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Iontophoresis to reduce heel spur size

Posted by Gina on 4/29/98 at 16:40 (000088)

Have had PF for over a year and tried all the usual: taping, NSAIDS, ice, stretching,ultrasound, Birks, cortisone shots, orthotics, night splint (which started my improvement). Now I am back in physical therapy and getting iontophoresis, in which electrical energy is used to get acetic acid (vinegar!) into the spur to reduce its size. This 8-minute protocol is followed by ultrasound to disperse the acid. Have had 5 treatments, with 4 to go and have had about 50% improvement. Pain has dereased in general and I can stand and walk with less pain...although at this point, a 15 minute dog-walk still hurts
Am hoping for continued improvement; who knows???

As the physio guy told me: you've tried everything else, might as well try this! Anyway else try this method? Any good results?

Re: Iontophoresis to reduce heel spur size

JANIS, MA on 4/30/98 at 16:19 (000093)

I just finished ionto w/ cortisone for carpal tunnel & had no luck.
so I was leary to try it on my spurs.... keep us posted!

Re: Iontophoresis to reduce heel spur size

Cindy on 4/30/98 at 17:55 (000094)

I had two treatments with high powered cortisone, but couldn't continue because the treatments caused a big flare up of my feet that lasted 3 or 4 days each time. I couldn't see any help, and saw no point in having a treatment that made me worse. I don't have the spurs, tho., just inflammation and probably tarsal tunnel.

Re: Iontophoresis to reduce heel spur size

Mike, P.T. on 8/31/98 at 19:27 (001532)

Use this procedure a lot with good results (90%acetic acid - not vinegar it is only 70%). Also tried Hi-volt e-stim to the bottom of foot to help reduce spasms brought on by pain.