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Losing weight with PF

Posted by suzanne on 1/24/98 at 20:21 (000220)

I have had PF for approx. six months. While I was overweight when the symptoms began appearing, I was fairly active and reasonably fit. during the last few months I have gained weight due to the inability to do much because of the pain-I was finally fitted with orthotics in December. I am working at losing weight but find it very slow-going and discouraging when most activities (even a half hour walk several tims a week) cause a reacurrance of severe pain. I am also swimming several times a week but understand that this is not an exercise that is likely to help weight-loss efforts. I also bike on occasion but find this uncomfortable. I feel trapped. I know losing the weight will help my condition but trying to exercise to help facilitate this process increases the pain of the condition! I would appreciate help from anyone who has been in this prediciment.