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EPF Surgery Results for PF

Posted by Margaret on 4/02/98 at 19:48 (000482)

I had EPF surgery in June 1998 (see entry #75). I am now essentially pain free. My feet get tired if abused, but no more PF pain. I don't even use my orthoditcs anymore (although I know I should). I can even walk bared-footed again! It took at least 2 months before the surgical pain and swelling went away, and my foot is flatter now, but it was all worth it. I have also had great success with Munro shoes. They are even more comfortable than Soft Spots or SAS.

Re: EPF Surgery Results for PF

Marie on 4/03/98 at 14:11 (000486)

Am very happy to hear you are pain free. What an ordeal it is to be in such horrible pain. Best of Luck to you.

Re: EPF Surgery Results for PF

Mike on 4/03/98 at 22:49 (000489)

Great that you are pain free. But, I'm going to butt in and tell you that you must at least talk to your doctor about staying in orthotics.
You already state that your arch is lower. I have seen cases where five years after the surgery, this new amount of pronation resulted in
forefoot changes such as Halux Valgus, Bunions, and hammertoes. I have also seen complete mid-foot collapse four years post surgery.

I'm not trying to scare anyone. This can be avoided. Your doctor can advise you better than I, of course. I'm just telling you what I have seen. Please use a little prevention and stay happy with your feet.