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chiropractor adjustments to the foot

Posted by Stacy on 2/04/98 at 11:21 (000244)

I am an aerobics instructor and have had PF for about 9 months now. I have seen two podiatrists, got custom orthotics, used taping, stretching, and ice. I got cortizone shots which cured me for about 2 or 3 months but the symptoms came back just as bad as they were before. Plus, the shots were agonizing. I've now just started seeing a chiropractor at a physical therapy place at my health club. He seems really competent and has indicated a course of ultrasound, electric stimulation, and adjustments to the foot. The ultrasound and electric stim seem pretty mainstream and both podiatrists I have seen agree that both methods are useful for PF; I am wondering if anyone has experience with or knowledge of the usefulness of chiropractic adjustments to the foot for PF. The chiropractor gently rotated my foot and pointed out a clicking noise that he said was due to some sort of misallignment of my foot. He told me that adjustments would result in biomechanical changes which would prevent the PF from recurring. Any thoughts?

Re: chiropractor adjustments to the foot

John on 9/05/98 at 14:11 (001637)

I have been going to a chiropractor 22 years and I swear by them. By adjusting your spine, they allow the nervous system to work at its potential and then the body does the healing.
Ive never had Plantar Fascitis, but I know that a chiropractor won't make your situation worse, it can only help.
By the way, Shaira, why would you do something for ten years if it wasn't working at all?

Re: chiropractor adjustments to the foot

Dr. Roc Byrd on 9/05/98 at 21:28 (001645)


I have treated a multitude of patients with plantar fascitis. Chiropractic manipulation of the feet is very important in the recovery process. As a matter of fact, my entire protocol for plantar fascitis is chiropractic manipulation of the foot, ankle, knee and low back, soft tissue therapy (foot massage), semi rigid custom orthotics, and footwear recommendations. Physiotherapeutic modalities such as ultrsound are rarely necessary.

Definitely find a chiropractor that is familiar with extremity adjusting. If done correctly, it should work well. Take heed, though. Not all chiropractors are adept foot adjustors. It's not part of their core treatement. Also, if your foot wear is torturing your feet, all the treatment in the world won't help. Be certain that your shoes fit well, inlcuding length, width and stiffness.

Re: chiropractor adjustments to the foot

Leah Lyn Fitzgerald on 9/26/98 at 16:55 (001949)

I am a registered nurse, 12 years,now and have had terrible pain in my ankle. I've also had stress injuries to ligaments under my foot. I first saw a podiatrist which placed me on steroids, nsaids and custom made shoe inserts. For 2 years I still have bad flare ups. One day at work I couldn't even walk on the foot due to excruciating pain.

I finally decided to see a chiropractor. It is working she is adjusting my pelvis, low back, hip, knee, ankle, and foot, bones and joints. I have received more relief in 1 weeks treatment from her than I have from my podiatrist. The woman really knows her stuff. I am going to tell her with my next visit.

Re: chiropractor adjustments to the foot

leah lyn fitzgerald on 9/26/98 at 16:57 (001950)

in case you would like to email me