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suggestions on exersice equipment or sports to try

Posted by eileen on 3/20/98 at 08:33 (000391)

I am 7 month post op epf and doing fair, i still have very mild pain and tightness with walking malls for over 1 hour and can only walk slowly. I am 90% pain free just puttering around the house and doing short errands. I still cannot ride an exersice bike for more than 5 minutes or use the nordictrac air walker without increased pain and tightness. My orthopedic surgeon suggested the nordictrac eclipse may work for me. Anybody out there that has had any luck using any equipment pain free or any sports pain free. Spring is comming to Ma. and I would like to increase my activity level. I plan to try to start walking around the high school track soon for short distances and see how this goes in good weather. Would love to own something in the house that works for me. Any try the eclipse