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Just found out I have PF possibly. Can anyone help me?

Posted by Ellen Stilwell on 4/28/98 at 16:12 (000079)

I've been experiencing SEVERE pain in my heels for 3 months now. I cannot take one step without excruciating pain. It feels like knives going through both of my heels. No one took me serously at first, not even my doctor. It's come to sometimes, I crawl on my knees because the pain is too great in my feet. My doc finally told me today that I may have PF. He wants me to wear inserts and heel cups for one week, and then he'll do x-rays. I don't know how I'll even get through this week. I cry through the pain, try to limp, hobble, hold on to things while I walk, anything I can just to get from one place to another. I have to keep working, and take care of my 2 year old. Any suggestions to get me through this hard time? Any recommendations on shoes? Shoe inserts? Heel cups? Creams? Pain relievers? Anything at all.....I'm just so glad ya'll are here, and I'm not going crazy, or being dramatic. Thank God I can tell my husband something when he gets home today. That I really am in pain for a reason, not just being dramatic!

Re: Just found out I have PF possibly. Can anyone help me?

Brenda on 4/28/98 at 17:34 (000081)

This comment page has helped me a whole lot. Just remember not everything works for everybody. It is trial and error! I have learned as much if not more from this comment page and research
on the net that I did from Drs. and I've been to 6 of them. Hang
in there. Research and make a list of questions for the Dr. Even
though I did have one to tell me to stay off the net and forget
everything and listen to him. As you see I'm still on the Net.
Good Luck, Brenda

Re: Just found out I have PF possibly. Can anyone help me?

Annette on 4/29/98 at 08:18 (000083)

Please be aware you will not get better real quick. It will take time, maybe several months or more, but you can improve. As painful as it may be try some calf and achilles stretches. Dr. Kiper's site is near this one and he has some good ones. do them 2 0r 3 times a day
and approach it as something you will continue to do forever. It may get a little worse before you get better as you stretch. Talk to your doctor about arch supoorts, orthotics, better shoes, etc. Try anything and everything on this site. Not all things work for all people. Try supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin. Try massage and warm and cold soaks. Pretend you are in a war to get better and be determined you are going to make it. .If you are not satisfied with the doctor you have go to another one. Most doctors are very ignorant of this condition. They treat patients like idiots
if they can't figrue out what's wrong. Stand up for your rights. Weight has little to do with PF. I am very thin and I got it very bad. Good luck!

Re: Just found out I have PF possibly. Can anyone help me?

Lydia Rotondo on 4/29/98 at 12:42 (000084)

Recently, I have been using a heating pad, a electric massager and an oinment (ben gay or aspercream - but do not use ben gay or any heat actived cream and the heating pad at the same time, it causes a bad burn). I have noticed an improvement in a matter of days. I massage my heel for 15-20 minutes daily with the ointment to work it in. Also, I heard if you place your foot in whirlpool that will help. If you can't get to a whirlpool, a massager will work as well. It is best if you do it before retiring to bed.

The heating pad, I put it on before and after my massage (don't use Ben Gay or any heat activated cream).


I have been suffering PF on my left foot for 2 months due to excessive step areobics. I was told to lay off until my heel gets back to normal.

I hope it will work for you.

Most important, be very patient.

Re: Just found out I have PF possibly. Can anyone help me?

Harriet on 4/29/98 at 13:50 (000085)

I have been going to an orthopedist for six months - had one injection of cortisone in left heel and he will not give me any more. He stated that stretching will relieve the pain over a long period of time or the alternative is surgery (generally by a podiatrist). Should not wear heels. The pain can last over one year or longer or, of course, shorter.

Re: Just found out I have PF possibly. Can anyone help me?

Ed on 5/01/98 at 15:11 (000102)

Be careful about using heat. A little warmth to relax muscles, especially calf muscles, is a good thing. But heat can make swelling worse.
Before I went to a doctor, I tried hot Epsom salt soaks. I think the inflamation actually got worse. I could see the difference in the bottoms of my feet, because of swelling just forward from my heel.
The first line of attack on PF is to ice twice a day (the whole bottom of the foot, from back of the toes all along the arch, including the heel). And your doctor will probably recommend something like Nuprin, maybe a prescription anti-inflammatory. That gets rid of the swelling. After that, heat is probably safe. I like doing the usual calf stretches in a warm shower after I've iced my foot.