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any help for a new pf sufferer

Posted by dee mira on 4/21/98 at 08:58 (000027)

this site is great, but i feel overwhelmed! i was just told i have
pf, my doc started me on anti-inflams., ice, and arches. what should
i do next? any and all help is greatly appreciated. take care

Re: any help for a new pf sufferer

john holt on 4/21/98 at 16:11 (000032)

you will probably more information here than you want to know. just remember that about 90% of PF sufferers get well with conservative treatment if they follow ther doctors advice. find a good doctor- ortho or poditrist who you trust and follow their advice. do not let them give you more than a a couple of injections if any and when someone suggest surgery get a 2nd opinion. most doctors will not do surgery unless you have had the problem for at least a year.

Re: any help for a new pf sufferer

Cindy on 4/22/98 at 11:11 (000035)

I agree with John completely. I think its great that you are learning so much about the condition, and early; this is the big mistake I made. I took it too lightly at first, ignored the problem, continued my usual routine. You really need to take it seriously, rest, ice, and you will probably recover. My husb. had it years ago, he's a runner, and he made a full recovery, with no relapses, in about 4 weeks. Then, there are those of us who never seem to get better. John's right, most folks do recover, but this site is, naturally, dominated by those of us who are not making progress. Best of luck