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Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

Posted by cindy on 4/27/98 at 19:28 (000074)

My dr now has me on neurontin - its a neuroleptic drug, but also used for diabetic neuropathy. I don't know a thing about this drug, except he says it may take 4-6 weeks to work. It makes me pretty sleepy, too. Good for sleeping at night, but not so hot during the day! ANyone familiar with long-term effects, etc?

Re: Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

Marie on 4/28/98 at 10:07 (000078)

Have not used this medication, but I know it's a anti-psycotic medication. Short term side- effects are drowsiness, dry mouth, spasms of face, neck. Restlessness, inability to sit or stand still. This medication is primarily used to treat Schizophrenics, have not heard about it's use for diabetic neuropathy. Let us know how it's working, Good Luck to you

Re: Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

cindy on 4/30/98 at 18:02 (000095)

I think you have Neurontin confused with another drug - its not an anti-psychotic, its a neuroleptic drug, used to treat epilepsy and other seizure disorders. The side effects are as you describe - so far, I'm not getting any relief from the burning. If not soon, I will need an anti-psychotic drug for sure!

Re: Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

Marie on 5/01/98 at 16:40 (000103)

Cindy, looked up the medication in a clinical pharmacology book I used in nursing school and under neuroleptic drugs it crossed referenced them to anti-psycotics. Perhaps they mean in a chemical composition manner. I hope you have some relief of the burning from it and I agree with you, If the pain and burning doesn't subside soon, we will all be on anti-psycotics. Take care- Marie

Re: Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

Merlyn on 5/06/98 at 20:20 (000118)

no relief from pain...horrible side effects. it may work for peripheral neuropathy but did little to relieve the misery of plantar fascia pain.

Re: Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

Paul on 5/11/98 at 16:35 (000135)

tried it, did'nt work for pain but I did sleep better which was nice because my sleep patterns were a couple hour at a time. Quit taking it tho cause it did't help with the pain, taking synalgos now for the pain.. it is helping with the pain

Re: Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

g. cole on 8/28/98 at 21:39 (001493)

are you people crazy, i can't see why someone would take a drug that was ment for seizures . For pain in feet, legs, ect.. Do you know that the DEA is try to out law all forms of pain killers. and the dam doctors are just setting there and not saying a thing. if you don't vote the S.O.B. out of office there will be know hope for the people with real pain. the pain not in are heads, it's in the office of the DEA there the ones with the head problem's . what did you think a drug free america ment. why don't you people state what your pain is from. My pain comes for a bad back surgen.

Re: Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

mkw on 8/29/98 at 22:40 (001502)

Neurontin is not an anti-psychotic nor is it used to treat schizophrenics- beware of the responses you get when you pose such questions on the net. Neurontin is an antiepiletic drug indicated as adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial siezures with and without generalization in adults. As for your question about its efficacy in pain syndromes, perhaps you should contact the maker of the drug or ask your physician to request information from the maker of the drug. As well, you will find a wealth of information here on the net. Try searching 'gabapentin', the drugs chemical name.

Re: Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning??

alex on 1/18/99 at 00:00 (003569)

I have been taking Neurontin for burning pain in my legs for about 3 weeks. there has been a marked decrease in the severity of the pain with a dosage of 1200 mg./day (300 4x/day). Since I have only been on it for a short time,I'm not sure that the relief will continue or not.
I have not experienced any bad side effects. Occasionally, you get that fuzzy tired feeling but it usually passes.
I hope Neurontin works for you.Let me know.