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Does alternating ice/heat treatments help PF?

Posted by Jan Bowman on 5/15/98 at 21:39 (000150)

I'm suffering from PF again,2 years after I thought I had gotten rid of it.Is this something that just re-accures from time to time.Also,anyone know if heat/ice packs help? Thanks

Re: Does alternating ice/heat treatments help PF?

Cindy on 5/19/98 at 18:04 (000606)

Hi, yes, this is something that can recur - that's the problem with trying to do all your normal acitivities when you are feeling better. You can never know when a major flare up will occur. That's what happened to me - I wasn't fully cured, but I was much better. Then, rode the Life Cycle every day for 6 weeks, and caused a huge flare-up that just will not respond to anything. That was over a year ago that I flared-up.

As far as the heat and ice - I tried that for several months - using very warm water for 5 minutes, and plunging my feet into ice cold water for 2 minutes, and the warm and cold alternating for a total time of 15 to 20 minutes. Honestly, it didn't make any real difference for me. But, its worth a try - it probably won't hurt you. A naturopathic dr. prescribed this routine. Best of luck