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Help for my PF PLEASE

Posted by Amy B. on 3/21/98 at 20:20 (000399)

My doctor has diagnosed me with PF. The only thing he is willing to do is put me on Alleve (1000MG/day). It's not working at all and I have quit taking it because it has increased the burning in my feet. I know I don't have heel spurs because I have had x-rays done recently. I want to know if anybody has any suggestions. I am an x-ray tech and I am constantly on feet. Some Orthopedic Surgeons I know don't recommend cortisone shots because it has the potential to snap the tendons. I exercise my feet at night with one of the rollers you can purchase at the Body Shop, and it is not working. I am getting very aggravated by all of this and seems that my doc really doesn't want to help with my pain. If anybody has any suggestions, I am willing to try anything (except stay off my feet!).

Thank You,


Re: Help for my PF PLEASE

Steve on 4/07/98 at 09:30 (000524)

I was just a desperate as you. It's a killer when you can't even walk to the bathroom. Your spouse thinks your just being weird. Well I tried the new Arch*Rite and my problem went away within 30 days. I just put them on in the morning and took them off at night. I was hurting so bad that I quit all my basketball and running. Now I am back to doing both pain free. I do wear them for preventative measures only when I am involved in the sport. I do not need to wear them amymore during the day. But, they are so comfortable that I could and wouldn't even know I had them on. They fit under your sock and no one ever knows you have them on. Good Luck Let me know if you try one. They are available from your podiatrist or through United American Medical at 1-800-521-5002. They cost approx. $20