform View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/27/09 at 08:54

Any idea if this health care reform will cut the cost of my health insurance premiums and the amount doctors/labs/facilites charge me?

Result number: 131

Message Number 259151

Re: 7 in 10 Americans want Healthcare Reform View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/26/09 at 21:38

I just hope our president gets around to reading the plans drafted by the House and Senate.

Result number: 132

Message Number 259148

Re: 7 in 10 Americans want Healthcare Reform View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/26/09 at 20:40

A few weeks back CNN reported that 60 some percent want some sort of health care plan. Of those, 50 some percent are okay with paying something for it, and 40 some percent don't want to pay anything.

Result number: 133

Message Number 259147

Re: orthotic intolerance View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/26/09 at 20:36

Dave, I too had severe arch pain. I too have flexible feet. I only found relief after being fitted in a plastic semi-rigid orthotic. It fits snug in my arch and flexes when walking. Accomodative orthotics are not strong enough and functional orthotics were too hard on my arch (not any give). Tried taping. It helped for a short time, but was not practical. Needed more support. I did one stupid thing. After my feet got back to normal, I stopped wearing the orthotics so that I could wear my 'cute' sandals (don't think that would be a problem for you) and my symptoms came crashing back. I then had could go through the 'break-in' protocol to get back to where I was. Unlike other orthotics, these orthotics may take some folks longer to get used to as their muscle balance gets stronger in the new position with the orthotic. Most patients feel better after a few weeks, but take up to 4 months for the muscle balance to get stronger and get better and better. That is exactly the situation that happened with me. It took me forever to find the podiatrist that helped me (and much money to boot). Oh and I don't know how the docs feel, but from my research it seems that it is somewhat easier for a person with a flat foot to be helped with orthotics than for one with a high arch. My best to you.

Result number: 134

Message Number 259127

Re: Cancer View Thread
Posted by wendyn on 7/26/09 at 10:02

Here is a link to the original thread (hopefully this will work). Now that I've read it - I've refreshed my memory on where we left off.

With all due respect to the folks who hold the right-wing/Republican type view on abortion (and I don't know if you're one of them Alli)...there is still one fundamental part of that reasoning that I do not understand. I would honestly appreciate it if someone would take the time to thoughtfully and intelligently explain this to me....

It is one thing to say that every life is precious and that every fetus represents a human life with value. I will not argue that point since I can understand the basis of the statement and the associated feelngs of protection.

But in my mind, if one hold that view (which I agree is a legitimate view), then one must also hold the opinion that society is
responsible for protecting and caring for that life when it is no longer a fetus, but a human being.

For anyone who really and truly believes that general society has the authority to proclaim that abortion is always morally wrong and that it should never be legal (or funded by health care).... what do you see as that same society's role in the care of the fetus and eventual person?

Result number: 135

Message Number 259126

Re: Cancer View Thread
Posted by wendyn on 7/26/09 at 09:47

yes Allie - I think you're right - there's no way to separate out all of the factors that go into life expectancy. Lifestyle must ceratinly play a big role.

Result number: 136

Message Number 259125

Re: Here We Go Again View Thread
Posted by wendyn on 7/26/09 at 09:46

My apolgies if I missed your response Alli. I will do a search under your name and see if I can find it.

I don't think that the purpose of a debate is to end up agreeing. My position on abortion has changed and morphed over the years to where it is now.

A lot of the opinions I hold now have been developed in response to different opinions from my own. I may not end up agreeing with people who hold opposing views, but by picking apart our different reasoning, it helps me clarify my own thoughts in my own mind.

Even if a person ends up with exactly the same position as they had prior to a discussion, if the exchange is done carefully and thoughtfully, both sides learn from each other.

I also think it's possible that you and I might just agree on what an intelligent, thoughtful, rational exchange might be....that would be one based on logic and reasoning, not emotion. Do you agree?

So - I'll leave the door open. If I can find your old post on this board's search function, I'll let you know. Otherwise, Ill wait to hear from you when you have more time.

Result number: 137

Message Number 259113

Re: Cancer View Thread
Posted by Alli on 7/25/09 at 14:36

Could life expectancy have to do with our lifestyles - sedentary, poor eating habits, etc. Seems other countries are much more active than us and thinner! Infant mortality - poor pre-natal lifestyle? I don't know. Just throwing that out there.

Result number: 138

Message Number 259110

Re: Here We Go Again View Thread
Posted by Alli on 7/25/09 at 12:40

I did respond in an intelligent, thoughful, rational exchange post. I think it was under a later heading. I will respond again when I have more time. The problem is that we will never agree. What I think is intelligent, thoughful, rational exchange you will not and vice versa.

Result number: 139

Message Number 259109

Re: Here We Go Again View Thread
Posted by wendyn on 7/25/09 at 11:05

Oh Alli - if it was that simple it wouldn't be a moral dillema for so many people would it?

I posted a serious reply and statement on abortion to you some time ago - to which you responded that you would think about my comments and then respond back.

You never did.

If you ever do want to engage in an intelligent, thoughful, rational exchange about the morality and controversy surrounding abortion - let me know. I would be happy to have that discussion with you.

In the mean time, no - this isn't clear and simple at all.

Result number: 140

Message Number 259105

Re: Here We Go Again View Thread
Posted by Alli on 7/25/09 at 09:50

Wrong. Just don't pay for abortions. Leave God out of it. Is is simply murder because it stops a beating heart. Nothing could be more clearer. Aren't you glad your mom did not abort you?

Result number: 141

Message Number 259082

Re: Goal of government health care program View Thread
Posted by john h on 7/24/09 at 10:35

Allie: If government healthcare as perceived by what is coming out of the House were to occur then overtime this is a likely scenario you might encounter.

You go to your Doctor of choice (maybe or maybe not). Your Doctor diagnosis you with disease 'X' or injury 'X'. Somewhere, most likely in Washington, there will be an agency that is filled with statistics and data for the treatment of your disease and what is likely to provide the best outcome, based on all the data and numbers. The agency running this gigantic program is staffed largely by bureaucrats. Your Doctor will be very much obliged to treat you based on the data in their databank and not on what you and your Doctor think is best. Your Doctor may think for your condition you need chemotherapy or some other high tech treatment. If that treatment does not fit what the bureaucrats have in their data bank then you will likely have to pay for that treatment out of pocket or your Doctor may not get paid if he does not follow the guidelines. Of course their is no one treatment that fits all people and you may be the one who's treatment under the government guideline will not work.

Being of Medicare age the one part of the plan that will effect me and anyone else treated under Medicare is the plan to reduce much of the proposed savings in the plan at the expense of Medicare. As it it now many Doctors will not accept Medicare patients because of the low reimbursement. The plan is to further reduce payment to the Doctors under Medicare. Fee schedules will only make the situation worse. In the end all people will not be treated equally. Older people may not be eligible for dialysis or other end of life type diseases. This may well save money as I understand we do not have unlimited resources. There are some ethical questions that should be argued and debated.

Those people who have the money are free to go to another country and get a kidney transplant if they cannot get one under our new proposed system. We see it happening daily as the wealthy from nations all over the world show up in our hospitals.

Understand that in poll after poll approximately 75% of Americans say they are happy with their current insurance. They also say they want the uninsured be brought in but when they are faced with the fact they must pay for it then they do not want to pay for it. We read the numbers that we have 50 million uninsured Americans. Know that included in this number are illegal aliens and perhaps millions who do not want insurance and even reject it when offered by their employer. My secretary's husband has worked for Home Depot for 17 years and they offer their employees insurance for them and their families. She and her husband have turned it down. She tells me they can spend it better elsewhere. In fact, there are not 50 million uninsured Americans. Anyone including illegals can walk into any emergency room in the USA and by law will receive treatment. This is inefficient but never the less the treatment is there. The proposed plan claims to lower the overall cost of health care. Many smart people say not so. Even the GAO who is the ultimate arbitrator on cost for the Congress said the Kennedy plan would cost over 1.5 trillion dollars and still leave 32 million uninsured. Mass who initiated a state plan to insure all its citizens is now running into big problems paying for the cost. They to offered the so called government plan which was immediately overwhelmed. Their current governor has advised our current Congress to go slow on this and do it in stages. Do not move out of stage one until it is proven that it works.

After 7 months Hawaii has dropped it's state funded universal health care for children. They found that people who could afford to pay for private insurance were dropping it for the free insurance offered by the state. These families are now being advised to apply for the better Medicaid benefits for those families of 4 who make less than $73,000 a year. A person living in mid America can live rather well on $73,000 a year.

Under a universal system health care will most likely end up being rationed. It has proven so in England. Most Americans can get an MRI within 1-3 days. You might have to wait months in England or Canada. Once one of these programs take a foothold it is almost impossible to get rid of them. It is my understanding that there are over 1.5 million English employees in their healthcare system. If we use that ratio with over 300 million americans we might end up with 10 million American working in the public health care system if we ended up with a single payers system. Once an organization gets that large then no matter how bad the system may get it will be near impossible to get rid of the system.

Obama has finally given up on the Congress placing a health care bill before him by August. The biggest problem is not the Republicans but the Blue Dog Democrats who worry about how to pay for it and are concerned about a government system as part of the bill. As the summer turns into fall more and more Americans will begin to find out about the details of what ever system finally emerges. Like Hillary's system the chances of passing the House bill will greatly diminish.

We do need to bring in the uninsured who want insurance. We also need to explore the unintended consequences of every detail of the bill. To bring in probably 30 million uninsured who really want insurance or need it should not require a total overhaul of a system where 275 million in poll after poll say they are happy with their insurance.

Obama continues to give his 'end of world speeches if we do not pass this health care bill' by August has hurt his own cause. Polling on his healthcare plans have consistently gone down month after month until now less than 50% of Americans are positive on his healthcare plan. The more people find out about the details the more unpopular it will become. Get it done right Mr. President not fast. Pay attention to what the people are telling you. If you cannot get a bill when your party controls both Houses and the Executive Branch then it should be a clue something must be wrong with the plan.

Result number: 142

Message Number 259081

Re: ESPY awards View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/24/09 at 09:27

Funny. And if a team is having a losing season he'll let them be the winners for awhile.

Result number: 143

Message Number 259074

Re: Goal of government health care program View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/23/09 at 20:43

That's right, Rick. We need to figure our what went wrong w/ medicare before jumping into another 'well-managed' government program. Obama's response to whether the government plan will outlaw private insurance,'I'm not sure, I'm not familiar with the bill enough, but I do know one thing, we have to pass the bill immediately.' is absolutely beyond words. You're right, he repeatedly has said that nobody will lose their insurance if they want to keep it. The media cannot massage that quote.

With something of such magnitude to our country, why would he (and all members of congress) not read over word!! The one thing, remember I said the one thing I agree with Obama on is the digial record keeping. The docs don't want it because it will cut down on the money they can make off of ordering tests or duplicate tests because they sometimes don't accept other doctors tests. Look at all of the docs that now own MRI facilities. I cannot blame the docs in one respect because they sometimes order needless tests to CYA because of malpractice. So the docs don't want digital record keeping and the lawyers don't want tort reform. So...

Result number: 144

Message Number 259073

ESPY awards View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/23/09 at 19:57

The Espy Awards are on and Obama just made an taped appearance. My husband commented, 'maybe he wants to solialize sports too so that there are no longer winners or losers.' Ha.

Result number: 145

Message Number 259071

Re: Goal of government health care program View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 7/23/09 at 18:17


Let's figure our what went wrong with medicare before we dive into another 1000 + page bill nobody read.

The other day when asked: 'Will your plan outlaw private insurance?' Obama said: 'I'm not sure, I'm not familiar with the bill enough, but I do know one thing, we have to pass the bill immediately.'

Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't Obama been leading his push with the comment that nobody will lose their insurance if they want to keep it? He knows he needs to say that to overcome the objections but it isn't important enough to him to make sure the bill actually protects that right?

How is that not the biggest gaff in political history?


Result number: 146

Message Number 259070

Re: Goal of government health care program View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 7/23/09 at 18:14


Let's figure our what went wrong with medicare before we dive into another 1000 + page bill nobody read.

The other day when asked: 'Will your plan outlaw private insurance?' Obama said: 'I'm not sure, I'm not familiar with the bill enough, but I do know one thing, we have to pass the bill immediately.'

Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't Obama been leading his push with the comment that nobody will lose their insurance if they want to keep it? He knows he needs to say that to overcome the objections but it isn't important enough to him to make sure the bill actually protects that right?

How is that not the biggest gaff in political history?


Result number: 147

Message Number 259069

Re: Here We Go Again View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/23/09 at 18:11

I think that since there are many folks that strongly believe that abortion is murder (a moral issue), how can we possibly fund abortions?

Result number: 148

Message Number 259041

Re: Unemployment in Euro Nations View Thread
Posted by wendyn on 7/22/09 at 23:09

A couple thoughts John....

First - when you hear optimistic news about the economy, always always always consider the source (i.e. do not rely on real estate organizations to tell you about how positive home sales are).

Second, when it comes to unemployment - consider that many people are falling throught the cracks. They can't find full time, suitable employment so they end up underemployed or part-time. Others are contractors who don't qualify for unemployement at all. Others give up and start working 'under the table.'

Most of the time, if read these really positive articles carefully - there's a lot of information that's being misrepresented.

Hope all is well with you and yours...

Result number: 149

Message Number 259014

Re: Goal of government health care program View Thread
Posted by john h on 7/22/09 at 11:57

Allie: The stated goals are to make affordable health insurance available to ALL U.S. Citizens. Those that cannot afford it will be subsidized.

The second goal, which is very much in doubt, is to reduce the rapid increase in overall health care for the nation.

Many people think the unstated goal is to eventually have the government run the entire health care system. Some Liberals openly support this notion. Senator Kennedy does not directly say it but one can surmise that is his goal.

Other associated goals as stated by Obama is to not have any increase in your overall cost. Chose your own Doctor and your own health plan and have the system self supporting. This clearly is not attainable as that is the problem the House and Senate are dealing with now. How to pay for it? One way or the other you and I will eventually pay for it as there is no free lunch as the Congress is finding out.

Result number: 150

Message Number 259013

Re: Goal of government health care program View Thread
Posted by john h on 7/22/09 at 11:56

Allie: The stated goals are to make affordable health insurance available to ALL U.S. Citizens. Those that cannot afford it will be subsidized.

The second goal, which is very much in doubt, is to reduce the rapid increase in overall health care for the nation.

Many people think the unstated goal is to eventually have the government run the entire health care system. Some Liberals openly support this notion. Senator Kennedy does not directly say it but one can surmise that is his goal.

Other associated goals as stated by Obama is to not have any increase in your overall cost. Chose your own Doctor and your own health plan and have the system self supporting. This clearly is not attainable as that is the problem the House and Senate are dealing with now. How to pay for it? One way or the other you and I will eventually pay for it as there is no free lunch as the Congress is finding out.

Result number: 151

Message Number 259010

Goal of government health care program View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/22/09 at 07:37

I want to really know what exactly the goal of a government health care program is. Is is just to provide coverage for those unable to obtain private coverage due to private coverage being too expensive and/or for those with pre-existing conditions. Will there be a premium for those getting on the government plan? Will premiums be based on risk factors of individuals as are done w/ private insurance companies.

Second, how will the plan help lower health care costs which it seems should be the primary (logical first step)goal and then secondary look at insuring those who cannot obtain private care. I have private coverage that is so high. There are so many ways that health care costs could be cut.

Result number: 152

Message Number 258974

Re: Unemployment in Euro Nations View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/20/09 at 17:29

Speaking of Ford, I recently met the wife of a Ford engineer while they were on vacation. She said that it was the worse move with Obama firing Rick Wagner (is that the former CEO's name?). She said he was wonderful for the company. After he left, he wrote handwritten thank-you notes to many of the employees.

Yes, indications point to inflation, but maybe there will be a miracle!!

Result number: 153

Message Number 258969

Re: Falling Numbers View Thread
Posted by john h on 7/20/09 at 14:30

The Trial Lawyers Association is one of the most powerful lobby groups in Washington. With some specialities liability premiums reaching upwards of $500,000 per year is it any wonder that health care cost are going skyward. No one is asking that liability awards be done away with just that they be capped to some number that is not insane. Our jury awards have become outrageous.. Having been on the receiving end of a a liability lawsuit that lasted 5 years I have some personal experience in this area. My company was sued for $10 million dollars for something so frivolous as it should never have come to trial. I knew the gentlemen that filed the suit very well. I sat down with him one day and said at the end of the day there will be one winner and it will be the lawyers. Someone had convinced him he could sue the big company from the North in the southern city of Little Rock and become rich. After 5 years of depositions and starts and restarts the trial lasted 3 days. He got ZERO and his legal fees drove him into bankruptcy with a once thriving business. Our company paid out $250,000 in legal fees. His lawyers charged by the hour and there was no deal where you only pay if you win.

I do not think reasonable people object to big awards to pay for real and lasting medical bills and disabilities. It is those 20 million dollar pain and suffering awards that cost all of us and is aiding in destroying our health care system.

Result number: 154

Message Number 258958

Re: Falling Numbers View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/20/09 at 10:54

Yes, John. Still don't understand why they are rushing into this, w/o looking at cutting health care costs, malpractice, personal injury litigation and fraud first. W/o looking at where we could lower costs it is still going to be very expensive for all. The middle class will end up keeping our same high premiums w/ our current insurers while seeing an increase in our taxes. Oh Yipee.

Result number: 155

Message Number 258957

Falling Numbers View Thread
Posted by john h on 7/20/09 at 10:20

Today, for the first time Obama's favor-ability on his health care plan fell below 50% as does his handling of the economy. He still has an overall favor-ability rating as a President of around 59% but this is down from his high of 72%.

The rush to get this plan through I think is working against it. Something will come out of the House but very unlikely to get out of the Senate prior to the August recess. The more the public finds out about the details over the recess the less support the bill will receive. The plan to have a 'Government Plan' is a non starter once the public find out just what that will mean for the future.

There are few things the government can do well and running a health care system for the entire nation is surely one of those. Here is is in late July and we still do not know how to pay for it. The GAO only Friday noted the latest plan will actually raise the cost of health care.

Result number: 156

Message Number 258938

Dr. Scholl's machine @ walmart View Thread
Posted by CallieC on 7/18/09 at 19:26

Has anybody tried this? The machine has feet pads you step on and instructs you to put weight in certain areas and then in magically gives you the type of insert recommended for your feet. The inserts cost about $50. Just wondering if anybody has had any success?

Result number: 157

Message Number 258915

President Obama View Thread
Posted by john h on 7/17/09 at 14:18

President Obama is just over 7 months into his presidency. Is he living up to your expectations? Is he delivering on his promises. Following are some of my non-professional observations to date:

1, He has turned over much of the plans and details of his promises to Congress and his advisers. He appears to be a President governing by 'speeches'. The more speeches he delivers the less attention the people pay. You would expect the administration to deliver a health care plan to congress and for them to refine on it, debate it, and then vote on it. President Obama chose to just hand the entire project over to the House and Speaker Polosi.

2. He promised 'change'. We would cross over to and negotiate with Republicans. This has not happened. With a super majority in the House and Senate bills are being forced through without even the Democrats or Republicans reading many of these bills.

3. For what ever reasons he has chosen to surround himself with former Clinton staff. This is a sure way of business as usual. I was hoping for some new now Washington types to fill some of these key slots.

4. The economy is basically being single handily managed by Secretary Timmothy Geithner. If there is any doubt that he is not running the economic show then you have not paying attention.

5. We were told to expect unemployment to drop to 8.5% by the fall. Instead it is at a national average of 9.5% and expected to climb above 10% by years end and continue on up.

6. We were given to believe that a 750 billion dollar stimulus package would bring results. So far it has brought very little. Many question if it was not a bad move to start with. There is talk of a second or even a third stimulus package.

7. President Obama has put everything on a rush mode when some thoughtful debate and discussion is called for. If we are going to have a trillion dollar health care package it should not be passed in the middle of the night with no one having read it. There is no need for this rush on this plan prior to the August recess. Democrats are starting to realize this.

8. His personal approval rating remains high but is falling significantly. His handling of the economy is falling much faster and likely well below 50%.

9. We have barely spent 20% of the stimulus package and then mostly on things that do not produce jobs. We had no well thought out plan on how this money should be used to produce jobs. Supposedly, by now this money should have produced hundreds of thousands of new jobs but instead we have lost perhaps a million jobs.

10. We find ourselves with the largest deficit in history and still climbing with the health care plan yet to come to the tune of one trillion dollars or more.

11. The Cap & Trade bill by most economist thinking will cause a loss of more jobs. Cause a movement of jobs overseas and has already created some fear among our trading partners. It is projected to not get out of the Senate.

12. President Obama came into office with very high expectations but virtually no experience in foreign affairs or the economy. He has backtracked on some of his promises and basically ignored this when questioned on it.

13. Many Democrats who are running for office in 2010 are becoming very concerned. Harry Reid the Leader of the Senate is already over 20% points behind his opponent. His son who is running for governor is being hurt by Senator Reid's ever declining poll numbers. Governor Corzine is in trouble. Many others are concerned about what a new one trillion dollar heath care plan will do to our bloated budget.

14. Our nation is still very much in economic trouble and there is no near term solutions in the next couple of years. Our dollar may very well lose its position as a world currency. China is becoming the economic power of this century. Our government/tax payers now own insurance companies, auto companies. mortgage companies,banks, etc and most are in trouble. Who among you saw China becoming our main lender in the form of U.S. Treasuries. China is expected to have a GNP growth of 8.5% by years end. We could end up with no growth of GNP.

15. President Obama, in my view, is not the man we were promised. He has almost 3.5 years to change his direction. Poll after poll show more and more Americans are concerned. He needs to stop managing by speeches. Hire fewer Czar's (35 at last count). Czars do not have to in most cases report to Congress. Bring in some new blood where possible and get us on the right track to recovery.

16. His plan to have talks with the likes of North Korea and Iran were dead before he announced them. Colin Powell or some of our experienced statesmen could have told him that. I think Hillary knew that much. He is learning by experience that these nations are an axis of evil. Certainly war looms in the Middle East. One could only guess at how such an event would effect our already faltering economy.

16. I am deeply concerned. Not that Republicans are not in office but in the way our nation and economy is being managed.

Result number: 158

Message Number 258900

Re: equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/16/09 at 11:56

Yeah, I'll stick with the male firefighters. If 200 pounds isn't heavy enough, how 'bout carrying out a 300 pound linebacker? I believe John's original point about eqaulizing was that we should go with who is most qualified for a position. For example, if there is a job where a black woman has better qualifications than a white male, (schooling and job history), by all means, higher her. As a minority (woman) I see no problem if a white male, black male, black female were highered over me if their qualifications exceeded mine. May the best man (woman) win!

Result number: 159

Message Number 258891

Arthroscopy & Debridement of osteochindral defect of the talus View Thread
Posted by Suzifloose on 7/16/09 at 08:08

In 08 I fell on a pavement while visitingmy friends mum who was ill. I often twist my ankle (I overextend) but this was different, I could not weight bear at all but there was very little to no swelling. After RICE for about an hour I could hobble, I phoned NHS Direct but they went through a checklist and as there was no swelling didn;t think it serious and said only go to docs if no improvement in two weeks. IN two eeks I went to the docs. V unhelpful, just said you've sprained it, it will take time. The ankle clicked and clunked and twanged and felt like it was not holding together. I went back to docs a few times and always dismissive, said may just be one of those things won't ever quite recover. Finally in alomost in tears I said do you really exoact me to accept in my thirties that I may just 'have to put up with it?'. Eventually doc reluctantly agreed to refer me to a consultant. They did and xray followed by MRI and found a osteochindral defect of the talus bone - basically a big gouge in the cartilage of the bone. A year almost to the day after falling I had and arthroscopy and debridment surgery. This was Jan 09. It is now July 09 and I still have pain. My consultant finally agreed to another MRI last week and he has advised that I have a bone marrow oedema and still some uneven surface as it is also still clicking/catching.

What does this mean and how should it be treated? What is the long term risk? I have just sold my house to go travelling for a year and as he was aware of this he said we need do nothing at the moment and it should not get worse. This does not sit quite right with me and I am worried about further damaging it etc?

Result number: 160

Message Number 258878

Re: The politics of being rich. View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 7/15/09 at 16:55


Only 1/2 of 1% of the population in the U.S. is considered wealthy. United for a Fair Economy reports that about 700 business leaders and wealthy in the top 5% of wealth and/or income in the U.S. advocate for fair taxes and corporate accountability. The middle class has been the biggest victim of taxation, simply by headcount. They are the majority. When we discuss middle class we have to keep in mind they include upper, middle, lower......and then the working class. Some 53% of Americans consider themselves middle class and around 19% consider themselves upper middle class and another 19% lower middle class. These numbers are based on a 2008 Pew Poll. You state 40% of the population is supported by the 1/2 of 1%....and that is a grotesque misrepresentation. The middle class pays for itself and the poor. The majority of financial gains since the late 70's has gone to the wealthy while the middle class has declined.

Therefore it is the middle class you should be concerned with and not 1/2 of 1% of the population. Sorry but majority rules and that is a democracy. Hey Somalia might not be so bad....I mean they don't have taxes and favor the rich. So by all means it should be a top destination for all our wealthy. I hear pirate watching is a big pass time there. Aye aye matey! ;)

For decades, middle-income Americans had been making absolute progress while enduring relative decline. But since 1999, they have not made economic gains.

From 1983 to 2004, the median net worth of upper-income families more than doubled, while the median net worth of middle-income families grew by just 29%. In effect, those in the middle have been making progress in absolute terms while falling behind in relative terms.

Economic, demographic, technological and sociological changes since 1970 have moved some groups up the income ladder and pushed others down.

Result number: 161

Message Number 258874

Re: Some Like Thomas Sowell and Some Do Not View Thread
Posted by john h on 7/15/09 at 15:33

Allie: As an Air Force Rescue Helicopter Pilot we were required to be able to go go down on a hoist into double canopy jungle and be able to take an injured man who might often be unconscious and fit him on to a jungle penetrator and then ride back up with him fighting off the jungle canopy as you went. Once you reach the chopper you then have to pull dead body weight from the jungle penetrator into the cabin or drop him 100 feet. Getting a man in such condition on to a jungle penetrator is much more difficult than just getting a man into a cage or gurney type device. We had to practice this over and over using a 200 lb dead weight dummy. We had to do this monthly. When I was shot down it became my turn to be picked up. We carried a Medic and two pilots and all of us had to be able to do this. I was in top condition in those days and it took all I had to be able to do this. There are, I am sure, women who might be able to do this but you have a much better chance of survival if you have a big burly man well trained. Many men could not pass this test. I think that women have been ruled out from being a ground combat Marine or Soldier. Often they have to carry a back pack weighing nearly 100 lbs on forced marches and certainly have to often carry their injured buddies on their backs out of harms way. This is not to say that a woman has no place in the military or could not in some cases do this job. They are currently fighter pilots and have many other dangerous jobs. Job requirements should never be lowered in order to accommodate gender or racial quotas. I doubt we have any female Seals. I delivered hundreds of Special Operations Forces into the rear of enemy lines and they were always men and had to be. The fact is some jobs in life just require a certain amount of strength and there is no getting around it. I sure would not try and get into the ring with a heavy weight boxer as I am physically unqualified. Nothing to be ashamed about it is just a fact of life.

In most countries women cannot serve in the submarine service. Various reasons are given. One being a lack of oxygen for prolonged periods of time which can have adverse effects on bablies. The other is obvious. hundreds of young men with young women using the same facilities. Australia is the only one that comest to mind that may allow this. Nuclear subs can go to sea for six months at a time and most of it is underwater. Space is at a premium on a sub and to build special facilites such as sleeping quarters, etc is not reason enough to go this route. Personally I would not like to go to sea in a sub full of women in a sub and me being the only man.

Result number: 162

Message Number 258870

Re: Some Like Thomas Sowell and Some Do Not View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/15/09 at 14:11

Re your reference to women firefighters. I know that the NOW would hate me, but I would much rather have a man carry my husband's 200 plus body down the stairs and out the door, than a woman firefighter to save his life! Not meant to be a cut to women. It's just reality and logical! Likewise, there are things that women are better at than men.

Result number: 163

Message Number 258778

Re: Sarah Palin??? View Thread
Posted by john h on 7/10/09 at 10:09

Judy, Sarah came into the election with just a bit more experience than President Obama. HIs claim to fame is that of a Community Organizer on the South Side of Chicago which is largely a political job or jumping off point. She like him is a gifted orator. She like him is very nice looking. They both have nice families but unfortunately Sarah's daughter had a child out of wedlock and took some heat for that. At this point in time Obama has not proven much as President. The unemployment rate continues to rise. The stimulus plan has done next to nothing and very little of the money has been actually spent on anything that would create jobs. Many states are using the money to reduce debt and for other outrageous things. We already hear talk of a second stimulus when we cannot seem to find a way to put the first stimulus into play. I have read it may be 2011 before the stimuls money is really put to use. Our national debt is spinning out of control and with a new trillion dollar healthcare bill just might load on the camel the straw that breaks his back. Everything is hurry hurry for Obama. Colan Powell who backed him during the election said he needs to slow down as have some in his own party. House members and Senators are not even able to read the bills they vote on. He has backtracked on many of his promises during the election. All the hysteria about Obama seems to be fading as are his polling numbers. In the end, results are what count and so far we have not even left the starting gate. We seem to have backed out of the starting gate

Sarah's daughter's former boy friend is now ready to write a tell all book, become an actor, and make some money out of this. Yesterday he said she is leaving office for the money. She of course has run up some large legal bills which cannot be paid on a Governor's salary. She is between a rock & a hard place. I seriously doubt she would ever run for President and smart enough to know she unlikely could not win. Politics is a sleazy occupation. Power is addictive. Actually, it makes sense to me to see some of the politicians just say I have had enough and walk away from it. Some of these people after a few terms in the House or Senate come to believe they are infallible. There are higher callings in life. We have had some good people walk away from the House and Senate. I respect their decisions.

Obama seems to be letting his key players like Tim Gathner make all the decisions while he gives all the speeches. I think there may be a new Fed Chairman appointed soon and the paper yesterday noted Geithner will likely give Obama his strong recommendation. Geithner more than Obama, more than anyone, is the architect of the economic plans put into force by this President. Geithner is a detail oriented man and does not like the limelight. Obama likes to be seen and to give speeches for which is well suited. He strikes an imposing figure and has a golden tongue. He is in to much of a hurry. Next vote around the economy had better be well on its way to recovery or he will go back to being a Community Organizer. The voters are a fickle group.

Result number: 164

Message Number 258723

Re: Endoscopic Surgery View Thread
Posted by Dr. DSW on 7/08/09 at 17:52

The published success rates for any plantar fascia release is around 70-80% maximum. It really doesn't matter which method is used, cutting the fascia is cutting the fascia. There are many ways to cut the fascia.

Some doctors prefer an open approach, some prefer a small incision, some prefer a small incision with flouroscopy guidance, some prefer EPF, some prefer plantar incisions, etc.

In my opinion, in the GREAT majority of cases, the actual 'spur' should be left alone since it rarely if ever actually causes the pain. And most importantly, only a PORTION of the fascia should be cut. 1/2 to a maximum of 2/3 of the width of the plantar fascia should be cut.

If more than that is cut, there WILL be post operative complications.

I'm not sure why you have the attitude or anger you do, because no one is calling you a 'misfit'. All forms of medicine are an art and a science. Unfortunately, not all patients obtain success with all treatments. It's not that easy. There are some patients that fail all conservative treatments AND fail surgical treatments. That's no fault of the doctor or the patient.

That doesn't mean you're being 'scammed'.

I didn't say all the people on this board are failures, but come on John, let's be realistic. Do patients that have successful treatments and no pain come on this site just for fun?

No, this site attracts patients that have unfortunately failed traditional treatments, therefore there is a higher than 'average' number of patients on this site that have failed treatments vs. the national average. Those that have obtained success simply have no need to visit this site.

Do you visit sites on how to treat a chronic painful elbow if you don't have a chronic painful elbow?

Have any of the doctors you've visited ever ruled out other possible causes of your pain OTHER than plantar fasciitis? There are rheumatic conditions that can cause heel pain, there are back/spine problems that can cause heel pain, there are nerve entrapment problems that can cause heel pain, etc.

Have you ever had an MRI to rule out any other contributing causes or have you ever had any blood tests?

Result number: 165

Message Number 258658

Re: official statement by Sarah Palin View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 7/06/09 at 12:29

Interesting piece. I have to wonder if the 'higher calling' relates to her faith and not politics. I thought she may have accepted a position heading a group or new party of that nature. Just wonderin'.

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Message Number 258626

Treatment for Postier Tibual Tendonitis or what I may have? View Thread
Posted by NicoleL on 7/04/09 at 18:38


Just some background info first a little lengthy but thank you in advance:

In Feb. 09 after walking barefoot in my apartment (which I never usually do) and doing that extreme foot stretch in yoga my feet went ballistic ; swelled creating neuromas in both feet and became quite inflamed. My entire foot hurt. (both feet but left is worse) Long story short (went to a sports clinic and a couple of podiatrists) xrays did not show anything and MRI did not show anything.The neuromas went away but when I stand for awhile the sole of my feet (plantar fascia area hurts , mid to forfoot, and feels very hard when I'm standing) I still have my arches when I stand but pronate when I walk which is why I wear my orthotics. I do not hyperpronate though according to the sports clinic. Two very reputable physio therapists diagnosed me with postier tibual tendonitis. I've done the excercises but it is only slightly better. The area is tender
I also notice my nerves are quite irritated and get buzzing sensations occasionally in my arches. I sometimes feel a tiny zing in the inner ankle. My GP has put me on neurotonin ( all other blood work etc are fine)The podiatrist my GP referred me to thought it was plantar fasciatis and the postier tibual tendonitis is secondary. However, when I went to see him I had stopped wearing my orthotics because I was suspicsous they were making me worse. Which is why I think the plantar fasciitis flared up in my heel. I did tell him that.

The plantar fasciitis I'm used to, which is why I went to a podiatrist a for, hurt for the first few steps. This is constant unless I'm resting for about 15 minutes then goes away.

Questions: 1) Is there anything more I can do conservatively for postier tibual tendonitis? 2) Does this sound like plantar fasciitis only more severe with postier tibual tendonitis - I do realize this is the internet and my feet would need to be examined etc... Any advice for the next step I should take would be greatly apprecieated.

Result number: 167

Message Number 258622

Re: Earth cooling or heating? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/04/09 at 15:51

Afterall wasn't Al Gore the one who 'invented' global warming, along with his prior invention of the internet?

Result number: 168

Message Number 258602

Re: local skin reaction alcohol injection for mortons neuroma? View Thread
Posted by Dr.DSW on 7/04/09 at 08:50

Did you ever think of picking up the phone and calling the doctor that administered the injection?

What you describe may be a skin burn IF your doctor first sprayed your skin with a topical anesthetic spray to 'freeze' the skin prior to the injection. If this is the case, it is very common to see a circular discoloration about the size of a nickel or dime.

However, as I previously stated and as I ALWAYS state on this site, the opinions of the doctors on this site are really to answer general questions or to add to the information you've already obtained from your own doctor. The purpose is not to replace the care provided by your own doctor.

I would strongly recommend that you contact your doctor regarding this reaction and that you always contact your own doctor FIRST with any questions regarding treatment, since your doctor knows the most about your individual case.

Result number: 169

Message Number 258593

Re: flat feet View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 7/03/09 at 19:07

I am honestly concerned that anyone would feel this way about their doctors and that their motive for practice is solely financial. I know a great many MD, DPM's, DC's, dentists etc. and relatively few have a God complex as you intimate. More truly care about their profession and patients than you could even imagine.

I certainly do not feel a sense of entitlement that goes along with my credentials and I know many fine physicians and allied health professionals who are not paid their true worth. You cannot place a value on quality health care, whatever the complaint or specialty.

When I dispense orthoses the exam fees, shipping, casting, critical analysis, gait and biomechanical exam and follow-up is included in the price for patients who pay at the time of service. When patients have group health or Medicare benefits available we bill their insurance AS A COURTESY and wait for payment which is often below our other fees due to contractual arrangements.

Do you suggest that when another provider makes a substandard orthosis and charges you exorbitant fees that the next provider that you visit should just waive their professional fees and time because you already paid a completely different office's fees? I really resent that you could even suggest this.

If you feel that good health care is repeating the prior mistakes and not examining each patient and case to the very best of your professional ability is acceptable then your comments do make sense; for you. Regulatory laws do not allow this and it is not the standard of care in any health profession, therefore we ALL charge new patient fees, reexamination fees and fees for out professional time.

Good luck finding a vendor who will sell you material and assume the liability for the public to fabricate their own orthotics. What's next; self-colonoscopy and root canal kits?

Please consider that what I am typing to you is an attempt to help you to see the error in making such a denigrating set of generalizations about health care professionals and not personal. I suggest you think about this thread and try a new tact and see just how helpful the professionals here can be when approached with a modicum of respect.

Result number: 170

Message Number 258585

Re: can I take a custom foot orthotic to a pedorthist? View Thread
Posted by Dr. Wedemeyer on 7/03/09 at 15:01

Mary your podiatrist is affording many of the standard conservative therapies for PF. If you are not resolving I would discuss this with him first and give him the opportunity to address any issues and concerns that you have.

PF is a multi-factorial complaint and I never rely on one modality to treat it. I would also strongly suggest physical medicine such as ultrasound diathermy or iontophoresis of a steroid gel preparation such as dexamethasone, interferential muscle stimulation, myofascial release and a home stretching regimen for the fascia and lower extremity muscles.

A referral for co-treatment to a PT or DC who performs these services may prove helpful if you are not resolving timely. If he is not open to referring treatment to allied profeesionals and you are not obtaining relief, you can always exercise your right to seek a second opinion.

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Message Number 258544

Re: Earth cooling or heating? View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 7/01/09 at 19:22


I think the shameless opportunism for, power, funding, what ever the motives, has the potential to discredit legitimate environmental concerns. The most ridiculous thing I heard was on the History channel. They did a program on the 'year without a summer' 1815 I think. They had to get the jab in by saying it was the burgeoning industrial revolution that caused it.

I don't think we got out of the 60's here in Chicago today. Do you remenber the hole in the ozone layer? That sucker closed up, don't hear much about that now do we. Sensationalism sells, perhaps we don't get behind the advancement of legitimate science without a jolt of not so legit fear. Roger Revelle, the grandfather of global warming, had second thoughts before he passed on.


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Message Number 258536

Re: Earth cooling or heating? View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/01/09 at 16:59

I have heard also from scientists that disagree with global warming, so why is it always stated in the media that global warming is in fact a definate thing when scientists cannot even agree? Apparently the world has gone through many climate changes (warming and cooling) since the beginning of time. That said, I do agree that we should not get lazy and not do things that we all know are damaging. Hey and how 'bout those 'summer like' temps (forties) up around Connecticut during June?

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Message Number 258533

Re: How Mayo Clinic is giving the BEST care for the least amount of money! View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/01/09 at 16:43

I have heard so many wonderful things from patients and doctors (not affiliated with Mayo) alike that Mayo is amazing! I have heard that the level of care is unsurpassed.

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Message Number 258514

Re: Franken wins!!! View Thread
Posted by Allie on 7/01/09 at 06:36


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Message Number 258411

Re: Unfaithful Politicians View Thread
Posted by wendyn on 6/26/09 at 19:09

Allie your comment on the unattractive men made me laugh. A number of years ago I worked in a department where two people had an affair that we all knew about. She was 28 and very attractive. He was about 45 and one of the homeliest men I've seen. Well at least one of the plainest. Must be the power that makes them attractive.?

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Message Number 258404

Re: Health Care View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 6/26/09 at 12:41


My sister is in the medical profession and has seen data that shows profoundly different cost efficiencies by geographic region. To fail to explore why this is the case before we further shread our constitution is appaling.


Result number: 177

Message Number 258403

Re: Health Care View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/26/09 at 12:36

Rick, you have summed it all up very well. Get to the root cause. Yes!

Result number: 178

Message Number 258399

Re: Health Care View Thread
Posted by Rick R on 6/26/09 at 10:42

Homerun Allie!

Rather than simply address a new way of paying for the cost of healthcare, as that cost skyrockets in proportion to GDP, how about a bit of reflection on the root cause.

How much of the cost of healthcare today vs. 25 years ago is attributable to insurance against litigation? I have no clue but we all should before we see our government on the verge of taking this step.

Has new expensive technology actually backfired reducing the utility of healthcare? We have got to reject the dumbing down of the debate. We need to see root cause analysis before spending our money on the solution.


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Message Number 258396

Re: Unfaithful Politicians View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/26/09 at 09:21

Amen, sister!

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Message Number 258392

Re: Unfaithful Politicians View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/26/09 at 06:06

One different things with Clinton was that unlike the others, he held the highest position in the land, and was using the oval office for his exploits. I rememeber years ago my mother-in-law talking about unfaithful politicians. She said, 'they all cheat.' Me being an optomist said, 'oh no they don't', but ever since Edwards, Spitzer, Ensign and our latest cheaters, I agree with her! Like athletes, politicians have women constantly throwing themselves at them. Geraldine Ferraro said that during her time in congress, she saw women doing that all the time, no matter how unattractive the man was.

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Message Number 258383

Re: Health Care View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/25/09 at 18:06

What do you mean, no concern during Bush's presidency? They were trying to pass tort reform. Guess there are too many lawyers in congress. I agree, it is a shame that nothing got passed then. I don't see it as a right-left issue. It just seems logical that they would clean up every aspect of the health care waste, look at the savings, then go from there. I also don't see the immigration thing as a right-left thing. I think they are all a bunch of idiots for not looking at the big picture and duh putting up a fence to start with. Keep on coming illegals and we'll take care of your free health care and free education. It's like the politicians (both sides) do not care or have the guts to take a stand.

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Message Number 258379

Re: Health Care View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/25/09 at 16:39

Regardless of your political affiliation, who is going to pay for it? In addition to my insurance premium being ridiculous, I going to also be taxed like crazy to pay for universal health care? I just think it would be only logical to take all the steps that would save us all, as I outlined in previous posts, then look at providing a plan for all. That's kind of what I do with my household budget.

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Message Number 258377

Re: Canadian Oil View Thread
Posted by john h on 6/25/09 at 16:22

Wendy as you suggested I did read the URL. I clearly understand that oil results in carbon in the atmosphere and it would be great if we could do away with the use of oil. I do not think we could possible do away with the use of oil in major quantities for perhaps two decades. We have millions and millions of cars, trucks, aircraft, plants, home heating oil in the east and Midwest, small engines in all sorts of home owners garages and things I cannot even think of. Oil is going to be with us for a long time where we like it or not.

I am not surprised that we use more energy than any other nation in the world as we still have the largest GNP of any nation in the world. We have more cars and trucks per capita, more factories running on oil, more planes, more roads with people driving great distances on large highways built for speed and large vehicles. We have Trucks pulling three trailers in some states. We got way behind the power curve on the use of nuclear power just because of Three Mile Island. Europe has built around 100 nuclear plants since Three Mile Island and we have built none even though no one died as a result of the problem at Three Mile Island and the plant is still in operation today. I believe France now obtains around 85% of it electrical power needs from nuclear power plants. Only in recent months has the government starting to have bids on licenses to build nuclear plants. I believe in the first round of bids there will be license for 11 plants with plans to to build 40 or more on the board. The anti-nuclear people and Congress are totally responsible for this. They succumbed to the lobbyist for these groups. If the green people had thought this through they would have supported the push for nuclear power. It will take an estimated five years to build one plant and power companies are standing in line to obtain a license.

China last year became the number one nation in carbon emissions and will not in the foreseeable future cut back. In fact they will grow as China becomes more mechanized and cars are becoming available to the one billion Chinese. Same with India.

As you know the President and the Congress are now about to deal with the Cap & Trade bill. There are disagreements as to what this will do to our economy. My take is it will cost jobs and greatly hurt the economy. It will reduce emissions but the barbarians at our gate today is the economy. If we cannot get our economy on track we want care about carbon emissions any time in the near future.

'To get support for his (cap & trade bill), Mr. Waxman was forced to water down the cap in early years to please rural Democrats, and then severely ratchet it up in later years to please liberal Democrats. The CBO's analysis looks solely at the year 2020, before most of the tough restrictions kick in. As the cap is tightened and companies are stripped of initial opportunities to 'offset' their emissions, the price of permits will skyrocket beyond the CBO estimate of $28 per ton of carbon. The corporate costs of buying these expensive permits will be passed to consumers.

The biggest doozy in the CBO analysis was its extraordinary decision to look only at the day-to-day costs of operating a trading program, rather than the wider consequences energy restriction would have on the economy. The CBO acknowledges this in a footnote: 'The resource cost does not indicate the potential decrease in gross domestic product (GDP) that could result from the cap.'

The hit to GDP is the real threat in this bill. The whole point of cap and trade is to hike the price of electricity and gas so that Americans will use less. These higher prices will show up not just in electricity bills or at the gas station but in every manufactured good, from food to cars. Consumers will cut back on spending, which in turn will cut back on production, which results in fewer jobs created or higher unemployment. Some companies will instead move their operations overseas, with the same result.'

Our entire military runs on oil. Many of our military aircraft have projected lives of well over 20 years. The B-52 which is our largest bomber is already over 50 years old and going strong. Our non-nuclear navy ships have projected lives of 20-50 years and all use oil for power. Few of our allies help us in a significant manner on the war on terror. We are basically the free worlds army and first line of defense. If South Korea or Japan is attacked by North Korea it is going to be the U.S. Military that will answer the call as we have the largest most modern military force in the world. We are the ones that have to pay for an maintain an army in South Korea of 26,000 troops. Our military protection has not come free and has come at the expense of the taxpayers and our economy. Our military presence brought down the Berlin Wall and the former Soviet Union at the expense of our economy. If any of the NATO nations are attacked it will be the U.S. Military who will provide the heavy lifting. Other nations do not have to carry the heavy burden of maintaining an Army large enough to deal with any adversary. This has come at the expense of our economy.

I guess my entire point is that oil is going to be a necessary product for decades to come. Wind, thermal, batteries, etc are decades away from being able to supply the needs of this nation. The closest thing we have to an alternative is natural gas or clean burning coal which is very expensive and would take years and enormous amounts of money to convert our existing plants and cars to use. We do have an almost infinite amount of coal and enormous amounts of natural gas. China uses coal as it's primary source of energy as they have enormous amounts of coal.

No one has answered this question, that I know of: If China, India, and all the third world countries do not participate in the green movement just how much will what we can do over the next few decades amount to? If we produce 25% of carbon emissions in the world and we reduce it to 10% over 20 years just how much is that going to improve the quality of the life on earth and extend the life of earth if these other nations do not reduce their emission? In fact they will be increasing emissions more than we are reducing them leaving a net effect of zero or an overall increase.

If you have a number of leaks in a dam an you plug 25% of them you are just delaying the final result. You are not solving the problem.

Yes, I would like the emission problems solved but I am also a realist.

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Message Number 258376

Re: Health Care View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/25/09 at 16:12


Result number: 185

Message Number 258369

Re: Health Care-Medicaid fraud View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/25/09 at 11:59

Did you just hear about the huge medicaid fraud case? Imagine how much waste with fraud over the years. Additional savings could be had!!!

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Posted by Allie on 6/24/09 at 14:28

I just remembered. I've been to many trial extravegant lawyers homes. One of them was 20,000 square feet, with a noted $7,000 toilet.

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Re: Health Care View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/24/09 at 11:20

Before spending money on a health care plan, they need to make the logical cuts (and then look at what we need to do) that we result in massive savings for all of us that pay way too much each money in premiums:
1. Tort reform for doctors so that they don't have to pay 100,000 or more each year in premiums. The cost then gets passed on to the consumer.
2. Tort reform for personal injury (caps on damages)and penalize those filing frivilous lawsuits (very lucrative for lawyers - just judge by all the advertising they buy). The insurance companies then need to raise their rates.
3. Health care services are provided to the poor through our emergency rooms (trust me - not real emergencies) and ambulances. This is a huge waste. I have a friend that goes out on calls where folks cannot speak english. They have their babies in ambulances and call for such things as their 'arm fell asleep'. Yes, there are true emergencies where these folks need a hospital or ambulance, but not for a cold for pete sake.
Also, if folks would loose weight, stop eating so much (sugar) we could save so much money that is spent on weight related issues (diabetes, heart, feet, etc.) that we could insure all of America (according to Michael Milkin). We can't of course make folks loose weight.
I never realized this, but I have heard lately that there is a lot of 'abuse' in that many folks go from doctor to doctor with no real need. That's more cash the insurance companies have to dole out.
Lawyers and those abusing the system could help out so significantly. We are so litigious and before we became a sue happy nation insurance premiums were not sky high. I would love to see what the savings from the above would result in and then look at the next step.

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Severe Ankle Pain from MVA View Thread
Posted by Bridgett S on 6/19/09 at 22:20

I am currently seeing a orthopeadic surgeon concerning a total ankle replacement. I have recently had an MRI and was very confused by the report. I have not been back to the Doctor since the MRI but will be going soon. Please help me to understand the report. It reads: Scans were obtained through the ankle in the sagittal, coronal, and axial imaging planes using the T1 and T2-weighted sequences. MRI demonstrates postoperative changes int he talocalcaneal joint. This appears to have been surgically fused. There are mutiple areas of artifact seen at the joint space consistent with small metallic densities at the level of the fusion. The talar dome shows abnormal signal intensity and is deformed in shape. There is decreased signal noted on the T1 and bright signal changes noted in the distal aspect of the tibia. This would be consistent with arthritic change and possible AVN involving the talar dome. There is marked narrowing of the talotibial joint space. The fusion of the talocalcaneal joint appears to be solid with homogeneous marrow signal seen across the joint space. There was evidence of a small effusion noted in the ankle joint. The signal intensity in the distal portion of the fibula was unremarkable.

IMPRESSION: Status post surgical fusion of the talocalcaneal joint. There is deformity of the shape and abnormal signal intensity noted in the dome of the talus consistent with marrow edema and possibly avascular necrosis. There is marked degenerative arthritic changes noted in the talotibial joint space.

Help me to understand doctor said if there was avascular necrosis that he may not be able to perform a total ankle replacement. Again this is due to an accident 10 years ago I have had 3 surgerys since the accident including subtalar fusion in which I was told this would releive the pain and did not. Thank you for all of your help.


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Moussavi Green Wave View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 6/19/09 at 13:07

Twitter has been most useful in finding current info on the situation in Iran. I won't post any links to their feeds but this is a link to the latest Moussavi speech calling for a sea of green on Friday. So far from what I am reading on twitter protesters plan on marching. People plan on being on their balconies as well. If you're interested in Moussavi's beliefs by all means watch this youtube translation.

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The therapies make my foot hurt but View Thread
Posted by nancyw on 6/18/09 at 21:26

I developed plantar fasciitis by falling 12 ft off a ladder onto concrete. I quit my job 2 months ago and try to rest my foot as much as possible. Its getting better over the months. My drs say I'm now at the level of an athletic injury, the pain is from inflammation. I have no pain at the arch anymore from taping, just heel pain. My last MRI showed moderate scar tissue and some fat displacement on the heel as well as a moderate bone spur. The only shoes I can wear without heel pain are my hiking boots! (Quite the fashion statement with shorts)!

Calf stretches, massaging, icing with a bottle all make my pain worse. My heel throbs after a soft massage. My foot hurts a lot the next day. Sometimes by the 2nd day I've noticed my foot is nearly painfree. Does that mean I should avoid things that are increasing pain at first or keep at?

Thanks Nancy!

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Re: trouble adjusting to new orthotics View Thread
Posted by Mary B on 6/18/09 at 20:21

Thank you both for such prompt and helpful replies! I will be going to a specialized runners shoe store pronto tomorrow after work and I'm going to call my dearly unloved pod tomorrow and arrange an appointment.
I appreciate your insight. You have both prevented me from stalling out with the new orthotics and helped me to take action with the podiatrist. Something I was reluctant to do.
I'll keep you posted with a 'post' soon I hope!

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Re: All of the doctors/people that have read my posts in the past View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/17/09 at 19:22

Congratulations, Linda. That is awesome!

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Re: Netanyahu Agrees to Palestinian State View Thread
Posted by john h on 6/17/09 at 11:29

I know this Marie. In a war I sure want Israel on my side. Perhaps the best warriors in the world surrounded by people who wish them all dead. The one Democratic nation in that part of the world and one of our true allies.

As to the Palestine I also think they should have their on nation. How to get to that point is apparently very difficult. Since Israel was formed as a nation no American President has made any headway with this problem. Probably many of the people in Palestine could get along with Israel but as long as Iran, Hezbollah, and other such groups have a large input with the Palestinian people there will be no peace.

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Re: Wake up America View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 6/14/09 at 18:26

Additional links for interest sake only. I would guess people have the right to be white supremacists or associate themselves with such groups if they choose. I feel the increasing trends towards this sentiment whether it towards Muslims or other multicultural, religious or ethnic groups to be alarming. There is a dangerous trend advancing throughout Europe. We saw the results of hatred like this last week when James von Brunn entered the Holocaust Museum and killed a guard and wounded others. Chumming up with these types of people is not the answer in the fight of Al-Qaeda, Taliban or any other Islamic fundamnetalist terrorist organization.....they are only embolding these white supremacy groups to act on their unfortunate ideals. Hatred of this nature doesn't just happen it's fostered and grown. It's not ok to support, pass on, speak at functions whose focus is based on building an alliance to promote further hatred of others. I am 100% supportive of defending ourselves against terrorist groups but this is not the way.

Ntnl Front

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Posted by Allie on 6/10/09 at 08:49

Yes, I did not feel I needed to add to Geller's comments as I agreed with so much of them, otherwise I would not have sent the link. The jury is still out on what she says about Obama. I am giving him a chance, but so far I do not like what I see with our government taking over much of the private sector and spending like wild in the name of stimulus.

As far as generalizing about Muslims - my thoughts after 9/11 was fear for the muslims that live in our country, but as time went on and I kept hearing about stories of muslims demanding their religious rights be met by our country (you don't hear in the mainstream media), many times at the expense of Christian rights, my compassion wained. If you want, I can expound and you would be very surprised. And yes, over the years, I have been friends with some very upstanding folks from the mid-east.

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Re: Wake up America View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 6/10/09 at 08:28

Allie, I never said you are wrong. I did say you have the right to believe what you do....not sure what that is exactly but I'm guessing your opinion is identical to Gell_er. ???? Maybe you can share precisely what it is you're trying to convey here.

We all remember those images, we all understand who was responsible, Al-Qaeda, but I also am a fair minded person who respects those in the Mid-east who did NOT cheer when the twin towers went down. It's just not that black and white. I think of my American friend's husband who was from the Mid-east and living with her here in the US at the time. He quit his job & joined the army after 9/11 and was not even a US citizen.......yet he gave his service to our nation because we needed his skills. He believes in our freedoms and despite the some of the prejudice he had to put up with he fought in Afghanistan to protect our freedoms. Maybe you haven't had any experiences personally and your only knowledge is the images seen on TV.....i don't know. I have no intention of trying to change your mind. You have the right to believe what you wish and I have the right to call out an author with questionable credentials.

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Plantar fibroma treatments View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/10/09 at 07:15

Doctors, Any new treatments for plantar fibromas on the horizon? I know there is some kind of expensive prescription cream on the market (the name escapes me), but I heard it does not have a high success rate. I know that surgery is not too successful as well.

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Re: Wake up America View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/09/09 at 10:16

Wake up Marie, Just because my opinion is different than yours, does not mean that you are correct and that I am wrong. I am not only talking about the pilots throats being slit. I am talking about the contractor having his head sawed off and what about the journalist Daniel Pearl? I also remember seeing footage of people in the mid-east cheering when they saw on TV the twin towers go down. Oh and yes, Marie, the Holocaust did happen. Wake up Marie.

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Re: Wake up America View Thread
Posted by marie:) on 6/09/09 at 07:09

Allie, Yes you are correct I do sometimes post a link to an article along with a comment. I prefer to post to articles versus opinion pieces that have factual information to back up my comment. I have no problem with your link but I feel the author of this OPINION piece does not present factual information but strictly a biased point of view. The author claims to be a teacher of history at a college in both articles in order to verify her credentials for her opinions but I find no evidence of that and when she states Hitler was duly elected to office it pretty much tells me she is no expert on history. Someone who claims to be a historian of sorts and later presents information that is not historically accurate pretty much ends her reputation as a serious author. Her points are strictly fantasy with no factual information. Of course anyone who is a Holocaust denier loses points with me before I even read the opinion piece.

In your response to me you reminded about the fact that they (al-Qaeda) slit the throats of pilots and flew them into buildings. Knowing how close our friend came to being that pilot has never left was strictly luck of scheduling that it was the pilot right after him. Your comment was based on your concept that you're some how superior in your opinion because you remember what happened. Trust me all Americans remember. We all want justice but in doing so I would not act hysterically condemning all Muslims and justifying irresponsible acts of violence towards other human beings. 1200 Muslims died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. American Soldiers who happen to be Muslims have died in Iraq just so you can post an article written by a Holocaust denier. I have no interest in changing your mind.....if the article is your opinion and you respect the author then it is your right.......but it's also mine to point out the validity. Wake up Allie.

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Re: Wake up America View Thread
Posted by Allie on 6/08/09 at 19:04

Boy Maria, you certainly have turned nasty. You yourself have done the same - sent just links to articles rather than stating your opinion.

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