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lousy dr.'s, -does anyone know of a good dr., etc.?

Posted by Shaira on 4/03/98 at 11:58 (000485)

So I went to another dr. here in San Francisco. I told him I wanted orthopedic shoes because the shoes I have hurt my feet. I only have one pair of shoes, New Balance. I can't wear anything on my feet. The top of feet hurt in these shoes and there's no shoes wide enough for me.

He told me that I don't NEED orthopedic shoes.

I just love the way dr.'s tell you what YOU NEED

I'm going to name all the lousy dr.'s I've seen: O'Brien, Pfeffer, Kailikole.

If anyone knows of a dr. here in SF or off of BART that is good and would prescribe shoes to me please e-mail me or put it up in the group.


Re: lousy dr.'s, -does anyone know of a good dr., etc.?

Karl on 4/03/98 at 19:06 (000488)

Personally, I think you, me, and most suffers of PF would do better researching treatment theirself. I haven't heard of a doctor yet that has a cure for PF. Most foot doctors should enter this site to educate themselves a bit more. They did no more for me than I could have done for myself except write a prescription for Naproxin (which didn't help and which I have read to avoid). They seem to tell you anything when money is involved. I think you're on the right track going this route.

Re: lousy dr.'s, -does anyone know of a good dr., etc.?

Gina on 4/04/98 at 10:44 (000494)

I'm sure it's hard for a doctor to treat someone who doesn't show improvement. Having said that, I am amazed at the condescending attitudes of both the podiatrist and orthopedic surgeon I've seen. It's like they really don't want to be bothered. When I told the orthopod I'd be doing Disneyworld in a wheel chair because of pain he said, 'That will really slow you down.' No kidding
The first time I went to the orthopod I asked him for a night splint. He said I didn't need one. The very next visit, HE suggested a night splint--guess his suggestion made it OK!

Re: lousy dr.'s, -does anyone know of a good dr., etc.?

Steve on 4/07/98 at 08:53 (000518)

I agree with your thoughts about most doctors. I did find a good one in Indianapolis. His name is Ken Krueger 317-255-8637. Also, if you want a way to fix this problem try the new Arch*Rite It totally fixed my PF. I just put them on in the morning and took them off when I went to bed. Within 30 days my feet were back to normal. I mean my feet feel great. You can buy them from 1-800 521-5002. This is United American Medical or see your Podiatrist. I can even play basketball and have no pain the next day. It does work. Good Luck