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Re: calcium magnesium

Posted by Ashley F (Sydney) on 4/06/98 at 01:03 (000505)

I also saw the message from a group called 'cinche'when doing a search under 'plantar fascitis'. i had to e-mail them and got the following in reply. Dunno if it will fit Scott.

However I am trying it out- what have I got to loose?. Unfortunately I don't feel like being a guinea pig so am also taking Naprosyn and stretching. I am also using paper under my Sorbethane inners .
What I haven't done is lessen the exercise and so far so good...

Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 01:11 -0500 (EST)
To: Ashley.Fernandes@mci.com
Subject: Re: plantar fascitis info

Dear Ashley,
Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to you,
as I have been experiencing an e-mail problem-rec. & sending.

First (and most importantly) I think it would be best to know just what causes
a bone/heel spur to develop, so I am including a brief overview at the end of
this email for you to read regarding this. With a proper understanding and
thorough application of this approach -- the bone spur problem usually is not
that hard to overcome. For your benefit, it would be best to print and read
this entire message for help.
This is NOT an advertisement, so if you would like further information about
the company (Golden Rule Ent.) that provided us with help, please call them
direct at: 1-800-932-5483- (best time to call is AM - eastern time USA.)
They will answer all of your questions, as they have provided me with all the
help that I have needed.
As mentioned on our web page, if you have thoroughly searched for information
for a bone/heel spur problem, you probably have noticed that there are a few
far-fetched & hard to believe remedies. There certainly is a need to be
Be assured that the following information is true and that this approach
really works -or we would not be going through the trouble, time, and expense
to provide it. We sincerely intend to help others find relief- as we have!
Simply put, we are excited and happy to share this information with you.

Back in September of 1987 a lady from Cleveland Ohio told us how to find
relief from bone spurs -without surgery. She suggested trying a particular
brand (this is not an advertisement - so I wish not to mention the name brand)
of Calcium tablets that include magnesium. After trying many different brands
of calcium supplements we found one in particular that finally worked - and
sure enough - it was the Calcium with magnesium brand that she suggested.
If you decide to try it, you will find that the pain will be gone within a
period of time, depending on your particular situation - We have found that
most people find results within 3-6 weeks or even sooner- and WITHOUT surgery!
To our amazement, few medical professionals know about this, or if they do -
they do not seem to readily make it known.
We also found that without this calcium magnesium, after
a short time, the problem and PAIN returns. What works best for us is taking
4 tablets of Calcium Magnesium tablets - 3 times per day. Then experiment
after you have relief, to find how many you need each day without the pain

To get Cal mag where we get ours- you can call toll-free(USA) **1-800-932-5483
(see the GOLDENRULE AD following this email message - for other parts of the

There are 260 tablets to a bottle, and the price is very reasonable. They
accept credit cards, deliver - UPS - give great service and have a 100%
guarantee satisfaction or your money is fully refunded.
To date, this particular Calcium with magnesium, with enough time and proper
application, has worked for everyone we have told so far. Please let us know
how it works for you.

Of note, in case you are wondering, our main function and focus-
[CINCHE]-regarding the internet, involves developing better 'sportsmanship'
attitudes beginning with youth league and school sports activities. Because
of this, we have the availability to produce web pages at low cost for other
purposes - hopefully to help others. Because the 'Bone Spur problem' is
common worldwide and a very painful problem, we decided to make the 'BONESPUR'
Web page so that others would find help - and be helped - just as we have
been - without surgery. To this date, many individuals have already been
greatly assisted in overcoming the bone spur problem - using this simple
approach, and we hope you too could use this valuable information to overcome
your particular bone spur problem!
Best wishes!
-Barbara- (their brief ad is below)
(Golden Rule Enterprises)
Simple and Easy
No operation - no special shoes!
Guaranteed to work
A special formula of Calcium with magnesium taken with your meals three times
per day - will relieve pain (most individuals within two weeks.)
* Safe to use - No side effects
* Guarantee: Use one bottle of this special brand of Calcium with magnesium
and if you are not satisfied your money will be refunded with no questions
asked ! -- You cannot lose!
* Bottle of 260 tablets- $12.30 plus $4.95 S&H (within USA)
Call 1-800-932-5483 (USA)
Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, & West Indies 1-330-823-9557.
Try # above (using international access code first.)
12540 Atwater Ave.
Alliance Ohio 44601 USA
***Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body but may also be the most
deficient. The amount of calcium that we absorb from our food varies widely.
Our age is one factor; An adolescent may absorb up to 75% of the calcium
obtained from foods while in adults the maximum absorption rate ranges from
20% to 30%
***Even though our bones feel solid and seem permanent, they're just like any
other body tissue; they're constantly being broken down and formed again. In
an adult 20 percent of bone calcium is withdrawn from bones and replaced each
year, thus, every five years the bones are renewed.
***Calcium is found in the extracellular fluids and soft tissues of the body,
where it is vital to normal cell functioning. Much of the calcium in soft
tissues is concentrated in muscle, although it is contained in the membrane
and cytoplasm of every cell. The role of calcium is so vital in these fluids
and tissues that if its supply runs low the body will actually leach calcium
from its own bones.
***Many people that suffer from bone spurs find relief when they properly
supplement their diet daily with 'good' Calcium. The reason for this is that
when the body is deficient of calcium it begins to leach calcium from the
bones. In many people this happens to be in the heel of the foot or some
other weak area of the body, as the calcium is being leached it forms an
eruption (similar to a volcano) this eruption is the bone spur, when the body
is fed the right amount of 'good' Calcium the eruption subsides along with the
Again, best wishes to you!