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Looking for good tennis shoes..Please Help

Posted by Jim Spangler on 4/21/98 at 19:11 (000034)

I have suffered from PF for three years while also trying to play a lot of tennis. When PF allow, I play 4-6 times a week; otherwise much less. I have been playing in Wilson shoes: Pro Extreme 300s for hard court and Dirtmasters for clay. I am LOOKING for recommendations for a good, cushioned shoe that will allow lots of tennis. The new K-Swiss looks good. Any players out there, please let me know whar works for you.


Re: Looking for good tennis shoes..Please Help

L on 2/06/99 at 00:00 (004561)

I had the same problem for the smae exact reason. I switched to Prince NFS excel Mid 1.5. Works for me.