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Had PF, Doc says I now have "Chronic Heel Pain Syndrome"

Posted by Ken Corey on 3/15/98 at 16:27 (000369)

I developed PF in both of my mid-to-high arched feet 9 months ago while concurrently training for a triathlon, playing in a racquetball league, and taking karate lessons (bare feet!). I've tried many of the normal techniques (5 doctors - 1MD 2PODs 1SportsMed 1Orthopedic, taping - low dye + more aggressive, nsaids, cortisone injections, ultrasound, ice, orthoses - two sets, viscoheel inserts, strassburg sock, and now a walking cast).

The 'hot spot' of pain that I originally had in the arch of the foot 2' forward from where the plantar fascia attaches to the heel has disappeared. I now have discomfort (I don't call it pain anymore since my threshold for pain has increased) at the very base/center of the heels after standing for just a few minutes. At that point I have to either sit down or start walking. The latest doctor that I saw, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle problems, said that I had PF but got rid of it and now am suffering from what he called 'chronic heel pain syndrome'. He said that he couldn't describe it too well (other than 'things are inflamed'), and that I needed to keep my weight off of it until the inflammation settles. I'm now wearing a splint-type walking cast on my left leg to immobilize it and not allow me to bear much weight on it. I can take my foot out of the cast and massage/lightly stretch/massage, etc. I've temporarily removed the orthoses from my shoes and replaced them with the viscoheel inserts again (the last time that I tried the viscoheels was when I had the pain further up - very uncomfortable since the viscoheel ended right where I had the pain). The latest doc said that he has had 100% success with treating the people that come to him for chronic heel pain syndrome. I then asked him if that included the people that gave up seeing him and didn't come back. He didn't respond. It did sound promising, however.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation or heard of 'chronic heel pain syndrome'? Pain location shift, etc.