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Shoe Prices

Posted by Kristen on 4/30/98 at 14:11 (000092)

Shaira's warning about the price of Mephisto shoes got me thinking about prices. Anyone find any discount places? My podiatrist recommended New Balance, and I got a discontinued pair via mail order for $40. Are Birkenstocks really $200 and up?? What about RockportsI haven't been to the store to check them out yet. Anyone responding with prices they've seen for various brands would have my gratitude. Thanks! Oh, and by the way, the New Balance walking shoes do seem to help my feet. I still put over the counter arch supports/heel pads in them, though.

Re: Shoe Prices

Diane R. on 4/30/98 at 20:29 (000096)

I paid $89 for my Birkenstock (Arizona style) and $90 for some Birks called Granada - These have been working great for me and others have also had success with the Arizona Birks. The more expensive ones that you must be referring to (are full shoes styles including hiking boots)... and are not necessary to help your PF. They may not even be as good for PF as the cheaper Arizona sandal type shoes. Can't say for sure, as I have not had experience with them nor has anyone mentioned wearing them for their PF that I keep in touch with. Diane R.

Re: Shoe Prices

Shaira on 5/01/98 at 10:40 (000097)

Birks here in SF are about $90, but the Mephistos are $200 + range. New Balance are about $80 here as well. Where did you get the $40 ones (NB)?

Re: Shoe Prices

Gina on 5/01/98 at 10:53 (000099)

If you're interested in Birks, try this site:

They have a wider selection than the stores, a sales and bargain page where they mark down shoes (for example, they are discontinuing a color), a good return policy, and you can get a catalog and/or order by phone (1-800-451-1459). The phone people were very helpful. You might want to get fitted at a store near you and then order, cause Birk sizing is a little different.