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What method is best for recovery ?

Posted by Lisa S. on 4/05/98 at 19:10 (000502)

Hi all you fellow sufferers. Isn,t this web site great?At least we know that we aren,t alone or crazy!
I had EPF surgery about 3 months ago and was told by my surgeon to get up and walk the day after and to keep walking , the more the better. I don,t know if this has anything to do with my slow progress but I am getting extremely frustated.
Others seem to say to keep off it for weeks. What,s the deal with all of this ambiguos advice?
To me, it seems that the more you put your weight on something that is so injured and painful as the foot is after surgery , the longer it will take to heal. But, what do I know, I,m just a humanm not one of these god-like surgeons

Has anyone got any stories of success or failure with either method or are we just out here floundering by ourselves? The doctors won't give me a straight answer,other than their classic , 'Everyone is different'. I know that but I would appreciate some intelligent explaination at times too. I'm not an idiot. Thanks for letting me vent!

Re: What method is best for recovery ?

Diane R. on 4/13/98 at 15:07 (000575)

To: Lisa S.
I am really sorry you are having so much pain 3 mths after your surgery. It seems a common complaint - continued pain 3 mths, 3 yrs. or even 9 yrs.after surgery) Many people tell about entrapped nerves, scar tissue and all kinds of complications that sound worse than the original PF. Then their doctors finally tell them they have 'chronic heel pain syndrome' and wash their hands of the whole problem. It sounds like you will need to take charge of your pain and listen to your body and do whatever is best for your feet to make the pain go away.

You mention that your doctor told you to walk right away and others who have had the surgery were told to keep off their feet for weeks(s) or more. I wouldn't waste too much time worrying about if this was right or wrong to do - as it appears that in the long run, those who stayed off their feet for awhile after surgery aren't doing alot better that you are (from reading their messages). It just appears surgery is not the cure-all of this problem and it can in fact make things much worse for many people. Even those who say, yes, they'd do the same thing over and have the surgery do not say they are 'pain free'. From what I have read at this heel spur site I have decided I will never have it done. But you did have surgery and now what? I don't know if any tips from me will help you but you may want to give it a try...

I am now at a point where I can say I am 'pain free' - since last fall (97). I have been wearing Birks and taking some supplements - I don't know if following my routine would benefit you after surgery?? ... but if you would like to try what I have been doing with my feet (for almost a year now) just e-mail me. I will gladly give you the blow by blow (boring) account of how I got to feeling so good on my feet.

NOTE: I own a small print shop and am on my feet almost all day sometimes 6+ days a week and into the evenings. The floors are concrete. Even with all this negative impact on my feet, I am doing really well. I will never run a marathon, but I can work and still do alot of fun things on my feet that I thought a year ago I might never do again. Diane R.

Re: What method is best for recovery ?

Sherry on 4/14/98 at 00:38 (000579)

I too had EPF surgery done on one foot and it seemed to take forever for any kind of improvement. I too got very little support or encouragement from my surgeon. I have had to persevere with this entirely by myself and after almost 4 months I can say I have some kind of hope for a light at the end of the tunnel. It has only been a week since I could put my entire weight on that foot and the pain is FINALLY starting to ease up at the site of the surgery.

At this point I would be happy to just return to the amount of pain that I had prior to the surgery. I know that this sounds very pessimistic but I'm sure that a lot of people that have gone through the surgery and now have complications from it are thinking the same way.

After reading many of the posts on this site, I'm grateful that I managed to get through this without any of the other serious results that can happen.i.e.nerve entrapment etc.

I think that most of us would agree that this is a problem that lasts a LONG time and therefore could be Classified as a chronic pain situation and eventually will have to be treated as such.
As a result of my experience with surgery, I will never consider having it done to my other foot and am now taking charge of my own pain . An excellent book that others may want to consider is 'Mastering Pain: A Twelve-step Program for Coping with Chronic Pain' by Dr. Richard A Sternbach.
Good luck to all!