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Runners & Time Off Due To PF

Posted by Karl on 3/30/98 at 17:53 (000460)

Only 2 times in 20 years of running have I taken more than a month off from running. Once due to a groin pull and now due to PH. I healed the groin pull after a 6 month layoff. Now, I'm close to 2 months of no running. I average anywhere from 70 - 100 miles a week and have completed approx 22 marathons (the last one resulted in my case of PF)
Has any other runners taken a extended leave of absence from running and what were your results? How did you get back into running after such a long layoff? I've ran a few days due to warm weather (I believe it would be safer than the cold), yet my body feels like I never ran a day in my life. Any feedback would be appreciated :)



Re: Runners & Time Off Due To PF

Steve on 4/07/98 at 08:46 (000516)

There is a new product called Arch*Rite you may want to try. I tried it and now I am able to play basketball. I never do any foot pounding activities without them and my feet feel like new. They are available from your Podiatrist.

Re: Runners & Time Off Due To PF

Steve on 4/07/98 at 21:05 (000534)

You can also get Arch*Rites through United American Medical @ 1-800-521-5002. cost is around $20.00. Go through your podiatrist to have your insurance pay.