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18 months later progress

Posted by Kevin on 1/13/98 at 15:55 (000205)

Got this from building a patio moving literally 5 tons of gravel by wheelbarrow from driveway to rear of house one load at a time. First 2 months toughed it out without medical care then went to a regular doctor who diagnosed properly as pf, he suggest arch supports and stretching, and motrin.

Had to move half way across the country, with baby in tow, which did not help. New doctor said to stretch more. Asked for referral to podiatrist.

After several visits, shots of something (not cortisone) naproxen for a while, night splint (still doing now for over six months) and orthotics (for over eight months) and instructions to NEVER walk in bare feet finally starting to feel much better.

I do not take naproxen anymore, pain has ever so gradually reduced. It is now almost gone, but i still wear the night splint at night out of fear as it has returned when i tried to go without it.

Now i also do some gently stretching and rotate my feet in circles several times a day as i work at my desk. Still use orthotics and still observe no barefeet rule.

Still hurts if i walk around the block with wife and baby (now a toddler) missed a lot of nice walks due to this crap. Oh well.

last summer i sat in a chair out back as the baby played in the baby pool etc. i felt like an old man at 28.

in any case things are looking up, if you are suffering from this please hang in there at times i almost cried between job pressures, the baby, the wife, moving and not being able to walk without pain or play much with the baby.

Thank God i only had it in one foot. I really feel for those of you that have it with two.