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3 wk post op partial release

Posted by Lyn on 3/31/98 at 19:27 (000473)

I got the stitches out today and can now start putting some weight on the foot as I am able to. It is tender, but not the same way as with the PF. I am in a cam boot for the next 3 weeks and then hopefully, to a regular shoe. I am still using crutches but will wean off of them by next week. So far, so good.

Re: 3 wk post op OW! Sounds like that hurts...

Janis, MA on 4/02/98 at 15:39 (000478)

as someone who has undergone 4 knee surgeries & a lateral release
of the left femur...I still can't imagine doing that to my feet.
My PF is not bad enough (yet!) I continue to wrap my feet in a flexed
position similating the S-Sock. So far so good...good luck to you


Re: 3 wk post op OW! Sounds like that hurts...

Lyn on 4/04/98 at 16:50 (000495)

Actually, I have been relatively pain free post op. I was pretty surprised at that. I had some mild discomfort on and off, but no throbbing when I got up, like I expected from knee surgery experience, and really no surgical pain. It has hurt less than the pain I had from the PF before surgery. I am now able to bear weight. There is a mild discomfort in the heel, but the majority of my pain is more a weakness in the leg muscles from disuse. If the leg were stronger, I could go without crutches, but the muscles just aren't stong enough yet that I feel comfortable going it alone yet.