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Trigger point therapy

Posted by jill on 4/28/98 at 23:55 (000082)

Has anyone had trigger point therapy done? It identifies specific points in the calves and foot and then manipulates them and sometimes injects them with ?????. I borrowed this very technical medical book from a friend and some of the trigger points in the calf refer pain to the heel and arch. It also recommend alot of stetching of the gastronemius and soleus calf muscle. Has anyone tried this specific technique (its not the same as accupressure points)?

Re: Trigger point therapy

Mark on 5/01/98 at 11:27 (000100)

Because the muscles in your calf run down to your foot over the heel, it makes sense that those muscles could refer pain down into your foot. However, if you press on a spot in your foot and it hurts, I would suspect that is where the problem is. If you have pain in your foot and try to push on that area and it doesn't get worse.....I would think your problem would be more proximal. (Up toward the calf more)
If it is a muscle in the calf that is referring this pain downward, then trigger point therapy could be of benefit. Read more on trigger point therapy and you'll see what I mean