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Details re:EPF surgery?

Posted by Jean on 5/02/98 at 22:59 (000108)

I was wondering if anyone has had EPF surgery and was aware of what the procedure was like while it was being performed.
During my surgery I was entirely awake amd aware of what was being done. I noticed that when the surgeon was done cutting he removed the scope and then decided to insert it again and have another look.

I have had a really difficult time with the healing process. After 4 months I still have an incredible amount of pain at the surgery site and frequent sharp pain all over the heel when I walk.
Could inserting the scope more than once cause extra tissue damage or am I just really slow in healing?
The surgeon seemed to think I should have no pain after a couple of weeks but my family doctor had a look at it and said there is still a fair amount of swelling in the heel and that it could take up to a year to heal. Why is there such a difference of opinion within the medical profession or is it that surgeons won't admit anything less than a perfect result?? HELP

Re: Details re:EPF surgery?

Cindy on 5/04/98 at 11:36 (000111)

I had the EPF in mid-Jan., and am just now able to walk really well without sharp pain at the insertion sites of the scope, and along the outer edge of my heel. So, I don't think that its really out of the range of normal for you to be having some pain yet. What does the surgeon say? My surgeon told me I was progressing just fine, a little slower than most, but ok.

Have you tried any PT or any swimming? Those might help, but get surgeons ok first. In PT, they can use ionophoresis to put cortisone into the insertion sites, and that might help. If you are interested, ask you Dr. to refer to PT. Good luck.