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Which Glucosamine: N-acetyl, hydrochloride, sulfate?

Posted by Karl on 5/03/98 at 20:13 (000109)

A health source of mine says N-acetyl glucosamine and glucosamine hydrochloride have not been proven effective. N-acetyl is said to bind to dietary substances in the intestinal tract, and is then excreted with the body's waste materials. Studies claim that glucosamine sulfate is best aborbed by the body.

Also, Chondroitin sulfate molecules are said to be too large to be absorbed. It seems the only product to use is 100% Glucosamine Sulfate.

Anyone else have similar findings?

Re: Which Glucosamine: N-acetyl, hydrochloride, sulfate?

Diane R. on 5/04/98 at 19:53 (000113)

Interesting to read your comments on the types of supplements, Karl. Natures Way brand - which I have been using for several months just states Glucosamine - 500 mg glucosamine on the front label - but in small print in back both types HCL and sulfate are shown on the ingredients. I just bought a different brand because it was the large economy size (cheap at Sams Club) and it also contains the Chondroitin - will test it out to see if it seems better, the same, or worse and report my experiences here in a month or so.

Re: Which Glucosamine: N-acetyl, hydrochloride, sulfate?

Cindy on 5/05/98 at 11:41 (000115)

I tried Glucosamine months ago for 2 months with no result. But, I have no idea what I was taking. So, after reading all these posts, I am trying again. I bought a compound with all 3 types that you mention, plus the chondrotin. I've only been doing it a few days, but I think I am a little better already! Maybe the power of suggestion, but time will tell.

Re: Which Glucosamine: N-acetyl, hydrochloride, sulfate?

Rita on 5/05/98 at 14:51 (000116)

I've been using Biochem's Glucosamine Chondroitin Formula. It contains 500mg glucosamine Sulfate,N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Glucosamine HCI and 400mg Chondroitin Sulfate A. The glucosamines are in equal parts. I've been using it for several weeks now and just spent today walking aroud the Bronx Zoo with my class and have very little heel pain. So I think it is working. I have even restarted my aerobics class.
I also heard that the chondroitin is not absorbed, maybe I'll try just the Glucosamine next. My chiropractor said to try the chondroitin with the glucosamine. (He also said to try shark cartlage.)

Re: Which Glucosamine: N-acetyl, hydrochloride, sulfate?

Shaira on 5/07/98 at 18:12 (000123)

On mine (Solgar) it says glucosamine sulfate. And I seem to be 'better'. I take it in a combo. w/chodroitin.

Re: Which Glucosamine: N-acetyl, hydrochloride, sulfate?

nan on 5/18/98 at 12:14 (000165)

it.s so nice to hear someone talk about glucosamine. my doc told me
about it last fall. i took 1500mg. daily glucosamine sulfate in the
500mg tablets (so 3 tabs a day) after a few months with noticable
improvement, he cut me back to 750mg daily. when i was feeling good,
i stopped taking it, and take it when i start having discomfort.
be sure to also do stretching consistently. good luck.

Re: Which Glucosamine: N-acetyl, hydrochloride, sulfate?

Laurie on 8/24/98 at 18:53 (001450)

Do you know if there is any difference between taking the glucosamine as hydrochloride or sulfate? FYI- Chondroiton is not really worthwhile in supplement form as the molecules are too large to be absorbed in the blood stream. The studies that showed its usefulness were using an injectable form directly into the blood or joint.