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Re: Kelly, please read

Posted by Janis, MA on 4/28/98 at 16:20 (000080)

Kelly, in case you haven't seen some of my earlier posts....
I have had MUCH success doing the following: I flex my foot to
simiulate the position of standing, and I wrap over a sock using
an ace bandage going under the arch and around the ankle like a
sprain wrap. When pulling the wrap on the outside of the foot,
(laterally) I give slightly more tension so to keep the foot in
the flexed position while sleeping. I'm going on 6 weeks now,
and pain is greatly reduced when waking in the morning, and when standing long at work on hard floors. Good luck! (What I am trying
to do is to simulate the 'Strasborg' sock which you can research on
the net.)