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Seasrching the Medical Literature for Papers dealing with Plantar Fasciitis: How to do it

Posted by William H. Ferguson on 4/24/98 at 22:01 (000052)

Plantar fasciitis and Medical Literature Searching

This first site provides links to many other medical literature search sites. While I only give URL's for three of the sites, many other sites are referenced within this URL's pages. (Journal of the American Medical Association, British Lancet, and many others). I highly recommend investigating this site.


National Library of Medicine
The National Library of Medicine provides access to a # of databases and systems, including MEDLARS (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System) which, itself, includes MEDLINE.

These databases can be accessed via the GRATEFUL MED SYSTEM
Here's the URL:


with software for direct modem access and also available on the Web. Internet Grateful Med is now free (as of June 26, 1997).

•Another system for medical literature searching, also from the National Library of Medicine and available on the World Wide Web at no cost, is PUBMED. Here's the URL:


•PaperChase http://www.paperchase.com/

'PaperChase was developed at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a major teaching hospital of the Harvard Medical School. It was the first service that permitted end-users to perform computerized retrieval of biomedical literature. In 1984, PaperChase was made available commercially. Now used throughout the world, PaperChase is available via local dialup, telnet, and the world wide web.'