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The Latest Orthotic I'm Using & Some Shoes I've Come Across

Posted by Shaira on 4/29/98 at 14:17 (000086)

Down the message board a bit some guy posted the usual 'get rid of heel pain forever' with an address to buy the orthotics. Since I have almost flatfeet I've been trying them for a couple of weeks, they're 'ok'. Since my Spenco Heel Supports last for only about 3 months or so I was glad to get these things in the mail.

If you're interested they're about $26.00. The e-mail address is http://www.flatfoot.com

Also, about shoes. I found this place, Executive Shoes, which sells Mephisto, Ecco, Birkenstocks, etc. and especially wide shoes. Their # is 1-800-240-7463, you should request ALL the catalogues they have, and if you're a woman,you should also request the men's as well. People have been writing about Mephistos on this board for a while.
Their shoes have big arch supports in them and they seem to have nice looking shoes. Be forwarned though, Mephistos and all these other shoes are about $200 and up, but worth the money I suppose if they help us.