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Peggy -agree about the cortisone - but not surgery !

Posted by Diane R. on 4/21/98 at 06:41 (000026)

My doctor(s) all said the same thing - I only had one cortisone shot and although the relief was very short lived a few weeks later I would have gotten another just to have a relief from pain except my doctor said no and I am glad he did. I won't have anymore after reading all the problems mentioned at this site ...

Peggy - I read your follow-up here and you mention you are 'thinking about the surgery' - Have you read all the posts regarding the pain people are in following surgery? I don't mean recovery pain - I'm talking about their descriptions of permanent pain that sounds like it will be life-long for this post surgery PF sufferers. One person even mentions that a wheelchair might be the next step for her! There are so many people 3,6,even 9 yrs later still having nerve entrapment, scar tissue pain and burning feet etc.etc. It does not sound like a cure and then when you don't get any better it sounds like the doctor(s) just wash their hands of the whole thing and call it chronic foot pain! Have you tried wearing birks 100% for 3 mths. It has helped many people. Also, have you been taking the glucosamine (500 mg) and the calcium with magnesium supplements? I think they really do help. I am now pain free (previous to reading this entire site I also had thoughts of surgery after 4 yrs of bad pain and working on my feet all day - that was before May 97 when I started with the birks) If you want more info on how I got to feeling so good on my feet feel free to e-mail me. Diane R.

Re: Peggy -agree about the cortisone - but not surgery !

Quang Luu on 1/22/99 at 00:00 (003727)

I would like to know how your feet feeling so good.