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swimming tips

Posted by jill on 4/26/98 at 15:47 (000065)

I finally got myself to the swimming pool after a year of inactivity. Even though I'm not really a swimming fan I desperately needed aerobic ativity. I swam laps for a half mile, felt really great and when I woke up the next morning my entire foot was irritated. It was very discouraging and took me a few days to get back to my 'normal' PF symptoms. Any comment or tips on managing swimming? I'd like to try again, maybe NO kicking? .

Re: swimming tips

Gina on 4/27/98 at 11:07 (000071)

Although swimming does tighten my calf muscles, I stretch them in the whirlpool right afterwards. Other than this, swimming has not bothered my foot at all; it's been a great help. Maybe it was walking to the shower, pool, and back, especially if you walked barefoot; maybe you need more support for your foot when getting to and from the pool...just a guess!

Re: swimming tips

Cindy on 4/27/98 at 19:23 (000073)

I definitely agree that you need some rubber sandals to get to & from the pool, no barefoot walking. But, I have had trouble with swimming, too. I was doing it 3 weeks after my EPF and really inflammed the healing tissue. Too much kicking is the problem, I think, altho. I haven't figured out how to swim without kicking
I did just go on a scuba diving trip, diving at least 2 times daily for 5 days, with big fins, and this was not much of a problem . My theory is that I LIKE to scuba dive, and I DON'T like to swim in a chlorinated fish bowl
No endorphins there! I hope to start a pool swimming program next week, so if I discover any secrets to it, I'll post! Good luck