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going to doctor for plantar fasciitis

Posted by Kenneth Roy on 2/19/98 at 13:20 (000286)

I walk over two miles each day for exercise. Recently, I began to have some pain in my left heel. After going to my Doctor, he suggested that I have a injection of corticosteroid to help the inflamation. It was horrible
! the pain was bad and the results were not that good. I would not advise anyone to have the shot, it is not a surefire way to freedom from pain.
I find that stretching and walking (2 miles daily) helps me as much, if not more, than going to the doctor for his advice. Different things work for different people, but being in my mid 50's and weighing 237 pounds at 6 ft. 2 inches, not eating red meat or pork and 'staying very active' is the key to helping with my 'heel problems'.....Remember, the injections are painful and didn't help
me at all.