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Has anyone else noticed that relaxing the foot helps?

Posted by Ed Caruthers on 4/06/98 at 16:25 (000509)

I seem to have fairly mild PF. There are lots of variations from day to day: no pain, a little ache, a big ache, a sharp pain. I've noticed when I'm walking along & the pain gets sharp that I can often make the pain go away by consciously relaxing my foot. The feeling is that I'm making my foot and ankle floppy. So maybe it's the ankle muscle I'm relaxing.
This doesn't always remove all the pain, but it always reduces it. Any ideas what may be going on?

Also, if the inflamation is caused by walking/running/dancing/... pounding the foot, why is the pain worst first thing in the morning? Any ideas about the mechanism of inflamation or swelling during the night?

Re: Has anyone else noticed that relaxing the foot helps?

Janis, MA on 4/07/98 at 06:53 (000514)

Ed, My DR said most PF pain is worst on first rising in :AM because
during sleep, foot is relaxed & ligaments are in extensor position,
(meaning relaxed & shrunk or contracted). Standing increases
pounds/per/sq/inch pressure & elongates or stretches the fascia & ligaments while foot is in 'flexion' mode......this KILLS
! That's
why I have started wrapping my foot/akle in the 'flexed' position
with an ace wrap....feels great in AM. It actually similates the
S-sock or nite splint. Good luck! Janis

Re: Has anyone else noticed that relaxing the foot helps?

Steve on 4/07/98 at 08:39 (000515)

By keeping the plantar tendon tight it will help your problem. You should consider the new product called Arch*Rite available from your Podiatrist. It will enable you to play basketball again if you want to. Even though I am a runner,Basketball player, Raquetball player I wear them for preventative measures now. You can,t even feel you have them on. You should wear them from when you get up in the morning to when you go to bed at night. Never sleep with them on. It fixed my problem and I never stopped running.