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Any experience with Shock treatment for PF

Posted by Mario Wilkowski on 3/25/98 at 21:45 (000426)

I have been suffering from PF for about 8 months and have tried everything. icing, nsaids, ultrasound, water jets, electro- therapy, cortizone (4x), stretching, running on soft surfaces, orthotics, heal cups, strassburg sock taping, etc. Nothing worked so far. Has anybody tried of the shock treatment used in Germany and discussed on one of these pages? (http://www.me-di-co.com/profdahm/heelspur.htm). Seems it has some success.

Thanks in advance. This site is great!

Re: Any experience with Shock treatment for PF

Janis, MA on 4/02/98 at 15:43 (000479)

Mario....at this point I would consider shock therapy of the Brain

Re: Any experience with Shock treatment for PF

Marie on 4/03/98 at 14:18 (000487)

I could not help but laugh at shock treatments to the brain. Reminded me of what I said to my daughter. 'At this point, I'm ready to go to a voo-doo foot Dr. and if he told me to eat the eye of a nute. I WOULD. I'm with you, Janis, so sick of this pain.
Good Luck and take care,