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Plantar fascitis

Posted by Doug Daniels DMD on 1/29/98 at 00:46 (000224)

Anyone out there who can help me. I have a mother who is suffering from severe pain from plantar fascitis Se has sought help at the UCLA foot clinic as well as from many private poditrists. shes tried ortotics, stretches , ice, cortisone etc. Today she can hardly walk.
What help is availabe. Im just a dentist so i feel helpkess. Any suggestion will be appreciated. She is 56 years old. Please mail reply to my e mail Thanks in advance Doug

Re: Plantar fascitis

naomi on 9/04/98 at 21:59 (001621)

I have foot pain after riding for acouple of hours and upon arising in the morning. After walking a few minutes the pain in gone, would this
sound like fascitis or bone spurs.?
Thank you.

Re: Plantar fascitis

Bob Spector on 9/27/98 at 21:43 (001951)

I have had heel pain since May, 1998. Have tried two podiatrists and one orthopd with no significant improvement. Does anyone have any ideas?

Re: Plantar fascitis

Angel Carrallo on 2/02/99 at 00:00 (004362)

No, the pain is not gone after walking. I have more pain when i walk. Im trying to solve