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no relief

Posted by Trudy on 3/10/98 at 14:13 (000339)

Like the other person posting who is considering surgery, I have tried treatments listed and am not seeing progress...the pain is becoming worse with time. Surgery is drastic, but as I have a painful bunion on the same foot affected with PF/heel spur I am wondering why not, can surgery make it worse?
Thank you, please respond with a copy to e-mail.

Re: no relief

Dave Dunn on 9/21/98 at 20:38 (001936)

I had disk surgery on L-5, L-4 level ,March 23 1998 at Mt Sinai in Miami Beach.Pre surgery symptoms were severe pain in my right leg, hip, and foot, spreading to my buttocks. I could not stand or walk for more than 15 minutes at a time. After the surgery I was told to stand up and walk the same day, 12 hrs after surgery. 6 months later I am in worse pain. Having seen 2 other Drs. one an orthopedic surgeon,who told me i needed a 'cage implanted within my spine, separating the disks' the other a neurologist who takes a more conservative approach. He is currently giving me more tests, a mylogram,a MRI of my brain,2 different EMG's and a SSC. However as yet he doesnt recommend more surgery, prognosis unknown at this time.