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PF AND Heel Stress Fracture

Posted by Margaret on 4/01/98 at 14:00 (000476)

My doctor now thinks I have PF and a stress fracture. I can't get the bone scan (to verify the fracture) because I am nursing a baby (they inject a dye to do the scan). Does anyone have any info on stress fractures (heel)?


Re: PF AND Heel Stress Fracture

Jennifer on 4/09/98 at 19:50 (000550)

If your doc believes you have a stress fracture, you probably do. I have spurs and got orthodics. One foot got better the other never did. After a few months of more pain I went back. My x-ray showed where there was new bone growth witch indicated a stress fracture. I did not have the bone scan because of the cost and I have no insurance. My doc said all the scan would do is rule out that he was wrong. As it turns out because of this stress fracture I was in a cast with no weight for 10 weeks (which is a little longer than most). Now I am learning to walk again. Because of my spurs I could not walk in the cast, so now my doc is letting me wear my shoe and orthodic to gradually add more weight to my foot over the next couple of weeks.
If you do have a stress fracture you need to care for it now, it can get worse, especially with the added weight gain from pregnancy.