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Has Anyone Tried Anti-depressants for Pain Relief?

Posted by Georgia on 4/25/98 at 00:49 (000054)

I've been reading that certain anti-depressants are actually beneficial in the relieving of chronic pain symptoms and was wondering if any of you fellow PF sufferers were currently taking any anti-depressants and if you actually noticed any relief in the amount and kind of pain you are suffering from.
I'm sure that most of us are depressed from time to time just coping with the restrictions placed on us trying to get through our daily
tasks while being so limited in what we can do.

If anyone has had any positive experiences in this regard please let us know .

Re: Has Anyone Tried Anti-depressants for Pain Relief?

Annette on 4/26/98 at 16:27 (000067)

One doctor I went to put me on a small dose of antidepressants. It helped with a the pain a little. It really helped with sleep. I was out like a light. I would suggest trying glucosamine and chondroitin before the antidepressants.

Re: Has Anyone Tried Anti-depressants for Pain Relief?

Diana H on 1/25/99 at 00:00 (003885)

My doctor has prescribed Nortriptyline to help me cope
with chronic daily headaches. This pill makes me feel out of
sorts, and very tired. I have discovered taking it at night
is more effective. I haven't had many headaches lately, but I
am totally fatigue. I have read a few side effects from this
particular drug, and I hope I don't get the one that has anything
to do with 'weight gain'.
I suffer from daily headaches, because I have been taking pain
killers for atleast 8 months. Anything from Advil, Tylenol, Aleve,
Darvacet, and Ultram. I can only go to sleep taking 2 tylenol
PM....I think I am addicted to analgesics.