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Message Number 258975
Chronic top of foot pain View Thread
Posted by Chris on 7/20/09 at 20:17

Chronic top of foot pain, both feet.

problem Increased by - standing about, tight shoes/socks, swimming, sleeping.

Problem reduced by - cooling the feet, sunshine, sitting (from lying down), walking, sex! Pennsaid (in seconds).

Any bright ideas.

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Message Number 256800

Re: Arkansas View Thread
Posted by john h on 4/10/09 at 11:01

We got lucky in Little Rock. Big storms just to the south and just to the north. It will be today sometime before we know the full extent of the damage. Less than an hour from LR rather than the two they said. We have so many hills and trees around here you rarely can see them until they are upon you. In West Texas I probably saw 10 or more tornados from 3-5 miles as it was flat and no trees. I saw a single tornado come out of a thunder storm that probably reached 40.000 feet one day. It was the only storm in the area and there was sunshine everywhere except under that storm. My wife spent half her time in Lubbock, Texas in our neighbors storm shelter. Saw the largest hail I have ever seen. Size of baseballs. It destroyed my car with me in it trying to hide under the dashboard. Our aircraft were all so heavily damaged it was a week before we could resume flying. My windshield of course was destroyed and it looked like someone had taken a giant sledge hammer to my almost new Oldsmobile which at the time was the love of my life.

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Message Number 250122

The most attractive people View Thread
Posted by john h on 9/12/08 at 12:07

The most attractive people live in Miami. Dam!

NEW YORK (Reuters) - If you live in Miami, consider yourself among the most attractive people in the United States.

The Sunshine State's metropolis has the most beautiful people, according to an online survey of 'America's Favorite Cities' by Travel + Leisure magazine, while Philadelphia came in last at No. 25.

I agree with Philly as I lived just north of there for 4 years. Not only were they unattractive but they were meanies. Go to a ball game there and you are likely to get hit over the head. Fortunately my daughter was born in Mt Holly, N.J. just about 30 miles from Philly.

Marie: Where are you from?

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Message Number 237700

Re: TTS was Today View Thread
Posted by Helen W on 10/13/07 at 21:58

Yeah I made that mistake a couple years ago after shoulder surgery, so I have been going to bed at normal time and setting my alarm. I also did not let myself sleep on the couch... I went up to my bed. Then this morning I transferred myself back down stairs to the couch and sunshine.

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Message Number 235490

Re: Ultraviolet/sunshine exposure and health View Thread
Posted by marie on 9/04/07 at 18:32

I think sun in moderation is a good thing. Great article. Sunburn is not so good.

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Message Number 231777

Re: Muf and Meg, you are angels, you have kept me going!!!! View Thread
Posted by sunshiney day on 6/18/07 at 14:32

You're right-I'm one of those who is worse off than you!!!

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Message Number 231688

Ultraviolet/sunshine exposure and health View Thread
Posted by Dr. Ed on 6/16/07 at 21:15

Here is a good perspective:
Dr. Ed

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Message Number 228832

Re: Made it to Orlando !! View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 4/30/07 at 11:31

Wonderful, Meg! That PCP is worth her weight in gold!

Enjoy your family and the sunshine - and Mickey Mouse!

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Message Number 227602

Re: foot pain and knee pain View Thread
Posted by Dorothy on 4/12/07 at 17:32

Sandy -

Although I am not a welcome poster here, I will address your question because it is on my mind, too. I have PF and Achilles tendons problems which have been manageable and tolerable in the past year or so, but now have just been diagnosed with meniscus tears, both medial and lateral. (MRI) One knee only so far but the other knee is kind of hurting, too, so it may be just a matter of time for that one. It has been very painful and now I am very depressed. I am hoping I can find ways to 'conquer' this without surgery. Maybe better to say find ways to live with it, still be fairly active, and get un-depressed. Right now, just dealing with the bad news. I used to be quite active - both athletic and dance and other 'movement' and was one of life's happy campers.... recent years seem to be all about decline - back, feet, now knees.
I've been doing lots of reading and 'research' about the knees and I don't see a lot of sunshine ahead. I'm pretty gloomy right now. I wish Julie had some magic yoga moves for this. Maybe we should ask her. Good luck to you.

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Message Number 224995

Re: We're all here! - Re: I dunno what to do View Thread
Posted by mcurnett on 3/12/07 at 13:19


I live further north of you, up in I know this time of year, especially with the weather...might get you a little more down than usual. Here's what you need to do......get yourself to the doctor (even a general practicioner)and tell him about your depression.....this isn't going to make your pain go away, but it's going to put you in a much better state of mind. Now, I can't tell you from experience about anti-depressants, because I only started taking mine last week, but they do take a few weeks, or maybe even a month before you will know the full take that on as your first hurdle.

From there, put things in prespective....sounds like maybe this injury did prevent you from a life that you wouldn't have been real pleased with. If so, thank god for that. Sounds like you have a pretty kind-hearted father for allowing you, your girlfriend, and your son to stay with him, and carry the load. That's not always easy, so if he gets crabby, cut him some slack. There has to be a doctor out there somewhere that can help you. I know a lot of docs will do procedures, office visits; based on a hardship case. The best thing you can do is make a couple of phone calls, especially to the local agencies.......there is help out there, you might have to spend some time digging, but dig....and you'll find the help you need.

I wish there was something more I could do for you. If I ever win the lottery, I'll let you know. But for now, support from this message board is going to have to do. Keep your chin up and when things look really dark, look into your little guys eyes....that'll bring the sunshine back into your day! Please take care.


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Message Number 224402

Light Therapy Post Polio Patients View Thread
Posted by Sunshine1 on 3/06/07 at 20:43

Has anyone done any research on how this could help Post Polio Patients with pain.?

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Message Number 219369

Re: Halogen Light Therapy Bed View Thread
Posted by scott r on 1/10/07 at 22:41

Dr Ed,
I happen to have a vitamin D (UV) lamp. There's a company that's been making these for decades. My infrared bed is perfected although it's about 4 times more near infrared than being at the beach. I wanted this for time reason: i wanted to get my dose of infrared in 15 minutes instead of two hours. For just relaxation purposes, maybe half the wattage would be good. DEspite having an inch of water to blocked the far-infrared and red dye to block the visible, the skin and tissue temperatures reach unacceptable levels after 20 minutes on one side if there is not a fan on the skin. I have a 2,000 LED array for the torso and may make a 10,000 LED system for full-body exposure. This would require only 700 watts, so the heat problem would be almost negligible (same as surrounding yourself with seven 100 W light bulbs instead of 25 bulbs). My 2,500 watt bed is on two circuits to keep from tripping the breakers. LEDs would not need the water and could be more portable. I could retro fit an old sun tan bed. There are 20,000 sun tan salons who might pay $3,000 for a $1,000 device to cater to old folks who can't afford to live in florida or california. I've ordered 40,000 LEDs for 4 beds.

There is a lot of research out there. I've noticed almost everytime i have a wonderful idea or theory, i can do an internet search and find 10 people who've worked 20 years on the exact idea or theory that i thought was unique. For example, your "sunlight decreases cholesterol" theory i reckoned to be a valid one and came up with this 8 year old research:

"It has been postulated that the relative amounts of cholesterol and vitamin D produced may be influenced by exposure to sunlight, resulting in higher cholesterol levels in populations exposed to less sunlight.59 This is corroborated by the findings of a correlational study involving ten towns which demonstrated a strong positive association between latitude and mean blood cholesterol, and a strong negative association between hours of sunshine and CHD mortality.59 Further evidence is provided by the fact that a number of investigators have shown cholesterol levels are higher in winter and lower in summer.19,55,56,59,68,79–82 Keatinge et al. demonstrated that mild body surface cooling produces significant increases in both low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and total cholesterol levels.23

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Message Number 218626

Re: New Years resolutions-anyone? View Thread
Posted by MariaM on 1/01/07 at 13:10

My New Year's Resolutions are:

-To stay positive and be wise in my recovery. Listen to my body so that I heal even faster.
-Study consistantly for the GRE
-Help Others who suffer. I am joining Project Sunshine. My university has a chapter. I'm really excited to help others who are suffering with diseases and illnesses. I think it will make me very happy. :)

Happy New Year!

Result number: 13

Message Number 217987

Re: So you say that tts surgery is 70-75% sucessful View Thread
Posted by Lynn on 12/27/06 at 12:25

Dr. Dellon did TTS surgery on me 1997. I did not have pain in the area at the time. Went for consult on pain from stump neuromas (2. Had four surgeries with local doctor. He talked me into TTS surgery in addition to cutting three nerves in top and side of foot and leg. Said that his tests showed tarsal tunnel entrapment. Had total of five incisions afterward. He did follow up surgery about year later on severed nerves. One nerve that was cut was supposed to numb the tasal tunnel area. (didn't. I have constant pain in tarsal area now. Had a TT revision surgery about two years after Dellon's. That doctor said that the nerve itself was scarred from Dellon's surgery.
I did have TTS surgery with a local podiatrist on the other leg and it turned out just fine! My suggestion would be to think about it and really talk to your doctor about all the options and risks. Good luck.

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Message Number 217985

Re: CAM walker View Thread
Posted by Lynn on 12/27/06 at 12:00

Have worn CAM walker for nerve damage as result of bad outcome from TTS. It provides some compression, immoblization and support to foot and ankle. Fairly comfortable.

Result number: 15

Message Number 216362

Re: To Hope View Thread
Posted by Hope on 11/28/06 at 22:16

Hi Ralph,

I'm really sorry I have not posted lately. Thank you so very much for all your help Ralph and all the research that you do for me. I always read all the information that you give me. It is a big help. It helps me make out my list of questions for my 2nd opinion doctor appointment. I also have printed out a lot of things that you have found for me!! I would like to try the Hyperbaric Chamber!! I have also given some of things to my attorney and they have forward it to WC.

The reason I have not posted is because I have have been in a awful mood and I did now want to spread my wonderful ray sunshine on others!! and my pain level has been really high. I went to my PM and he changed my med patch to every 48 instead every 72 and my muscle spasams have gotten worse in my leg so he also gave me something new for that. I also am on Ambien CR now becasue my sleep is still really bad. Maybe 2-4 hours a night if I'm lucky. I did sleep the other night but my husband thinks it was just because I was just so exhausted that my body finally said it needed to sleep. I have been having to sleep in the recliner becasue that has been the only way nothing touches my leg/ankle. My pain level has been about an 11 on the scale of 1-10 and I have had to have my SCS turned much higher than normal. So, I'm still trying to hang in there!!

How have you been feeling? Are your wrists feeling any better? Is PT going okay for you since your regular PT is gone having surgery?? I know it's hard to have another one once you are use to having one for such a long time.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and I hope your days have been filled with much less pain!!
Thanks Again for all your help. It is alway much appreciated!!
Take Care Always

Result number: 16

Message Number 211266

Re: The weather is beautiful, and life is good. View Thread
Posted by MUF on 9/25/06 at 14:19

Why are you apologizing? If anything, you are due an apology which you will probably get the day after I win the lottery!

Aren't the fall days of sunshine beautiful? For everyone who wonders why some of us chose to live in fly-over country with our arctic winters, the answer is simple: fall. It is just spectacular in the northern part of the US. It makes winter worth it even though winter has it's charms too! Plus - for those of us with surgery, we can just reach outside the door (ok, someone else does it for us) and we have instant ice packs!

As if two rotten ankles is not enough, my knee just went haywire from the walking cast. I wonder how many ice packs I can use at one time? If there is ever a contest, I'm a sure winner!

Take care and keep your head up! Lots of education does not necessarily make a person wise and most certainly it does nothing for compassion.

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Message Number 209083

Re: Thank you to Dr. Wander, Jeremy, Richard, Scott and board View Thread
Posted by R. Parker, DPM on 9/02/06 at 15:59

What you were doing, Dr. Z, was attempting to piggy-back on Dr. Wander's post, just as you are want to do when others offer a post beyond your knowledge, expertise, comprehension and capability. But, as you are also want to do, you screwed up in your attempt to bask in some else's sunshine. It's so easy to sit back and say, "me too," but you need to understand what it is that you're say, "me too, to.

Result number: 18

Message Number 208979

Re: 1st annual (official) conference View Thread
Posted by Oscar G on 9/01/06 at 09:58

I'll put together the Texas conference. There will be plenty of things to do. All of which include lots of sitting to prevent any damage to the feet. Beer drinking while sitting of course. Bar B Cue eating while sitting. For those of you that feel the need to move around and visit, we encourage you to bring a chair that has rollers. That way you can move around all you like without putting any unnecessary pressure on those precious tootsies. There will be music and a dance floor, for those that no longer feel pain, so they can get up and boogie. The rest of us can sit around and watch them, knowing full well that they will be in massive pain the next day. Unless of course they get up and drink more the next day, which leads to another affliction, but that is for another support group to handle. We will have a mechanical bull for riding entertainment. Don't worry, If you fall off the bull you'll land on something other than your feet. Let's just hope you don't land on your head, cuz we don't have enough money to rent the cusion pads to put around the bull. I'm gonna check with the local thrift store to see if they have any leftover mattresses we can use. We have lots of sunshine, so for shade we will be using one of the hot air ballons left over from last weeks ballon fest at the space center. We'll just move the ballon around to provide shade for the conference. Everything is big in Texas, so if we need more shade we'll just get 2 more balloons and pull a big piece of shade cloth between them. That should give us plenty of shade! We'll have the conference in the open field next to Sam's wholesale club. That way we can re-supply quickly and at a good price. And of course there will be plenty of parking for all those big diesel trucks that want to park right next to the trailer pit. Please leave your pitbulls chained in the bed of your truck. Any that get loose may become a trophy. We like trophys in Texas! I better get started real soon. The conference is almost here! See ya there!

Result number: 19

Message Number 202773

Re: July 4th reflection View Thread
Posted by Scott R on 7/02/06 at 12:34

See Susan, I equated the overwhelming number of black people with sunshine and lower taxes, which goes to show you wuold have to be one of the biggest racists on the message board to make such a comment. Does anyone think I should make a "no racists like susan allowed" rule?

Result number: 20

Message Number 202747

Re: July 4th reflection View Thread
Posted by Scott R on 7/02/06 at 08:50

well, live in a 900 square foot shack in alabama like me to enjoy the sunshine and majority black people and you'll only have to pay $137 a year in real estate tax. But you'll need to quit your job since income tax is 5%.

i just never expressed an opinion before. i don't really have an opinion, i'm just testing out my theories on everyone. maybe everyone agrees because there's usually conservatives willing to play. I guess their president has kicked all their teeth out. I've noticed a lot less political bashing now that the republicans are in control and doing a horrendous job. Maybe the democrats are really nice since they aren't rubbing it in like repubs did in the clinton stuff. Repubs in general seem to be war mongers and "kick em while their down because we're better christians".

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Message Number 202732

Re: July 4th reflection View Thread
Posted by DavidW on 7/02/06 at 07:32

btw, this 4th of July I am simply thinking that I hope the sunshine lasts for a couple of days, we in the Northeast have been pelted with months of rain.

I also wish that the war would end and the killing would stop. If all the countries in the world spent all of the military money for good instead of death, boy this would be a great planet. Image the thousands of billions of dollars (trillions) that would be available for education, medicine, food and lolly pops.

I also contemplate moving somewhere more affordable. Bush promises tax breaks and sends out tax refunds once in a while, but my property taxes have gone up 45% in the last 3 years (friggin wonderful).

Result number: 22

Message Number 201240

Re: Happy Birthday Judy S View Thread
Posted by JudyS on 6/16/06 at 00:23

Plenty of room at my homestead Kathy............come on down! Plenty of sunshine too!

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Message Number 199523

Re: Finally! A Day of sunshine View Thread
Posted by Shari R on 5/20/06 at 10:34

Not even! Not sure what I'll do. I have to go to classes and apts. all the time. Somehow I ended up in the system of unemployment that requires all of this. It does help, and they do have more ideas. I thought of home healthcare because I met someone who does it and found out they require one years experience, plus an expensive class which is not that big of a deal, but I can't work in a hospital or Nursing Home for a year on my feet. I really thought I had the answer.I still am working on it. I have an appointment with Good Will in 2 weeks. They actually help you find what field would be good for you. Any advise from anyone? Shari

Result number: 24

Message Number 199444

Re: Finally! A Day of sunshine View Thread
Posted by autumn on 5/19/06 at 13:27

Yeah, today we got heavy rain in the morning. I thought that I could put away my umbrella! Many people are still trapped in their homes or trapped from their homes here with flood waters that have not receded. As for me, I am here at my temp job, although somewhat bored--

btw, Shari, how is your job situation?


Result number: 25

Message Number 199418

Re: Finally! A Day of sunshine View Thread
Posted by Shari R on 5/19/06 at 08:42

Autumn, so much for the sunshine. Its still raining in Ohio. Shari

Result number: 26

Message Number 199276

Re: Finally! A Day of sunshine View Thread
Posted by autumn on 5/17/06 at 15:20

Hi Linda,

I live in Suffolk County itself, so right next to Boston near the ocean. So, it wasn't too too bad right where I live, but a couple miles away was horrid. They shut down Rte 1, which is a main artery for commuter with tons of businesses and stores. Many people were also left homeless. Finally! A day of sunshine today and warm weather to dry it all up!

Result number: 27

Message Number 193764

weather View Thread
Posted by totscoyuukcf on 2/19/06 at 11:45

Freezing cold in the NE, ice in lower central states, storms in the South East- why would anybody want to live in the USA- weather here it is perfect all year round and no fat, ugly.liberal, colonialist Americans who think they own the world. No tornadoes, hurricanes,cyclones mudslides, volcanoes, earthquacks, nothing but sunshine, ocean breezes and enough rain and sunshine to grow anyhing you want, more than you need for all other purposes and never enough to cause any floods.
No I won't tell you where I am- I don't want the possibility that you may come here and f**k up my paradise like Americans do all over the world.
And the only thing worse than spoiled americans are there total f**ked up, druggy kids. I love every day that I see hate for american scum increase all over the world.

Result number: 28

Message Number 190850

Re: to Carole... View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 1/05/06 at 20:43

Oh my, Suzanne! I'm glad you were not caught in a tornado! I didn't hear about them on the news. Glad you kept your students late, to make sure they didn't get hurt either. It's been warmer than usual here, too. Strange weather!

Things are still pretty strange here. I hesitate to talk about it because it sounds like a lot of whining. There are parts of the city that you can travel through for miles and miles that look worse than ever and are scary, abandoned, and desolate. This is the majority of the city.

On the other hand, my suburb has twice its previous population. Traffic is bad to impossible at times. Lots of horn honking, traffic lights work, and while stores are mostly open, they are crowded too and there is a lot of pushing and shoving and such. Rents have doubled or tripled. Few people have received anything from their insurance companies yet, so real estate prices have not risen much. Grocery stores are back to normal, other than damaged signs and fronts and such.

About 1/3 of the homes have FEMA or other trailers in front of them, but many or most of the FEMA trailers are unusable, locked, and not hooked up, so people have to live elsewhere and just look at the "trailer decorations" in their yards until they can get FEMA to let them live there. That's been taking 6-8 weeks or more, for a few minutes of FEMA's time. FEMA is a four letter word, here! lol

In my neighborhood we now get mail two or sometimes three times a week, though we mostly only get bills; magazines, Christmas cards, and most junk mail apparently were transported into some other dimension or black hole. I finally got a Linens 'N' Things 20% off coupon, which I like to get, and a Bed, Bath, and Beyond $5 off coupon. :) UPS is as bad as USPS, taking weeks for overnight packages. Of course, in most of the region there is still no mail delivery at all for those living in their homes. So, I'm lucky.

We are getting back the first of our four elevators at work tomorrow, which will be welcomed because people have been walking up as far as the fifth floor to work every day for almost three months now. I work on the third floor, so I'm happy (those stairs are very unusually steep, and concrete! Not good for the feet). Floors 6-10 are still gutted and open, and not usable.

Every day is a little bit better, but very, very slowly. The famous streetcars now run for just a few blocks up Canal street, and then turn around and come back. So, they aren't very helpful as mass transportation, but they look good on TV I suppose. We will be having Mardi Gras at the end of February, though many residents are mystified as to where any tourists will be housed. Maybe more hotels will be open by then.

Some people have been having a lot of problems with stress and despair. The suicide rate is an order of magnitude greater than the year before the storm. But on the bright side, many people who haven't been living in this all this time are expected to return this month, since the schools are opening. So, maybe they will feel less worn out by the devastation, and maybe their presence will give our community a little more energy hope, and uplifted spirit.

We have a promise from the government that our levees will be put back to where they were before Katrina by June - - but many people have a hard time believing that could be done. Guess we will see! The possibility of repaired levees is a ray of sunshine, and gives us a lot of hope. The greatest fear is another Katrina next hurricane season (which begins June 1st).

Inside my house, everything is normal and the way I like it, again. So, perhaps I tend to stay home more than before. I still go to work, and the gym and Weight Watchers. I don't really drive around for fun, though, or shop for fun any more because of the crowds.

I can retire in 2009, and at that time I can move away if I feel the levees are still inadequate.

Carole C

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Message Number 190638

Lyrica View Thread
Posted by Lynn on 1/02/06 at 12:12

My Dr. started me on Lyrica 150 mg two times a day. I have taken it just at night for two days. It makes me really dizzy. Has anyone else had this problem? Will it get better? Taking it for nerve damage in foot and ankle

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Message Number 183903

Re: Exciting time for baseball in these parts View Thread
Posted by scott r on 10/01/05 at 16:03

While basking in my self-created sunshine of pride in identifying your intelligent sociopathetic philosophical ways (as if there's difference in the 3), I should point out an incompleteness in your reasoning. She can say "We" because by paying for tickets and watching the tube she helps finance the team.

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Searching file 17

Message Number 177175

Hey folks! Happy Summer Solstice! View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 6/21/05 at 16:29

May you all enjoy the "longest day of the year." When I was a child, my mother always mentioned it because she loved summer. When I was about six, I figured that, no matter how you cut it, every day had twenty-four hours in it. I kind of wondered how such a smart lady could keep saying the same thing, year after year. Being a well-behaved child, I never corrected her.

It wasn't until I was in third grade that I found out what she meant. Till the day she died, we both shared a good laugh on "the longest day of the year" and the fact that I was smart enough to know how many hours there were in a day but not mature enough not to take everything literally!

We're enjoying a second day in a row with sunshine and no chance of showers. Our plants are in shock because they are wondering what that yellow orb up in the sky is. It is truly welcome and may it continue!

Hope you all have a happy day!

Result number: 32

Message Number 175644

Re: Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. View Thread
Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 5/24/05 at 17:39

While genetics plays a role, one can also look at cultures that spend most of their workday in the sun and look at their cancer rates. Also keep in mind that our body produces Vitamin D3 specifically, which sometimes is and sometimes is not placed in food such as milk. The main ingredient our body uses to make Vitamin D is cholesterol so it would be interesting to measure cholesterol levels before and after ultraviolet exposure.

Result number: 33

Message Number 175632

Re: To Kathy G, RE: window tinting View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 5/24/05 at 13:15

Interesting, Necee. I didn't even know you could "do it yourself" until Ed mentioned it. I could do it any day in the next five or so because NE is suffering from a lack of sunshine so it would be, as Bob says, when the windows are not in the sun.

I'll go down to Home Depot later today and check it out. It would be great not to have to pay so much for it and it's not like the inside of the storm windows will be touched. We have central air and a whole house fan so I keep them down all year round.

Can you wash them once it's applied? Or do they stay in the same condition as when you apply the film?

Thank you so much!

Result number: 34

Message Number 175622

Re: Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. View Thread
Posted by John H on 5/24/05 at 10:21

One need to examine closely the findings. The study says you can get Vitimin D from sunshine which helps prevent some cancers. You can also get Vitimin D from many other sources including fortified milk, orange juice, etc. Most Doctors seem to indicate stay out of the sun and get your Vitimin D from other sources. The media as usual puts out half the story.

Result number: 35

Message Number 175592

Re: Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. View Thread
Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 5/23/05 at 23:07

That is why reasonable doctors will admit that medicine is an art. One cannot practice medicine based on a bunch of studies put out by drug companies, insurance companies, equipment companies and so on...
One can design a study to tell you almost anything. "Lies, lies and d-mn statistics." The more variables, the more the study can be manipulated. If you are going to look at a study it has to be simple, with as few variables as possible. Like with ESWT -- it either changes the quality of ligaments and tendons or it does not -- sort of like saying my knife will slice this piece of bread or it will not. Notice the resistance to doing studies this way the resistance is based on medical politics. That is why I ask, if you take a stand on something, let us know who you are or who you represent (work for).

Result number: 36

Message Number 175591

Re: Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. View Thread
Posted by Necee on 5/23/05 at 23:05

Well, I must be in good shape regarding the sun and cancer. I spend a lot of time outdoors. My husband is always fussing at me saying I need to wear sunscreen, etc. Since when do wives ever listen to their husbands!


Result number: 37

Message Number 175588

Re: Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. View Thread
Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 5/23/05 at 22:58

I agree wholeheartedly. Ben Franklin had it right. Everything in moderation.

Result number: 38

Message Number 175487

Re: Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. View Thread
Posted by vince on 5/22/05 at 16:27

As with other warnings about things that harm your health or about things that should be of a benefit- there is one word often missing- MODERATION

Result number: 39

Message Number 175482

Re: Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. View Thread
Posted by Ron on 5/22/05 at 15:46

I think if anyone listens to studies by doctors too much they'll go insane. Hasn't the medical community been prescribing no sun to prevent skin cancer?

These contradictions really don't surprise me. We have been dissected into too many parts medically and too many competing factions are trying to do the best for their particular outlook.

This reminds me of a book I heard about by Robert Herbold, "The Feifdom Syndrome ...." The book's about competing factions, almost like mini-companies, in the same company that can destroy the business from within. If you compare the same belief towards different medical professions, you can see how they can equally cause problems. Each profession compartmentalizes your body into what's best from their perspective, all the while not looking at the whole picture.

Result number: 40

Message Number 175441

Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. View Thread
Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 5/21/05 at 16:53

Check the archives as I had posted on this subject before. Sunshine is not the great "evil" that some have made it sound like.

This article focuses on the role of sunshine in helping our bodies make vitamin D3. There is much we don't understand about how light energy affects our body. There is a wave-particle duality of light in which light can be viewed as a wave but has particle-like properties with the particles of light known as photons.

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Message Number 173872

shoe help View Thread
Posted by Casey on 4/28/05 at 11:58

I am a nurse with a male patient that has severe bunions, Type 1 diabetes, Down Syndrome. He wears a size 4 or 5 - xxxx wide. He has had custom molded shoes for several years. Now he wants to have tennis shoes like the "other guys". Local podiatrist tried some of the special order shoes they can order for diabetics. Men's not small enough and women's not wide enough. Can anyone suggest a solution or option? He does have Medicaid and Medicare for funding. Thanks.

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Message Number 173034

cryosurgery View Thread
Posted by Casey on 4/12/05 at 10:40

I know I have asked all of you for an opinion on cryosurgery for failed TTS surgery. I have heard conflicting opinions on this. A very good doctor said that it isn't agood idea to do this on the tibial nerve. Would be disaster. Dr. Wishie thinks it is ok. Could someone please help me? I am in pain most of the time. I have to work full time-fortunately do not have to be on my feet much. I'm afraid something will make it worse. A nerve stimulator has been suggested by the doctor that did a vein wrap. This has risks too. Please help. Thanks

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Message Number 172632

Re: Terrible TTS results. View Thread
Posted by Casey on 4/05/05 at 09:33

I had a well known doctor supposed to be an "expert" in TTS and nerve problems do my first TTS surgery. Was a disaster from the start. Still have terrible pain after a second TTS surgery and then a vein wrap. A local podiatrist did a TTS surgery on the other foot and have had no problems. My point is that sometimes the so called expert isn't so good.

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Message Number 171535

Re: A question to Dr. Z on ESWT View Thread
Posted by elvis on 3/18/05 at 21:13

Dr. Z.........I will try anything to get rid of the pain in my left foot. Can you tell me if there is a difference in the Dolorclast radial shock waves compared to the shock waves emitted by the Dornier or OssaTron? What picued my interest is the statement someone here made that the Dolorclast was the top selling ESWT machine in the world. That means something to me....not necessarily that it is the best though. It could just mean that it's the cheapest!! West Coast Sports Medicine is going to have someone call me who was involved in the actual FDA trial. I think it would be very valuable to talk to a person with that experience. Information is empowerment. I haven't come to any conclusions yet. Because there may be a differnce in the type of shock wave is another reason to take a closer look. It's a two edged sword though. A different type of shock wave could be good or it could be bad. Hopefully, I will figure it out.

When I had my LASEX surgery 6 years ago they said to write my questions down. I asked what the record was for the nukber of questions. They said most people 2-4 questions. I had 34. One of them was this, "You know when you sit in your kitchen in the morning and there's a ray of sunshine and you can see all of those flecks of dust floating around in it? What happens to that stuff when they make the flap in your eye and do the laser treatment?" I was then told that it would be cost prohibitive to have every doctor spend money on a clean room to do this kind of surgery so they just have the regular old heating/AC in their office. They irrigate the eye and reduce exposure of the flap to as low a time period as possible. I had the surgey and let me tell you that surgery is a miracle. I was 10+ diopters in my right eye and 9+ in my left. I later looked up journal articles and yes there are people walking around with tiny dust bunnies in their cornea under the flap. the good news is that they nromally do not effect vision.

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Aloha View Thread
Posted by Dorothy on 3/16/05 at 16:04

So many of you were so kind and encouraging about my planned trip to Hawaii about which I had so much fear and trepidation that I feel I owe you some feedback about the trip. We went and are just back and I’m still in a state of shock and jetlag! Believe me, your words and suggestions were with me and on my mind quite often and they helped tremendously. It was wonderful and while not trouble-free, it was overall a joy. I love the ocean so much and cannot get enough of it. We were on O’ahu and ohmygoodness, the ocean….magnificent. It rained some, winds blew hard sometimes, but mostly it was sunny. We walked a lot, stood and waited a lot, rode on some jostling conveyances, and of course had a very long airplane trip (~8 hours) – but swimming in that ocean compensated for anything else. Usually by the end of time away, we are ready and anxious to get back home – but in contrast, on our last day there, we were sad to be leaving. To the dear foot people here: Thank you so much for your encouragement and the information provided to me while I fretted and worried about what must have seemed to be very silly anxiety – especially to people facing real worries, like surgery or other issues. Your advice and suggestions were so very good. I thought I was being ultra-careful, but I still got a nasty sunburn and am shedding skin like a human snowstorm (yuck!!) but it’s a small price to pay to visit that ocean and feel that sunshine. We met many wonderful people – and just had a very sweet time. It’s already becoming a treasured memory – and I am happy to say: I did it! My feet and back and all parts cooperated fairly well – manageable complaints for the most part. My first beach there was one with lots of sharp rocks and coral and that was a big challenge. Other beaches were softer. The water was soft and warm with colors that one could just stare at for hours on end.Sunrises and sunsets: breathtaking. We saw the most beautiful rainbow in the mountains with the densest Roy G. Biv that I have ever seen in my life. That place – it really is a kind of paradise, isn’t it… I feel like a disoriented duck out of water now – from the warm Pacific to the cold and snow, all with an ugly sunburn that seems out of place and time. There were 30-35 foot faces on the surf on the north shore one day!

Upon returning and after getting some sleep, I checked in here and began catching up. I was dismayed to see that again there was Dorothy-animosity while I was gone. I think the fault must be in myself and not in the stars....and so will look to reform.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you good Travel Agents and Adventure Counselors out there in Foot-land. I felt you with me in many ways – just as Carole C and Suzanne D said recently and so accurately. Your feet may be unpredictable, but your hearts are so good and your heads so wise. And “if I were a rich man…” I would buy an estate there and a big private plane and would send us all there for R & R whenever needed. I’m not a rich man so …. let’s all just open a can of Dole pineapple and imagine….

Mahola (thank you) and aloha (hello, goodbye, love, best wishes….)

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Message Number 168547

Re: "Here comes the sun!" View Thread
Posted by Suzanne D. on 2/05/05 at 07:39

Thank you so much, Dorothy! I really take as a compliment what you wrote to me. Sometimes when the school children say such engaging things, I think, "I should write that down". Then there is always so much to do and so little time...Don't we all say that? I will give thought to what you wrote, and I thank you again.

Yesterday afternoon we were able to go to the playground once again in the bright sunshine, and I heard another child say, "Hi, Shadow! It's good to have you back again."

Suzanne :)

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Message Number 168485

Re: "Here comes the sun!" View Thread
Posted by Dorothy on 2/04/05 at 14:20

Sunshine here, too - isn't it great? It does so much for the spirits.
I love your little boy student's comment - it is wonderful how children 'commune' with so many aspects of the world that most of us ignore - the appearance of his shadow, for example.
Suzanne, I am often encouraging John H to write because he has so many really terrific stories and such a delightful of looking at his experiences. I think the same is true of you - you are a great story-teller and you have great stories to tell. I especially think that teachers and parents would love reading your stories and the kind of teacherly homilies that you derive from your experiences, homilies that really apply to all of us whether in school or not. You have a very warm, engaging style and you capture the essence of the story so nicely. Anyway, I always enjoy your writing here and think you might even find a wider audience.(well, not wider than some of us - I'm gettin' pretty wide! :-( but you know what I mean :-) In any case, yes! Here comes the sun!! And I say: it's all right.

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Re: Information from Dorothy View Thread
Posted by Rachael T. on 1/29/05 at 12:49

Yes, I've had backpain before - sciatica attack after a fall from a colt I was training about 20 yrs. ago - & I get an attack of backpain every once in a while (last one this bad was 1998). I do regularly Swiss ball exercises...& I think that besides stall mucking on cold days - & strenous exercise, I just "flaired" it up again. Usually a trip or 2 to the chiro w/ stretching heals me - Since I am not at home (I am wintering in Fla.) & I felt the drive down here did my back in - I did see a chiro here & am going to seehim again on Mon. I am hopeful he helps me as my home chiro does. No, it is not yet sciatica, but it is the same lower back pain that I've had in the past....this time it is probably a "medium" attack..not as bad as it was initially 20 yrs. ago & not as good as some "mild" attacks that maybe lasted a few days w/ chiro treatment. I am hopeful that our warmer temps (70's) are due next wk. & I shall get some swim time in - & that will aid my healing as well. Sometimes, I think I do too much in the way of stretching & strenuous outdoor work, & that does me in....anyway, I am hopeful that this will end soon - & it isn't stoppng me from riding my bike to the lib. for emails & visits!! As for my feet, of late, they are great....but I did read in a sport mag. that Jose' O(how do you spell his name?) the pro golfer -- his dr. states that his long attack of pf was referred pain from his back. (He lost 2 seasons on pro golf tour.) That is why I figured it was maybe something that "went together" - pf & back pain. As for that colt who dumped me, well, he went onto be a GREAT horse for me - winning lots & is now retired; as am I! I only ride now for pleasure & keep 2 more 20 head of horses to train for competitions! And, now, we winter in Fla. So, I should heal in this sunshine!!! Wishing you well!

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Message Number 167937

Re: Kathy and Carole... View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 1/25/05 at 21:16

Suzanne, thanks! My intermittent heater problem is not being a problem tonight. The house has been a toasty 75 all evening.

Glad you at least have windows at your school! I work in a high rise, and I sit by a window but can't open it. At least I get the sunshine, so I'm lucky in that respect.

I'm feeling much, much better. My energy and good cheer are back! My voice still sounds a little hoarse, and I'm still taking it easy (a little bit, anyway). Otherwise I think I'm through the worst of it by now. I'm so glad. That was an awful bug! Thanks for asking and I'm glad you are feeling almost back to normal, too.

Carole C

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Message Number 166439

Re: GO MICHIGAN! View Thread
Posted by Geri on 1/03/05 at 11:46

Hi again; Thanks to all of you, Dorothy, Kathy and Judy for making me feel welcome. I guess I just had to "break the ice". Certainly it is not shyness, as I never meet a stranger.
My husband was not in the military, but we moved often due to his company business. Mostly we lived in the south--Atlanta 3 different times-Florida twice and Evansville, In. one time. We are now back in Florida, with all our 3 married children and grands in Atlanta. We pull for the Georgia teams as our 3 kids graduated from Georgia. Whenever the scores come up on the screen I always watch for Michigan's scores, and pull for them. It's a "back to your roots thing". My kids have no conception of this. They think I'm strange.
I am a "in progress" recoverer from TTS surgery. Not a good one at that. I had surgery 10-20-03. I now believe I'm on the 3 year plan. My current big problem is Sciatia. The nerve problems never end.
On a happier note, it is a beautiful day in Florida. I have all the doors open to our lanai. I wish I could send all of you in the cold regions some of our warm sunshine today. It is so amazing since 1 week ago we had a short frost ( 2 hours-they measure them by the hour here), and it killed all my inground poinsettia's. They were so beautiful. They grow from a small plant into a bush here. The first frost zaps them and they come back bigger and better the next year. Then the same cycle begins again.
This is way to long but wanted to share some of my life with you. Bye, thanks for listening.

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Message Number 164691

Re: Happy Thanksgiving! View Thread
Posted by Suzanne D. on 11/24/04 at 21:06

It's really blustery here, and the temperature has dropped throughout the day. It rained off and on, sometimes quite hard. I came out of a store this afternoon right after a hard rain to find bright sunshine and a gorgeous double rainbow!

Take care,
Suzanne :)

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Message Number 162820

Re: any moving tips? View Thread
Posted by Tina H on 11/02/04 at 18:19

Linda- I may be able to give you some tips as I've moved internationally 3 times and domestically 3 times in the last 10 years. (it sucks!) Anyway the big question, who is paying for this? You and your family or a company. How much stuff do you want to move to the US? Do you have a piano, pets, antiques? From Europe this last time we had 2 containers, which was ridiculous. I won't waste time responding until I find out more info. Also if it is a company footing the bill, is there a relocation company involved? Either way good luck and once you give me more info I can give you some advice. I can also tell you of an international company to steer clear of but I don't want to post that here, so if you post your email I'll respond privately. Best wishes to you and enjoy the Florida Sunshine!!! Bon Voyage

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Message Number 160455

Re: I have carpal tunnel syndrome..... View Thread
Posted by Dorothy on 9/24/04 at 20:16

Kathy G. -
Like others, I too am sorry that you are having this pain and problem. You know, Tina mentioned the thyroid and I have been thinking about the thyroid lately, too; been doing some reading on the subject. HYPOthyroidism seems to be associated with a lot of the problems that quite a number of us here have AND it is a common problem for women, particularly, and especially as they get a little older. From what I have been reading, it is often not diagnosed even when a problem exists - there are certain tests that are more revealing than others, for example. I'm not an expert in this, but you might want to do some reading on it.
Also, are you sure you're getting plenty of Vitamin D, along with calcium and magnesium?? "They" are saying that many Americans are D-deficient and that the usual RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances) for D are too low and that the precautions about its toxicity are overblown because the levels for that to happen are extraordinarily high.
Lastly, you may remember the PT Michael Young who was mentioned here with some regularity for a while last year..?? I think he calls his technique Muscle Release Therapy. Well, he has a component of his program that emphasizes its positive effect on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - certain exercises that he says are very effective for it.
Back to Vit. D: I mention it for the reasons already stated, but also because you live in New Hampshire which, I think, is like Michigan and Washington which are statistcally cloudier than other states, but the whole tier of northern states have this same problem to some degree - and that is, less sunshine and, therefore, less Vitamin D manufactured in the body. And that is just for people who are even out in the sun! For those who are not in the sunshine each day, it is a real problem.
Well, again, I am sorry you are having this pain and I do hope you find good treatment for it.

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Message Number 160449

Re: Julie - Have a wonderful time in Crete! View Thread
Posted by Julie on 9/24/04 at 17:06

Thank you, Kathy. I wish I could send you some of the sunshine I am almost sure to have, to warm your poor bones. So sorry you've got this new problem, and I hope you find a solution to it when you see the hand surgeon.

Take care!

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Message Number 155838

Re: How Fit Are You View Thread
Posted by JudyS on 7/19/04 at 13:20

John - I just don't have the skill level to feel competative in my baseball/softball endeavors! But I find that, if I have a 'must win' moment, it feels too intense and I'm not a happy player so, overall, I feel just plain lucky to be on a field playing ball! Blue sky, warm sunshine, truly sweet teammates, Coronas is good!

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Message Number 155556

Re: Pet Peeves View Thread
Posted by Marty from SLC on 7/15/04 at 16:23

Those little rice burner cars that have to go fast in slow traffic and zip in and out of traffic and cut in front of you.

People whom not just gripe but throw a fit at those who serve the public but have no control over anything. They get yelled at ALLOT. I was in sears a while back and this lady was having a tizzy at some poor sale person because they didn’t have her size of shoe. Poor kid didn’t know what to do with her. LADY GET A CLUE! The poor kid doesn’t order the shoes. This happens way to much in my opinion. There’s a guy here at work that calls up places and just sits there and throws fits at who ever is at the other end. He gets free stuff doing this all the time. JERK.

Weather Forecasters !!!!!! I’m going to call my local radio station up and freak out on them because it rained on my new black car and the radio said sunshine. LOL, just kidding

Whining Artists who don’t wont me to download their music, come on man isn’t 20 million a year enough. SHEESH !!! hmmmm maybe not because I guess I’m in the wrong on this one aren’t’ I? Hee hee, just trying to get ya all going. I do do it though. (confession) L

Ok well I could go on and on here but I better get back to work. Man it drives me crazy, all the workers in the world who surf the web and email all day long and get paid for it. Oops ah, I think I better quit before I really get in deep. Hee he just kidding folks. I’m really a nice honest guy, oh quick got to go here comes my boss. Oopss did it again. Urrrrggg.


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Message Number 153145

Re: Self Tanners View Thread
Posted by Necee on 6/16/04 at 00:40

Sunshine is good for moderation of course!
Sometimes we don't always protect ourselves from the elements when we spend long hours outdoors.


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Message Number 152040

Re: to Dorothy... View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 6/04/04 at 18:12

Well, I'm not Dorothy but I never mind just jumping in! I didn't see Dorothy's post on her blood tests. Do you still have those hives, Dorothy? That's such a long time. The only time I ever saw hives last more than a few days was when my daughter was put on Cleocin and developed hives. She was maybe two years old. You'd look at her and she'd be fine and look at her a couple of minutes later and she'd be covered. They continued for about two weeks after she stopped taking the medication and she only took it for two days. Needless to say, she's never taken it since and it's on the long list of antibiotics to which she's allergic. But you hadn't been on any antibiotic or anything. Strange. I hope it resolves itself soon.

I don't know who you were responding to, Suzanne, but I absolutely loved Trixie Belden books! I was so pleased one year to receive three of those books for Christmas. I wanted to have black hair and violet eyes like Di, who obviously must have had the same coloring as Elizabeth Taylor! Or the lovely warm, brown hair and cute face of Honey. But I didn't even luck out with the blond curls that Trixie had. I suspect I looked the most like Brian, who had what sounded like mousey brown hair. Why, in the name of heaven, do I remember all their names? Half the time I don't remember my own! Could it be age? No; I've always been this way! I remember the stupid things and forget the important things!

And I did love Nancy Drew books, and read them all, although I think I liked Trixie Belden more. I even remember reading a book about Cherry Ames that belonged to my sister who's seven years older than me, so it was really dated.

My father read all the Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue books and Bobbsey Twin books to me. I got one of the Bobbsey Twins books out of the library to read to my daughter and when I looked it over, I realized that it was so dated that she'd never enjoy it.

It's a good thing you turned off your computer because of the storms, Suzanne. I just heard a new story on the Boston station about someone who didn't turn off the computer during a whopper of a thunderstorm we had on Wednesday. Her son was IM'ing someone and the computer got struck by lightning and he and the chair upon which he was sitting got thrown across the room. He's all right but says he still feels a bit "tingly." He's lucky he lived to tell the tale.

We have a retired friend who services computers as a retirement business. He says that most of the calls he gets following a storm are because computers get hit through the telephone wires! He says to always unplug your computer from the electrical outlet but then make sure you disconnect it from the telephone. Luckily, we don't get many thunderstorms but if there's any chance of a storm, I always do that. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

We had a day of sunshine today. One whole day! I can't remember the last entire day of sun we've had. We all look like Shrek from the mold that's started to grown upon our bodies. My garden plants are in shock as they don't know what to make of an entire day of all the available sunshine. Lest we get complacent, they are promising rain for both days of the weekend. My air conditioning has hardly been on but I've had to run the heat several nights. I'll remember that when it gets hot and humid and I'm tempted to complain! :)

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Message Number 149530

Re: A Possible Resource View Thread
Posted by Suzanne D. on 4/25/04 at 19:43

Thanks, Dorothy, for sharing this site. I just viewed the free online introductory video and found it contained a great deal of sound information.

There is much here that would help educate anyone wanting to understand the basics of plantar fasciitis, I believe.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the beginning of spring! We have had everything here in KY from snow 12 days ago to lots of rain and sunshine with temperatures in the 80's. No one can say our weather has been boring!

Suzanne :)

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Message Number 148699

Re: Happy Easter, Everyone! View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 4/11/04 at 14:54

I along with you agree the people that I have met here have been very good to me and have helped me thru some very tough roads and I am grateful that I found this site and that I kept coming back as now it feels a little bit like home.I cant seem to stay away I have to keep checking in to see how my friends are.I have been truly blessed.
Thank you to all of my friends and hope to have many more moments here and hopefully be able to help others so they can find friendship amoung answers and advice! Sunshine to you all on this beautiful day!

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Message Number 146449

Re: Hello & update.. View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 3/08/04 at 12:51


I'm so glad you discovered that it was the squats and that your recovery time was so brief! I don't blame you for not wanting to come north. We're having snow today. Last week, we had a day near 60 degrees. What kills me is that we're just having a little snow and we need the water as this winter has been too dry. I'd like it to snow like crazy because this time of year, it melts pretty fast and all sinks into the ground and melts into the rivers. They are predicting a drought for the summer. Unless, of course, we have a rainy summer and none of us want that!

Enjoy that Florida sunshine as long as you can!

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Message Number 140831

Re: What's your favorite Christmas Movie? View Thread
Posted by Bonnie D on 12/28/03 at 17:02

Have any of you seen Sunshine Christmas? It was on every year in the mid-eighties. I watched it with my young daughter. A young hippie-type man (Cliff de Young?) and his adopted daughter about 9, leave Vancouver, BC (Canada) to vist his crusty parents in Texas for Christmas. It's a wonderful movie and I looked forward to watching it with my daughter wher she got older than the girl in the movie, but I haven't seen or heard of it for 10 years.

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Message Number 138338

Re: For those who love Pigs View Thread
Posted by Julie on 11/22/03 at 08:53

No surprise that Sunshine was so unhappy to leave you, Nancy! What a lovely story. Your driveway sounds about like ours - so narrow only the smallest car can get up and down it. So we have a Nissan Micra and probably always will.

And Suzanne, I too love Charlotte's Web - a wonderful book and not just for children.


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Message Number 138334

Re: For those who love Pigs View Thread
Posted by nancy s. on 11/22/03 at 08:02

love these pig stories, julie and suzanne.

my own favorite pig encounter took place when i used to run antique sales out of our barn. during one sale, i looked out and saw THE most gigantic r.v. i've ever seen in my life backing into our driveway -- not easy, since the vehicle was about twice as wide as the driveway.

the r.v. contained a middle-aged couple who loved antiques, plus the man's sister, who also loved antiques, plus a vietnamese potbellied pig named "sunshine." they were driving all over the country, from florida.

while the people poked around and found stuff they wanted in the barn, i frolicked with sunshine out in the yard. she was crazy for the acorns that were everywhere. sunshine and i got along so well that the people took a picture of us.

when they got ready to leave and the man picked up sunshine to put her in the r.v., she didn't want to leave and began squealing and screaming at the top of her lungs. the whole neighborhood came rushing out of their houses. they thought someone was being slaughtered. fortunately, no one was, and certainly not sunshine.

i've always thought it a very high compliment that a pig was so unhappy to leave me.


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Message Number 136302

Re: Rachael View Thread
Posted by RACHAEL T. on 11/03/03 at 21:19

Thanks Steve-I await your input & opinion on the "self-heated/molded" orthotics. Yes, my major ouchiness has dissipated & I am back on only 800mg daily of Ibuprofin & back to action! (I am still wearing my orthotics & my Ariel Sneakers for biking & my Ariat Stable boots for barnwork.) I rode 6 miles on my bike yesterday; I biked 6 miles today again & rode my horse too!!! (Truly a great day & the feet are still good!) I could have never done this months ago; nor for the past 2+ years!! I am thankful for this recovery & yet trying to be cautious. It has been beautiful weather here & I am taking advantage of the sunshine & of my feet's recovery!! But, I continue to search for the "perfect fit" for my feet. Seems like we are on the same wave's length for our different attempts at healing! I am anxious to hear how those molded/heated orthotics come out for you ....Let me know how you molded them & how you "corrected" them if needed & how they feel? I await your reply.

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Message Number 134330

Re: defining spam- opinion on some posts? View Thread
Posted by Dorothy on 10/17/03 at 12:10

I would not characterize what I wrote as a "rant." You have explained your position, along with the explanations of the others in response to my question, acceptably to me as a response to my questions.
In answer to YOUR question

what happens when anonymous individuals use their anonymity to flame others?

the answer is: delete and/or ban.

I think that the definition of "to flame" others can be controversial and maybe needs further definition so that it is not subjective, but is clear to all.

Within two days, I have now been told that I go on "halfway to forever" (true) and that I am ranting (don't think so). I think I will lick wounds and go out in the sunshine! Be a good moderator and I will be a good poster and we'll get along well. I think it should be ok.

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Message Number 133931

What do I have??? View Thread
Posted by Jacqui K on 10/14/03 at 07:46


I have been to a lot of doctors and today just had a bone scan done. Nothing wrong with my foot. Unfortunately, it can still be painful at the inside and bottom of the ankle joint especially at the end of the day or if I stand for too long. I feel like it is just in my head! Am I imagining this??? It is not terribly painful but occassionally, it can be. I was told I had Plantar Fasciitis, then a possible stress fracture. That was all ruled out today. No stress fracture and no inflammation of the PF.

I have had 3 injections, orthotics (which have helped but still painful unless I constantly strap my foot) I was on anti-inflammatories for 4-5 months etc. I have bought 2 pairs of decent shoes etc

I read about TTS. My pain comes and then as soon I sit down or put my feet up it goes within 10 minutes. My left foot is worse, when I sleep on my right side, I have noticed pain on the left inside foot (if it is on the matress) I have also had sharp pains at times running along the bottom of my foot.

What is this??? I am stumped, no doctors are giving me an answer, I am about ready to get my foot cut off cos I am sick of it!!!

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Message Number 128593

Re: Vitamin D epidemic among teens View Thread
Posted by marie on 9/02/03 at 17:29

Ya know I always wondered about that. It seems that we really need a little sunshine without sunscreen every week. Kids need to get out more....speaking of the devil here comes my son....hmmmm maybe a little lawn mowing will do him some good.


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Message Number 125555

Re: for Bev View Thread
Posted by BevN. on 7/29/03 at 13:50


Thankyou for the info. What is MSM ? I have the prog. cream from Walmart, I have used it , but not faithfully , I should though if it helps you it may help me. I use the electric cart at Walmart when I shop, it is the only way I can go. Hubby drives me to the door and I just have to walk a few feet (using my cane)into the store to get on the electric cart and he parks the car and then comes in. I just bought B12 1000 mcg , & I am on Topamax & Ultram & Motrin. I wear Birks around the house and NB with the orthotics in when I go out. If we go anywhere that requires walking, hubby pushes this ol' lady in the w/c now as these ol' feet just do not hold me up for long at all .We even went camping with the children for a weekend , it worked out okay as there are nice handicap bathrooms at the state campgrounds and our camp site was right next to the bathroom. I pretty much just stay home most of the time though , sit out on the deck and read and enjoy the sunshine :)

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Message Number 124896

Getting a bit of my life back... View Thread
Posted by Aly on 7/21/03 at 13:13

Hi guys,

There have been a number of messages going back & forth about coping with chronic pain and its effects on our lives. The last few months have been so much better for me - and I don't mean pain-wise.

The first thing I did was break down and start taking an anti-depressant in February. This made a HUGE difference, and instead of being tired, sad and angry every day, I started feeling *happy* for the first time in months. Despite my feet! Most people have no idea I take it - it's between me and my doctor.

The other 2 things I did were buy a shower stool (why stand barefoot for 10 minutes in the shower when I'd never do that at any other time??) and rent a wheelchair. I HATED it at first - I was self-conscious when my boyfriend Greg was pushing me around in it, and being a very independent person I found it rather demoralizing. But I was desperate to help my feet, so I started using the chair evenings and weekends, regardless of how my feet felt(I confess I can't bring myself to use one at work).

I've been using the chair for about a month, and for the last 2 weeks, I've had the first improvement I've felt since before Christmas. This weekend my Greg and I went to the Bronx Zoo, to a museum, and to Central Park - all things I could NEVER do - and it felt SO GOOD to be out in the sunshine, experiencing the world again for the first time since my PF came on. For those of you who are trapped in their homes and not able to get out and do anything - please consider this option. I didn't want to get one at first because I didn't want to admit to myself that I needed one. Both Greg & I are so glad I did this. I'm able to take part in more things around the house, and we can finally go out and do almost anything again! We really feel like we’re starting to get our lives back.

Renting a wheelchair in NY is costing me $45 every 2 weeks. It's a lightweight model (~25lbs) and folds up nice & small to fit in the trunk of the car. I took it on my trip to Australia, and on most flights was able to store it in the cabin of the plane. I think I'm going to just buy one because it's starting to add up - they go for around $125 up, + shipping on EBAY.

Anyway, I know this is too long! Sorry to ramble, but I wanted to pass on my experience…

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Re: HELP! The shots did not help. I can hardly walk. View Thread
Posted by Judy R on 7/17/03 at 10:56

Hi..boy, can I sympathize with you! I had my 1st cortisone shot last Monday and it helped all of 6 hours the next day. Two days later (after a visit for therapy) I find that the stretching exercises - which I thought were helping - actually made my foot sorer by that evening. feel a little better. I hate this!!! I have been so healthy all my life and have walked my dog 2 or 3 miles a day, played golf 3 or 4 times a week and now I find myself sitting at this computer most of the day (I am retired)...and wishing I could be out in the Florida sunshine doing what I love Oh my...I sound pathetic. I am usually the most optimistic, upbeat person in the world, but this week I find myself getting really down...but I will "shake it off". I have only started posting on here in the last 2 days..but find that there are many out there suffering with this and some worse than me and some better. Keep in touch with me about your progress..I truly am interested..
I'm going to go buy some Birkenstocks this weekend. I think my attitude will be better if I can get out of these darn Reboks with all the socks, etc..after is summer and it is Florida..take care...Judy

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Re: Hi ya'll .... I need some help View Thread
Posted by Sharon W on 7/14/03 at 12:17


Believe me, I understand what you mean about just "not having the energy" to go back to the Dr. on this. Sometimes going to doctors for these things can be VERY frustrating!

I would suggest you ask around and see if there is a podiatrist or a physiatrist in your area that other people recommend, rather than go back to the same ortho surgeon who operated on you before. Sometimes a new, fresh point of view on these things can be like a ray of sunshine!

It does sound like, for now at least, you probably do need either a higher dose of Neuronin (400mg per day is a VERY low dose!) and/or you need something you can take just when it's really burning and causing lots of pain (Ultram - tramadol - might be a very good drug for that).

In the meantime, contrast baths are a good idea; they always seem to have helped me feel better for a little while -- I just wish the relief from them would last a lot longer!

My thoughts will be with you; I hope this is only a temporary setback and you'll be feeling better very soon, Pam!


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Summer glory and eye problems View Thread
Posted by Sharon W on 7/03/03 at 13:01

I'm sure most of us will be out enjoying the sunshine tomorrow, taking in the beauty of this special season in all its glory... But it might be a good idea to keep this article by Health Day reporter, Dennis Thompson Jr., in mind (excerpts follow).



"An estimated 2.4 million eye injuries occur in the United States each year, with the bulk of them coming during summer. As a result, nearly 1 million Americans have permanent visual impairment, and more than 75 percent of these people are blind in one eye, according to the U.S. Eye Injury Registry."

"July has been designated Eye Injury Prevention Month by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. So, as you work, play, clean or simply savor the sun, take precautions to protect your eyes."

"Sunglasses are the most important tool in your eye-protection arsenal, says Betsy van Die, media relations director for Prevent Blindness America. ...the important thing is that they are marked to block UV rays"

"For the best protection, you should wear sunglasses that block 99 percent to 100 percent of UV radiation. When buying sunglasses, look for a sticker on them that offers that measure of safety. Don't buy sunglasses that just say they "block harmful UV," van Die says."

"Goggles or safety glasses should be used whenever you're working with power equipment to do yard work. You also should be sure that anyone who's nearby when you operate a lawnmower, power trimmer or edger is similarly equipped."

"If kids are watching you, they should also wear goggles even if they're not doing any work," van Die says. "Even sunglasses are better than nothing at all, because they will prevent things from flying up into your eyes."

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Happy Longest Day of the Year! View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 6/21/03 at 09:26

That's what my mother used to say when June 21st rolled around. "Today is the longest day of the year." As an obviously very literal child, I used to think to myself that it was sad that she wasn't smart enough to know that there were twenty-four hours in a day, no matter how you cut it. She seemed like such a smart lady. It wasn't until many years later that I figured out what she meant!:D

This is the time of year that I love. Even if we have had tons of rain and are just starting to get a little sunshine!

I was at a meeting the other night and mentioned that this day was around the corner. One of the fellows said that he hated it because it meant that the days would start to shorten from now on! Talk about seeing the glass half empty!

Hope you all enjoy the extended daylight and have a happy weekend!

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Re: for Bev... View Thread
Posted by BevN. on 6/14/03 at 16:56


Thankyou very much , it makes me feel so nice to know someone cares. I was a little "down" today because I was offered a wheelchair and my hubby went and picked it up for me . He took it out side in the sunshine and scrubbed it till it sparkled . At least now I will be able to go to the 4th of July festivals and other things that come uo that require a lot of walking, instead of just staying home as I was doing, but it is kind of depressing too :( But my little grandson said "that's okay, dramma, I will sit on your wap and we can ride together" so he made me feel better :) Between all of my friends on this board and my family, I will get through this okay, right :) Thankyou, Bev

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Re: Bev, how are you? View Thread
Posted by BevN. on 6/13/03 at 08:16


Thankyou for your concern, that really helps me to know someone cares. Yes, it is really frustrating going from dr. to dr. , however reading all of your stories out there, many of you have been through a whole lot more than I have . This last Dr. thinks I have RSD now and wants me evaluated at a pain clinic. He said that he can not do ESWT for my chronic PF at this time if I do have RSD as the ESWT would aggrivate the RSD. I really do not think I have RSD as my symptoms are not as severe as what I read RSD symptoms are , but the doctor thinks so(or he is just passing me on to get rid of me as all the other doctors have done to me) so I have an appointment on August 14th with the physiatrist. He did give me ultram for the pain though. I did have to resort to a cane though as I did not want rumors about the "drunk that lives here" to get startd as I am pretty shaky walking now when I go anywhere.
I too am waiting for the nice weather so I can be outside and enjoy the sunshine. My daughter and I are hoping to plant flowers next week, it should be warm enough by then :> Your turtle pond sounds so nice, it is great that you are able to be out enjoying your yard. We have a beautiful yard too, I hope to be able to do a few little things , plant a few flowers, but hubby will have to keep all the hedges and trees trimmed , I will sit on the patio and serve the ice tea :) You have a nice day and thankyou for your concern :) Bev

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Re: Did you all have a nice weekend? View Thread
Posted by Sandra D on 5/28/03 at 08:43

Kathy, I can relate. I live in NC and have we ever had rain. We went through a drought for about 3 years. This year in April we had already had as much rain as we received the entire last year. We thanked God for the rain. Now we need to pray for a little sunshine. Sandra

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Re: a visit from one of "our soldiers"... View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 4/17/03 at 18:02

And just to keep us on our toes, we had sunshine and record heat today! They say the storm will just graze northern Louisiana and won't make it down here.

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Re: **A walk in the wildflowers** View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 4/10/03 at 08:30

The first thing I thought was that because of Lady Bird Johnson, Texas must have some of the most beautiful wildflowers in the country. It was such a simple idea and yet it brings so much beauty.

NH is a little slow to catch on to new ideas so we've just started planting wildflowers on the grass divider strips on many of our highways. They are so delightful to see. One highway near here has something in bloom all summer and fall long.

Are you being plagued by Purple Loosestrife in Texas, Necee? It is threatening to take over all our open fields here in New England. Where I live, we have very few open fields compared to what we used to have because just about every inch of available land has been developed. When the Loosestrife first began to appear, I thought it was so pretty. Actually, I still think it is but it's choking out all our other wildflowers and it is tough to get rid of. As far as I know, its only known predator is a beetle which we have to import.

When I used to vacation in PEI, I was amazed at the Lupine that grew wild there. We don't have much of that in NH at all. But we do have daisies and black-eyed susans and assorted others. My yard has an abundance of white and purple violets and lilly-of-valley. I keep bouquets in my house while they are blooming. That won't be for quite a while yet but I'm looking forward to it.

Were I to have my way, I would have nothing but wildflowers on the hill down to my backyard but my husband kind of frowns when I mention it. I think he envisions a hill full of dandelions!

Today the sun is shining for only the second day in the past twelve, so it's wonderful! If we could just have some sunshine and some warmer temperatures, the 6" of snow on the ground would melt in no time. I must say that this last snow was beautiful. It was heavy and stuck to all the trees. I'm hoping to attempt a short walk later on so think of me and my feet. It's been such a long winter and I would so much like to walk outside. I figure that my feet seem to hurt all the time anyhow so a brief walk can't make them that much worse!

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Thinkin' about weddings and jealous of John View Thread
Posted by marie on 4/05/03 at 18:18

Oh yes I can't wait to hear from Suzanne about the wedding. Have been thinking about her. My hubby does alot of weddings. It's a very emotional, exciting, stressfully loving event. I am sure all are having fun.

It sounds nice where you are at Carole. We are at 30 degrees, windy, damp and cold. We had a hail storm last night and it's suppose to snow tonight....but if you wait around a few days Wednesday we're expecting 70 degree weather and sunshine. That's Indiana for ya'.

John I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering in 72 degree weather. Come on up to Indiana and have some fun in the snow.;)

We just came back from the movies and saw Chicago.......All I'm going to say is my three men loved every minute of it....the costumes are definately made for men....of course I did enjoy Richard Gere's dimples. And great music WOW.


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OK, ladies..... View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 4/05/03 at 14:10

... Spring is here, the sun is shining and the grass is growing, all of which we've mentioned... so now let's put away those clogs and tie-up shoes, get out our prettiest Birkenstock sandals, and wiggle our toes in the sunshine! Time to get new, jazzy nail polish and give yourself a pedicure or else have one done.

There's no better time to feel like part of the mainstream, rather than a dorky PF patient. Everybody's wearing sandals and most of us can too. At last, we can "pass for normal", so to speak. :)

Don't forget the spring colors. I wore Easter egg colors today... blues and purples and pinks, and felt terrific in my brown nubuck Grenadas.

Carole C

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Re: this board View Thread
Posted by marie on 3/24/03 at 19:16

OK now your making me laugh. And I mean that in a funny way. Maybe we need a moderator at this board. Scud missiles may be a little extreme. You and Paula definately have your differences. I couldn't even follow either of your posts. To be honest I think it's plain and simple ya'll don't like each other so here's some advice......don't talk to each other.
Sorry I am still not mad at you Ed...still like ya...still like paula. I'm still going to do my best to converse with you both. I try to find the best in people but it's been hard today.

we all need some sunshine. Ahhhh.....nice relaxing sun. birds chirping in the distance. The sound of the trees gently rustling in the cool breeze. Ahhhhhhhhhhh I'm doing my best to send some mello vibes....mello vibes....mello vibes. Yes I can handle this.

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Re: The "Big Lie" View Thread
Posted by john h on 3/24/03 at 15:46

Paula: . You see enemies where they do not exist. You read things into post that are not there. You see racist and anti Semites where they do not exist. Take a deep breath and go out and enjoy some sunshine. Vist some friends and get this off your chest. This is just an internet board. You do not have to like or associate with anyone here. For those people you do not like just do not read their post. No one here makes world policy or decides anything in you life. Think of me what you may. I hope you can find happiness.

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Re: This brought tears to my eyes View Thread
Posted by BGCPed on 3/23/03 at 17:08

Mason, thanks for bring a ray of sunshine and hope to us narrow minded conservatives. Your absence will be mourned by many, shouldnt be a dry eye in the house. Please come back,I think it is funny to read ultra left wing extremism points of view. Just think over in Iraq you could get fed feet first into a plastic grinder, that would deal with pf. I heard they call it the Saddamotron

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Re: Thorlo socks View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 3/22/03 at 16:36

So far, so good with the PF. I've spent most of the day resting my feet, partly because I don't want to mess them up, and partly because it's Saturday. I did mow the lawn, and that didn't seem to cause them any harm. I've been doing more of the PF treatments as preventatives; wearing shoes all the time, doing my stretches, and I think maybe after dinner I'll ice my feet.

It's gorgeous here in New Orleans today. Sunny, perfect weather, a lot like back in Hawaii where I grew up. I mowed the lawn and wished I had a lawn service. But, I didn't hurt my feet doing it, and there's something to be said for that. So far, so good. That's a whole lot better than last year, when my PF was more of a problem for me.

I wanted to get out some more in the sunshine, so I went for a drive. Amazingly, everybody else in my suburb had the same idea and traffic was jammed all over town.

I'm so sorry that you are in your cam boots and can't clean up the yard. I know it probably won't help if I remind you that next year at this time, you'll probably be able to clean it up and it will look great. Be careful of your feet with those granddaughters! Little girls can run you ragged, even without PF. :)

It's the social page as far as I'm concerned. I can't take any more of the war right now.

Carole C

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Re: Necee... View Thread
Posted by Necee on 3/08/03 at 01:08

Oh the weather was glorious Friday Suzanne. It was the first full day of sunshine in over a week! The temperature got up to 78*. I plan on getting some yard work done this weekend, and hopefully soak up some of those rays.

Happy trails...


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Re: Carole, how's your vacation going? View Thread
Posted by Necee on 3/06/03 at 00:35

Carole it sounds like you're enjoying your vacation. I'm glad the weather finally cleared up so you could get those outside chores done. I'm hoping for some of that sunshine this weekend so I can get some work done outside myself. Its been raining every weekend for 3 weeks, and my yard at home and the farm really needs our attention.
Suzanne, If I could I'd turn back the clock and become a student in your class! Those children are so fortunate to have such a great teacher as you. Keep on kicking up those heels gal!

Happy trails....


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Re: SPRING!!! View Thread
Posted by Suzanne D on 2/18/03 at 15:14

That's good, Carole! I'm glad you heard birds chirping and see some new life in your banana trees. It's amazing how nature rejuvinates itself, isn't it?

Today we have reached a little above freezing temperatures, and the 1/2" to 3/4" of ice under the inch or so of snow is starting to thaw. Our tree limbs are still coated and hanging low, but I can look out the window and see them dripping. It is actually supposed to get a little warmer through the night, so we surely will be back in school tomorrow.

I am looking forward to spring, except for the fact that the more I think of spring, the more I realize my daughter's April 5th wedding is almost here! I am happy for her, I've had a year and a half to be "ready" since the engagement, I really approve of her fiance, etc., etc. I can tell myself all the "right" things, but since January, it has begun to "get to me". My younger daughter said to me today, "I just realized last night the fact that before long she'll NEVER live here again!"

We got used to her being at college, but that was always until the next vacation - or until summer. This is permanent. And it is good, and I am proud of her. It is just permanent, and I am her mother, and it still hurts.

Well, thanks for letting me get that out!

A day of sunshine sometime soon will probably cheer me! Or getting back with my first graders. It's hard to not be cheery with them around!

Suzanne :-)

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Re: For Nancy N View Thread
Posted by nancy s. on 2/06/03 at 17:51

i know, kathy, i couldn't help teasing -- probably because i'm in a pretty good mood today because, like you say, the sun was out again! have we had about 4% sunshine so far this winter or what? it was windy today, though -- about 17 degrees high and much lower wind chill temp -- still not even winter beaching-walking weather. are you getting snow tomorrow? (or in the night, starting about 3 a.m., for us.) argh. this is what we call a good old-fashioned new england winter, although at this point i think i'd remove the "good."

next week is predicted to be the coldest yet so far! can you believe it? we'll be on our way to michigan when that happens, which i'm not sure will be an improvement. also, we drive through upstate new york, through niagara falls, and over the lower part of ontario, canada. if anyone has any weather news for next week in these areas, i'd appreciate hearing it.

i hope you got out into the sun and enjoyed it today too, kathy.


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Re: For Nancy N View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 2/06/03 at 13:52

Well, I was trying to send a message to the other Nancy, but hello to you! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine today!!

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Re: re: space exploration View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 2/06/03 at 07:36

If NASA won't take you two into space, you can achieve almost the same weightlessness by floating in water.

Summer is coming, and I envision the two of you spending lots of time floating in a pool in the sunshine. Maybe your health insurance would pay for your pool fees as a medical expense. :)

Carole C

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Julie and the snow in general View Thread
Posted by Kathy G on 2/01/03 at 08:53

Hi Julie,

Glad you survived that harrowing trip! You must have been frozen to the bone!

My sister lives in Annapolis, Maryland and she says that one inch of snow will totally shut down Maryland and the city of Washington D.C. For a few years, we had many southern storms so the cities have at least purchased more snow-treatment equipment but she says that doesn't help much because people just don't know how to drive in snow! It's all what we're accustomed to, I guess.

We are having a veritable heatwave in New England! Yesterday we hit 32 in our town and today, it's already 32 at 9:40 in the morning! As Nancy said, it's been 3 weeks since we've had above-freezing weather. I just wish we'd have some sunshine! It's been ages since we've seen the sun for a whole day. I think Nancy may have had sun on the coast and I know Manchester did, but we haven't seen it much here in Milford. And yes, now the worry about the roofs begin. Roofs in NE are a big problem. If the snowcover is too heavy, they can collapse under the weight. Particularly at risk are flat-roofed public buildings which are cheaper to build and thus cities continue to demand of their architects. If no one goes up to shovel those roofs, collapses and leaks are inevitable. I've never understood why we allow flat roofs in this climate. It's just asking for trouble.

And yes, Carole, those ice damns are a big problem. The back of our house faces due north and when we have warm days, the snow and ice on the roof starts to melt. Once the sun goes down, all that melting water freezes and a ridge, or damn, of ice is created. The next time it is warm, any water that melts can't flow down and melt off the roof because the damns prevent it from doing so. So even if the roof is in great shape, you can end up with water pouring into your house. It used to happen in my kitchen until my husband installed heating coils the whole length of the roof, about twelve inches back. When it gets to be above freezing and we know some melting will occur, we plug in the cables and they allow a nice trough to be formed. They're expensive to run but a whole lot less expensive than it would be to repair any water damage! Still, we're watching to see what will happen.

It's so interesting to hear about how the weather affects the lives of people who live in different climates!

No matter where we live, I think Spring will be especially welcome this year!

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speaking of weather.......... View Thread
Posted by JudyS on 1/04/03 at 16:38

It's near 80 degrees in my neighborhood - bright blue skies, balmy sunshine......
and I'm totally jealous of those of you who get to cuddle up to the sound of a good winter storm, or can make snow angels, or just go for a nice walk with the brisk air biting your noses!

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Re: something odd in our backyard... View Thread
Posted by Andrue on 10/05/02 at 11:20

Only 15'C? That's colder than the UK during the day! Mind you we're currently enjoying the cloudless wall-to-wall sunshine that obviously got delayed from summer. Seems to me we're being short changed. Wall-to-wall sunshine at a time of the year when the sun only hangs around for eleven hours. Bah! I tried to sit out in the garden with a drink after work and gave up after five minutes - too chilly.

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Re: Si, Senor! View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 10/03/02 at 11:16

Sounds like fun, John. :) Right now, my banana trees are really getting whipped around by Lili. I could get some great "hurricane photos" if I wanted to (but the winds really aren't as bad as they'd look in the photos).

Under my banana trees, I have shade from the banana trees! But when there is no hurricane, there is some sunshine in the middle of the yard. :)

Carole C

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Re: A few orthodic questions... View Thread
Posted by Jennifer on 9/29/02 at 20:27

Yes....I have had both of my legs surgically broken (osteotomies). They were done one year apart: May 1999 and May 2000. I have maltracking patellae (ie. I had a long history of subluxation and dislocation of both patellae). The causes of this are multiple...I have trochlear displasia (flat on the medial side - bilateral), I have patellae alta, and my VMO attaches higher than it should.

My legs are generally the same length...the osteotomies did not alter my height.

I am having a lot of balance issues since having the accessory removed. If I lean over too far I start rocking back and forth on my feet and it is pretty disturbing. Some of that I attribute to the fact that I was only 3 months post-op on the opposing knees last surgery, but it seems to be more than that.

Gait is another area of concern for me. I feel as if I lose a step ever so often which makes being on a treadmill frankly dangerous. I tend to do all of my cardio on a stationary bike.

I have some other issues with my big toe curves inward and the OS has said that the joint connecting the big toe to my foot is nearly fused (as a result of arthritis ???). I also have bunionettes although they are not really symptomatic. The PT seemed to suggest that my foot didn't strike the ground appropriately in any way.

I think the PT was thinking out loud when he was talking about the orthodic being out of titanium...he must be thinking that I need something fairly light ????? Hard to tell...he did say that he didn't think there was anything that he could offer me in the way of PT that would help : ( He said that my knees were the worst that he had ever seen. The only ray of sunshine was that my right foot seems to be doing well (It still has it's accessory and it has only had one problem - avulsion fracture after the osteotomy in 2000. It healed very well).

So, yes...I do have some serious issues other than my feet and my medical history will be one for the books...

Thanks for your concern...


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Message Number 92615

Re: new Necee pic View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 8/15/02 at 19:40

Necee I recieved this pic also isnt it beautiful? You are a loving happy couple your body language is saying we care we are happy together. Our life is full of Love and happiness. I will be there when you need me kinda friend like now Necee , You are the best! And Mr. Necee is pretty good looking also !I hope he always has that glow in his eyes for you! Necee You know I think of you and when I see your name I know it is a bit of sunshine !

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Message Number 91811

**Happy Belated Birthday Tammie!!* View Thread
Posted by Necee on 8/07/02 at 00:15

I'm sorry this is late....I sure hope that you had a wonderful birthday.
You are always full of sunshine, giving love and concern through your heartfelt messages. When reading, one can almost feel your arms wrapped around us. You have that special touch dear friend, and thats why I feel especially blessed that we are friends.
Take care dear friend, I hope that your, "up and at em" again real soon!
Happy Belated Birthday!

Love ya Tammie!


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Message Number 89725

Re: thnx View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 7/15/02 at 20:24

Elliott, I understand the depression God I do! You really know how bad I was a while back, But I have put it back in the far corner where it belongs!! I took the push I have been so busy trying to get things in order and keep my folder of any and all info I can get my hands on!

I bit the bullet and seen my pain management Dr. he is really great I must say he has found out alot about me and my back my hip my knee and then my foot on left side which is the trouble! He insisted on nerve testing and MRI right away before anything but pain control was done. I grant u I am on a lot of meds, along with the meds there comes side effects that are not the best except now I dont hide I deal with them.

I to am feeling some lumps here and there I was put in hospital for my pain being out of control and My potassium and other things were going wako. They gave me 3 shots of morphine before I had enough relief that they could take off restraints so I wouldnt hurt myself or yank my cath out or my lines for IVs I did once after several atemps to get it in vein was hard dehydration they said ?/ Who knows but I did realize that day I was realeased I have traved some awful darn hard roads and I have been moving pretty good thru this thick mud crap!

Ok MRI results and nerve tests(needle nerve test and oh it did to hurt)I made it even tho I did cry and almost got sick he had to stop several times and got a bit anxious with me .I get my copy of it sent to me and do not have yet expect it anytime now. Excuse my laymans terms till I can copy the original terms when I get them. He explained to me this( something called( spondylolist spelling not sure)foward moving of a vertebra onto another vertebrae compressing nerves and the pain in my hips and my left leg I dont know the numbers or names of which areas the nerves are compressed going down my right side. Continuing in to my foot areas giving me alot of nerve pain and leaving me with some dead nerve endings.

The left side showed many many nerve fiber damamge He was certain and totaly agrees that there is RSD in this left foot. In fact he is very upset that I cant get in quick enough for a nerve block I am dated to the 29 I think anyway the last mon of month and first two mon of aug. He has great hope of thease helping tremdously. Alls I have is Hope! Now please understand I dont have the professionl words yet I am waiting for it the co, that does the MRI are supposed to send the same copy of what they sent him, Red tape I love it! Highly fashionable when you the pat. wants copys of everything hahahah RED is good!

Comfirmed by the tests and the examinations and testing he is certain that Rsd is in my left footAnd then the spondylolist? spel is confermed but unsure if either or both are linked to each other,more testing to follow and more dx and treatments are nerve blocks for both troubles.

He after talking to me and my husband turned jokingly and said by the way did you say you have a attorney, My hubby said why do we need one? He would not say anymore. Also a Dr at the cleveland Clinic asked us have we consulted someone about my case and how long has this been going on and how come there were two surgeries done in the same area was he trying to do the facial again ? He just could not agree but he said I should ask him to supply me with a surgery report the one he gave me was pretty skimpy! Very unlikly full report he said. I said ok I think I know what you are saying but do u think I should get the lawyer? He says well now I dont know But I do know you have a right to know what was done and why and the posibilties of why this all might have occured.

Knowing me I said what would that help?Whats done is done money is not anything to make it better and what if he did have a accident he is human, This doc laughed and said good lord lady how come this world isnt more like you, our mal practice ins wouldnt be so much. So from all that I am learning and thinking there was a possibilty that he might have done allot wrong.I dont want another person to hurt with the pain I have suffered or if this is do to what he did MY life is wrecked, noone else needs to feel this. I wish I could no the truth and be allowed to not sue just fix it so he HAS to take more training BEFORE he does any more surgery. Thay need to add this as a option / darm maybe is availiable never thought about legal man as they to camn be shisters. Well this is it .

Heh Elliott are u sleeping yet? HEHHHHHHH are you with me LOL I know long book long wind, what can I say I am a woman who like you has a lot of pain and alot of anger and yes depression also! Nice that we can come here nice and safe and with people who live like us and really know what it is like! Welcome back and you know I know you hurt I really do and it is hard for you to live day to day like this and that yes it really does seem forever to be pain free, BUT medications are not answers not at all BUT they are great as stand bys till they can get something going on to help solve the troubles we suffer! Trust me it was best I did I mean it to from my heart! Night Elliott and I wish for good dreams and tomorrows sunshine ! NOw quit running so much in your dreams I cant hardly see you anymore you are getting to thin stretched out!HAHA

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Message Number 88493

Re: a suggestion View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 6/26/02 at 11:16

What about all that gardening you wanted to do when it got warmer? How about this:

1. Study a little
2. Watch the plants grow a little
3. Doze in the sunshine a little
4. Repeat steps 1-3


Carole C

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Message Number 86824

Re: Ok, I went to BOTH BBQs! View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 6/09/02 at 07:40

I'm glad you got to go. It's too bad the your PF bothered you at the church BBQ but I'm glad the work BBQ was better! I wonder why? There must have been some reason why the church BBQ was worse. There's something to learn in this, though I don't know what it is. Maybe you can figure it out.

What fun that you were able to enjoy the sunshine and laughter at your work BBQ for so long! I hope that you feel OK this morning, too. Don't forget to ice, just as a preventative to keep your feet feeling better after all that BBQ'ing. :)

Carole C

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Message Number 86568

Re: Carole... View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 6/06/02 at 15:51

I am so glad your SAS shoes with inserts are feeling better! Who knows why, but it sure makes life more bearable, I imagine. We are having slightly cooler weather, but not like yours! This week we have 30-40% rain predicted for every day, which is wonderful because we need rain and it cools things down.

Guess what? The most WONDERFUL thing happened! My brother sent an e-mail to me at work this morning, saying that he didn't want to wait and had bought airplane tickets to Florida for the week after next! My supervisor approved a vacation for me from June 17th-24th, so it's set! I can't wait. I will drive to Florida on the 17th, and he will fly. We are planning to spend some time on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, and he has planned for us to take a tour, as well as looking for a place for him to live.

Now this is MY idea of a splendid vacation! A little relaxation, lots of sunshine, a "mission" (finding a house for him) so we don't get bored, and the fun seeing one of my favorite brothers for the first time in years! :)

I have two brothers, so they are both my favorite brother. LOL

Carole C

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Message Number 85707

Re: Looking for a machine in South Florida View Thread
Posted by Joe S on 5/29/02 at 22:36

There are a ton of certified doc's in Florida. No need to travel outside of the Sunshine State.

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Message Number 83661

Laurie Update View Thread
Posted by Pam B on 5/12/02 at 19:21

Hi everyone :) Wishing all a very Happy Mothers Day :)

I wanted to drop in and let everyone know that Laurie is doing pretty well......she went to the docs on Friday due to some adjustment problems she is having with some of the meds in the pump and to have her dressings changed......she is spaced out but morphine will do that to you especially if you also have other meds combined with it and have them going through the catheter.....her pain level seems to be highest in the morning....he put a splint on her leg at the appt and due to the RSD she will have to remove it several times a day to move her foot around.....the doc is pleased with the way her incision is healing....she did say that the terrible pain she had from the tendon is gone :) and she does not feel that horrible pain she had prior to all in all things are looking pretty good right now.....Rico said he took her out to sit in the sun for a little while yesterday and I am sure that did her a world of good......sunshine warms the soul :)She has another doc appt tomorrow and if there is anything to report I will let you all know.....again, have a wonderful holiday everyone :)

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Message Number 83352

Re: cluck cluck WOMEN only ;O) View Thread
Posted by Rich on 5/10/02 at 07:55

Here's my two cents too! Eating yogurt daily helps...if you like it! LOL

Seriously, I take acidolphilus when I have THE symptoms. 3-3x daily works for me, clears up in no time!

I buy from a Nature's Sunshine rep, but also available OTC, Walmart, Eckerd's, Walgreens....

P.S. I love a good soak in epsom salt! My mom makes us bath salts using this and perfume free washing powder! No irritation at all! I'll get the recipe is anyone wants it. She puts it in pretty jars with decorated lids, really creative and makes great gifts!


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Message Number 82098

Re: Thanks Sharon View Thread
Posted by Rich on 5/02/02 at 07:34

Hi Sharon...I appreciate your reply! I also did some of my own research after your post....I was not aware of possible side effects and I usually do check these out. I buy all my herbal supplements from Nature's Sunshine and I will question my rep about it. I think she also sells valerian, maybe I'll try that instead.

Thanks again for looking out for me!!!!!


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Message Number 81514

Re: some of you ask.....& thanks View Thread
Posted by Pam B on 4/28/02 at 19:45

Hey Kay, I am so sorry for your feelings of hopelessness......I know how you feel.....sometimes the worst part is accepting the pain and the way our lives change......but never lose hope......I know it is hard when your feet hurt so bad you dont think you can get up sometimes.......but you have to be positive and god knows I know that is hard to do sometimes......I just went through a bad week myself and I too felt like you do.....but each day is a new day......I advise you to talk to your doc about your feelings.....he/she can prescribe something for you to help you cope with those feelings.....I just started wellbutrin a few weeks ago and can tell you that they do help me.....I find that when my mind is feeling positive, my body responds by feeling better......stress knots your entire body up and makes all your pain first I was not happy about the anti depressents, but I have now accepted that fact that I need a little help right now......I had surgery for PF in Feb and I am going to an ankle specialist tomorrow because now I am having other problems even though my heel feels better....even though a few days ago I felt pretty much like you are feeling now, I think the meds are helping me to grab hold of my hope again.....and these people here are the most wonderful group of people I have ever had to totally understand my you are in the right place and we are all here for you whenever you want to vent......venting is a good thing :) if you ever need to email someone, please feel free to email me at always have time to listen.....good luck to you and know that there is always a little sunshine at the end of every storm :)

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Message Number 81486

Kay , deep breath and relax a min. Julie would be able to advise you on how to relax View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 4/28/02 at 16:23

She is great and it sounds like you need some help! Kay I am sorry things are coming down on you! So many hear have offered good advise which I can add nothing as we all have been here and will tell you we manage to keep coming back and keep learning and keep trudging on looking for a way to handle and learn and find the control in our foot troubles, It feel awful when you feel like the world is going on and on without us as we are stuck in cement. Kay, take some deep breathes and try real hard to just clear your mind and just relax. Then when you feel a bit better think about things as just one step today even a little itty bitty one , one step at a time . Take each day as a day and thank the Good Lord for giving you the day to see the sunshine or see the rain and if you see the rainbow, you will know that he has made us promises and he would never ever let us suffer for no reason! I really like that little story about footsteps in the sand , it really says a lot! I forget sometimes and then it pops up in my mind to remind me patience and prayers to calm my fears and know that if I cant see my footsteps, it is because I am being carried by my angel friends here from this board . I truly think that we were given wings to help each other not only learning how to care for our pain but also how to help or friends . Or just being there to help them up when they stumble or hurt.

You will make it we will always be here for you and just remember One step at a time dont look for your print as you will see none as your friends here have tipped there wings and are carrying you thru this day and tomorrow and till you can stand firm and reach out and walk on your own. Things come around my friend have faith and patience! Also as many many of us have found , talking to your Dr. about the depression and worry in life may help as it is a very big issue to handle!I have been in your shoes I was to the end and someone rather everyone carried me till I finally seen a Dr. who helped with the depression and I am now on paxil and it has been absoulutely great there is a chance for me now!Take care and a hug to you!

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Message Number 81192

Jazzfest View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 4/26/02 at 12:20

As far as the "Do LESS than I think I can", I thought of something else I almost did today but decided not to.

Actually, to be honest I was thinking of going to Jazzfest today. It's an event here in New Orleans second only to Mardi Gras. Jazzfest has music and food and from what I understand, basically you wander around and eat BBQ and enjoy the sunshine and music and people. I wasn't able to go when my osteoarthritis was so bad (pre-Celebrex) so I have not yet been to Jazzfest.

I really do think I could do it. I walked around the French Quarter with Frank on April 9th and survived, so why not Jazzfest? However, I think that was dumb luck and I had Frank there to rescue me if worse got to worst. I need to work up to this and not just do it on a whim, like I would have before PF. I still need to be more cautious than my instincts tell me to be, and gradually increase my mobility and capabilities. I guess that's why I'm taking a break in my housework to type.

Break is over... now lunch and then I plan to dust and change the water in my fish tank.

Carole C

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Message Number 79728

Re: I have a stick-shift car.. View Thread
Posted by Valerie S on 4/15/02 at 15:35

Add me to the list of PF'ers with a stick shift.

I love my little car, but I rue the day I got it now... I don't think we can sell it right now in this economy, and we owe on it... besides, it's great on gas! hee hee... how does 40 mpg sound?

Long trips are torture, for sure, but frequent stops for fresh air and stretching really help me a lot. I also can turn my foot sideways and do the old dorsiflex while keeping my foot on the gas... (another shhhhh... don't tell .... hee hee). Only 3 1/2 more years of payments... ha ha...

BUT, my PF is a heck of a lot better than it was before, and I do all the driving in the house. So even though I'm sure it's not helping me get better faster, I am still progressing, despite the stick shift. I make almost weekly trips downstate to see my old friends too... a 2 1/2 hour drive each way...

I remember this time last year, when the sun came out and the birds started singing again... I was stuck inside, crying and feeling sorry for myself because I could barely walk. Now I feel so FREE! Of course, I still have limits, but it sure is great to be able to get out in the sunshine and walk around the block again... Yesterday, my neighbors were walking by with their dog, and I got up and caught up to them (when they stopped to pick up the poopoo... hee hee) and had a nice little jaunt around the block... what a lucky woman I am!

I'm still amazed at how easy it is to take little things for granted in life, such as WALKING.... My aunt brought up BREATHING the other day... boy, can you imagine? Having asthma or worse? Count your blessings... no matter how bad you think you have it, there's always someone who's having a rougher time than you are... anyone who can read this message board has a reason to thank their lucky stars.

I hope everyone finds happiness in the little things they have... I don't know about your neck of the woods, but it's pretending to be spring here this week, and we're loving it!!!

Happy trails,

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Message Number 79598

Thanks, Suzanne! and I added some rambling about healing View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 4/14/02 at 10:24

Suzanne, I'm glad you liked them! Now I'm glad I didn't leave out the "Ocean, sky, pretty colors" photo which had originally removed to save space. I ended up with 169 photos so I had to pick and choose. I am using a higher resolution version of the one called "Sunset from the fantail" as my computer wallpaper now, so I guess it's my favorite. I do remember Glen Campbell's "Galveston" but I hadn't thought of it! Thanks. I don't remember the words very well.

I was happy to get the lower rack (bunk). I would fall asleep before my roomate showed up for bed each evening, because I'm an early riser and she likes to stay up late. Since she had to climb a bit I would leave the overhead light on for her, but that didn't keep me from sleeping at all if I closed the curtains. Luckily, this time I only had one roommate. So, I think I had it easier than you with your Girl Scouts. LOL

Sorry to hear you are having a rainy Sunday! Still, everything will seem clean and fresh and new when the sunshine comes back. It never did rain here yesterday, though it looked like it, and today looks like it will be partly sunny.

Surprisingly, despite all the stair/ladder climbing (probably 10-15/day) my feet didn't seem to suffer much. The rest while video-watching probably helped, plus stretching. Now that my feet are mostly healed, with a pain level of less than 1, it seems like they can take a lot more without having a set back.

It seemed to take forever for my feet to heal from pain level 8+ to pain level 6-, but once they got to that point they healed to pain level 2 pretty smoothly (As you probably recall, I kept resting as though they still hurt on an 8+ level during that time). At about a pain level 2 the healing process seemed to gain a lot of MOMENTUM, my feet suddenly seem stronger, and doing moderately stupid things doesn't set me back much. This was a pleasant surprise that I think maybe a lot of people here can look forward to.

Carole C

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Message Number 79038

Re: Sunshine View Thread
Posted by Rich on 4/10/02 at 08:35

I really think the weather plays a huge role in our attitudes/suffering/healing, etc.

Today is bright and sunny, the kids are gone, hubby is at work, it's just me, the computer, and the coffeepot and I'm doing just great!!

Prayers are free and I hear God answers kneemail!! LOL

Ok, I'm getting silly, time to turn off the coffeepot....

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Message Number 79035

Thank u for sharing and thank you for the kind messages to all View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 4/10/02 at 08:23

Oh that is so awful yes I think at that time a little bit of sensitvity was needed as that was a very devistating time for you or any body for that matter. I am so sorry that there are such lack of feelings in Dr.s and People for that matter. It is ok to be blunt and bold but it is ok to choose the time and method and add some hope and sensitvity with it. Hubby is being very good but soon he will be back to feeling better and will be cranky haha. We are much a like about hating to sit still or be off our feet.
Thank you very much for your prayers as that to me is very important! I am one that believes the power of prayers and am thankful I have the lord in my life! I also include each of our friends here and to all the people who are in search of relief in pain or emotional pain or loneliness in my prayers. I feel good about my starting to have some feelings of control in my care! That is thanks to the kindness that has been given to me here. PS I have alot of sunshine in my life this board is a big part with each of the angels here and my family here I am so very lucky. That is coming thru at this time. Hope that you have some sun in your life also

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Message Number 79031

Re: Hubby fine , and I had nice chat with his ortho View Thread
Posted by Rich on 4/10/02 at 08:06

Tammy, it's good to hear your husband came through his surgery fine. I pray for a quick recovery. My dad is facing knee replacement surgery in May. He had his other knee done last summer and began fishing and hunting again this past fall/winter. The PT is really rough, but he did everything he was supposed to and healed really well. He's about 60 and a very large man. The best thing about his lack of mobility, my mother was able to monitor his meals! He lost a good bit of weight, waiting for his three meals and approved snacks! Better tell your hubby to be nice to his nurse!

I am so sorry to hear your personal news, but am very proud of how you handled the situation with your doctor. No matter how good the doctor is, if you don't feel comfortable and confident with the manner in which you are treated (or spoken to), then it's time to end the relationship.

I lucked out with my pod on the first try. But I haven't always been this lucky....years ago I suffered a miscarraige (my first pregnancy) and my OB/GYN of several years kindly (?) advised me at the time that it happens ALL the time and MOST women just THINK that their cycle was late!!!!!!! Needless to say, it didn't take me long to find another doctor. Regardless of the truth of his statement, it was his smug attitude that I was being too emotional that really p----d me off!

Kudos to you for standing up for yourself. I pray the Lord will have mercy and deliver you a miracle healing! Never hurts to ask!!

Here's wishing you some sunshine in your life!!

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Message Number 78860

Sharon View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 4/08/02 at 19:51

Thank u , I guess I really read your post as it speaks to me like you read my mind or something! You are so very right about keeping the appt. that will be another hurdle for me , but I am going to keep it I have to I just have to start helping myself ! I am not helping myself by NOT doing anything! So I am feeling pretty good about this I just wish it was not so far away haha as you should understand how much you think about it, and the well maybe I should maybe i shouldnt maybe they will laugh or maybe worse they would call me a baby or a sniveling woman, I really hate that I always was quite proud to be so strong and have a pretty hard pain threshhold! Not any more I am turned to a wimpering and moaning fool! I aim to get back Tammie, I know she is here trying her darndest to get out , and I am really working very hard to find her with all my friends help and support ! How can I loose with all the loving support and the endless knowledge and the great advice and support of the Dr.s here! It helps me to believe that there are dr.s out there that can and will help me and understand my fear and my ashamed feelings about feeling pain. Thank you reall thank you I appreciate your post ! Have a wonderful day tomorrow and I hope you get some sunshine !

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Message Number 78102

Re: I wish all my friends a Happy Easter! View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 3/31/02 at 14:16

I just returned home from work today and wanted to Wish all of my friends old and new a Very Happy Easter!! I hope that all are having a beautiful Day with alot of sunshine and New Hopes! I also hope that Today the pain is minimal and hope we gather a new renewal in energy and in heart. Since you all know how I feel I will say this also and hope I donot offend anyone. May God enrich and keep you in his circle, and may you never be fearful or alone! Thank you for giving and caring and thank you for keeping this board as a knowledge and learning board and also a caring and heart warming "safe" place for us to shout get angry or cry and learn and help each other. You all are wonderful People and You are in my prayers always! Love and peace be with you in your hearts and in your lives! Happy Easter P S I seen this funny looking thing hopping in the halls at work today and I do believe it was trying to leave candy and eggs all over ! Suspiciously I think it was Peter Rabbit hopping down the bunny trail, did he visit you also? I got Jelly beans LOL And they said FAT Free ! But not calorie free darn!

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Message Number 77013

Re: Louisiana sunshine View Thread
Posted by Rich on 3/20/02 at 16:06

70's and above here with a little rain. Actually had the lawn cut on Monday, not ready for that to start again!

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Message Number 76734

Re: 2 and a half weeks post-op ANY suggestions? View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 3/18/02 at 12:43

Good to hear things are going well for you! Keep it that way !Take each day with alot of patience. Every one heals at there own speed! Dending on the type of work you do will decide when you might return. From what I have heard 12 weeks at least to see more of where u are at in healing. I would expect each will have there own date for healing tho. It seems not to be unusual for longer as for feet seem to take longer. As you walk on them not like a arm where u can put in a sling or cast and you dont need to stand on the arm haha. But just think of this, you are getting stitches out and that is a big step! Hopefully it is healing wonderful and continues to . You have only been at healing for a bit over 2 weeks , that is only a very short time. Relax and dont worry what others think as by now u know if there is nothing to see people cannot understand . I can relate to your frustrated feeling, but remember dont allow them to rush you into healing when you know you are not ready . Take each day a little bit at a time. Do what your dr. advises and dont cheat! Take the medications they recomend and dont play the hero, you want to give your body a break from pain and get your rest! Last of all post here where others really understand what you are feeling and they are great to give you the support on good days and bad! We sure hope the best outcome for you and hope that you keep us posted so that YOU are the next sunshine in our lives to say the surgery worked and you feel great! Praying for you ! Keep the sunshine alive!

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Message Number 76627

Re: Just out of curiosity.... View Thread
Posted by Ardee W. on 3/17/02 at 08:35

YES, YES, YES.....there are definately more important things than feeling sorry for ourselves. I want to have a thankful heart! The goal is for that to be the anchor but it is nice to have a place to validate the real feelings that get to us, also. But, with the goal of coming back to my anchor.

So happy for your great visit! Carmen! I have new relatives coming this week and then a whole family first part of June and then mother in law and her husband in July. I want to be "up" for these visits.

It is tough, Carmen... I ignored the advice given so much here, about when in doubt, don't. Friday, I gave up on my Pancreatin Enzyme and took TWO dosages of VIOX to help me get through all day shopping on my feet (8-9 hours) at many different places. Had a great time! Didn't feel sorry for myself. The next day, Saturday, yesterday, I couldn't walk across the floor AND I felt pain in my other foot which up to not had been completely pain free! I spent yesterday CRAWLING ON MY KNEES to get anything and I seriously considered having someone bring over a wheel chair if the weather broke enough for me to go to park across the street with grandkids! These are BIG FIRSTS for me and have really put a damper in my "carefree" attitude about having fun......

Still, you can always find someone else that is worse off. That's a horrible way to be thankful, though. I am thankful today for:

my Lord's never ending mercies that are new every morning
my husband who listens and trys to understand
my grown sons, daughter in law, and five grandchildren!
other friends and family
sunshine......the promise of spring and warmer weather
being in the same neighborhood block of my grandkids!
having a park in our neighborhood!

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Message Number 76622

Re: No ditto View Thread
Posted by Julie on 3/17/02 at 02:32

Wendy, I agree. It's supposed to be Spring here, and everyone is saying it is, because the flowers are all out and the trees are blossoming but it's cold and wet and windy and it's still winter as far as I'm concerned. And some of our daffodils have blown over. Yesterday we had an hour of sunshine and then the rain started again.

I'd prefer snow, really. (You know I'm envious of your snow.)

(I know you think I'm crazy.)

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Message Number 76581

Re: Funny about faith.... View Thread
Posted by Rich on 3/16/02 at 13:24

You know, without faith where would we be? We have to put our faith first in the Lord, then in the Pod, the PT and our network of family and friends!

I don't want to sound "preachy" in my posts, but I'm not at all ashamed to admit I love the Lord! and that my house serves Him!

Don't cry...this too shall pass! Stay positive and find other things to do around the kitchen table...bake cookies, coloring and of course don't forget to break out the glue sticks and scissors, keep plenty of paper on hand. Mine keep raiding my printer paper!

I saw you were from Montana? I'm way down south in Louisiana and we're having lots of sunshine today, nice balmy weather.

Thanks for the blessings...same right back to you!


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Message Number 76509

Re: Glad the sunshine came out for you Ron! View Thread
Posted by suzanne d. on 3/15/02 at 10:01

Please tell me what you did that helped you. I have had one release that I am not sure is working as of yet. Waiting to have the other one done. Do tell. It's all too much!

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Message Number 76507

Re: Glad the sunshine came out for you Ron! View Thread
Posted by suzanne d. on 3/15/02 at 09:58

Please tell me what you did that helped you. I have had one release that I am not sure is working as of yet. Waiting to have the other one done. Do tell. It's all too much!

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Message Number 76479

Posted by Tammie on 3/15/02 at 08:06

Laurie, You just get thru each day with always a good thought , Dont you? You seem to have been pushed to the limit of most of the strongest could indure. It has to be your turn to finally get your chance at some relief from pain! Yes my dear there is always tomorrow, especially when there is love in your heart and in your eyes! So I am wishing and praying for you to always have a tomorrow and the love in your heart! I do hope that you feel better and that today is a beautiful day for sunshine and love! Hugs to you and hope you are feeling better.

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Message Number 76247

Glad the sunshine came out for you Ron! View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 3/12/02 at 08:09

Ron it is great to hear some good news please share what helped so that you could ditch the chair? I am so very happy for you! Finally some one has something positive happen ! It is good to read about all of the special positive small steps friends are feeling. I wonder if it is the spring fever? Whatever it is I am grateful that our friends here are having some positive steps in there lives! Hurry Ron tell us all about it ! May the sun continue to shine in your life!

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Message Number 76121

Re: Sometimes I just feel like crying View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 3/10/02 at 14:37

My dear Melissa,
I would love to offer a cheer for you , as it is so sad to hear that you feel like crying. Yes this is very difficult to people that do not have foot troubles or pain to understand what it is all about! Dont lose hope or heart, as you have much to learn and give! You came to this board a lost and confused little lamb, when you leave here you will be a full hearted and very understanding about daily pain not only feet but peoples emotions, like yours. It will help you to push on and grow stronger and take charge of your feet and your life. You will learn to acept the things we cannot change and will learn to say it is OK to take care of ME(meaning u) . That is something that some have a very hard doing , sad but true. I tend to think it is because we have been so busy trying to care for everyone else, or that we have been alsways been taken care of , we tend to be a bit slow on learning how to take care of ourself and allowing us the permission to do just that.

Melissa, Please love yourself for what is in your heart, I see a wonderful loving person trying to get out of the shell she has built. I dont see your weight or anything else on the outside, I see and feel your heart. Has anyone told you that you are beautiful? Let me as you see God made us each unique, did you ever look around and see others, what is it that you see first? What is it that you feel first? Beauty is only what one makes of it, the most beautiful can be very very ugly and sad. On the other hand they to can be loving and have a shining heart with twinkling eyes. Ugly, what is this? Looks, weight, clothes , or is it what is within that shows out, nasty mean ugly words, face scowls, mean intentions. We could go on and on with both sides. But to me I see and hear the heart yours is telling me that you are a remarkable loving woman looking for the perfect shell on the outside. Give yourself a break, love yourself for U, not a shell. Please continue your diet plan and exercise plan, for your health and your pleasure, not because of what someone else might think.

10 Lbs is great, I applaude you on your sucess, and urge you to continue for the important reasons not what others think or percieve is beauty! So My dear know that you are beautiful and that I hear your heart singing, it has beautiful tone! Hugs to you our friend and know that we are here for you and there are some wonderful people who can help you learn all about your feet and your emotions that go along with pain. Have a day filled with inner sunshine!

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Message Number 75938

Spring is Coming! View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 3/07/02 at 22:53

Wendy, hang on! Spring comes back every year at springtime, even in Canada (or so I hear - LOL). Pretty soon you will be seeing the first spring flowers bloom, and a few rays of sunshine, and the cold wetness will go away. It will be spring and everyone will have spring fever, wanting to get out and enjoy it, acting crazy, and falling in love.

Now that you are home, you can warm and dry your poor sore feet. Maybe massage them some or do something to pamper them. Tomorrow is Friday and I hope that means that you won't have to go out as much on the weekend. Meanwhile, I'm glad you didn't slip. Cold wet sore feet are no fun, but if you had slipped you have more that was cold and wet and sore than your feet. :)

Carole C

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Message Number 75450

Re: OH SUZANNE View Thread
Posted by Pam B on 3/02/02 at 06:22

Oh my goodness Suzanne, S&H green stamps........oh yes how you did date yourself :) but, dont feel alone, I also have used my share of them in my younger days :) I wish they still had them, at least that huge chunk of money we leave at the grocery store would have a fringe benefit huh?????? I still have an ironing board I got with mine :)

O Brother Where Art Thou is a great soundtrack, I bought the CD for me for xmas :) I was given the nickname Sunshine so many years ago when they used to give green stamps :) that song is why I bought it but I like the entire brings back a happy time in my life and carries me away every time I listen to is such a great happy pill isnt it?


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Message Number 75048

Yes and View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 2/25/02 at 20:45

I need to thank you all for all that you have responded to me in my days of darkness! I am feeling much better and trying to put myself back into life in a respect! I have hid in the pain for so long I almost was not living, I had forgotton how to laugh and to BE happy that I have a wonderful family here for me. It is I who choose not to allow them to understand me or my pains. I try to play the hero, super everything lol and This foot deal has taught me a few things and most of what I wish I didnt know.

I needed to get out, it breathed life into my dying heart, it gave me back hope and some control. Yes the pain was there yes it was difficult for me to work today , but I did it and I am no worse then if I hadnt. (well maybe a little) But it is well worth it. I did take my pain pills I used them to allow me to function , I used them to let me be with my family and to see the happiness in them that we were toggether and LAUGHING not angry with each other and hurting each other thru our own types of pain. I cant thank you enough for whoever it was that made me realize I must put caution to the wind and LIVE a little . Come out of that dark corner and get a bit of sunshine. I dont know how long this shall last but I accept it till I lose it again. And with each time I hope that I grow stronger and more in control of MY life and MY body after lossing it for so long.

PS I am in search of a GOOD sensitive pain management Dr to maybe help me and steer me to my next direction. I can not go back to the ortho dr. I cant have him treat me and be the holy god like authority, who does not want to listen to me. I will however ask him who he might recomend for me, when my hubby sees him for his knee. Also I see my Primary thurs and will ask her for thoughts and referals. I am back into this again! Thanks to all of my friends here! I am up on the road again , watch out pot holes I am ready to jump over u!

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Re: Doctors, now what, maybe New Balance View Thread
Posted by Carole C in NOLA on 2/23/02 at 11:25

Thanks, Rich! I will have fun and I don't think I'll overdo. Usually parties at their house are the casual "sit down in the living room" type, and pretty easy on the feet, because the host has foot problems due to diabetes. If the party gets dull he might want to show off his new big screen TV, and that's easy on the feet too. I'll have a great time because I always do at their parties. They are so nice and so are their friends. Most are couples but some are singles so who knows, I might meet someone special. But if I don't, I'll still have fun.

The NB 755 looks like a good shoe too! I will put it on my list and check it out. It's a beautiful day here too, lots of sunshine. I might just take highway 90; it's so pleasant on a day like this, and less traffic than I-10. Thanks for the Welcome! :)

Carole C

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for Tammie... View Thread
Posted by Suzanne D on 2/23/02 at 08:23

What Wendy wrote is so very true, Tammie. Behavior becomes a habit - usually not even recognized by the one doing it. Especially at home, we end up "playing our roles" and going in circles. Throw in chronic illness/pain, and it gets tough.

I'm no counselor, but from my own experiences, here are some thoughts:

1. Reach out/open up. You've done this step on this message board!! I feel it's crucial to receive affirmation that you're not crazy, it's not in your head, etc. Sometimes this stage takes quite a while. You have to believe it. But then you have to do the next step.

2. Reach out/get help. Right now, no one else in the family may see this need. "Been there; done that". But, YOU can. Even if you can't go see someone (money, opposition at home - "Been there; done that, too"), you can still get help. Go to the bookstore to the "self-help" section. There are books you can read - even if you have to "sneak" and read them that can help you cope. (Of course a counselor is better, but if you can't go for whatever reason, you can start here.) Find/make a trusted friend near you who can go places with you, take you if need be, etc.

3. Practice what you learn. It's not easy, and it takes time, but behaviors and habits can change. And when others notice - and they will - good things can begin. Behaviors CAN change.

What does this have to do with your feet? Nothing...And Everything. As thinking and behaviors change, it helps us deal with all areas better.

I hope this makes sense, Tammie. I thought about it last night and woke up this morning thinking about what I wanted to write. I do hope it is helpful and you don't think in any way I'm being critical of you at all.

It's a long walk out of the woods, but with every little step, you're closer to the sunshine. And, you know, it really doesn't take any more energy walking up that hill than it does to keep going in those circles, never getting out. "Been there; done that, too".

With all good wishes and affection,
Suzanne :-)

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Ken View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 2/21/02 at 18:05

I want to wish you luck of course and remind you that we do care about you! The choice you make is yours, don't worry what anyone else thinks. You must feel comfortable with it that is what truly matters! I wanted to respond to you as I know exactly what you are stating above, about the faking and of course about the working thru the pain and the being exhausted!

My advice remains simple, ask any questions that are on your mind , be open with your Dr. and talk with him or her on what they expect to happen and how to handle pain or discomfort. Find out what or aprox what they expect is the "norm" in healing phase. Then ask what if this does not fix it what then? Just so that you get all in open so that u may focus on the healing without over worrying! The surgery itself is a breeze! Healing is the clincher,sometimes it seems forever and I guess sometimes it does not . Be prepared to enjoy your "resting " phase, plan for some one to be with you if you are alone for at least a day or two. Another person is really nice to lean on when you hurt and want something upstairs or in kitchen ! If you have a spouse or significant other I hope that they remain patient with you and the healing phase. As somtimes it goes on for months and up to a year later.

Be sure to visit here on the board as we all would love to hear from you and see how you are feeling and doing! This is about the best for support that you will ever find! The people here are absoultly the best! I promise you that! Now try not to worry to much if you are comfortable with your decision , relax it will be fine! We will pray for you and your Dr. who will be doing the surgery! Oh yes , Please remember to not be the HE man lol and try to skip over your pain meds the first couple of days! I had found and sure others can attest that when the pain builds up it is much harder and longer to get it back in check then if u just stayed on like the dr, says! A lesson that you might not like in the middle of the night! So if you dont have any more questions I want to say from my heart I wish you the absoulute best and Good Luck! May you find the happiness and sunshine in your heart soon!

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To ALL Thank u for the piece of your wing, You to Dr. Z thank u from my heart! View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 2/14/02 at 09:00

Thank u for helping me with a piece of your wing friends. It is a scary road and the hill has been great,I often fall down. I have been blessed by the special angels here , who scoop me up and stand by me untill I find my balance again! Never leaving my side and holding my hand and a piece of my heart close to them each time! I am very scared, the hill seems huge, I am afraid of more pain, I am afraid of loosing , I feel weak and sad.I fear more Dr.s I fear there glances and there questioning eyes and the bored looks as they tell me Pain, hmmmmmmm maybe you should get on with your life,it might go away.. Those cold words hurting my heart as much as the pain I feel in my foot.Who thinks of the word pain? Who understands it? The people who feel it. The people who live with it , sometimes it is physical, sometimes it is in their heart, sometimes it is everywear, sometimes its brief sometimes it never stops.How do you explain that to someone who is unaware?

I am blessed with this board and the angels here who carry the pain ridden bodies, and hearts on there wings while they heal enough to stand up again and carry on ,nurturing thier heart till it gets strong.Helping with there wings outstreatched to those in need. Please forgive me as my wings are heavy right now and I need a lift, I need to head to the sun and find my sunshine in my heart as it seems to have grown dim and heavy with pain. Please my angels please stay with me in flightI am scared .Love and best wishes to all of those who carry the burden of helping those that carry the darkness in there hearts t finding the sunshine again and lightness of there wings.Thank u.I would like to carry you and take your pain ,but I am weak with heaveyness and need to find the sun!

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Re: Birkenstock for winter View Thread
Posted by CatherineL on 2/14/02 at 08:45

HI Carole,

Same world, just a BIT! colder, lots of sunshine, no flowers for 5 months:(, and the only greenery is evergreen trees and... of course with white fluffy stuff all around ;-)

At work, we often get visitors from all over... someone form Puerto Rico was amazed that our bare stick-trees, actually got leaf buds and grew new leaves every spring, she just couldn't fathom that, they just look so dead to her!

We still go about our day like everyone else in the world - either by pretending its not -20, or grumbling about it!

(and no... no polar bears or igloos)

I checked the birk page and ordered a clearance pair of clogs and they had them in MY size. They are suitable for work and outside - . (if I'm not tromping throught 3+ feet of snow). Hope to get them by spring.


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Message Number 73654

Re: Here's where Tammie's surgeries were and her lump..... View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 2/13/02 at 20:07

Carole Thank you ! You are a bit of sunshine in our life ! I am glad you came and joined us, but sad it had to include pain! Thanks for doing this!(Hugs to u)

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Please read Julie, I did not understand this before , or View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 2/10/02 at 15:08

Maybe I did not see it that way! But today I see this as hope and yes things might fall into place there is a new chance to hope again! I thank you so much for being with me as I try those hurdles! It is good to have caring and loving friends along the way! Most of all friends who don't "quit" on you! I can not ever repay what all of you here do for me each day! I hope that I can help someone else as I learn. I think I need to learn about relaxation as some of our friends seem to know! I don't know if I have ever allowed relaxation in my schedual. But there is no time like the presant for learning! I tend to skip over my thoughts and try to shove it to the back but seems there are times it comes in on full force blowing my mind apart in a million shreds, leaving me with the feeling of being drained if you can understand this.

I know you are happy for me as that is what I mean , you are a true friend one that never gives up and I really need that in my life as I have not expieranced this type of friend ever! Thank you again for being here for me! Even when I get angry or dont want to hear or see! You are by my side trying to open my mind , as well as so many others! Have a great day and may the sunshine always remain in your heart so that it is bright and light with happiness and love!

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Message Number 73101

Shelley View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 2/08/02 at 20:01

I just wanted to tell you that I do understand and I really am a mazed at how utterly sensitive that you are to your husbands feelings! You just put me in a awe state! Your family sure is lucky to have such a caring and loving woman in there midst! I wish you could give classes of that to spouses and family who can't or won't deal with the changes that sometimes happen! And I am going to ditto what Rebecca so kindly said about our poster, He really is a good , and helpful person! His ways are a bit different but he DOES have a bigger heart then he portrays sometimes!!!! He also has a very large brain(LOL) meaning he has much knowledge to , and he shares with all! I just kinda believe since I have been told I have no sense of humor that some of us are a bit more serious then others and maybe we are a bit more worried about sensitivity, then plainess in words! Anyways I am happy you joined us for the (other side) the spousal side I wish more spouses would do like you are! It might be quite helpful in there dealing with living with people who have a disability of sorts! Hope to see you continue posting and hope to also see your hubby as maybe we could offer support to him also!Keep the sunshine in your heart our friend!

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Re: To Pauline View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 1/31/02 at 20:20

Hello, I am sorry that you have been left with eye problems, I am also sorry that I really don't exactly understand much about the eyes. But I respect the enjoyment they give us and keep this in mind when I find myself piety partying myself. I enjoy reading and the outdoors , I apreciate natural beauty!

You apear to be a strong woman and it is nice to see that you have taken this eye trouble and have put instead something positive with it in hopes of helping others! That is to be admired! You are a gracious person to keep others in mind while trying to deal with it yourself, but then you are right who better to help and understand others with same troubles then one themselves going thru it! I must say I am very grateful to those here who have continued there support in feet troubles cause when I came here I new nothing, and as each day goes on I find myself grasping all knowledge up like I cant get enough of it. Information and support is a life line for people and I am glad and proud that you are helping others as well.Take care and may God bless you always! You are wonderful to help others. Have a wonderful day with a special dose of love and sunshine in your heart!

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Re: Jasmine, Sunshine, and lots of tips about Birkenstocks View Thread
Posted by Carole C on 1/26/02 at 20:19

I hope the Alice Tatami's work for you too; I'll bet they will be just fine. I have a very wide foot, which really was the only problem with them for me since they only come in a narrow. The Alice Tatamis are every bit as beautiful in real life as they are in the photos.

I didn't pick up a catalog, because she said that next week the new one will arrive so I can go get a new one then. Thanks anyway for the offer! (but I really won't need it). Now that I know how to park near the Birkenstock store, it shouldn't be so hard to drop in. My feet are really feeling it today, but next time will be better. I hope that you can get some answers from Birkenstock. I think that if they have the cork insole, the white Birko-flor uppers would be worth trying but I sure wouldn't want to try to stand all day on a molded synthetic footbed.

I am hoping my Amsterdams will be just right too, and staying optimistic for now because there's no reason not to be. It sounds like the Arizonas that I also ordered will fit, at any rate. The saleslady at the Birkenstock store said that all the classic footbeds fit the same.

I was really surprised that they seemed to have very little or nothing for me to try on other than the display samples. Typical New Orleans. Hopefully when the spring shoes come in they will have a few 40's in stock. Otherwise, trial and error via the internet may be what's necessary.

Carole C

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Message Number 71461

Re: Jasmine, Sunshine, and lots of tips about Birkenstocks View Thread
Posted by Suzanne D on 1/26/02 at 19:49

I'm glad you had such a good day, Carole! It sounds like you really did have fun. Those were some interesting facts you learned about the Birkenstocks! Thanks for sharing. I do hope your Amsterdams fit. Maybe they will be just right for you! Were you able to pick up a catalog, or would you still like this one that I keep MEANING to get mailed to you? Sorry that is taking so long!

It was me who ordered the Alice Tatami's. I hope they work for me. I had tried on the Margaret version and they felt good except for the 42 being too short and the store not carrying a 43. I guess I'll just have to see! They were a good price, and I will keep my fingers crossed. I will wear those for dressy times. I would like to have a pair of white Floridas for school, but the only white ones are made of the Birko-flor we discussed on the other message board. I have e-mailed the Birkenstock company in Germany with our questions, and I will let you know what I find out. Always a challenge, isn't it??!

:-) HAve another good day tomorrow!

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Jasmine, Sunshine, and lots of tips about Birkenstocks View Thread
Posted by Carole C on 1/26/02 at 16:45

mmm! Warm vanilla sugar sounds nice too. :) Yes, i do remember Ms Mamie and Ms Emily on the Waltons! That must have been such fun growing up. Also, you are right that the white jasmine reminds me of when I was a little girl in Hawaii. There are many flowers there, even in the wild, and as young teens we used to hike up towards the mountain rain forests to gather wild ginger for making leis, plus we had plumeria and jasmine and many other flowers in the gardens at my home.

I had a wonderful day... the weather is just intoxicatingly lovely. I drove around with the windows down and went shopping. I got some shower gel and body spray in white jasmine, and then I finally went to my local Birkenstock store for the first time. It is located inside an old fashioned mall inside of what appears to be little streetside shopping center, and it took a lot of walking to just get there and then to find it. But, once I found it I realized that there is a way that one could park in the back and get there more easily, if one is clever.

The lady told me all about Birkenstocks. Here's what she told me. The Tatami line is their line for "fooling around with the footbed", and although one classic footbed is like another classic footbed, the same is not true for Tatami; some Tatami's have higher arches than others, and some have different shapes and different placement of the arch support than others.

Tatami's have been an experiment by one of the Birkenstock sons, whereas the classics were invented by the original Mr. Birkenstock and she thinks they are tried and true whereas she didn't seem to think the Tatami's were a good choice for most people. She thinks they might be for me, though, since I have such a high arch. However, if one Tatami works for me that doesn't mean they all will. She didn't think that I would necessarily need a different size in Tatami. She encouraged me to try on two, including the Alice that someone (Carmen?) bought. It only comes in a narrow but she said if I got a larger size that would work... however, the tops cut into the top of my foot, and the arch was not as high as the arch in the other Tatami that felt so good. I don't know what that one was, but it loooked like a Tahiti. I'll have to check and see if Tahiti is a Tatami or if I was trying some other style.

I pointed at the whipstitched Amsterdams that I ordered already, which were pictured in her catalog, and said, "Oh, those are pretty!" She said that they are pretty but don't fit most people well at all. (oh well!) She says the top of the clog is too tight or too loose for most people, and that the whip stitching rubs raw spots in the foot. I guess all I can do is hope that my foot is one of the few that they fit, since they are on sale and probably not returnable.

I asked her about the Birki clogs, with the waterproof exterior and so on, and she said they are for gardening, not showering, because the (cloth?) insert with the orthotic would get wet and moldy. She didn't have anything in stock for showering.

So, I went to a "regular" shoe store and bought some waterproof shoes to wear in the shower, that don't look like they would be slippery. They are Nike sandals and have no orthotic or arch support, but my thinking is that surely having something between my feet and the ceramic would have to be better than nothing, until I can get something better. They only cost $20, so if/when I can get better shower shoes I will do that.

What a fun day! All this and I went on two coffee/breakfast dates with two different men before all this shopping, one at 8:30 and one at 11:30. Life is such fun. :)

Carole C

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thanks for the tip View Thread
Posted by elliott on 1/23/02 at 09:35

Can always improve delivery, and I'll take it to heart. But I think you're missing what I'm getting at. It's why a doctor can't even make a joke under appropriate cirumstances. It's why hardly anyone chose to respond to JudyS's post. It's about JudyS risking leaving Sunshine to possibly join us on the Dark Side. And I think I have said enough.

And no, deep down, I don't love you, but I respect you for speaking up when appropriate.


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Re: Questions About Surgery - Please! View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 1/17/02 at 09:29

Dear Ron,
My first instinct is to tell you no no don't do it please. But I know this is not a fair way to look at this so I won't. Instead i will say this to u, I completely understand your need to find some relief of the pain I honestly do! I to was in that spot, So anything that is given as a way to possibly give back some of a normal life without pain is a welcome option!

I am not the best person here to give you the answers you are searching for as I am looking for help myself I had the surgery Aug. 31 ,I dont know if I can compare pain now as to what it was then as pain is pain and it at this point to me is way out of control and destroying what little life I have . There are a few things I would like to offer to you that the hard headed person I am did not do right or allow myself the time I needed to heal properly.

Please the most important thing I can offer you is Please please get a couple of the best DR. in or around your area to check u out and give opioions. Take your own money if ins. is not covering, it may be worth it to be sure you get the best so you can have a normal life, instead of a life in pain or a botched up foot. Next if you have the surgery , please listen to all that your dr. offers you for advice on a good recovery, that means if he says sit on your butt for 6 weeks DO IT! If he says you need off work for 4 months do it, Listen to him or her as there degree is hanging on the wall, not ours. It can make a difference in the healing.
Next is one thing I totaly regret, make sure the dr. is willing to treat the pain after the surgery and more if needed, there is no reason that anyone has to suffer day to day night to night, there are many things available to u without the fear of becoming addicted. Also do'nt allow the dr. to make you feel like a baby or a addict for saying you are in pain and you need help with it. I have learned that this does happen and who would think a dr. would not care that u are in pain? I would never believed it that is the truth. Then the last thing I must offer to you is this .

Please do all of your research and take the time to make your decision , if you are in unbearable pain now, talk to your dr. and get some pain control first so that you can research and not feel pushed into something because you are in so much pain you dont care what they do to make you feel better!When you make your decision it is yours to make dont feel guilty or worry about what you did. Because if you trust the dr. you choose and have done all of your research then you can focus on the recovery. Talk to your dr. ask all and any question that bother you . There are no dumb questions asked it is only the question that is unasked that is dumb. The more prepared and the more knowledge you have about what is to happen the more comfortable and relaxed you will be thru the whole thing. It really can make a differance. I hope in whatever you decide that it all works out for you! There are people who have had sucess, as you can hear. But there are also people who have had no sucess and may be the same as before or worse. I am just trying to tell you it is a choice and to be well informed first, to make it the best chance of it working for you! Be prepared as it may be a very long time healing, feet seem to heal at a slow rate, and if the dr. says you will be walking in a very short time, beware as to what walking really means. If you work using your feet alot or on hard floors beware the time for healing is not going to be 4 weeks. Just a note to let you know that sometimes what we expect the healing time should be is not so with feet.Now I hope that something I have said helps you , I have no intent to scare you or anyone else or say surgery is right or wrong , as I personaly believe that it is a persons individual choice. Just make it with knowledge and not under pain distress.I hope that you have huge scucess on this, and know that this site is a God send. There are many good people here and are willing to help you thru whatever your choices are. May the sunshine for you and your heart be full of peace!

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I bet it was great being with family View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 12/29/01 at 21:00

It sure is nice to hear you had a wonderful time with your family! That is the best feeling to all be together, especially after this eye opening year! I am sorry that you had to get sick tho I hope soon you will feel better! Christams is hard to imagaine with out the cold weather for us I suppose but to some it would seem unusual with it and not the warmth, so i guess we have to make it inside what we need it to be. Dream of the cold snow if u need it and if not dream of the sunshine and warmth if that suits u. Whatever just enjoy the season! Happy New years to u .

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Re: Tammie where are you? View Thread
Posted by Suzanne D on 12/29/01 at 16:12

That was a wonderful gift for the nursing home residents, Tammie! To be remembered is wonderful in the first place, but then for you to take your time and energy, along with your sister and nephews, that was even more special! I am sure you put many smiles on lonely faces with your act of kindness...:-)

I hope the new year brings much healing to your feet and happiness to your heart! You are always bringing sunshine to others!

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*** Merry Christmas*** View Thread
Posted by Necee on 12/24/01 at 02:17

A bounty of blessings is my wish to you,
days full of sunshine and happiness too.

We've shared many good times along with some tears,
may the comfort of others continue for years.

Tammie gives hugs when we need them the most,
Laurie shows courage within every post.

Maureen's there to listen, and Carmen is too,
Suzanne brings us rainbows when we're feeling blue.

Without guidance from Julie oh where would we be,
and Johns sense of humor is just what we need.

Janet gives others the strength to endure,
with hope in my heart, I pray for a cure.

You all are such a blessing to me,
in your warm embrace is the best place to be.

Love to you all
And may the New Year bring peace.

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Message Number 66920

Re: roller coaster !! View Thread
Posted by Carole C on 12/13/01 at 22:38

Beverly, did I just see a sign that said, "Next Stop: Flowers, Sunshine, and Fresh Air!" ? Maybe things will be looking up soon.

Unless.... well, unless those darn signs are wrong again!

Hang in there, subway riders!

Carole C

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Re: Ethel, Doris, Betty, rumbles View Thread
Posted by Carole C on 12/07/01 at 02:55

Yes, Julie, you are right about that. It was loud and bumpy ride, especially on the less modern and improved roads of those days on which we traveled (mainly rural regions of South America). It was at least as much fun as you are imagining. I never rode in a rumble seat by myself because I was too young for that, but many times I squeezed into a rumble seat together with one or both brothers. We could horse around and talk about kid things out there in the sunshine and wind, without worrying about the "children should be seen and not heard" sensibilities of the adults impinging on our behavior. It was probably much more pleasant for the adults, as well.

In so many ways, automobiles in those days were designed for more than just transportation.

I felt sure that Doris Day sang that song also, with her lighter, sunnier interpretation than Ethel Merman could have provided. I could be mistaken, but maybe she made her own version of it later on.


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Re: any comments about the new design? View Thread
Posted by Richard, C.Ped on 11/14/01 at 09:56

I like it. It would be cool if you could have midi music in the background such as "Walking on Sunshine" or "Walk this Way". Ha ha.
Impossible...I know...but it would be cool... :-)

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A sort of update and a thank u View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 10/26/01 at 15:46

I just thought I would like to post and say this, after realizing that this was 8 weeks post op from the tts surgery, I was very happy to realize it has been such a short time! To me it seems like it had been years instead of weeks. I was happy because I had begun to believe there was no hope to a chance of healing, I had begun to think I am at the end and there is no sunshine ahead. Today after thinking about it and seeing it is only 8 weeks I have renewed hope and energy. I am a most impatient sort of person and always anxious to get on to the next hurdle, not waiting to see if I can clear it or not just keep going and oops if I fall dust knees off and keep going sort.

I wanted to say to some that are going thru this healing , that I am not certain if things can ever be the same as they once were, and I am not sure what it is fair to want or expect from this surgery or this afliction we have been dealt with but I have been blessed thru this with many new friends and tho they can not heal my feet, they sure have lifted my heart and kept my head from hitting the floor! I have recieved alot of knowledge from this baord and the people here and have told many people of this site, and hope if they visit here they to will find what they need to help them thru this turmoil!

I am back to work 3 days a week and no two together 9 hrs a day, I am a nurses aide as some know and tho it has been really hard I love my work and and feel blessed at the fact I am there. It is by no means easy and for anyone thinking about returning to work to quickly think hard about it as yes it sounds at time like the only choice and "maybe " you could do it, but I think u will find as I have it might not be to smart a decision and may have some effects that are very close to what u wanted to fix by getting the surgery.Maybe if there is sit down work might be better, could not say. And another thing if your employers say they want to and will work with u to make returning easyier for u think again as it may be good for a day if you are lucky or again get it in writing! I had a dr, release stating exactly what he wanted for me and stating no 2 days together in order for my release, well I am working days in a row now and over the hours stated and well u get the message, it is very hard to follow, on all involved. Please think really hard about it , protect yourself as no one else can!

Now heh I am not grumbling, I love my job but also know that my feet will pay the price for my eagerness.And added will be me as the lack of sleep do to the sleepless painful nights, and the added swelling and other things . Just if I can help one other I would feel good! I am someday somewhere going to have to either heal or adjust to what may be. And in the mean time I am enjoying holding hands with some of the best sweetest grannies and grandpas around! We sometimes must make a picture, think of it as we struggle together to walk the halls! LOL Take care to all and hugs!

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Re: Hi, View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 10/21/01 at 19:18

Thanks for asking about me! I am indeed back to work and loving it I do love my job so very much! It couldnt make me happier! Now if I could only say that about my feet I would be perfect! But then what would perfection be? Unfortuantly my feet are not happy about being pounded for 9 hrs at work then coming home to more stuff as u know work and live is never ending! It is hard the day after working it is very difficult to move!I see my dr. in Nov and am going to see about this lump that has appeared under foot seems to be quite painful and see wht we can come up with to help with thease foot cramps or spasam like feelings.Nope feet do not seem to listen they seem to like being awake and causing me grief at night , seems like I cant remember what it is like to sleep a night thru anymore!

I am wondering what is going on with them but I am indeed happy to be back at work where I belong if I can keep moving that is. I find my self back into a limp mode and that to is worrying me as I do not need other troubles. But my job is safe and that was very important to me!

Now I do hope that u are doing well I enjoy reading your posts and do read board and post, I guess I have felt so negative about my progress I had hoped there would be much more improvement and well maybe there will be yet as it is has been almost 2 months and have heard can take much longer. I ordered another pair of glass slippers for my precious feet am hoping they will be the ruby ones! LOL so please keep posting and keep your hearts light and the sunshine in your eyes! Hugs to u Tammie

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Posted by Tammie on 10/11/01 at 08:31

May your special day be filled with all that you hope for . May you find happiness and love and pain free days in every moment of your life.You are a very wonderful person and there for support of many , which I thank you also as you have shared support of me also. This is what makes this board more than a board. The many specail people who truly care and are there for each other thru the good days and the bad,the baby steps ahead and the giant steps back.But we all trudge on for the same goal,to fix our feet so that we may get back to the simple things in life and to maybe enjoy a few of the pleasurable things also.

Have a very happy birthday our friend and may you enjoy many more! Hugs to u as you put out those happy rays and I want to combine a few to shower the board with sunshine! Happy Birthday!

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Hello, Everyone! View Thread
Posted by Suzanne D on 9/29/01 at 13:32

Hello! This message board has been "quiet" today! I know that several of you have been to Dr. Z's for treatment and hope that went well. I am sure you all enjoyed being together and sharing stories!

Tammie, I hope your husband is improved, and Carmen, I hope you are resting better. Julie, if you are still reading the boards, I think of you often and wish you well. Ellen, I know that it is going to take time to recover from what you experienced a couple of weeks ago. Give yourself time and know that we are thinking of you.

It is a beautiful, cool, but sunny Autumn day here in Kentucky - the kind of day in which you want to go out and walk and enjoy the sunshine. I am making myself stay in as I plan to go tonight to see my daughter perform with her band and am trying to rest my feet for that.

All of you take care, and I hope everyone has a nice weekend! :-)

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carmen View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 9/25/01 at 18:38

You are a sweet lady, your persistance will pay off I am sure and the support you recieve from you hubby and your animals will make it go smoother!
I wish the best for you and know that no matter what happens you are a true fighter and will survive anything that is thrown at u!

You are a treasure and have a biggggg heart and a lot of good knowledge! Take care and my prayers will be with u ! May you always
keep your inner sunshine! Hugssssssssssss

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From Ellen -- Thank you all View Thread
Posted by ellen w on 9/18/01 at 10:39

I started this yesterday, and finished this morning. It is long but I thought you might all be interested. I do not mean this to stir up new conflicts or emotions, and have not included any perspective on this event. It is simply my eyewitness testimony.



Dear friends,

I would like to thank all of you for your concern. Please know that your support over the last year has meant a lot, but that I am especially touched by the concern that many of you have voiced for my safety in the last few days.

I have not been out of touch by choice. I have not been able to access the internet until today, when I returned to work. I tried to send a message out on Saturday morning, after staying up till 4:00 am madly scribbling away, but it seems not to have exited my friend's computer. So I will try to recreate what I wrote, detailing what I experienced. I know that by now all of you have read the stories of loss and tragedy, of grief and heroism. What I have been through in the last week does not compare to what so many suffered and continue to suffer. And I am very lucky - I am not physically injured and have not lost a family member or close friend. I am still numb, still jump at the slightest sound, still crying on and off.

On Tuesday morning I was at home because of a physical therapy session scheduled for 9:40 am. My therapist's office is steps from the World Trade Center, and I live only 8 blocks away. My apartment is on the 31st floor of my building. My windows look west, toward the river, but I have a view of the towers if I put my head against the window and crick my neck.

I was sitting at my window, finishing a coffee and roll, passing time until it would be time to leave for my appointment. If it had been scheduled for 8:30 or 9:00 am - the times I had requested - I would have been at what is now called ground zero at the exact time of the attack.

I heard a huge sound - one that's hard to describe, and one that I will never forget. At first I thought it had to be a sonic boom, and thought, "Damn. What idiot plane did that. Someone is going to have to complain to the military about this. They can't do this in Downtown Manhattan!" Then I noticed people on the sidewalk looking south, towards the trade towers, and then on the tv came news reporting an incident there.

When I looked out towards the towers, I saw huge billows of smoke and red flames pouring out the building. There was a huge gash that extended in a jagged pattern across numerous floors. On the tv, you have seen shots of smoke billowing out. From my vantage point, I could see the red embers of flames spreading throughout the interior, across the floors and up.

I decided that I should call my therapist's office, and while I was on the phone - they said they knew what was happening, they were evacuating the building, that mine was the last call they were taking - the second plane hit. I was therefore spared seeing directly that horror, though I have seen and reseen it on the news. It was immediately clear that this was no accident, that it was deliberate. I stood and watched both towers burning, not knowing what to do. And then went downstairs, feeling the need to be with people, and walked to the corner of my block, from which there is a clear unobstructed view of the towers.

Debris was falling off both towers in every direction. Little diamonds of glass, sparkling in the sun. Large and small chunks of debris peeling off the building, some that fell slowly, wafting on the wind, some that fell fast and straight down. I tell myself that I did not see bodies falling, but I don't know. I did see people on the upper floors, above the fire line, at the windows, waving curtains and tablecloths out broken windows to let rescuers know that they were there and still alive. I heard soft whfmmps, the type of sounds that a gas stove makes when you turn it on and it ignites. The only other sound I remember hearing is sirens coming from everywhere. All other street noise stopped. The inside of both buildings - and it seemed like I could see inside across entire floors - looked like a charcoal fire, dark black punctuated by glowing threads of red, then bursts of flame. About 20 of us were at this corner, too shocked to talk. Just gazing, staring. Hoping that there would be a rescue. We thought that everyone below where the fire was spreading would get out ok. The buildings, both of them, looked solid, thoroughly solid. I wondered how they would be repaired. It was impossible to think that they could be, and at the same time that they would not be.

Already there were policemen at every corner, not letting anyone closer. At this point, a herd of people came running down Church Avenue. Then a policeman came over and said we couldn't stay there, everyone had to run north. I was afraid of being trampled, of not being able to get back home, so I went back to my building instead. Outside my building there were many of my neighbors. All of us were in shock. Some people were crying. Others were talking about the need to run for safety, but the question was where. A few individuals took off on roller blades. Others just stood and hugged each other. People were asking were people they knew were -- have you seen John? Where's Angie? A father came running towards us, frantically searching for his infant daughter. She wasn't at the daycare center, not in his apartment. He found her, safe, in the lobby with the family babysitter, who had gotten there first. A tourist from Spain staying in the building said he had been closer, saw an engine in the street, that you could go right up to it. That people's shoes were lying about. That there were body parts. We listened.. And we didn't know what to do. Didn't know if the decision we made at this moment to stay or to leave would be the difference between life and death. We didn't know if uptown was also being attacked. Didn't know if other bombs would be directed at us - the Federal Building is right at my other corner, the AT&T switching station behind us. I stayed. My building felt safe, and it is right across the street from a fire station.

After a time, I decided to go back upstairs to my apartment, where I could see what was happening. I also decided to call my office, to let them know I would not be coming in to work. It was while I was on this mundane of all mundane calls that the first tower came down. I saw it begin to crumble, from the top, like a giant hand had plunged into a sandcastle and squeeze, and a grey mass, the pointed tower on top still intact, hurtling straight down. I knew I had to get out of there, had to get down to ground level in case my building was going to be hit. I threw the phone down and ran to the door, and down the stairwell, down 31 flights, knowing that it would be unsafe to take the elevator. I felt fortunate that there were not a lot of people coming down the stairs. What few there were were able to pass me, and I didn't hinder anyone's progress. I am also fortunate that I am far along in my healing stage and was able to move relatively quickly. As I was moving down, I heard loud slamming noises riccocheting throughout the stairwell. Didn't know what they were, if it was wreckage hitting my building or just doors slamming slamming slamming as people were running out.

When I reached the lobby, my building was safe. There was no debris hitting us. The doormen were herding everyone to the back of the lobby, near the entrance to the garage, in case it would be necessary to get underground. We sat there, about 20 of us, just dazed, except for a few very young children who were playing with each other and had no idea what was going on. People were trying to make calls on their cell phones, and couldn't get through. What most of us said, over, and over, was that we couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe that big beautiful building was gone. Just gone. And then we heard another rumble. I didn't hear the first rumble, because of my flight down the stairs. This one I heard, deep, loud, long. We didn't have to see it, didn't have to be told. We knew the second building had gone. And no one said anything.

I waited about half an hour. There were no more rumbles. I went back up to my apartment. There was dense smoke rising everywhere, big dark clouds rising. I packed a bag in case it would be necessary to leave. Making decisions. What did I want to save? I put my grandmother's wedding ring and a delicate cameo brooch an uncle had brought back from Italy in World War II in my waist pack. I knew my pictures could be replaced, my brothers and sisters would be able to give me copies. Scooped up financial papers. Made sure I had my ATM card and identification. What would I need for survival? Change of clothes. Can of tuna fish. Jacket. Filled my camelback hydration backpack with water, as well as several bottles and pans and the bathtub. Notepad and pen to leave messages. Swimming goggles for eye protection. My snorkling mouthpiece to breath out of (ok that was a little extreme, but I was trying to cover all the bases), a scarf to wet down and cover my face. Flashlight. Walkman. Last I packed the two tools I had at home from my volunteer activities at the South Street Seaport, my yachtsman knife and my mariner's marlin spike, in case I would have to break a window or cut my way out of someplace. I rued the fact that my other tools, including a particulate mask and safety goggles, were on the boat.

Then I sat and watched. Kept going to the window and back to the tv. Heard another deep rumble. It was building # 7. I couldn't see it fall, but watched a big cloud of dust rushing down the street, but far enough away that I didn't feel in danger. Then the electricity went off, and with it, phone service. A little while later the water gave out. There was light inside my apartment, from the windows, but none in the hallway. I now know the meaning of the term pitch black, you could not see at all. I put the boom box my brother had given me for Christmas in the hallway, thankful I had put batteries in it. The sound brought other people out of their apartments. Besides myself, there were three other apartments occupied. One was a corporate apartment, in which tenants would stay anywhere from a few days to a few months. The current occupant, Eric, had flown in from London two days before to look for housing. It would not be downtown, and not in a high rise, he assured me. In the apartment to my left was a couple who had moved in just last weekend. Welcome to the neighborhood! The other tenant was lobotomy boy, the neighbor who has been driving me crazy with his stereo. We all agreed that we would tell each other if we decided to leave, so that we could all make the choice of to stay or go, and we would know to let the doorman know who was still on the floor. I heard sounds in the stairwell. Two firemen, in all their equipment, came up the stairs, panting from the exertion of having climbed 31 flights. They had heard my radio, so knew that people were on this floor. Told us that a fire had been reported in my building; they were walking up to the 52nd floor to check it out. On their way down, they told us there was no problem, that we were probably safer staying where we were than leaving. I felt terrible that in the midst of the carnage outside, these two men had had to waste time on a false report, but their visit also added to the uncertainty. Lobotomy boy decided to leave. The rest of us stayed.

About 11:00 at night the emergency lights in the hallway dimmed and then went out. I brought my radio into my apartment so my neighbors could sleep. I stayed up, watching. You could see clouds of smoke still rising, mostly white, punctuated by dark plumes, barely discernable against the night sky. I decided which building would be the signal to leave if it started to burn. It was completely dark on the street, no street lights, no buildings lit except for 60 Hudson Street, where the NYC Department of Buildings is located, and where many dot com companies have offices and equipment, including generators. On the street below I could see red emergency lights everywhere, reflecting off of dark buildings. Cavalcades of passing cars with blue lights flashing, officials on their way to the Federal Building. Bull dozers and heavy equipment rumbled through the street all night. I fell asleep about 4 am, with my clothes on, my keys in my pocket, my escape gear at the front door.

On Wednesday, I stayed in my apartment. I was afraid that if I left, I would not physically be able to climb back up. I cleaned. I read. I watched the smoke rise. A few people ventured downstairs and back up. I'd left my door open, so there would be light in the hallway. A number of people I'd never met before stopped in for water and to rest and talk. No one really had news of what was going on, and no one knew how to help. No one was allowed further south. The fire house had said there was nothing to be done by nonprofessionals. My radio was no longer working, so there was no communication about what was going on outside. I was in an insulated and isolated cocoon. Most everyone in America by this time had seen the images of people stampeding, of rescue efforts, of horror. Not me. I think in retrospect this may have been good, psychologically protective but it also made things even more numbing later on.

Everything outside my window was grey, clear out to the Hudson River. Normally, the rooftops in my neighborhood are punctuated by gardens, pleasant oases of trees and bushes and flowers. This day there grey as far as the eye could see. No color except -- on one lone rooftop someone had raised an American flag and it waved slowly in the wind.

Late in the day a butterfly flew past my window. A monarch, black and orange. Birds rarely fly high enough to be seen outside my window, a butterfly, never. Then I saw what had chased it - a dark cloud moving north, the first time the wind had blown in my direction. The air did not turn black, but a kind of sooty yellow, and the smell of smoke was growing, and was strongest in the hallway. There was no sure way to know if it was coming from outside or inside, and with the emergency lights down and no water, it had become too scary to stay in my home. I left about 5pm, with Eric from London. We tried to walk down Church Avenue, and found it too crammed with emergency and military vehicles. We crossed back to Broadway and headed out. As we walked out of the neighborhood, past guards at every corner, past cars and streets covered with soot, emergency vehicles came rushing down Broadway. We were told another building had collapsed. This turned out not to be true, but at the time, it heightened the sense of urgency. We walked through the eerily deserted streets of Soho, looking for a working subway. Finally at Lafayette Street, we found an open station, going uptown. I got off at Union Square, Eric continuing uptown. I felt dazed. Uncomprehending. Walked up the stairs into the sunshine and saw people playing with their dogs in the park, sitting on the lawn reading newspapers. And there was green grass. That's what struck me the hardest. Green grass. I started to cry, the first time I had done so. Not the last.

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I am feeling positive View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 9/17/01 at 22:17

Tomorrow I am going out to breakfast with 2 coworkers I am excited ! Tho I still have to wear that heavy cast boot i was so hoping i could get my shoe on foot( not going to happen ) I will just be happy that I can go and catch up with a couple of friends! I am feeling very positve with the healing as the pain is more managable! If can get this swelling in check. Maybe that will be the biggest change! I do understand for the need for time to heal as it has only been 2 weeks. I have strict orders from the boss to have fun but don't walk all over and rembember the foot to elevate as much as can lol he is so good at times! Warned me if he finds out I run all over he will ground me as this is my last chance to make things right ! So now have my orders and tho I dont like breakfast much I will finally get to do some girl chat and catching up about all my grannies and gramps that i have been missing! Could'nt come at a better time in life as sure could use a break and a change of pace! LOL oh no I said pace I mean that both ways i think heheh sitting around is no fun ! I feel like a child promised a treat at the store , and cant wait to collect it! Hugs to all and hope that u to will find a ray of sunshine! Oh Yes John, I am going to look for those knee hi stockings to I will stop at the drug store as I am sure they will have them.

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As I sit here in the quiet of the night, View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 9/14/01 at 00:15

As I sit here in the quiet of the night thinking of all that has happened in the last few days I feel suddenly feel lonely and in need for comfort. I have never felt like this since a small child maybe, but seems like the night is scary and the fear is planted and that the change in people is scary and the tone of anger is fearful and well where we once could find friends and comfort has now become like the tv the newspapers the radio . I fear that life has changed and I know that it does not feel like for the good . Where we once talked of our lives and our families and days it is now talk of war and saddnes do u know I visited several chat areas tonight , and found that 9 out of every 10 that I logged onto were talking about anger. Not peace or love or prayers but anger not even the sadness that is being felt. I am deeply upset, as a time like this is supposed to bring people closer not further apart. If I lay down tonight I will think of the day and the days that have past and mourn them as it seems they are being buried in the ruble and wonder if we shall ever get them back again. Will we remain friends or become enemies as seems like that is what happens when things go on, I learned allot this week and some of which I wish I would have remained ignorant of. I liked living in my rose colored glass world.I liked looking for people to make feel better and to see if I could get a laugh that is me Laughing out loud but seems like no more, only saddness and tears . I will join in the many people who light a candle tomorrow evening and when I do I will also say a prayer wishing and hoping and praying that this to shall pass and that with Gods help we will prevail and find the sunshine he provides and the so called gold at the end of his promise at the end of his gift the rainbow! May God be with you as you sleep and give you peace and a sense of new hope. Very much needing a hug, so will pretend you are all here with me((((((((((((( HUGS))))))))))))))))))) Sleep well my friends!

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Re: Thanks wonderful friends! View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 9/03/01 at 09:05

Good Morning to all and hope the day brings you all he sunshine you deserve inside and out of course! Yes I see the sun and it sure feels good! I have a wonderful daughter yes she is sweet for 13 lol. She is enjoying herself reading the posts on the board and reports to me frequently how wonderful people are here and she says she understands somewhat why I like the board! I hope that all of my dear friends are enjoying the long weekend as it is almost gone . I love the fall time it is the most beautiful time of year to me with the changing of leave colors and the cool brisk wind , I dream of the crinkling of the colorful leaves walking thru the woods in the quiet of the day. I wish fall time would last much longer then it does such a beautiful season but so very short! Well I have enjoyed a cupa coffee while reading some posts and trying to catch up a bit , you had quite the discussion on the glass of water I found it to be very deep and revealing I enjoyed reading it so many different prespectives but seemed that they all came together in the end. Very interesting,I think I shall think of it.Well have a great day now and thanks for the continued support and encourgement, I am hanging tough I really am and another day behind and another day closer to the rainbow!!!!! Hugs to all!

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Tomorrow will be surgery View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 8/29/01 at 12:41

Dear friends,
I have taken some time to talk with my dr. and others about my condition, all seem to agree that it is the nerve causing the upsets and symptoms I have been having. All involved are aware of what my prior treatments have been and seem to agree that this is a good step to take. As with all surgeries there are fear factors and of course I am scared for a variety of reasons! One for sure is will it do any thing better for me or will I be worse off, I have tried to put this from my mind at this point and think more on a positive level. I have decided to let my original dr. do the surgery he has been very good to me and I do trust him. I feel kind of honered as I will be his only surgery tomorrow,as he did not want me to suffer any longer if I was certain that this is what I want to do. I do and want to be back on the good road the one that means I may return to the work I do best and that I love, ( I also have been warned that the recovery can be long but in good case it can be 8 to 12 weeks and then like the pf 6 mnths to over a year.) I have many thoughts and questions and worries swirling thru my mind as I am sure many of you know. I was afraid to post as I know how some will feel about my decision, but also know that you will want me to do what we think is best at this point. Personally I cannot go on the way I have been I guess I must be a pain baby, but I just cannot do this any longer. I think those of yous who have suffered longer and for many years must be commended as you are the brave ones! I just wanted my friends and the people who have tried to help me and who care to know what I am doing as I do not know how long I will be away from my computer, not long if I can help it lol! But will say this I promised my dr. I would listen and try to do what he thinks best and to elevate more then 2 hours lol. I will try to behave but I am still impatient and I can not promise I can change that! After all that saying cant teach a old dog new tricks heheh may definetly apply to me! Well I wont take up more space witha lot of words. Just knowing that my good friends will keep me in there prayers will keep me safe, and will let me rest easy knowing I will still have friends when I return! Please do not be upset with me for my choice as I fear that some will be angry, I hesitated posting anything for this fear, as I know we are a anti surgery board as many have thought the same. I am not gung ho but I have given a shot at the other and maybe this will work maybe not in any case I will be the one who has to live with it! So tomorrow I will have surgery at 11:30 I have to be there earlier but that is the time. Keep me in your prayers please! I hope that you all understand my decision and continue to offer your friendship and support! May the heavens above bless you all and to open the sunshine in your hearts ! My prayers continue for you all my friends and wishing you happiness in the days and nights ahead! Love and hugs to you all!!!!! Love Tammie

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Tony View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 8/17/01 at hrmin

as I layed on the couch and tryed to find a comfortable position and could not I began to think of your post. I feel a bit better right now do I expect to the pain medication, and what you wrote upset me and I wanted to write u now.I am so very sorry that you have had such a hard time with this, You must really be at a low point right now.i am sorry for you, I dont think it is over for you my friend, maybe this is the new hope, You found this board and there are amazing people here,if your Dr. does not believe u then it is time to find one who does!You sound like you have lost allot in your life due to this pain and I hope that you can start getting it back, I am a fighter always have been , I am not sitting down permently yet, I have fight left, I have had a few bad days and tho I admit they made me feel like a sniviling child, I am going to make it thru this and thru the next hurdle. And most of the reason is I have faith, I really do and no amount of pain will ever allow me to loose the faith. Also right next to that faith is this site, where I have met the most wonderful and caring people who honestly care and let you vent when u need to and allow you to cry or say whatever it is you need to and they do not hold it against you for loosing it. I have done allot of this and I have found true caring people! Please visit us here stick around read the boards, read the heel book that Scott has here , Ask questions there are some good Dr.s here some are at a convention I believe so may take a couple of days for a answer, but please post again Dr. Z is around he is a good guy I believe he does care maybe he can offer some help this does not need to eat away your whole life, there has to be help for you! I am lucky as I have a familiy here tho not always understanding they do love me I am sure, and tho they get tired of the endlesness of this foot deal, they in the end seem to be here and supportive of me when I really need it . I can only offer my hand in friendship to u and try to fill your heart with some sunshine,I know it seems like you are lost , but please keep fighting the fight contact the Dr.s here as maybe they can help you! Please, and dont give up and even tho u feel prayer is lost for u , I will keep you in my prayers as It is never lost or hopeless! May you find a angel to help you thru the darkness and find the sunshine! Hugs to u friend and if u would like to write feel free, just be patient with me for a reply as right now my foot and medication rules my body lol. Smile soesnt it feel a little better to at least grin?

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Re: Julie View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 8/15/01 at 09:56

I am not in the middle of this and not going to even get in volved but need to say this to u! Julie I think that you are a wonderful imformitive person and to lose you from this board would be terrible, and might stop all activity on board. I dont know what has hurt you, and I am sorry if you have hurt feelings, I personaly have been oversensitive at times myself do to many things going on in this whole visious circle of the feet. Please dont be sad and please dont think that your information is not important as it is you have so very much to offer. Although I myself know nothing about yoga or this types of exercise meditation, I find myself interested and reading all that you share among others. I to would rather take the safe road when exercising or doing things my body has not expieranced, and also with a foot or feet problems would rather someone start gentle then gung ho and be in worse shape then before. I think if any advice you offered would hurt someone , the Dr.s here which seem to think allot of you and your advice would say something. I have seen it before here. We are all trying for the same things and if we stick around and help each other it makes it easier to deal with in all ways, what works for me might not for u and visa versa to the whole board BUT, we may hear of new things to try or mention to our dr.s as they are human to , and it just helps knowing there are good friends to turn to when all is not going well! I might be way off track on my post as I really did not go back and read , but I just wanted you to hear that I appreciate you and do not fear what u may have to say or offer as advice as I have watched since March your posts and I know that u help very many people and most admire u and would be very sad if you stopped contributing to this area! My motto is better safe then sorry. But then sometimes lol I forget to listen to it hehehe! I to am human! Please Julie have a wonderful day and do not feel sad, You have made me feel better on more then one occasion and it might have not even been a direct note to me,knowing you are here is a nice warm thought! (((((((((Hugs)))))))))) And may you feel the sunshine and love in your heart always!

Result number: 162

Message Number 55781

Re: I'm still here... Glad that u popped in View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 8/07/01 at 12:19

Hello, and good to hear that u are still fighting and u have not thrown in the towel. It is hard very hard , but there are many wonderful supportive people here for you and others. It is a hard lonesome fight when u do it alone, but is a bit easier when there are so many knowledgable helpful people rooting for u in the process! I am hoping that you will find a good Dr. one who will be able to support you in all of your needs! Thanks for checking in as I wondered how u were doing! I will be praying for u and hoping that one of thease 2 new Dr.s will be the one to give you hope! Take care friend and hope the pain man gives u a break so that the sunshine will shine thru! Hugs to u and luck on the new Docs!

Result number: 163

Message Number 53456

Re:Oh wish I had seen you to talk lol View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 7/17/01 at 08:05

Oh my yes desperation is sounding for many of us!!! And I often have wonders also what kind of life is left for people with this type of problem, then I think or at least try to think this to shall pass, and that big word PATIENCE seems to pop up but ohhh dont like it much tastes scary whenit is said lol! I dont have much to offer you with gaurentees, I am afraid as I am looking for answers myself,I can only offer you a ((((( cyber hug))))) and say we are here for you and if we or I can help any way if only a ear please let us know! There are many here with much knowledge me I like to touch the emotional side as I feel out of control with the medical side of things lol. So my friend rest that foot and keep the chin off the ground and hope you get a ray of sunshine thru your heart! Take care!

Result number: 164

Message Number 52932

Re: Anyone having a bad day, want to talk, ELLEN you there View Thread
Posted by Julie on 7/12/01 at 08:49

Hi Ellen

I suppose you could ask him to be more considerate at 2am - but then again I suppose you've already tried that.

Is the report finished now? Will you get some time off in lieu?

Enjoy the sunshine!

Result number: 165

Message Number 52629

Re: remember me? View Thread
Posted by Julie on 7/10/01 at 06:28

Hi Clara - so good to hear from you. Don't be a stranger! But I'm very glad you're still improving. Level 1-2 isn't bad at all, compared to what you were going through a while ago, and that glucosamine and Office Yoga are helping you.

Come back soon, little ray of sunshine! You're needed here.

Result number: 166

Message Number 52255

Re: ******FRIENDS****** View Thread
Posted by Donna M on 7/04/01 at 23:58

Hi, Denise D, I also am relatively new to this web site. I have learned so much from reading the posts by all the different people, and everyone is so nice.
I, like Stephanie, am from Alabama. I have been married for almost 31 years (in September!). I have two daughters, 27 and 24, a grandson that will be 3 this month, and two granddaughters, a 2 year old and an 8 day old. I also have another grandchild due in January. (My babies are my sunshine!!)
My hubby and I fulfilled our life-long dream 5 years ago and bought 17 acres, out of town and built a new house. He wanted horses and cows and I wanted cats, dogs, baby goats and any other kind of animal I could tame, plus privacy and no one in front, back or beside us!!
Everything was perfect and then I have to get PF!! What a pain! It hurts to walk down to our creek, but I do it sometimes!!
We bought matching 4 wheelers for our 27th anniversary, so I can at least ride around in the pasture if I can't walk it anymore!!
I've had PF for a year this month and it doesn't seem to be letting up any whatsoever. I've tried everything but surgery or ESWT. Just being able to come to this website and see how much pain the majority of the people are in, and then to read how others have overcome their pain or how it has lessened, really gives me faith and hope that at some point maybe I too can be one of the fortunate ones!
Guess I'll hush for now!! That's my life story!! LOL Maybe someday we will all have to pick a central point and everybody on get together! That would be fun!!
If you ever need to talk, gripe, (lol) or anything, just email me!
Take Care, Donna

Result number: 167

Message Number 51903

orthotics worked well for 3 weeks, then stopped working suddenly View Thread
Posted by sunshine on 6/29/01 at 20:08

I've got chronic PF/HS like everyone else on this group, and have been struggling to get working orthotics for months now. It seems that when they come from the factory, they put a lot of pressure on my heel and it becomes very painful. But finally, my podiatrist got them adjusted so I had a miraculous recovery, for a few weeks. Then suddenly they stopped working again and they started pressing at the painful point again. What's going on? I thought we had finally found something that helped.
Any suggestions?

Result number: 168

Message Number 51864

Re: Newborn baby! View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 6/29/01 at 11:50

Oh how simply wonderful!!!!! Another life to enjoy!!!! I bet there is a smile a mile long form grandparents!!! I love the thought of the miracles of life! And they stay little for such a short time before they challenge us heheheheh! But always with love ! You enjoy and best wishes to the new family!I hope that this ray of sunshine lightenes the pain load that you must endure! Take care and hope to hear the second grandbaby arives safe and sound! Hugs friend!So nice to hear some happiness for you!

Result number: 169

Message Number 51723

Just checking in... Hello friends View Thread
Posted by Valerie S on 6/28/01 at 09:04

Thanks for being here, and I am sorry that I haven't been around lately. I haven't been on the computer... first time in a week today!! And now, 2 hours later, I still haven't answered my email. Laurie and Tammie, thanks for your caring messages.

I am still circling in a holding pattern, at a major crossroads in this whole treatment/disability/leave of absence thing... Right now, I wait, while the doctors and the lawyers and the insurance companies and my employer conspire to find a way to get me back to work. The decision on my LTD is pending, waiting for notes from doctor. I called the doctor, and was told it was in progress, I'm glad that I called to put a fire under them! The nurse did read a portion of the paperwork to me: "Is patient able to perform her job if allowed to take 10 minute break every hour?"... I really hope they know I can't... I can't imagine being on my feet 80% of the day. A 20 minute shopping trip, and I'm down for the rest of the day! So now I just sit and worry while they negotiate... of course their goal is to get me back to work so they don't have to pay me anymore. Also STILL waiting for word from Aetna regarding the ESWT. I am hoping that since they didn't rush a rejection, it might be a good sign.

My feet don't hurt unless I walk or stand, so I have been doing a lot of sitting, looking OUT the window at the sunshine a lot, but enjoying myself all the same... I have picked up my crochet hook and can't put it down! I am hooked, and really can't wait to get back to it right now... hee hee. I have made 3 beautiful rugs, an afghan, and am now working on these cool string/beach-type bags for each of my 4 sisters. I might as well keep myself occupied... I should have all my Christmas gifts made before summer's out! hee hee. Thanks to everyone, and I am sorry for not being here lately. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Please everyone take it easy, and I hope we can all find ways to enjoy our summer. My yarn is calling, but I will answer my email later... thank you, friends!


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Message Number 51659

Re: Oh our sweet Mary & Her Sweet Friends View Thread
Posted by Mary S. on 6/27/01 at 15:50

How could I not feel better with friends like all of you encouraging me. I took Tammie's advice, got up, put on make up, opened the blinds even though it is raining--- Ya'll brought me sunshine. Tammie does have a way with words!! She should write a book--Blues Busters for People in Pain. I would want a signed copy right away!
I am going to my family doctor tomorrow for a checkup and to let him give his opinion on how this incision looks. Have a great day everyone!! Hugs to all!!

Result number: 171

Message Number 51534

Re: Pod recommends bone scan View Thread
Posted by Julie on 6/26/01 at 02:08

Linda, I'm sure you're not wrong, and I don't understand your pod's reasoning. If you're in pain, standing and walking and squatting on hard floors is obviously going to cause you more pain even if it doesn't worsen whatever the condition is. Anyway, he isn't your employer, and it's your decision, so if you can take a few days off do, and enjoy the sunshine!

Result number: 172

Message Number 50255

Ellen View Thread
Posted by Mary S. on 6/08/01 at 09:17

Ellen-- Thank you soooo much for this suggestion. It makes sense that this should help. I will check into it and even mention it to my doctor. When I asked him about when I would start therapy, he said we would see, that I might not need it. I am really going to push for the therapy because sooo many people on this board and Dr. Reid say that it is so important. I am so happy that you healed quickly--you lucky girl. I am looking forward to the day that I am back on my feet again. I intend to spend more time outside when this is over. Being inside for just two weeks has made me long to go out and relish the fresh air, sunshine--our beautiful world. Thanks again. Wishing you happy feet always!

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Message Number 49526

Re: My success story, with some pitfalls to watch out for PLUS some hope View Thread
Posted by Cynthia D on 5/31/01 at 22:35

Hi, I was wondering how you were doing. Do you give most of the credit to the homeopathic remedies you are taking? I'm glad you are back to doing what you love. Your words about staying in your life are so true, sometimes chronic pf pain makes you want to crawl up into a hole and never come out!

You reminded us to keep the sunshine in our lives - thanks.

Result number: 174

Message Number 48557

Re: Laurie, you are marvellous View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 5/22/01 at 08:36

I think in all of the darkness in your life ,physical pain and emotional, etc. there is a opening in the clouds,perhaps a rainbow of happiness and relief.Please open your heart to it and your ears! I understand it has been a long haul for you a very long one,but you have made it thru all of this turmoil and grief and pain,not to give up or back off. It seems as tho your Dr.s are listening to you and they HEAR that you have real pain that is a plus! They seem to be looking into all methods and diagnosis and conferring with the other dr. so sounds as tho he is not threatened, by getting someone else involved with finding out what is really wrong,and he is concerned with helping you. I dont know but maybe this is your opening my friend ,I know that you were hoping this would be the fixer of all problems and u would be back to work and you and your family could live easier but look at the covered blessing of you being home with your family, it is sometimes hidden and maybe a gift that u have not seen thru your pain. You have been able to enjoy being with your daughter and husband and you have gotton thru this terriable time of pain with them making a bond that is strong you are teaching your daughter that lifes downs can be overcome and that u can survive even if there are no extras! That life is not about material things and fancies! Maybe more about the special love that you all share and the happiness you find thru all the darkness, maybe the lesson is about surviving! I am not sure just some thoughts to maybe help u thru today and the next! One day at a time is trying to be my new motto,and with that in each day try something to be thankful for . And to start tomorrow and every day with a light thought and with a smile! Life is what we make of it , if we choose to be sad we will be if we choose to be happy we can be ,why be miserable as we never know what or when the end will be! You will make it Laurie in what ever is to be you are wonderful strong and loving person we have been emailing each other for a short time now but I can feel it ! Please be happy !!!!!!!! And so many people here new exactly what to say in the medical part so I have to try to lighten your heart a bit if that is ok! I continue praying for you my friend! Hugs to u!!! I hope u get a little sunshine in your life today.

Result number: 175

Message Number 48422

Re: You make a good point/ Please just stop View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 5/20/01 at 21:01

Lets foget this childish stuff and go on turn the cheek or whatever, to much time is wasted on little squabbles and the more u talk about it the worse it becomes,Ignore it my friends!!! Think about happiness and sunshine and smiles and less pain for those who are in pain and the beautiful flowers and the beautiful green grass and all of Gods gifts to us! And also remember the sick the poor and the sadness and say a little prayer for them! Everyone have a Wonderful day or evening!!!

Result number: 176

Message Number 48375

Re: How long?Yes Julie View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 5/20/01 at 13:52

Ouch Julie , Yes I cannot hear but I can feelllllll! I learned this the hard way!!!!! And yes Dr. Z was very nice to at least give me a figure to work with!!!I am grateful, as then if it is not feeling better I understand that this is well in the time of normal healing! I had the minimal incision for Pf and Heel spur removal. I am proud of myself lol as I sat in the mall the other day watching people and looking at there feet ,deciding that there are manyy people with foot problems!!! How come I never noticed this before? My daughter and sons girlfriend shopped while the mother sat and people watched untill they found stuff and drug me there lol. Those kids sure can go! I will be back to there speed soon I warned them !! I just had to not go like my normal and as far.I new right there and then my foot is not ready for a full day of anything,and my hubby says I walk to slow now I used to out do him now he outdoes me!!! And remember he has R arthritis and his hips and knees are bad. I will soon be back but I will try to take it a bit slower! The Dr. said the nerves in foot have to regenerate or something? Is that what u might mean about nerves.Julie you must be a very brave and strong woman, to have gone threw so much in your life! And yet here you are supporting us all with love and care!!! Hugs to u and hope you have a sunshine day!

Result number: 177

Message Number 48110

New Bike -- Fun, but harder than I remember! View Thread
Posted by Valerie S on 5/17/01 at 15:38

Hi Judy. I look forward to your coming to GR!....

Thanks to everyone for your care and encouragement. It helps me a lot to know that I am not alone in this annoying dilemma.

I got a really cool bike, with shock absorbers on the front and rear, huge cruising wheels instead of fat mountain bike tires... I sit up nice and tall so my back doesn't hurt. It sure is fun to get on -- can't walk worth a poo, but riding a bike is like being given a pair of wings! I love it. Except for the pedalling part, hee hee. I am noticing that even now, on day 3, the hills are starting to get easier ... but man, do my legs get tired! We go uphill into the neighborhood behind our apartment complex, and I love coasting all the way home -- like a bird!
I think they are also opening our pool here finally, so we will be able to go swimming after bike riding! How fun! We used to do tennis & swimming last year, and have missed tennis so much... bike is a pretty good substitute. Easier on the heels anyway.

My ankles hurt yes yes yes. My PT and my pod both say I probably have a bony block, and that I just need to exercise and stretch. My pod tells me that a lot of my pain is compensatory... I feel so much better than I did when I was working though (feetwise, anyways).

Thanks for being here everyone -- I am glad that I have found a way to get out and enjoy the sunshine again!

Take it easy.

Result number: 178

Message Number 46936

Re: Brian thank u View Thread
Posted by Tammie on 5/07/01 at 15:20

Hi ,
Thank u for responding!!! I did wear them for the hour and must say the left one the sore foot , is very harddddd is feels like it jabs into my arch area and it hurtsssss. Now since taking my shoe off just resting with elevating I can feel like that funny pain going down my leg and in my foot area like a socking tingeling feeling , I dont like it , it does not feel to good . I have a bit of swelling in upper part of foot now,that was not there begore but that is common with or without the orthodic.It goes down at night time only to reoccure during day! Does your foot have a hot feeling ? It is a constant hot feeling no reddness or anything just feels like inside there is a hot bed do u know what I mean? I think I have heard that that could be the healing. Oh well I will try orthodic again tomorrow. Should I go to the 1 hour still or 2? Thanks as u seem like the only one who doesnt mind my long winded notes lol!!!!! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine as it is beautiful here and it kinda makes u sad to not wanting to walk in it.

Result number: 179

Message Number 43539

Re: I am in Michigan! View Thread
Posted by Valerie S on 4/04/01 at hrmin

Hi Judy. Yes, I remember you saying you are from GR. I currently live in Kentwood, near Woodland Mall. I grew up on the northeast side of GR: Plainfield area. (but I lived in East Lansing and Charlotte through high school years).

Thanks for your vote of confidence. It's hard not to feel guilty about missing work, but I am enjoying the sunshine: We have finally reached days of 50 degrees - the robins are back!

Have a great day... I look forward to meeting you!


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Message Number 28550

Re: Progress View Thread
Posted by Beverly on 9/18/00 at 17:06


After all you've been through, you needed a ray of sunshine and hope. I'm glad you are getting it.

I too have this in both feet. I find that the "bad" foot switches around. To the best of my awareness, I walk normally and do not favor one foot over the other. My PT says I am still probably favoring the "good" foot ( a relative term since I have this in both feet) over the other. So, it goes back and forth.

How long have you had this? I am at the sixth month point. I have improvements and setbacks. However, I have not ever been setback as far as I did back in the beginning/first few months.
BeverlyResult number: 181

Message Number 25304
Re: monster boot View Thread
Posted by JudyS on 8/11/00 at 23:37

Hot Diggity - a whole new weapon for you! And poor Phil thought his legs were already beat up on enough!
Hot diggity re: that cholesterol - you're a braver woman than me (she said as she munched m & m's).
Anyway, amidst all that, just how is your pain these days after two weeks of PT?
You know how your cats find 'new' places to snooze every now and then? Today my kitty's (Sam) new spot is smack in the middle of my desktop, against the keyboard right where a ray of sunshine falls through the window!Result number: 182

Message Number 24837
Re: smelly feet and birks
Posted by Lori E. on 8/07/00 at 15:05

Sorry to hear that you have stinky feet :) I know that you can cut down on the odor of your shoes by rotating their wear. Don't wear the same pair of shoes day in and day out. I know that with PF, once you find a pair of shoes that don't hurt that's all you want to wear, but consider buying another pair or at least change shoes once you get home to give your birks time to dry out and deodorize themselves. You might also give them a dose of time in some sunlight. Mold and fungus don't live long once they spend some time in the sunshine. The odor should decrease once you have about 2 or 3 pairs to rotate during the week. I just got my second pair of birks a few weeks ago, partly because I was afaid of that becoming a problem. As soon as I get the money I am going to get 2 more pairs. I imagine if I would have kept up with wearing my birks every day they would have become quite odiforous. Good luckResult number: 183

Message Number 24445
Re: pf and depression View Thread
Posted by Suzi D on 8/02/00 at 12:47

This board has helped me with my depression. I'm usually Suzi Sunshine, the girl everyone wants to smack because she's so happy all the time. But, this pf really had gotten me very depressed. I just couldn't be myself, couldn't do normal stuff. No taking summer night walks with my love. No walking my dog and best friend Annie. No dancing around the house to classic rock. No strolling around my new town to find all the neat little shops and eating places. Gosh. I'm making myself depressed again! 8) My cane, my husband, this board, resting, reading good books, listening to good music, thinking happy thoughts. They have helped me considerably with my mind and my foot. Hang in there and make sure you go to a doctor if you think you're somewhere you can't get out of without help. It's a pain in the foot! Feet From Hell. A new club for us to form.
pf'ly yours,
suzi dResult number: 184

Message Number 21409
Re: To Chris - forgot.... View Thread
Posted by Beverly on 6/05/00 at 23:55

Not a belle? Well, my names are all wrong. Southern Calif. calls for different names. Here are my guesses:

1. Moonbeam
2. Flower
3. Sunshine
4. Cool Chick
5. Rising Moon
6. Marlene
7. Hip Chick
8. Apple Blossom
9. Sunbeam

Could you give us a hint as to your decade? Age affects names. If your parents were whispering the sweet nothings that brought you into the world during the Woodstock era, this could be relevant. Also, if you were in your 20's during the Flower Power decade, you just might have changed your name.Result number: 185

Message Number 20448

Re: ART View Thread
Posted by ChrisO on 5/16/00 at 15:07

Patty it is such good news that you're progressing so well! I too have really enjoyed the ART stuff and always look forward to it. I can honestly say that that is the single thing that has done the most for me but I think I still have a ways to go. It's pretty smart of you to decide not to hike in Tahoe ( think pool, think margarita, think sunshine!) and I'll bet you'll be way happy to not have done it.
Result number: 186
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Message Number 18460
Re: about bromelain
Posted by Kim B. on 4/07/00 at 00:00

I can't find the book that I learned this from, so I am reciting from memory.

Bromelain is a digestive enzyme derived from pinapple. When taken WITH protien (foods) it acts as a digestive aid. (In my experience, it seemed to add bulk and helped keep me regular, if you know what I mean.)

When it is taken WITHOUT or apart from protein (foods) it provides anti-inflammatory properites. So, if memory serves me, the issue is whether you take it with potiens or not. That is what determines what it will do in your system. Either way, you benefit from bromelain, it's just different results.

I used to take the "Ultra Bromelain" by Natures Sunshine which is 1500 mg strong. I have a sensitive stomach even at this strong dose, it never gave me any problem, regardless of whether I took it with or without food. Of course, everyone's tummy is different.

Hope this helps, if I track down the book that explains this more scientifically, I will let you know, but for now, this is what I remember about how bromelain works.

Regards, Kim B.

Result number: 187
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Message Number 7793

Success with real shoes
Posted by Angie on 6/14/99 at 00:00

I am amazed. A week ago I went to a reputable shoe store and told my sad PF story and asked for shoes that would fit -- and hopefully help. The salesman has suffered PF so he knew what I was talking about. He mentioned several times to keep stretching. Anyway, he fit me in a pair of New Balance 840's. They have a SL2 fit (ha, ha -- that's the same model as my Saturn!) -- they have a wider toe box and a narrower heel than what you would get with a wide shoe. I had them fit with my Birkinstock blue inserts in them. I usually wear a 9M but these are 10N and I have worn them continuously since last Tuesday morning. Well, I put my Birk sandals on late in the evenings. I have had almost no foot pain except at night they throb some when I finally get off them and go to bed and they hurt some in the mornings until I'm up a bit. I find this most amazing because I was working a children's face painting booth at an art festival this weekend and was on my feet for most of the 10 hours each of the 3 days!

Just wanted to share this ray of sunshine with you all to let you know there is hope. I hadn't felt any for a while. I haven't read the board for a couple weeks (except for the headings) but have found that cutting back on sugar and carbs seemed to help too -- and also that no matter what I do, if it's the pre-mentstrual time -- they hurt more.

Best wishes everyone as you continue your search for things that relieve the pain. I'm enjoying the pain free time while it lasts!

Result number: 188

Message Number 6295

You bet it does!
Posted by Lyndel on 4/27/99 at 00:00


My feet feel terrible when the weather changes and boy does it change alot here in Montana. Yesterday we had sunshine and 65 degrees! Tomorrow we are suspose to get rain and snow! Talk about humidity and preassure change! Not only my feet feel it (which is the worst) but my entire body feels it. The last two days I've felt terrible. Cant wait for summer. Those are the good days as are the winters because the pressure changes arn't so drastic. My friend with M.S. also has a very hard time with weather changes.


Result number: 189

Message Number 5150

Posted by Lyndel on 3/01/99 at 00:00


Thanks for the info! Something a little positive about PF anyway!

Want some snow? :~) Yesterday was 55 degress above and sunshine making all of us here in Montana think summer was comming. Today at 10 am it's dumping snow, about 3 inches in 3 hours! Darn! Fooled again! Looks like summer will come at its usall time of May or June.


Result number: 190

Message Number 3775

Re: Becky is in Chattanooga
Posted by Melody on 1/23/99 at 00:00

I will send sunshine your way--Today I was asked to participate in a
5 mile walk-a-thon for March of Dimes--no can do! What great exercise
that would have been!I tried to check out the exercise program that
I believe Susan? had given the website for-I can't access to it-
are you able to?? Lots of sun to you! Melody

Result number: 191

Message Number 3760

Thanks Mel!
Posted by Becky on 1/23/99 at 00:00

I just woke up and my feet are killing me (this is rare in that I usually have night pain) and here I sit on a yucky rainy day ready to sit, sit, sit
! Your post put some sunshine in my day that I very desperately needed. Thanks. I miss life period but I always gotta think it could be worse like cancer, paralysis etc.... I am a very independent person and am thankful I can bath, dress etc myself. Many are not so lucky. So blessings and have a great weekend

Result number: 192

Message Number 3393

Re: Walking a bit - Jude
Posted by Sandy in Utah on 1/13/99 at 00:00

Hang in there Jude! Feet that suffer together at least have good company! Hope the sunshine shines for you. Here's to your feet...keep the van warm!

Result number: 193

Message Number 3244

Walking a bit
Posted by Jude on 1/11/99 at 00:00

I have been away for awhile and coming back here is like coming home to old friends. You are all so kind and caring, it's so comforting to be here.I live 3 blocks from work and it has made me absolutely crazy starting my big van and driving it that distance. With the Strassberg socks,glucosamine,cataplex c, exercise,and rigid soled hiking boots,(I live in ND) I have walked it 10 times in the last week! This is miniscule in comparison with what I used to walk in addition to it, but what a huge step .I was becoming terribly depressed being inside,gaining weight,there was no sunshine it seemed. At least now it seems there is a ray of hope at the end of this long and painful tunnel I have been mincing my way through for the last 9 months.It is not pain free, but it is a bearable pain and after PF sets in, just finding a way to carry on is a miracle. Thanks for listening always-you are the best.Jude

Result number: 194

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