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Lousy, condescending attitudes of Doctors!

Posted by Sharon L. on 4/05/98 at 00:46 (000496)

This is my experience with a so-called professional.At the time of my first consultation before surgery, he couldn't have been more sweet and helpful. Of course this phoniness , as I later found out was to get me to agree to surgery, which I did. After the surgery, he couldn't have cared less. I had EPF surgery which is supposed to have a very short recovery time. Well, it is now 10 weeks later and I still have a LOT of pain at the surgical site.
I have been back to the doctor four times, complaining about the inability to as of yet put my full weight on my foot and about the amount of swelling and hardness in my heel, He has yet to even examine it or get close enough to touch it. He just writes down a few comments on my chart and sets up another appointment for me.
Yesterday was the limit! After I voiced my concern again, he told me to take off my shoes and socks and then proceeded to have me almost run down the hall in his office area, yelling at me to go faster and faster, berating me and telling me that I was acting like an old woman. I'm 35. What the point of this was, I don't know other than to prove how sadistic he is.
The outcome of this latest visit was to once again hand me another prescription for anti-inflammatories and to tell me to come back in a week. Needless to say, I will not be returning . I will let time take care of this.
Has anyone else had this slow healing experience and what was the outcome? I do feel progress, but very slowly. Am I just being impatient?

Re: Lousy, condescending attitudes of Doctors!

John on 4/19/98 at 11:10 (000011)

Paul Bates:

I'm interested in finding out how your experience with Synalgos is progressing and how long the doctor is going to keep you on this medication. Also, what dosage are you on? All the best for your continuing relief from pain

Re: Lousy, condescending attitudes of Doctors!

Paul Bates on 4/05/98 at 07:05 (000498)

Hi, I've come to the conclusion that RE:PF that doctors are clueless
I have been years trying everything the doctors wanted, I,ve been through the whole gamit from night splints,casting,ulta sound, orthodics(3 different kinds) shots, taping, you name it and I have probably tried it, I finnally opted for surgery, which wasn't sucessful. I had surgery in oct of 96 and actually I feel my pain is worse. After switching doctors again I was referred to a pain center they tried lumbar blocks on the nerves which didn't help and then gave me a prescription that didn't help, but finnally this last time they wanted me to try SYNALGOS for the pain. I,ve been taking it for a week and one half now, and was amazed that I had forgotten what it feels like not to have pain all the time. I never was big on medications and was almost reluctant to do this, I don't know if there will be any ramifications from taking this as I don't talk to the doctor again until next week. The bottom line is that I've lost alot of years of my life but not being fully fuctional because of the pain, I just wish I had started taking this eight years ago

SAVE yourself some time, money, and aggravation,and see if a doctor came come up with a pain medication that is safe and works for you, now that I,ve taken this medication I actually feel like my old self again, and wonder why I was so dumb and put up with the pain for all those years. Got carried away here but I do wish you the best of luck and hope you you keep your sanity, I thought I was nuts, thinking no one could have the pain that I had until I found this web site, hope someone out there has the answer for you.

Re: Lousy, condescending attitudes of Doctors!

cindy on 4/05/98 at 17:41 (000500)

Sharon: I had the EPF 11 weeks ago, and I was only able to put my full weight on the foot around week 9. And that is in the big surgical boot, not my Nike's, because the tennis shoes are very painful.

Your dr sounds like the devil! You poor thing. Of course, you should not go back to him. Some drs. want to hear only praise and congratulations for their work; they can't take it if the outcome is not perfect. Thankfully, my dr. has been very good and patient. He's in Houston and I'm in the Seattle area, but we talk by phone every week, and he's very good about getting back to me, and he takes me seriously. I wish you could get to Houston to see him. Not to say he has the magic cure, but he has really 'stuck' with me thru all of this. And, he's never been condescending. Are you near Houston, or can you travel there? His name is Stephen Barrett, he has a web page at http://www.footspecialist.com . He is an expert in the EPF. So, he's probably seen every thing that can go wrong, and his ego is not injured if you don't follow the correct pattern of healing.

I am wishing you better luck. It made me feel better to hear that someone else is healing slowly, its not just me. Dr. Barrett still feels that I will be ok in the end, its just slower for some of us than others. I say don't try to do too much on that foot - Dr. Barrett has told me to go slow, and listen to the foot, and if it needs rest, ice, whatever, do it.

Re: Lousy, condescending attitudes of Doctors!

Annette on 4/06/98 at 08:15 (000506)

Because I get real nervous and am a high strung person the doctors labeled me as a 'nut case.' I kept asking questions and insisting there was something else wrong that they weren't seeing. All they told me to do was go back to the psychiatrist. If they can't figure out what's wrong they think it's all in your head. Because 'nut case' was insinuated in my medical records none of the other doctors I went to see took me seriously. I wonder how many other people suffering don't get the care they need because doctors 'label' them. I wrote a letter to a big clinic here protesting my treatment and the doctor went up before the board of review. No one took into account that I was a professional person and well educated. I had better things to do than run to the doctor with fake pain in my feet, which ended up being severe recalcitrant plantar fasciitis, which has been nearly impossible to cure because it went untreated for so long. During that time I kept begging the doctors for help. Any help I have gotten has been through this sight. Unless someone has been through this, they have no idea how painful and debilitating it can be!