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Has night splints worked for anyone?

Posted by Joe on 2/06/98 at 12:47 (000260)

Who out there has had night splints work for PF? My doc says that
of all therapies studied, this is the most effective. Any anecdotal
stories? I may be imagining it, but my pain seems to have improved
a little, although at first, sleeping through the night was difficult.

Re: Has night splints worked for anyone?

Mike on 4/03/98 at 23:26 (000492)

Night Splints are helpful. In most cases PF has to be attacked from several directions at once (Splints, orthotics or casting, proper shoes, stretching, ice, anti-inflamitories, etc.). People who go from one treatment to another are often dissapointed when a combination of proper support while weight bearing and treatment while resting will produce results.