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PF Surgery Technique

Posted by John Holt on 4/21/98 at 12:17 (000029)

I am seeing a Orthopedic surgeon (fellowship in foot and ankle surgery). Have had PF for 4 years and it has continued to get worse. Tried all the usual remedies. The surgeon says he does not release the fascia during his surgery. He said he takes a triangular shape wedge of the fascia out (about 1') just forward of the heel and over a nerve that runs across the foot. Says his successs rate is about 70% and that not much chance of making it any worse. Anyone hear of this type of treatment. He is well thought of in our city.Please email me if you have ever heard of this.

Re: PF Surgery Technique

Janis, MA on 4/22/98 at 11:22 (000036)

John, see my posting from a few days ago...my DR just started using
the exact technique you are referring to....& it IS the latest &
greatest method acording to the AMA & Podiatric Society.

Re: PF Surgery Technique

Cindy on 4/22/98 at 18:11 (000037)

Now I'm confused a little - John says his doc does NOT release the fascia, but cuts a wedge out of it. Janis seemed to be saying her doc uses a 2 portal method of insertion, but still releases the fascia. Are you sure they are the same technique, Janis? What you described sounds like what I had in Jan. - use of two 'holes,' one on each side of the heel, to enter the foot and cut the fascia. What John describes sounds totally different to me.

Janis: Do you know where your dr was trained, or by whom? Thanks

Re: PF Surgery Technique

Janis. MA on 4/24/98 at 11:41 (000046)

I believe he just just returned from an internship in Seattle.
He has been a foot surgeon for ~10 years, and with this being
the latest & greatest technique....he shipped out to learn it.
Our local newspaper wrote up a big article on the technique and
the Dr's successes. Also, I am not sure that the fascia is cut...
but it is lasered away.

Re: PF Surgery Technique

John Holy on 4/24/98 at 16:30 (000049)

had about a 30 minute visit with my surgeon today. he is an orthopedic surgeon with a fellowship in foot and ankle surgery. he studied under an apparently well known orthopedic surgeon in houston(dr. baxter) who developed the procedure i am about to describe. he has operated on well known folks like carl lewis the world class runner. the procedure is not real new and is probably used by many orthopedic surgeons. the surgeon makes a conventional incision (not thu a scope) and removes a wedge of the fascia just forward of the heel. the fascia is not released. at this point on the heel there is a small nerve called (baxters nerve) that runs across the bottom of the foot just forward of the heel.the surgeon removes any tissue that may be pressing on this nerve and the fascia that was removed cannot press on the nerve. apparently many or most orthopedic surgeons think the pain coming from PF is caused by entrapment of this nerve and not inflamed fascia as most poditrist think. he advised he has had about a 90% success rate with this procedure. the foot integrity is maintained as the fascia is not released. recovery is three weeks with on pressure on the foot and then into walking shoe for three weeks with minimal pressure. after all of my reading this is the procedure i will go with unless i have some miracle healing withing the next few weeks.

Re: PF Surgery Technique

Terry on 4/24/98 at 23:37 (000053)

I had EPF about 4 months ago and the healing process has been very slow. This week I developed a sensation that I have not felt before since the surgery.It's not really that painful but more of a sharp electrical impulse followed by a tingling feeling .This sensation occurs around the site of the surgery and extends across the foot.
Has anyone experienced a feeling like this and does it get any worse? I understood that nerve entrapment was exremely painful. Also what treatment is available for this ?
Thanks everyone.