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N E suggestions on a really good shoe

Posted by Mike Cockerell on 4/19/98 at 21:08 (000020)

I have had this pain for almost 8 months. Went to pod. and got $400 orthotics, with some relief but not close to cure. Would like advise on an excellent walking shoe and running shoe. I have used New Balance in the past 998's because I weigh about 220. I under pronate on stride and have been told that asics gel getano would be good choice, but would like other opinion before spending $120.

Thanks in advance.

Re: N E suggestions on a really good shoe

john holt on 4/21/98 at 11:23 (000028)

from all i read Reebok walking shoes are about as good as you can get. they have a stiff sole,good heel support,and are inexpensive. they come in different widths.

Re: N E suggestions on a really good shoe

Lyn on 4/22/98 at 19:53 (000038)

New Balance walkers are well thought of by physical therapists and trainers. I have the 751's and have really liked them. They were the top shoe in Consumer Reports this last fall.

Re: N E suggestions on a really good shoe

Ed on 4/24/98 at 14:11 (000048)

How about cross-trainers? They're generally heavier than running, or walking or court shoes, but that gets you more lateral support, arch support, and cushioning. I bought Saucony Grid 3Ds & I think they helped quite a bit. They were about $105 in Rochester, NY at the end of Jan. I don't recall the NBs that I tried on, but they seemed much less supportive.

What really counts is fit to *your* foot and *your* comfort. So go to a store with a good selection especially in widths, and try on NB, Reebok, Saucony, etc. I felt an immediate relief when I put the right shoes on. I hope you do too.