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Work related PF and Impairment Rating

Posted by Brenda on 4/24/98 at 21:57 (000051)

Has anyone developed PF as a result of your job and received an impairment rating? My problem started at work because my job consisted a lot of short distance walking, turning, stooping, pivoting putting alot of stress on my foot. I've had 5 Drs. say it is WC but not able to get an impairment rating plus the WC Dr. finally said I'd reached Maximum Medical Improvement but yet I continue to have trouble.
As fellow PF sufferers you may understand the stress of being told we can't do anything for you (except shoes and orthopedic inserts, which do help) and just let you go.
My job is in a factory and they have been really good with me but being on permanant restrictions on the length of time I can stand I have been doing temporary type jobs that I am allowed to sit. I have no on the job training with computers and/or experience therefore I am unable to get in the office as I have tried because I'm not qualified. My idea is to go to a local technical school but there are a lot of things to workout. Any suggestions and information concerning the Worker's Comp will be appreciated.

Re: Work related PF and Impairment Rating

Marie on 4/25/98 at 08:22 (000060)

When I developed PF severely in my left foot, I could not even put my sock or shoe on my foot until 2-3 months had passed. I was told that PF cannot be proved to be a work related problem because you can develop it from just stepping off a curb the wrong way or stepping on a pebble, not just from having a job that requires you to be on your feet all day .It has been two years since I have been to work because I cannot put my foot on the floor for any more than 3 minutes and I am in excruciating pain. Have had every conservative Rx available so far, with no relief. Fortunately I was able to use my sick days and vacation days, then take a sick leave for 6 months, and am now using my disability insurance from work. I am pursuing the social security system for this problem also, so far no luck. They tell me because of my age and education (was a RN, on my feet 12 hours a day) that I should be able to get another job. Unfortunately, I do not have any office skills or any other related job skills. Besides that, how can I go to school , when I can't even put my foot on the floor long enough to brush my teeth??? Guess I'll have to become the bunny rabbit and hop on one leg once a year, hope it pays well . Well Brenda I just wanted to let you know what I've gone through with this horrible PF. Good luck to you.

Re: Work related PF and Impairment Rating

Brenda on 4/25/98 at 18:47 (000061)

It is very distressing to know the pain and anquish that you are going through. Have you been checked for a hairline fracture of the bone in the foot? That is one of the items ruled out for me. Also taking a bottle of water and freezing it then rolling my foot over it helped a whole lot along with stretching the muscle in the calf of my leg. I wear soft orthodics with New Balance shoes custom, sole and wedges on them that help alot. I tried the hard orthodics but my feet hurt worse with them than being on my feet at work. By the way Workers Comp. continues to pay for my shoes and orthodics because my Orthpeadic/Foot Specialist prescribed them permantly. Have you tried the Oruval Ketoprophen? It is the only medication that seemed to help me. Also now that I get my shoes to fit plus room for swelling that helps. Who cares if they look like rowboats, I have enough pain without self inflicting more. Let me know if you have tried any of the above. Maybe together we can come up with something that will help. This comment page has helped me alot in knowing that I am not alone and realize that this is a lifetime problem I will have to deal with. Later, Brenda

Re: Work related PF and Impairment Rating

cindy on 4/26/98 at 13:49 (000062)

I'm not a WC attorney, but I highly recommend that you see someone who is. There are lots of attys. that specialize in WC. In Washington, I do know that you would be entitled to Vocational training, at WC expense, to re-train you for a job off your feet. Also, it sounds like you have a partial permanent disability that you should be re-imbursed for. The attorneys usually don't require any payment up front, but will work for a percentage of the final amount you receive from WC.

It sounds like you already have drs. willing to say the PF is work related. I hope you will at least talk to an atty about your rights under your state's laws. Good luck.

Re: Work related PF and Impairment Rating

Marie on 5/18/98 at 14:28 (000168)

Dear Brenda, I have had an MRI which ruled out the stress fracture. I have tried everything on this web site, the only thing that has given me an hour or so of some relief from the pain is putting a heating pad then ice 20 mins each, but it is only temporary. I've had all the treatments available, shots, oral steroids twice, anti-inflammatories, casted 3 times, physical therapy 4 times, and on and on, none has gotten rid of the pain to where I can stand for any more than 3-5 mins. without wanting to scream my head off. So will continue trying and spending until I can come up with something that will help. By the way social security approved my claim. Hope all goes well with you. Take care Marie