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severe charley horse type cramps

Posted by Jane on 5/17/98 at 15:40 (000157)

As my PF gets worse with every passing month, so does my cramping. They are so severe that I actually get nauseous when it happens. Does anyone else suffer this symptom and if so what do you do to help?

Re: severe charley horse type cramps

nan on 5/18/98 at 12:07 (000164)

i have been getting charley horses in the arches of my feet, and was
wondering if anybody else was. how long have you had pf? what have you
done for it?(stretches, meds, arch supports) have you tryed glucosamine? waiting to hear from you.

Re: severe charley horse type cramps

Jane on 5/18/98 at 19:39 (000602)

I have had severe PF for 1 year now. I have tried ultrasound, PT, cortisone injections, taping, stretching, electric stimuli therapy, deep tissue massage, heel cups, better shoes and being in a cast for 4 1/2 months. I haven't tried Glucosomine though. I keep hearing about it so I need to do some research. I'm glad I wasn't going crazy because I hadn't heard anyone else talk about the severe cramping. Good luck.

Re: severe charley horse type cramps

nan on 5/21/98 at 09:34 (000610)

what is the best remedy you have found for the charley horses/cramping
are they right in the arch of your foot? how about the heel? take care

Re: severe charley horse type cramps

Mary Marvin on 9/08/98 at 09:22 (001693)

need some remedies for charlie horse cramps and if you feel one coming on how to stop it, if possible