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7wk post op conventional PF surgery, good results

Posted by Lyn on 5/02/98 at 21:55 (000107)

At seven weeks post op with conventional PF surgery, I am back in tennis shoes, with orthotics, and walking with absolutely NO pain. My foot hasn't been this pain free for years! I have been stretching twice a day, I use a foot massager that has rollers, I massage the scar with baby oil with aloe, and I would do it all over again. I wasn't so sure while I was lounging around for 3 weeks and hopping on one foot with crutches those 3 weeks, but I can now say it was worth it and if my other foot gets bad again, I would do it in a heart beat.

I think the key is the time I was off the foot with no weight bearing. My doctor says it keeps the scar tissue from forming which is what causes the problems afterwards. I'm convinced. It was hard to stay patient and do as I was instructed, but it did work. In one more week I will be able to start exercising again. But no treadmill. He says it's too hard. So I'll start slowly outside, and work up to the treadmill in a month or so. Eight weeks to recover seemed like a long time when I had surgery, but it has gone pretty quickly, and when you consider that I suffered for over 2 years before surgery, then 8 weeks is nothing. LYN

Re: 7wk post op conventional PF surgery, good results

bonnie on 5/04/98 at 07:19 (000110)

I am a very long teime sufferer of PF and have decided to re investigate options for treatment...Endoscopic facia release is soemthing I am consedering...why did you not have endoscopic surgery , from what I have read it is much less traumatic to the foot and healing time is quicker...also what type of MD did your surgery..a podiatrist or an orthopedic surgeon...thanks great to hear of sucessful experiences, it means there is some hope

Re: 7wk post op conventional PF surgery, good results

Cindy on 5/04/98 at 11:39 (000112)

Congratulations on your positive outcome
That is just about the best news I've heard in a long time. Gives everyone hope. Especially because you had the traditional surgery, I think your outcome is remarkable. Unfortunately, its not the norm, according to the rest of these posts. Even with the EPF, the outcomes are highly varied as far a success rate, and recovery time. Please keep us posted on your continuing progress!

Re: 7wk post op conventional PF surgery, good results

Lyn on 5/05/98 at 19:33 (000117)

I had the conventional PF surgery instead of the endoscopy because my podiatrist said he got much better results with the open. His partners and he had used the scope, but the results were not as good. His feeling is that with the scope, there is a greater chance of nerve entrappment with healing, greater chance of bleeding, and more scar tissue. He also finds that quite often, there is a neuroma or other fatty tumor present that you can't get with the scope.

His post op course is rest, rest, rest. With the foot at rest, the scar tissue will not form. He has his patients on 1 wk bed rest with the next 2 weeks non-weight bearing and preferrably, in bed, foot elevated, and iced most of the time. At 3 weeks the stitches come out and limited weight bearing, also physical therapy. The PT consisists of stretching, strengthening and cross incisional massage to keep the scar free moving and not tying down any nerves. At 6 weeks the cam boot came off and the tennis shoe on. Several days later I was able to put the orthotic back in the shoe. At almost 8 wks, I have no pain. My ankle is still a little weak, but getting better every day.

As for my experience being an exception, I would have to say that my recovery was expected by my doctor. He gets very good results. I know of several other patients who followed his oders to the letter and have had excellent results. I had almost no pain post-op so it was hard not to put weight on the foot. If it had hurt, it would have been easier. But you have to remember, that your foot didn't get that bad overnight, so don't expect it to heal overnight.

When deciding which way to go, the quick way looked pretty good. But I couldn't find anyone who had good results. Quicker isn't always better. I'm glad I chose the conventional. I would do it again in a heart beat. Chose your surgeon well. It doesn't matter what kind, an orthopeadist, or podiatrist, just be sure they are specialists in this type of surgery. And don't be too anxious to be healed.

Re: 7wk post op conventional PF surgery, good results

Elizabeth on 5/15/98 at 15:19 (000148)

I have to disagree, traditional surgery can have great results if the post-op care is followed - rest, rest, non-weightbearing, more rest, then PT and massage. I suffered for 5 years, had the open release in both feet, and, 4 years later, I am still pain free! Poor results happen when you try to get back on your feet too soon and don't give the fascia a chance to heal - no matter which surgery was done. EPF is still a relatively new procedure and good, controlled studies need to be performed before we can say which is better. I would choose the one my Dr. has had the most success and feels more comfortable performing. My 2 cents

Re: 7wk post op conventional PF surgery, good results

stacey mc on 6/02/98 at 11:28 (000694)

I have a question for Elizabeth. I've had plantar fascitis for 4 years. Been thru all the injections, anti-inflams, stretching, PT just to have it get worse & worse. My Dr. told me he could do the conventional PF surgery. He said it's very painful, on my back for 7-10 days, then crutches for awhile. NO activity for 2 mos. - Can you tell me about your surgery & recovery? Thanks