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Losing weight and PF

Posted by Douglas Padian on 3/24/98 at 17:46 (000420)

Has anyone out there had very good effects from losing weight and PF? I am 6'1'. I weight about 195 lbs. which is not overweight but my problems with PF seemed to occur around the time I put on about 20-25 pounds rather quickly ( within a year ). I used to weigh about 165 lbs. for a long time. My doctor says I am not overweight but perhaps losing 10-20 lbs. would help?

Re: Losing weight and PF

Janis. MA on 4/02/98 at 15:46 (000480)

Doug...I have read that a minimal increase in weight of just
5-10lbs can increase the per-square-inch pressure on the feet
during walking by 100-fold
My PF has flaired up over the
years everytime I stray from my healthy diet and gain over10lbs.
As soon as I get to lower wt.---the pain is lessened. I am
a believer!