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How to deal with a hectic job?

Posted by Lianne Normand on 2/19/98 at 10:19 (000285)

I have just been diagnosed with PF and have been reviewing the info on the web site. This is a great compilation of info. I am looking for suggestions. My job is a very dynamic one and there are days when I'm on my feet for 6-8 hours in front of customers. Other days, I may be at my desk most of the time, only getting up to talk with others or pick up something off the printer. I also travel quite a bit for work - making it difficult to maintain any kind of regular schedule. On top of that, I have two young children at home.

My family doctor has given me excercises and suggested icing and soaking. He has also arranged to have me assessed for orthotics. I am already finding this difficult. I can't just stop during the day to ice my feet and do exercises. Next week, I have to travel to give presentations. I will be on my feet for 2 days straight. I'm not looking forward to the travel or to the two days on my feet.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has any suggestions for dealing with this.


Re: How to deal with a hectic job?

Kelly Stokes on 4/05/98 at 18:19 (000501)

What are birks?? Where can you get them?