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Stories of "I had PF for a long time, and then it just went away"

Posted by ken on 3/30/98 at 17:54 (000461)

I've heard stories from three different people now that say they had PF for around a year or so and then it 'just went away'. Comments like 'I lived with the pain for a really long time so I got used to it, and then one day I thought about it, and said 'wait a minute, it doesn't hurt any more''. One religiously did the stretching and strenghtening exercises with the big rubber band and gradually things got better after a year or so (while still playing sports). One had cortisone injections and took it easy, and the other just plain took it easy.

Has anyone else heard of similar stories?

Re: Stories of "I had PF for a long time, and then it just went away"

Mike on 4/03/98 at 22:58 (000490)

I have heard the same thing from quite a few people.
That is not at all surprising. First because there are many degrees of PF and many different amounts of tolerance. If the strain were in your forearm, you would probably get better in two weeks regardless of any treatment. Because your feet are being stressed daily (and reinjured daily) the circumstances are different. I wonder if those folks went into new shoes during that time, or changed jobs, or worked less hours? The body will usually heal if given a chance.

Re: Stories of "I had PF for a long time, and then it just went away"

Ashley Fernandes on 4/05/98 at 19:20 (000503)

I had done the full rounds for treatment ranging from ultrasound and physio, then cortisone injections(ouch) That lasted for 3 months then onto physio, orthotics and stretching.
Finally went to an orthopaedic surgeon here in Sydney (OZ), who said that it was 'self limiting' and would eventually go away.
He also suggested night splints and a 'guaranteed success' if I was put into a walking cast.

It did - after a long while. But it is now back coz I was stupid and started jogging whilst wearing weights. STUPID< STUPID< STUPID.

Desperation lead me to the 'net and this amazing site. This time I have caught it in time and can treat myself with anti- inflammatories, heel lifts and some stretching. (I am not convinced of the value of stretching an inflamed plantar fascia, but it seems to be the way to go.

It is now nearly 3 years since I first had it. About a year without it , and hopefully only a few months before it goes away this time.

One philosopoical point, If this is the way the net is leading (in terms of shared experience) it gives me hope to be part of the human race again

Re: Stories of "I had PF for a long time, and then it just went away"

Kim on 4/05/98 at 21:57 (000504)

I really agree with your comment about this web site offering a shared experience. It's almost like a self- help group without ever having to leave the house {which most of us are limited at doing while in a lot of pain } The information I have received here is a thousand times better than any # of visits to any # of so-called specialists. Let's keep on hearing from people who offer some kind of support whether their methods help or not. Anything is hope!

Re: Stories of "I had PF for a long time, and then it just went away"

tim reardon on 8/31/98 at 21:29 (001540)

i have had pf for about 10 months now. i am under the treatment of one of the most respected orthopaedic surgeons in the area. i have gone through the stretching, ice etc.. then i was injected with cortisone - it worked for a month. i bought custom made orthotics and continued the icing and stretching. the pf came back. i used to run 18 miles a week - now i do nothing. i went back for another cortisone shot last week. it feels great now but i don't expect it to last. if you or anyone else can offer some advice please reply.